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Moving Forwards not Back

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Well for the Goddess sakes I have gotten off track for a while AGAIN ..... emoticon

But hopped back on again yesterday and am working towards a 10lb loss for the next 8 weeks. This is day two.... 56 more to go! (did I do the math right? )

I adjusted my weight tracker to reflect my gain of the past week or so...( I weighed in yesterday morning) EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

I am not feeling so well, and have been slipping in and out this darned cold/flu thing for almost 3 weeks. The past couple of days I have been battling headaches and stomach/back pains... and the weirdest thing? They are not constant... its on and off feeling crappyish! In my head? Self sabotaging? Mental dilemma?

SO I have decided that tomorrow, weather I feel crappy or not I am hitting the gym.

Sayin it again.... Hitting the gym tomorrow no matter what!

I feel like I am slipping back into sabotage habits ever since I let things go last November... and I really need to find that girl who was so fighting mad to be healthy and slim last year.... I need her resolve and her strength.

I need to dig deep and wake her up because I do NOT want to go backwards in my life, I only want to go forwards!


....reaching my ideal weight
.... trying new things
.... attracting all good things to me/my life
.... loosing the negativity
.... being someone I would like to meet
....meeting new people
....using food as fuel most of the time
....saving money
....paying debt
....hugging my kids more
....dancing with my husband more
....host fun dinner parties
....go out on more GIRLS NIGHTS
....have more date nights
....Play more- work less
....Spend more time in my Scrap booking room
....Read more
....Relax more
....Enjoy more

Moving Forward...... YUP I intend too!

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FITAT50 2/22/2012 1:16PM

    Great to see you back again...you CAN do it!

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EUGENERUGOSA 2/22/2012 6:29AM

    Love your moving forward list & the positive pledge!! Copying them asap & then coming up w/ my own moving forward list this week!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

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1HAPPYWOMAN 2/22/2012 12:35AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
It's so hard to be motivated when you're feeling poorly, so good for you for finding that inner strength. And no, I don't think it's in your head. Viruses have complicated life cycles, and you could be fighting off more than one illness.

It's terrific that you have such a clear vision of what kind of life you want!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KALISWALKER 2/21/2012 11:14PM

    Wow that is a great list! I know you can do it. I copied this from someone else and read it several times a week to keep up the momentum.


I, YOUR NAME HERE, from this day forward, hereby commit to creating and maintaining a positive winning attitude in everything that I do.

Today and everyday from now on, I promise to do my best to change all negative thoughts into positive ones, immediately.

I vow to neither start, nor end any day with negative thoughts. I further agree to the following on a daily basis:

1. Prepare everyday for the opportunities I know will come.

2. Commit to improving and developing myself, mentally, physically and spiritually.

3. Manage my time wisely through the use of written goals.

4. Avoid negative thinkers and dream stealers. To define my own life and not let it be defined by others.

5. Determine to make today better than yesterday for myself
and everyone I meet.

6. Be enthusiastic and be persistent toward what I want for my life.

7. Focus on things that make me happy, not things that depress me.

8. Invest in myself, whether it be in the area of personal development, exercise, or relaxation.

9. I will encourage someone today!

10. Forgive, release and let go of anything that no longer serves me.

11. Take time everyday, to be thankful for all that I have.

12. Say I love you to my family.

13. Journal my daily adventures in life.

14. Spend time in the silence.

15. Breath in deep and enjoy each moment!

Signature Date

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Resolution Check

Friday, January 13, 2012

Well, it is Friday January the 13th emoticon


I thought I would have a look at my goals I set for this new year and see if I have even started some of them!

* To get in 500 Fitness minutes a week .....

Well, I have 500 minutes so far THIS MONTH

* To work hard on my core fitness as well as my cardio ....

I have been adding ball core exercises to my workouts every other workout

* To log my food and stay on track with my calories....

Been doing not too bad in this actually... maybe a couple of days where I haven't tracked

* To Challenge and motivate myself and my BC GIRLS Team ....

Ive been loggin in to Spark and my BC GIRLS team two - three times a week

* To RUN the Fathers DAY 10km run in 60 minutes this year ...

I need to get my speed up, My hubby is training now too and we are competitive... I don't want him to beat me! LOL

* To Just say NO most of the time to foods that are not good fuel for my body ....

I want to say No all the time but I am happy to say that Im saying NO most of the time

* To encourage my Family and Friends TO be fit and healthy and to be active with me...

