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First Time Runner Here!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm training for my first 5k...which is in 3 short weeks! My sister really pushed me to enter and actually signed me up. I found out by receiving the email to my phone! I'm excited to do this. I know I will probably not be able to run 100% of the race but I'm confident I can try and run most of it. So far I have accomplished running 1 1/2 miles straight. The only problem is that my sneakers hurt my feet. I have to make time to get proper shoes ASAP. It's on my To Do list this week.

I'd love to hear from those of you who are running for the first time. What are your challenges? What have you accomplished? Any advise for a first time runner? Thanks Friends!

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HEAITHYMOMMA 9/16/2014 9:34AM

    wow way to go. I can't do running. Im trying and working up to it. But ive never been a runner and I hope to get to it eventually

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BRADMILL2922 8/15/2013 10:20AM

    That is great! You can do it! I have run 3 miles 3 times over the last week and that is the first I have really ever ran like that. The biggest things are to know your pace and push through it mentally. Your mind can hold you back from really running at your potential.

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KIMCOLLINGS 10/17/2012 2:17PM

    Have a super fun time and remember that it doesn't matter how fast you go or how much you walk or run, just enjoy the experience. The cool part is the excitement in the air with the other people (and I love the hounds that some people run with too...though I'm tempted to pet every one of them). Just makes you smile inside and out. One thing I do notice is that everyone takes off really fast at the start line. At first, even though I knew I didn't have to go fast, I felt like I should be and would go faster than my regular pace and then wear out too quick. I learned to try and just go at my normal pace even when people were passing me (a lot of times I would pass them back later when they were pooped out). Would love to hear how it goes!

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LOSINGIT000 8/15/2012 4:48PM

    That is so great that you are doing a 5k! I've always been so scared to do something like that. Congrats on giving it a try!!

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SARASMILING 3/8/2012 8:03AM

    Love to hear how you're doing with the running. I'm starting to try and throw a little jogging in with my walking and see where it goes.

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BBQRUES130 8/17/2011 2:09PM

    Congrats on you goal. It is a great one. I ran my first and only 5k to date back in 2009 with my sister. After a hiatus from a healthy lifestyle, I renewed my health goals in Jul 2011. MY SISTER and I are also running our second one this November. I cant wait. The experience was by far and away one of the best experiences I have had in my life and completing it with my sister made it all the sweeter. Just have fun with it. I ran it at 300 plus pounds and I wasn't even last. lol. It doesn't even matter what your ranking is. Finishing it is an accomplishment in of itself. Remember, IF YOU HAVE A BODY YOU ARE AN ATHLETE! Good Luck.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ALIWVU121 8/16/2011 7:05PM

    I'm doing my first 5k in October! So hopefully we can both do well! Good Luck with yours!

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MRSKOSITZ 8/15/2011 12:52PM

    The race will pump you up so much you'll do just fine... Good shoes are important...get them now so you have time to break them in before the race!! otherwise you'll have some nasty blisters! GOOD LUCK!!

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FIT-WHIT 8/15/2011 12:40PM

    DEFINITELY get new shoes. And get fitted at a proper running store, so you get the right kind. I suggest getting a half size LARGER than your normal shoe, since I've gone the whole "exact size" on running shoes, and wound up with BLACK TOES after my first half marathon. Your feet will swell as they get warm when you run, so the half-a-thumb space at the front helps prevent blistering. If you get fitted properly, you shouldn't need much time to "break in the shoes" to prevent blisters. They should feel comfortable on your first run.

Don't push too much in the next few weeks, or you'll likely injure yourself. Try to focus on rhythmic breathing and relaxing your body as it "falls" forward-- use gravity to your advantage.

Ideally, you won't want to add more than 10% of your max time or distance to your runs each week, but in a cramp, I'd say try adding 2 minutes or so to each run, with at least a days rest or cross training in between to recover.

Stay positive, and self-pep talk as you're running. Your mind will fatigue you faster than your body, so using reassuring positive statements AS you run (even say them out loud to yourself) will help keep you focused and energized as you're training.

I hope these ideas help! Enjoy your running and have fun with the race! It's a great feeling to accomplish!!

EDIT: You might be interested in a blog I wrote a few months ago about how I got started with running. Check it out if you have time. :)


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HEARTS116 8/15/2011 12:11PM

    Thanks again everyone. I have to update my Ipod with better music and get the new sneakers. I will be ready to rock in less then 3 weeks! Eeek!

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CHANGINGSAM 8/15/2011 10:03AM

    Good luck with the race! I love your attitude!

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    Used to run, now having to start over...

Pace yourself and make sure you have great music to listen to.

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TABBYC 8/14/2011 9:45PM

    Get new shoes NOW so that you can break them in. You don't want to run too far with brand new sneakers; you'll end up with tons of blisters and sores. Besides that, train, train, train and drink TONS of water.
Best of luck to you! Can't wait to hear how it went!

