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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Here are a few things I've noticed since losing 45 lbs. and eating healthier and exercising. Some of these things I noticed at 10 lbs or 25 lbs. and put them on the Community Boards, but now I am going to make a list and put it all in one place so I can come to this list to remind myself on the hard days or if my SAD kicks in next month.

#1 I have tons more energy now!

#2 I don't HAVE to nap every day anymore. A quick 15-20 minute session of progressive relaxation sure feels great every few days. But those days of 2 hour daily naps are gone!

#3 I can reach higher up on a shelf or hook now--my belly isn't in the way!

#4 My blood pressure has stabilized at a lower 138/83 and I am off 1 med! Only a bit more to go to get it back to normal and to get off all meds.

#5 My belly doesn't rub the steering wheel anymore!

#6 I don't huff and puff walking up to the house from the creek anymore!

#7 My shirt stays clean when I eat now! Because most of my big belly is gone, I can sit closer to the table and food doesn't land on my shirt at every meal.

#8 I have WRINKLES!!!!!! My face is a lot less, shall we say, "puffy", and I found some wrinkles...but that is good news! My best friend and I used to laugh and say we look so young because we fill our faces with "natural collagen" so we don't have wrinkles. I'd rather have the wrinkles than the "natural collagen".

#9 My husband says he likes snuggling closer to ME!

#10 I can hike with my family and not have to stay behind!

#11 I have my Saturdays back! We have homeschool co-op on Fridays and it is an all day affair, plus since we live 20 minutes away from town, I use the opportunity to also run my errands and grocery shop to save on trips to town. It was always an exhausting day and I needed all day Sat. to recover...usually 2 naps and had my fibro flare up.

#12 I can crawl onto my husband's Goldwing a whole lot easier and even a gracefully now!

#13 I don't fill a chair!

#14 I can get down on the floor with my Sunday School class to do floor puzzles, games and stories now!

#15 I can get back up off the floor!

#16 I DO have something to wear to special events!

#17 I don't feel self-conscious when I walk into a room full of people!

#18 I am happier! with myself and with others and with life

#19 I am stronger! in many ways: mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually

#20 I am healthier! in many ways: mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually

#21 I am confident in my abilities!

#22 I am finding out who I AM!

#23 Healthy eating gives me energy, doesn't make my sleepy!

#24 I crave......... water? YES! WATER!!!

#25 I'm having fewer fibro flare-ups!!!!

#26 I'm a Pear again!!! size 12/14 on top, 16/18 on the bottom.

#27 I no longer lose my balance because of my big belly and butt and trip and fall hurting myself!

#28 I've rediscovered my joy!

#29 I've rediscovered my optimism!

#30 I want to join in on the fun now!

#31 When with my husband, I feel sexy instead of feeling like a wallowing walrus!

I will add to this list

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1CRAZYDOG 10/9/2011 8:47PM

    Love your list. Keep on sparking. You've come a kibg way.

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WENDYLEE15 10/9/2011 4:04PM

    Great list!! That's so awesome!! Getting healthy is a wonderful feeling !! Good for you !! emoticon

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DAYHIKER 10/9/2011 3:46PM

    What a great list! Congratulations!! emoticon


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DOMESTICDIVA76 10/9/2011 11:40AM

    I love this list!! You've come a long way and it's great that you can list all of these things you now appreciate. I get SAD also and I bought a medical lightbox a handful of years ago. Using that for 30 min. in the morning, daily, along with a multi-vitamin that has vitamin D REALLY helps a ton! I don't even notice the SAD symptoms anymore when I do those things. Makes winter more enjoyable for sure.

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FITNFUNJEN 10/9/2011 11:19AM

    I love this list! So many great things happen when we focus on our health! 45 lbs is a huge accomplishment! Yay Heidi! emoticon

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NANCYBOAT 10/9/2011 8:32AM


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Personal Plateau Breakers

Sunday, October 02, 2011

I've been on a weight loss plateau for about a month....up 2 lbs, down 1, up 3, down 2, up 1, down 1, up 2, down 3.

Here's my Top 10 of what I have learned...
#1 the number on the scale does not define me (a cliche, I know, but still...)
#2 Keep moving! Don't stop now! Keep being faithful to your workout schedule.
#3 Maybe change it up, a bit, but do NOT over-do it. Just add a few new moves that are designed to increase your metabolism.
#4 Listen to your body--again, do NOT over-do it.
#5 Track your food--every day, every meal, snack, drink
#6 Measure your food
#7 Re-read the labels. Check those calories, fat grams, carbs. What may have been ok when you were 230 lbs, may not be so healthy and good for you at 180 lbs.
#8 Don't get obsessive--allow yourself an occasional break--from whatever is filling your mind too much--exercise, food, calorie-counting.
#9 Start each day by praising God and close each day by thanking Him
#10 Keep your long-term goals in front of you and keep working on your short-term goals.

I broke through that plateau this weekend! emoticon That means a short hiking trip with my family! emoticon

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VJH-W65 7/30/2012 11:42AM

    FOUND IT! emoticon

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FITNFUNJEN 10/7/2011 8:40PM

    Congrats on breaking through the plateau! I loved your top 10. All of them are great advice. For me, I think tracking food is so important. I'm not sure how others can lose weight without tracking. I have to or I'll eat high calorie, low nutrient food! Have fun hiking in this beautiful fall season!

