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Turkey Day Success!! :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

emoticonI stayed within my Calorie range, did full-body strength training and 20 minutes of aerobics, and worked an 8-hr day! :)

I skipped breakfast (except for my coffee with creamer), totally accidentally, because I woke up late and had to start cooking the chicken gizzards and livers stuffing, macaroni and cheese, and getting everything ready to take to Cathy's. (We took ham and pie and whipped cream and gravy in addition to the stuffing and mac 'n' cheese I made this morning). Then we had to leave for Cathy's (got there about 1220, 20 minutes later than Eric told her, of course, lol). We heated the ham, made the gravy and ate. Then Renan and Eric watched Tom and Jerry while Cathy and I put everything in containers, including a small one for me to bring to work. Then I dropped Eric, Renan and the rest of the food off at home and came in to work at 3. We've only had one case so far (it was with the Dr. I usually work with, so that wasn't bad at all). I've managed to log all my food, work on the OR schedule for tomorrow, and get in a full-body strength work out (partially on a blanket on the floor, lol), as well as 20 minutes of aerobics (running around the front desk, jumping jacks, ropeless jump rope, etc).

I'm quite proud of this day, all in all! I did better for Thanksgiving than for my Birthday - go figure!! emoticon

Oh, yeah - and I also got in 8 glasses of water!! emoticon

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BLPRETTYGIRL1 11/26/2009 10:24PM

    emoticon Job! emoticon HAPPY THANKSGIVING ! emoticon

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Plans and Techniques

Saturday, November 21, 2009

1. Wear Tennis Shoes. Doing so encourages me to be more active: walk faster, sprint occasionally, skip and jump, etc.

2. Keep hands busy with non-food activities :). I'm a human female in America - this means I will eat when I'm bored! Lol. I need to keep my hands busy writing, sewing, painting my nails, ANYTHING other than EATING! (even cooking is OK, if it's not something I'm going to be tempted to eat during the prep - like, say, cookies, muffins, brownies, etc lol)

3. Exercise!! I feel so much better when I do. Even if all I can manage is 10 minutes of playing around with my Step, I feel such an increase in my energy, positive attitude (endorphins RULE! :) ), and I SEE such a difference in the mirror, in my clothes, and - in the long run - on the scale!!

4. STRETCH!! Tight muscles don't want to exercise the next day! Aches and pains are not conducive to a positive attitude or high energy level!

5. SLEEP!!!!!! Inadequate rest increases those aches and pains, reduces that energy level, stunts that positive attitude AND makes me want to eat more!

6. Give Blood. This helps me feel good about myself - it helps and potentially saves the lives(!) of others! As a bonus, they also track my vital signs and cholesterol!


Closet vegetarian?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I just tried to watch Chef Meg's Roast Chicken with Herb Oil video. I think I just became a vegetarian! She was just so cavalier with the poor bird - breaking it's wings, cutting out it's wishbone (after pointing out that that's where the poor thing's neck used to be) ... .... ....... Hey! I think maybe SHE's a vegetarian!! Perhaps she's TRYING to cause people like me to stop eating poor little birdies! lol.

I've always had somewhat of a problem with the IDEA of eating beef, and other mammals. Not the actual eating of it, mind you - I know as humans, we're omnivores, and without having learned to cook and eat meat we'd still be low on the evolutionary tree. Plus, it tastes good! But the idea of the poor mammals being slaughtered and fed to me does get to me. Has for a while now.

This is a first for poultry.

I've been OK with the idea of birds up 'til now. Thanks to chef Meg, I now have problems with chicken!! I'm soo not cut out to be a vegetarian! What is wrong with me?

We're human. We're supposed to cook and eat meat. Tofu is nasty. One cannot live on beans alone. I, especially, need the iron that comes from real meat (sorry, vegans, but you're all pretty anemic, aren't you?). Yet I have these (somewhat)latent emotional issues about the animals themselves.

I've thought about the raising and killing of the animals, but honestly, I don't know that I'd feel better about eating an animal that had been raised on a farm, had a good life, and then been cut down in it's prime by the family that up 'til then had cared lovingly for it, just so that I can eat it. Nope, not much better. In fact, it might be better for it to have never known anything great, so that death is not so bad. Not that I want any living thing to suffer - I can't even kill cockroaches; I prefer to simply put them outside. I hate flushing bugs alive, too - I think it's probably better to crush them quickly than to make them drown slowly. (Don't get me started on bug sprays. How would you like to die slowly of chemical burns??) And I get angry when people kill spiders - there is no just cause for it, unless it's a brown recluse or black widow.

So, I'm this emotional vegetarian ... well, really almost an emotional Jainist, except that at the moment my feelings don't extend to plants. I can eat a carrot with no remorse. There're no signs that a carrot has any form of consciousness, lol. So I'm this emotional Jainist, except that I can intellectualize it, and so I still eat meat even though it bothers me if I think about it for too long (or watch Chef Meg be cavalier with a chicken carcass).

Ah, the insanity.