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Deservability Treatment

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I received this from my massage therapist who, at 35, began to transform her body and life for the better. I just had to share. This is helping me so much

Deservability Treatment

I am deserving. I deserve all good. Not some, not a little bit, but all good. I now move past all negative, restricting thoughts. I release and let go o f the limitations of my parents. I love them, and I go beyond them. I am not their negative opinions, nor their limiting beliefs. I am not bound by any of the fears or prejudices of the current society I live in. I no longer identify with limitation of any kind.

In my mind, I have total freedom. I now move into a new space of consciousness, where I am willing to see myself differently. I am willing to create new thoughts about myself and about my life. My new thinking becomes new experiences.

I now know and affirm that I am at one with the Prospering Power of the Universe. As such, I now prosper in a number of ways. The totality of possibilities lies before me. I deserve life, a good life. I deserve love, an abundance of love. I deserve good health. I deserve to live comfortably and to prosper. I deserve joy and happiness. I deserve freedom to be all that I can be. I deserve more that that. I deserve all good.

The Universe is more than willing to manifest my new beliefs. And I accept this abundant life with joy, pleasure, and gratitude. For I am deserving. I accept it. I know it to be true.


0 - 0- 0 ..........For NOW

Monday, January 03, 2011

OKAY - so it is INSANELY early right now - 02:03 - January 3rd 2011. I logged into my personal email account; clicked on a SPARK email message; then noticed my SPARK fitness minutes:
0 this week - 0 this month - 0 this year

I have been a SPARK member since April 2008 - lost 30 - and regained 10 - but more muscle then fat - now wearing a size 9-10 not a 14-16. Went through my closet and am taking my FIRST REAL leather jacket I ever purchased to a consignment shop this week. BUT with all this progress - I have been depressed about my progress recently- the plateau's - the boredom at the gym - so I just dropped a TON of cash for 8 wks of personal training, 7 more sessions to go, still a little sore from last thursday's session, going back every thursday until February 17, wish me luck please!.

I have been with my man for 8 yrs - we met in the spring of 2001 - he asked if could flirt with me on my birthday in February 2002 - we moved in together in March 2003 - got engaged in November 2010 - thinking about 2012 for the actually VERY low maintenance, low cost wedding with a house party/barbeque that we have become famous amongst our close friends afterwards (we don't want gifts, just good wishes).

He said to me last night - a few hours ago actually - that I am 46 - do I want to be 20 again - HECK NO ! I just don't want to look old - feel old (peri-menopausal, thus the reason I am awake now !, LOL), want to turn the heads, get the compliments, I was NOT attractive in my teens/early twenties (or so I believe).

50 is looming SO fast.

SO back to --- 0 -0 -0 .

I am updating that STAT NOW !. I spent an hour and 1/2 at the gym 'yesterday' morning (Jan 2)- then about 90 minutes HEAVY cleaning de-XMAS'ing my home ( about 50 times up and down that stairs carrying ornaments, the artifical tree, cleaning the basement, etc, so I KNOW that counts to fitness minutes ).because I was really pushing it).

I am meeting my work out friend in the morning - we hooked up 'yesterday' morning for the first time in over 6 weeks. I pulled her out of bed at 08:2o yesterday and me there at 08:45 ! LET'S GO ! that's about all I can say about that..LOL.

OK...so back to 0 - 0 - 0 ................That changes NOW ! - Good bye OLD fat/unhealthy friend - Hello the NEW Heather ! Going to go into my late 40's as a healthy, fit, semi-slim babe!

MEXICO looms in my future - HELLO string bikini !

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HEATLW 7/5/2011 3:12AM

    Well, a couple of days after this post my life turned upside down for a bit. My youngest son was in an industrial accident and badly injured. He survived and did not lose his arm, but may never fully recover all the sensation in 2 of his fingers, and may never shoot a hockey stick or throw a football again.

He lives 4 hour airplane flight awaym, So I got there 3 days after it happened and spent 10 days out there in -40-50 degree celsius weather. January is not the time to travel to Edmonton Alberta. Got there the night before the surgery, no point of going before since he needed me afterward to take care of things. Spent a small fortune on the flight; transportation when I was there; purchasing things for his apartment (he had only moved in there a few months prior and didn't even have curtains in his bedroom.

Thus my priorities changed, and I gain some weight. Some from bad food choices, lack to motivation to work out, and just plain old stress. The money I spent on that personal trainer was a complete waste of cash because my heart wasn't in it anymore, there are more important things in life than having a thin body. I did make a friend I guess of the trainer (I had to switch trainers though since the kid they gave me did not make sense for me).

Trying to get back to the 160's again. Don't see it happening, but I still look good and it is only a number. Just want to balance my hormones; and get some sleep ! It's 03:06 in the morning, I have been awake since 01:30. I do go to bed early these days to at least get some sleep. I will go back to bed after I finish entry.

On a happy note, we are planning a return trip to Mexico for late November/early December. Had a blast in April and planning on meeting people from all over the US and Canada during this trip that we have met before and become friends.

Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

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ELISADENK 7/4/2011 3:07PM


You are good writer! Keep blogging!

If you keep blogging, I'll add you as a Sparkfriend. LOL


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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Well, haven't written here in a while. Have been busy with my current stage performance, rehearsal scheduleds, etc. We opened on Thursday evening. The role I play is a 40 something 5 times divorced cougar, and am loving every minute of it, being able to be over the top with flirty on stage, etc.

I have had a lot of my theatre friends that have attend the show already and comment on my weight loss and how good I look. A couple have not seen me since last November !

Apparently I just 'light up the stage', of course it helps that I am wearing a tight red mini-dress with calve length, laced hemmed, tights underneath in a couple of scenes; and a leopard print skirt set in a couple of others. These outfits are size 9....NEVER thought I would see that number again, and that wasn't really a goal I set for my self, so it is a shock.

Friday night of course was Halloween. I stopped by my local pub after work to see some friends and while talking with them got motivated to dress up for and attend the Halloween party they were having later that night. I went home to decorate the house for the trick or treaters, and to find something to wear to the party. I have a tiara that I bought for a play we did a couple of years ago, which I paid for personally since I wanted to keep it. LOL, I had always wanted one. It now sits in my bathroom on a pillow on display....OK, kind of decadent, but hey I deserve some pampering. Anyhow, I decided to wear that with a fancy dress, and try to come up with some beauty queen sash.

I put on my size 16 flowery dress; it was too big, but it was halloween and would pass for the night. I went back into the closet and pulled out a black dress that I had bought in '01 for the xmas/new years season. It's labeled a size 14, but it is a VERY small size 14, probably more like a 10-12, form fitting cut, YOU know the type and what I am talking about here with sizing. Haven't been able to wear this since '03. OH MY GOSH, it not only fit, but had extra room that wasn't there in '01. So then, I went back into the closet and pulled out a tight stretchy sparkly dress I got in '98-99 and it fit perfectly. I ran down to stairs to show my man, and was almost in tears.

The weight loss for me has been 28 lbs, and a slow healthy process since I am doing a life style change not a diet. I am not cutting out the things I really enjoy, but making subtle changes. I am working out at Curves 3-6 times per week, boxing on Sundays, walking the dog, raking leave, etc, so my body is shaping up slowly too. Because the process has been slow, I don't really notice what I have done.

Well, I had to be at the theatre for 7 pm; show was on at 8; I was at the halloween party by 10:30. I attracted alot of attention. Not bad for any old girl ! I managed to find a sash at the local dollar store, it said "PARTY PRINCESS", it was to a little girl, but fun none the less.

Get this, I got hit on by some guy I have never seen before there, he tried to pick my up! Not a bad looking man I'll tell ya. Kept staring at me; approached me when I was alone. My boyfriend got VERY touchy feely with me after witnessing that. Holding my hand; arm around my chair; asking me to slow dance. It was so funny to experience. He is now talking marriage, I moved in with him in '03. Ya think he is getting nervous?

I am still in shock from friday. I know I am getting attention, but it feels weird, good but weird ya know.

Gotta run, getting ready for boxing class, and we have a matinee show at 2 today. After that I will be raking leaves, I might pickup some wine on the way home and celebrate this new body of mine.

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ELISADENK 7/4/2011 3:05PM


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DEANAC20 11/21/2008 8:27AM

    LOL! What a GREAT blog entry! Congrats on all your hard work!!

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STORMIE62 11/4/2008 8:59AM

    You go G'friend!!! I am sooooo happy for you in all things.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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My Bucket List #2

Sunday, October 05, 2008

My Bucket List #2 - Motorcycle
Well I did IT!! I bought a motorcycle. Found it on the internet last friday. It is a '94 Suzuki Intruder 800, red, 16,000 km, 2 owners, bags, ferring, certified. I was just doing a random internet google on Suzuki and up this one popped on Craig's list website. I emailed the listing and got a response from the owner within 30 minutes, it was still available. Made arrangements to pop in to see it on the Sunday since we were going to be in the area that weekend.

The owner was a 45 something divorcee, with 2 kids in university. She was selling the bike cause she wasn't riding it, her kids are away at school, and she is selling her house too, wants to be free to travel with work etc. It turns out that she also works for the same company as my boyfriend, and her cubicle at work is on the floor above him.

She had changed her mind about selling the bike though, I did feel quilty buying it off of her, but she said that she had posted it, promised it to me, and if I didn't buy it she was keeping it!

Called her Monday and said YES we want the bike. She delivered it Friday after work, and said if I ever decide to sell to call her and she will buy it back, I felt really bad then, oh well, she could have told me on Sunday she changed her mind, or called me on my cell anytime. It was too late in the day on Friday to get the ownership/plates done, so did that yesterday morning. What a hassle, NEVER go the license burrough on the FIRST weekend of the month. I was in line for an hour !

Got home at noon, and my boyfriend drove the bike to the municipality building, it has a large parking lot with little activity on weekends, to practice.

