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I have returned

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I have been rather discouraged with my weight and life in general. I thought I would pop back in here today to get going again. I knew I hadn't done well in the past few months but was appauled to see an 11 pound gain and my measurements increasing. I can't continue to live life this way. Something needs to change and it is ME. I so wish I had a walking buddy in this little hodunk town but until then I guess I just need to motivate myself. If anyone has any FREE exercise ideas I would love the comments. I just can't afford the gym even if I wish I could.

~ Heather

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BIGGIRL2082010 5/5/2009 2:25PM

    Hmmmm. I know it's HARD to do this on your own, but remember who you're doing it FOR - YOU! You are worth putting forth that effort for. Way more than for a friend who'd keep you company when it was convenient. :)

If you enjoy workout videos, try YouTube. People have put ALL sorts of things on there - I've found Billy Blanks' kickboxing and abs workouts on there (GREAT workouts!), and also Jillian Michaels' 30-day Shred (all 3 levels) and her new one: Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism.

I also LOVE to dance, so I crank up some tunes on YouTube and boogie away a half hour quite easily!

You CAN do this. Come chat on your SparkTeams, join some teams that are more challenge-oriented (for the community aspect and the accountability), and just believe that you WILL succeed. Because you WILL. As long as you keep working at it!

One team I've heard really good things about is the "Done Girl" team - very challenge-oriented, really motivating, from the sounds of it. And people get results. There are also teams dedicated to walking, biking, swimming, dancing, whatever floats your boat! :) Find the one that "clicks" for you, get active in the team and watch those pounds and inches melt away - I know that once you find a niche that you enjoy, you'll enjoy the process even more!


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Another Day

Monday, February 04, 2008

Well I am up a bit in weight this morning. It leaves me a little frustrated because I have been doing a mile walk daily and all my floor exercises 3x weekly. However, I am down 12 inches. My clothes are a little bit looser but I am not down a size yet. Oh well it will happen its just going slow for me. I do have my second belly dancing class tonight and I know that hour will leave me not wanting to walk in the morning but I will have to get out of bed and do it anyway. I hope things are going great for everyone else out there!!!!



Belly Dancing

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Okay I am going insane or I am worried someone else might think so LOL. I just signed up for an 8-week belly dancing class. My biggest concern is I will be the BIG girl of the class. I am extremely self-concious of how I look or of people looking at me. I guess this is stepping out on a limb for me. Somehow I have to make it past the first, second, third....sessions and I will be fine. DH thinks this is cool, I am praying for success and some fun.

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MARLYSUE 2/1/2008 10:49PM

    A dear friend of mine married a lady that teaches these classes...she said they are GREAT to work your midsection. I would love to join a class....but I live in northwest Iowa...not much happens around here...LOL!!
Have fun at these classes....I am jeolous!!!

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5ACREWOODS 1/16/2008 6:53PM

    I would love to find a belly dancing class....I love Shakira, do you know this singer? lol....in classes like this I think that if you give yourself eyecontact in the mirror and you feel the music and you visualize wonderful belly dancers like shakira you are going to find that inner diva. Belly dancers HAVE a belly...have you noticed? they dont look like run way model anorexic boy herion chic...if you were taking a run way model class I wouldn't have posted, lol....Looking forward to hearing your success here cause its a great idea!

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MONKIWI 1/16/2008 6:03PM

  That is so cool. I admire your bravery- I feel the same way about being looked at. I am also interested in belly dancing and putting off classes because of my weight.
It is supposed to be a really great exercise and confidence builder.
I'm pretty sure though, that most people are too busy being self conscious themselves to bother thinking too much about others.

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AUNTBOBO 1/16/2008 6:01PM

  sweetie jump in with both feet
i applaud you
this has been something ive wanted to do but havent had guts to do it so go for it

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Headaches and Still Moving

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ick I have a huge headache today. I think it is the lack of caffiene I have been having. Oh well thats good for me and this is temporary. I am really struggling to get enough movement in but I am increasing my exercise even if it is slowly. I suppose all the aches could be my fibromyalgia flaring a bit in protest to this new style of living. Someone tell it to stop because I am going to keep on moving. Enough is enough and I am there. Time to go move some more.


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VWALTON327 1/16/2008 2:05PM

    I'm suffering right along with you!
I quit drinking all sodas (sugar free and caffeine free) last Thursday when I joined the site. I've had 3 headaches since then. I have a history of migraines so you could say I'm used to headaches but this stinks!!! A co-worker told me the same thing happened to her and took her about 10 days to get over.
Good luck to you!

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KATCONLEY 1/16/2008 2:01PM

    Well I quit drinking soda and now I am on day 5 of minimal caffeine I do know how you feel with the headache mine killed me, but it did pass and I am not really craving the soda. However last night one of my employees bought some soda and my was salivating over it, he kept putting it down near me and I would keep moving it out of my vision. Keep going you will get through it!

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SHERRYHT 1/16/2008 1:58PM

    Good for you! Keep going and don't let it stop you. You have the right attitude, it will go away in a few days. I know how you feel. I have Fibro also and I was trying to increase my activity last week and I think that I did it a little too fast for my body to deal with. It's funny, I have a bad headache today also, but I did have some caffiene today, I am letting myself have 1 cup in the morning so that I won't feel like I am missing out on too many things.

Good luck!! Hope to see updates from the healthier you :)

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Scared to Death!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My DH took pictures of me (front, back & side) in my swimsuit last night. OMGosh I almost died. I am horrid looking and I guess that was all the motivation I needed. I got in some extra exercise today and I won't stop. I am gonna hit the calorie range and stay in the right spot. Enough is enough and the limit has been met. Gonna find me a buddy and get busy losing.


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4CARDSFANZ 1/15/2008 2:34PM

    Hey at least you had the guts to let him take the pictures!! I couldn't even do that!! Best of luck on your journey!!

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