My Hubby is starting to join in on the healthy and fit band wagon, now I just need to pull in the rest of the crew! My best bud joined the YMCA where I go so that is a plus too!

* To be a positive and up-beat person, to encourage positivity in all aspects of my life

'''' I can say that I am trying to be that person.

* To WORK LESS and PLAY MORE ... This IS DEFINITELY working for me! Ive cut back from 50/55 hours at work to 35/40 and its so GOOD! I just hope and pray that it stays this way.

* To weigh in at 135 lbs and stay there! .... Down 3lbs this week so I am on my way!

All in all I would have to say that Im doing pretty good. If I can keep it up life will be definitely going my way and in a very positive direction!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

1HAPPYWOMAN 1/16/2012 11:03PM

    Congratulatons on your weight loss and all your terrific goals. You are going to ROCK this!!!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FITAT50 1/15/2012 12:42AM

    You *are* doing good, just think what you could do it you *really* put your mind to it!
emoticon emoticon

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WESTCOASTGIRL2 1/15/2012 12:08AM

    Looks like you have really thought this through, and are working towards things the right way...You are in control -- YOU are. Don't let anyone else grab that wheel and turn it for you. You can do this, and you are going to do this! Cheers to you for finding your path! emoticon

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KALISWALKER 1/13/2012 6:45PM

    Wow you are doing very well! I know you will achieve your goals.

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New Year... Fresh Resolve/BC GIRLS Challenge Blog

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ok, so the New Year is heading this way FULL ON and let me tell you that I have really fallen off the healthy lifestyle wagon in a very big way while ringing out the old! YIKES

Im so scared Im not even gonna step on the scale for awhile because I truly have just let everything I have taught myself and worked for go right out the window.

The Stress for me this season I think was way too much work and the 1st anniversary of my Dad's passing and instead of using exercise to work through it I have been using food. Or at least that is the only real excuse I can come up with for turning to the darkness. I really have been working FAR too much this past couple of months and it has really been dragging me down. 50+ hours a week is too much... money or no I just can't keep that up and keep a healthy lifestyle going for myself.

I worked so hard last year to get the weight off and to get fit and in the last month I have felt that old self sabatoge attacking me from all sides.

I am resolving to dig deep and find that RESOLVE that got me this far and renew it, refresh it and make it stronger! So that Next winter I do NOT fall into this same trap!

I am making resolutions this year.... They are many but they are attainable!

I think I will print these out and post them on my desk and my bathroom mirror!

* To get in 500 Fitness minutes a week

* To work hard on my core fitness as well as my cardio

* To log my food and stay on track with my calories

* To Challenge and motivate myself and my BC GIRLS Team

* To RUN the Fathers DAY 10km run in 60 minutes this year

* To Just say NO most of the time to foods that are not good fuel for my body

* To encourage my Family and Friends TO be fit and healthy and to be active with me

* To be a positive and up-beat person, to encourage positivity in all aspects of my life


* To weigh in at 135 lbs and stay there!

If I think of other things, I will continue to add to this list throughout the year...


WE WILL attain our goals!

WE WILL be healthy and productive people!

WE WILL live life to its fullest and enjoy it!

WE WILL be positive role models for others!

WE WILL! emoticon emoticon

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1HAPPYWOMAN 1/9/2012 12:19PM

    You can do it! Work less, play more! Oh yeah, that's the ticket!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MONICA_W 1/3/2012 12:16AM

    Happy 2012! Are you on track still? Good luck!

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WRITEFROMHOME 12/30/2011 7:38PM

    Ya, this is a bad time of year. For me its because all this sugary stuff is sitting out where I can see and reach it - too hard to resist.

The New Year will be a NEW YEAR and you can do it. I will go set my goals now too.

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WESTCOASTGIRL2 12/29/2011 10:19AM

    Glad to hear from you! Some sliding seems to be normal, but you'll get your groove on again real soon, I assure you. I've had my share of ups again (I hate December -- and this year it was without any baking) and have about 7 lb to go down again -- yuck. But I will continue on my eating less/better and exercising/ST as often as possible, and it will come off and I'll feel good, just as I know you will too. Youv'e done it already, so you KNOW you CAN do it. It won't take long and you'll be back in the groove!

Above all, Good health and happiness for 2012!

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AMARILYNH 12/29/2011 9:50AM

    You CAN do it!! And don't be so afraid of the scales - my suggestion is to eat carefully (on plan), drink LOTS of water (more than usual - goodies often are loaded with sodium and you need to wash it away), eat all the freggies you can handle (got to get that digestive system running smoothly) for THREE days - then the next morning step on the scales. I think you'll be surprised - I was. I'd gained a little over 3 pounds and lost them with just two days of eating right and doing the things above.