I was very nervous and was sure that the boyfriend and I would be arguing by the end of this practice session. I had not been on a bike since I completed that training course on September 14th. Anyhow, he behaved himself, LOL. After 40 minutes of driving around, with him telling me to practice verious drills, he left me alone to drive the van home, and grab his bike.

After he returned, I went on the road. My gosh was I scared, and nearly got in an accident when I stalled out, got it started and took off, some jerk was doing a left hand turn and was trying to beat me around the corner, came within 3 ft of schumcking me. I gunned it and almost went up the sidewalk, into a hedge and house....I did slow down and regained control.

Filled up at the gas station ... $6.78...LOL

We drove around one of the local neighbourhoods, stopped at the local pub, I had a diet pepsi, grabbed a girlfriend of mine, and off we went riding, she on the back of the boyfriends bike.

Drove to Uxbridge, it was cold, I need chaps. Stopped there a the pub we go to when we are up there, had at least 3 cups of coffee to warm up !

Was home just before 5 pm. So proud of myself, cause at noon I was not even sure I would be confident enough to drive home from the practice session.

My neighbours were outside doing yard work when I pulled into my drive way by myself, boyfriend went to drop off my friend at her house. I did end up dropping the bike in the garage...kick stand was not engaged fully, and the neighbour helped me pick it up since I couldn't get my leg underneath for leverage since it really close to the shelving unit. The left peg was bent, and he fixed it for me, our secret !!! LOL. His wife was quiet shocked to see me riding so soon after getting the bike, she got a bike in July and hasn't really ridden it since she is scared. I hope now that I am 'operational' this will motivate her. They invited us for dinner last night, but I was too tired...LOL. Concentrating too much on the bike.

I didn't get to the gym or work out yesterday...but I must have burned some calories yesterday riding.

It's 07:47 Sunday morning and boxing class starts at 11:30; then off to rehearsal, I am in a play which opens Oct 30 for 10 shows.

Yawn, back to bed. Need to pick out My Buck List #3.

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ELISADENK 7/4/2011 3:04PM


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My Bucket List

Monday, September 15, 2008

BUCKET LIST ITEM #1 - Motorcycle Licence
I am so excited, and exhausted, this morning. I got my motorcycle licence yesterday (M2) !!!! Have always wanted to ride, and I finally took the weekend training course and test and PASSED.

It was not easy, and a very emotional experience since one of the gals had an accident during the training (Dawn lost control of her bike) and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. It ended up being a broken arm, but moral of the group taking the course went into the crapper. She popped in after she was treated and we all relaxed a bit. I had made friends with her over the weekend, and we are going to keep in touch, so very happy she came to see us, I made a friend!

The class was for females only. My local college only holds 2 female only classes per season, and us 25 gals ranged in age from 22 to 53. It started friday night from 6:45 pm to 10, in class room videos and discussions. Saturday we pushed each other on the bikes around learning about the breaks, stearing, etc, without the engine on, my bike that I was assigned weight approximately 250 lbs !! Then we turned the bike on!!! We were at this all day Saturday 9am-5pm; then again on Sunday 9am-7pm.

Dawn's accident was just before we were tested. SO, needless to say several girls failed the course, we were all VERY nervous and sick to our stomaches, I actually saw the her go flying, when she popped a wheely by accident and didn't let go, the bike threw her and she got dragged. Her FULL faced helmet saved her from a broken jaw and leaving 1/2 her face on the pavement, is totally destroyed, she is going to be very sore today, she slid for quite a few feet.

The college has a 98% pass rate, but we had 9 of the 25 girls fail the test, so only 76% pass rate. Very sad as one girl lived 2 1/2 hours away, and the other 3 hours, and she rented a hotel room for the weekend, they both failed. BUT I shouldn't use that work, they didn't FAIL, they succeed in doing something dangerous and exciting that they wanted to do ! Stepped outside the box ! Hopefully they will arrange to come back and take the test over again, the college lets you try one more time only . The course cost just over $400.

I didn't get to the gym this weekend, or do any videos, wasn't anytime, LOL....but this course was intense. The college provided the bike and as I said it weight 250 lbs. I wonder how many calories I burned?

Now I have to purchase a bike ! That's on the BUCKET LIST too...upwards and onwards !

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FAIRYTERN 10/21/2009 1:08PM

    Oh Holly I am SO jealous!!! My bf is a big bike rider and my Dad raced professionally (Road Grnad Prix) in the 60s but as a result didn't want his "baby girl" anywhere near 'em so I never got the opportunity to learn. Now you have inspired me and I have already found a school and beginners classes for $450!!!!

so watch this space!!!


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LIFEFTER45 9/15/2008 12:31PM

    Way to go. That is so exciting. I love riding bike although I haven't for a few years now. My DH says that he will get a Harley by the time he's 50. He is pushing 48 now so he is starting to shop. LOL I have my own bike but it's not running right now. Maybe next summer. Enjoy.

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IOWAGAL1957 9/15/2008 10:48AM

    way to go, its an awesome accomplishment. if we had a course like that nearby, i would give it a shot myself.

Comment edited on: 9/15/2008 10:46:30 AM

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