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MICRAELIE 10/3/2011 9:27AM

    Right now I am exactly where you were until today and I'm finding it is to easy to let my mind get lazy and start thinking old, habitual, negative thoughts that I know will only lead me down a dangerous path of apathy and giving up. Your blog came at just the right time for me because I have been contemplating what I need to do to break through. They are simple things, the very things you've detailed in your blog, but they are critical. Thank you so much for sharing and congratulations on your courage and willingness to keep moving forward.


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1CRAZYDOG 10/3/2011 8:58AM

    Great blog, great suggestions.

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WENDYLEE15 10/2/2011 4:56PM

    That's great!!And what an awesome top ten..Really good points :) !!

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NCSUE0514 10/2/2011 4:22PM

    Excellent post - thank you for sharing.

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DAYHIKER 10/2/2011 4:07PM

    Good post, Heidi! Those plateaus can drive us so crazy! emoticon

Glad you got to go hiking!!

Cindy emoticon

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Saturday evenings are my biggest challenge

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday evenings are my biggest challenge to my new healthy lifestyle.

The old, fat, lazy me liked to eat tons of popcorn with butter and cheese and drink an orange juice/sprite drink and either watch a dvd with my family or read a book. Our whole family just eats leftovers or snacks all evening long.

Many times on Saturdays, my husband and son are fishing until dark and my daughter sometimes works. Even if she isn't, she has been taught BY ME for 20 years, what Saturday night is .....a food fest.

When I don't have anyone to cook supper for, I find myself falling back into my old habits. I am so weak when I am by myself on Saturday evenings.

It irritates me to no end! I work so hard all week and do well and then....Saturday evening comes. emoticon

So, I am going to plan for next Saturday night....the guys are going fishing again. Before cleaning up lunch, I will make myself a healthy salad with a healthy protein and have it all ready and waiting.

Oh, how I need the strength of the Lord for this! Pray for me!

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_JULEE_ 9/25/2011 8:40PM

    Hi there! Sometimes, when one is first getting in the groove of a healthy lifestyle (especially with a family), it is a good thing to have a 'day off'. Maybe restructure your Saturday evenings just a little bit - leave yourself ample snack 'room', but change what you're allowing yourself to snack on. Popcorn with just butter OR cheese - OR measure the portions out so you know exactly how many calories you're getting with your popcorn buttered w/cheese. All things in moderation. emoticon

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Stopping but not defeated

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I had signed up for the Trick or Treat Trot 5 k walk. I was enjoying getting outside in this fall-like weather and walking. Sometimes my 20yo daughter joined me. Sometimes my 14yo son. Sometimes just Jack, our golden/black lab mix dog.

However, when I reached the 2 mile training mark, my body gave out. The fibromyalgia and hypo-thyroidism reared their ugly heads and are now threatening to keep me from doing what I need to go each day...my calling...homeschooling my son.

I had hoped the training program would be gradual enough that I could do both. However, my body does have special needs. Those needs must be obeyed or they take over.

I will not allow them to take over any more!! So I'm dropping out of the Trick or Treat Trot 5K......for now. But...I will be back!

I just need to give my body more time. After all, I've only been exercising again since May after years of not doing much and after being deathly ill this past winter.

So, for now, I will go back to my gentle walking, gentle yoga, and gardening.

I am NOT defeated.

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SERENEMOM71 10/5/2011 3:57PM

  You did emoticonfor the little training that you had! Be proud!!

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DRAWNTHISWAY 9/23/2011 6:06PM

    You are doing awesomely. Why don't you give yourself a longer term goal? Search for an area 5k in the spring/summer to sign up for or make a vacation/5k plan to go somewhere like the disney 5k http://espnwwos.disney.go.com/event
s/rundisney/wdw-marathon/ which has events for the whole family to join in :) Good luck... and keep going. You are doing wonderfully

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_JULEE_ 9/22/2011 12:31PM

    No, you're not defeated! emoticon

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My impressions of my new 'sweat wick-away' shirt :D

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My observations and impressions of my new "sweat wick-away" shirt:

#1 It is SKIN tight! emoticon So, if you aren't ready to show your neighbors all your rolls and bulges yet, throw a t-shirt or jacket on over it!

#2 It was a bit itchy at first to my sensitive skin. It isn't 100% cotton. Usually when I wear a man-made fiber as I heat up, the irritations get worse, but with this shirt, they did not. emoticon

#3 Even with our 100% humidity because of fog this morning, I did NOT have sweat rolling down my back emoticon which also irritates my skin.

#4 "Wick-away" does NOT mean you'll be dry underneath. The shirt just seems to "sponge" up some of the excess dampness. So I suppose some savvy marketing person thought 'wick-away' would sell easier than 'sponge up some of the excess'. emoticon

#5 It is hard to take off a skin-tight damp shirt. emoticon So, if you are like me and like to yank off your hot sweaty clothes after working out in an attempt to cool off faster.....well, just be careful you don't rip the new shirt to shreds trying to get it over your bulges and rolls quickly.

I look forward to trying this shirt again. On a day when it is NOT 100% humidity and see how it performs differently. emoticon

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FITNFUNJEN 9/20/2011 11:15AM

    LOL! Your post made me giggle!

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