This marks the end of my first year with BLC (BLC15 was my first) and I have to say BLC has changed my life. The challenges got me in the HABIT (habit is a WONDERFUL thing!) of eating at least 5 freggies a day, drinking at least 8 (preferably 10) glasses of water a day, and DOING ST (something I'd been knowing for years I needed to do but couldn't force myself to do. I was already doing lots of walking and had lost around 30 to 35 pounds (those 5 pounds kept coming and going) but I couldn't seem to break the 160 barrier for more than a few days.

Adding those habits (and a LCW every Tuesday) got things moving again and right at the end of BLC17 I DID it - got to my goal weight of 145. Since my eating got WAY out of control last week I was afraid it would take a few weeks to get back to 145 - but as I mentioned above it only took two careful days!! Obviously those healthy habits have done REALLY good things for my body - in the past it took longer!!

Best of luck to you in 2012. But that reminds me of a quote I got from a blog last week - (paraphrasing from memory) "The best way to get the future we dream of is to CREATE it!!" I LOVE that!! So let's get busy creating a fabulous future!! emoticon

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KALISWALKER 12/28/2011 7:56PM

    Let's start anew! It's easy to slide, but catch yourself and start back with your healthy habits. You can do it!

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HOMATA 12/28/2011 12:00PM

    Love it Heather - emoticon
Now off to write mine! Thanks for the challenge, setting goals is so important!

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FITAT50 12/28/2011 11:29AM

    Baby steps... emoticon

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Im a Girl... I need to get over it!

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Warning... this blog could be TMI for some...

So first off.... OMG I am sore and feeling the effects of my Gym escapades this week.

That being a good thing and that being said... I think it has helped with my PMS.

Little back tracking here... I haven't had PMS or a real period in over 6 years. I used to get the WORST periods, the worst PMS... and then I started getting the Depo Provera shot.

Its a birth control shot (which I didn't need) but the way it affected me with side effects is exactly what I needed. No PMS... no period... no nothing... YIPPPPEEEE for me.

Now this shot can have other side effects, not so happy ones which have started cropping up for me in the past year... prolonged spotting or periods and other stuff but thats the only one that has been effecting me.

SO... I have decided that I don't want to be spotting 25 out of 30 days a month and since Im 42 and perimenopause is soon on the horizon if not already here I am not getting my shot any more. My last one was in August and I am due for my first period any day.

Can I just stop and scream here for a sec? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I mean really? WHY????? The exercise helps that's a given... but even so, the mood swings and the bloating , back aches, tummy aches... the need to sit on the throne for EVER... WHAT IS THAT?

HOLY MOTHER OF ....... I have forgotten what its like to be a Girl!

Tomorrow I am going to the drugstore and I am loading up on MIDOL! emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ROSEYONE 1/2/2012 2:23PM

  Heather, if you can, try seeing a Naturopath. There are supplements which can help with the PMS symptoms. I have been seeing one for 3 years, she has really helped me. I am 52. I don't take any prescription medicines. I have seen a regular doctor twice in 3 years, once for a note for physiotherapy, and second for having a flu and possibly needing antibiotics. He said I was healthy enough to get over it without the meds. The Naturo sold me a supplement to boost my immune system. Doing much better now.
As for pre menopausal, I don't get hot flashes or other symptoms.

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KALISWALKER 12/5/2011 7:54PM

    Maybe it won't be as extreme as it was before. I hope you are feeling ok, let us know.

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EUGENERUGOSA 12/3/2011 7:13PM

    I am also 42, used to be on depo & holy cow that lovely TOM is HORRIBLE for me now. I can't WAIT for menopause!!!!! Hope you have a much, much easier time - pamper yourself - back rubs & heating pads should be in your future!!

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FITAT50 12/3/2011 3:40PM

    Goodness that brings back bad memories for me. I'm now in menopause but on HRT cause I can't handle the horrid hot flashes and night sweats and those are 30 out of 30 days. I'm not sure which phase is worse, Lol!

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JANNEPERRY 12/3/2011 2:33PM

    I am sooooo glad to be 47 and just about done with all that!!!! I hope you get some releif-time will pass and you'll be done too!

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KIMMYLOU4 12/3/2011 10:09AM

    I feel your pain. While PMS'ing I can't stop eating and I'm so grumpy I can't even stand to be around myself!!! lol! Hope you can get a handle on it. emoticon

p.s. I agree on the exercise helping also. I used to think that was a bunch of malarkey but it's totally true.

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A-STRONGER-ME 12/3/2011 10:05AM

    I am certainly not a Dr., but something that "helped" me was taking a calcium and magnesium supplement and taking them at night. Helps ease the cramps, especially since you are already exercising - RIGHT!! And taking them at night helped me to sleep better. My Dr. told me to do this and it helped. Won't make it evaporate, but eases it up some. Good Luck!

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WESTCOASTGIRL2 12/3/2011 1:34AM

    I SO understand!!! you're not alone, I've got half of what you're saying, and other stuff too. I'm just starting to look into what to do about it. I wish you success with your decision. Hugs..... emoticon

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Sunday Babble...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Well, its been awhile since I have blogged … its been awhile since I have done anything too spark like.
Today the sun was shining and it was so sparkly outside that I just had to get out and get some fresh air and sparkle into my life…. So I FORCED my behind out the door and went for a run. I was thinking I was gonna be slow but I ran the 5km in and about my usual time… today it was 34 minutes… NOT bad I says to myself as I rounded the corner for home.

I have been having a lot going on both at work and at home the past few months. Its been very hard to keep up my Spark life online. I had to bail from the last BLC… as I just couldn’t manage to keep up and my rah rah cheerleading for my BC Girls team has been at an all time low for me as well, like I said I just don’t have time to get online and participate in everything I want too.

I haven’t been stepping on the scale everyday, I haven’t been tracking my foods, I haven’t been working extra hard to lead the healthy lifestyle I have grown to so love and so Im a little scared that I will lapse into my old ways. I mean I know that I WILL NEVER go back to that close to 200lb girl but I really don’t even want to gain back 10lbs of that… I don’t mind the lags in life but I have to learn how to maintain things until I can get back to my full on self.

I am planning to weigh in on Friday this week to see where I am at but I AM ALSO planning to hit the gym at least 2 times this week before then…. Plus today’s run makes 3 times this week…

Im just babbling here but sometimes a good babble is all it takes to get me back on track.

My youngest daughter tells me today on the way to her diving class that she wants to come to the gym with me this week…. This is a good thing….

My middle son is in need of getting to the gym or getting physical activity into his life as part of a solution to help quell his anxiety. SO… the plan is to get him in the gym and start him slowly… I told him for the month of December he must go twice a week… for 30 min minimum… then in January the plan is to up the amount of days we go by one… and then the amount of time we spend there… and so on and so on…. I think this will also help me get back on track as well.

So Mondays and Tuesdays are a given for both kids and me to get there….. I MIGHT be able to hit it Wednesdays but it will be tough unless my Hubby can pick up our Son from the tutors… And Thursdays is out because we have music lessons after work and Fridays are out because I teach a class after work… so then we are back to the weekend where it is harder than dragging Hades out of the warmth of hell to get anyone to do anything other than sit around… LOL

Such is life… seems as the years go by we just get busier and busier and we have to find new and more creative ways to keep our lifestyles healthy and active….

Christmas is upon us and it is my favorite time of year. I love everything about the holidays except that it marks the first year anniversary of my Dad’s passing. I will miss him desperately this year… and am intending on spending a lot of time with my Mom and my Whole family…. Weather they like it or not… HAHAHAHA

Here is to a most fantastic week ahead for me… for you… for everyone!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SOOKGAL66 12/2/2011 12:48AM

    Great blog! Life sure is busy for many people! I am finding that by looking after my health needs ie exercise, I am happier and less grouchy at home and that is good on so many levels! Taking time for me and taking time for exercise has become almost a priority for me now. I am glad to hear your kids are taking an interest in doing such with you too!

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HOMATA 11/28/2011 9:34AM

    Hang in there Heather, you have accomplished so much and you can get past your life 'lags'. You've been here for so many of your Sparkfriends with support and words of encouragement, I am sure the community is happy to do the same for you.
And how wonderful that you are working out with your kids! I know that it makes a HUGE difference to have my family on track with me.

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LIFEASMRSA 11/28/2011 12:37AM

    Hey heather! Good to hear from ya! Glad you're getting the kids involved with going to the gym! That should be great motivation for yourself to stay in shape too!!

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KALISWALKER 11/28/2011 12:00AM

    Great to hear your son will be exercising. I am sure he will feel better. You do have a lot going on, I hope you can relax a little next month. Have a great week!

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