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HEARTS116 8/14/2011 8:44PM

    Thanks everyone. I am definitely going to enjoy the race even at 7am! I want to see how long I can run for but will take a break if needed. I'm just glad my sister signed me up!

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ALLYSNEWLIFE 8/14/2011 5:08PM

    It's a totally different feel at the actually race than just running alone. I got hyped up on all the excitement from all the other racers. And don't feel like you have to run the whole thing. Most important thing is to go and enjoy yourself!!

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THINLADY2011 8/14/2011 2:44PM

    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. But not just with water, especially if you're drinking a lot. Drinking too much water alone, especially if you're sweating, can cause hyponatremia (please look it up if you're not familiar), and that can be deadly.
Other than that: getting properly fitted for running shoes will make all the difference in the world.
Best of luck on your race! emoticon

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SARAHNICOLE__17 8/14/2011 1:35PM

    Pace yourself!

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Long Weekend

Friday, February 18, 2011

So here goes nothing...this weekend is going to be a great one but a challenge. I have Monday off and its my husband's birthday. We're going to dinner tonight with my family, tomorrow night with friends, Sunday with his family and Monday just us. I really hope to make healthy choices and not go crazy. I will definitely not be drinking every night. Maybe a glass of wine on only 2 of the nights out. I'm anxious about it.

I have been having a really tough time with losing weight so far that I don't want to put myself in a bigger hole. I already made plans to go to the gym tomorrow morning for a kick boxing class. At least that will get my exercise in. I've been going to the gym about 5 times a week for the past 3 weeks and the scale has not budged. It's been a very slow start to the say the least.

I don't want this to sound depressing or anything because I've been really working hard at my weight loss...and I feel good about it but I just wished things progressed a little quicker then what they are. I had a goal to lose 5 pounds a month and January was only 2 and as of now February is 0. So needless to say this weekend is a true test. Wish me luck!

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C4CHRISTINE 4/21/2011 9:51AM

    my trick for tempting restaurants: drink a tonne of water before you go and then order carbonated water....it'll fill you up so much that you can't eat anything much!

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VBPARROTHEAD 4/18/2011 11:26AM

  It is really frustrating when you work so hard and the weight doesn't come off. Could you be losing inches because of building muscle? Muscle weighs more than fat but takes up less space? Sould you be eating too little? If you aren't eating enough your body will go into starvation mode and start "saveing" fat. It is alsmot like it decides to put it into the "bank" and changes your metabolism. Good luck! 50 lbs in such a short time is a big expectation! emoticon

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HEARTS116 2/24/2011 9:17AM

    The weekend was tough. I did not eat as well as I could have but I did work out so that was a plus. I'm being extremely strict with myself this week so hopefully that will get me back on track!

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DANA_LEE 2/24/2011 8:54AM

    Hope the weekend was good! I just spend the weekend with family and came back 1.5 pounds heavier- not happy about that, but I'm picking myself up and going for some heavy cardio the next few days- you can do it!!

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MIRACLELOVE77 2/24/2011 12:54AM

    So how'd the weekend turn out for you? :)

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So I did it. I finally joined a gym. My New Year's resolution came 24 days late...but better late then never. I worked out yesterday and boy did it feel great. I'm so ready to get back into working out and making a better me.

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IMSMILEY88 2/4/2011 8:08PM

    That's great! I love going to the gym now. It is full of such 'life!'

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JETERSGAL729 2/4/2011 6:49PM

    Perfect!! You can easily start any new healthy habit at anytime! Just think if you started a month ago how many improvements you would see now - so starting today is perfect because now in a month from now you will be happy that you didn't wait!

All I keep telling myself is how if only I started a few months earlier I would be so much closer to my goals now, but we can't dwell in the past but be happy for the accomplishments we have now!!

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    Any day is a perfect day to begin a healthy habit emoticon
Wishing you nothing but the best on your journey

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KLBUTLER 1/25/2011 3:41PM

    Awesome! Keep up the good work! :)

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SYANES03 1/25/2011 11:17AM


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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So after losing a whopping 3 pounds last week and feeling great, this week I fell backwards. I gained half of that back! How can it be? Maybe because we had a party this weekend and I was off yesterday? Or was it that I wasn't dedicated enough to my workouts? Whatever the case I'm very mad at myself and have to make a point to get better this week...

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IMSMILEY88 2/4/2011 8:14PM

    Your weight at any point is affected by a LOT of things. So, you didn't necessarily 'lose' 3 pounds last week and now have 'gained' a half pound. There are normal fluctuations! So, don't let it get you down!

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JETERSGAL729 2/4/2011 6:43PM

    Your body is still adjusting so don't be so hard on yourself - if you haven't ever had to diet or exercise wasn't a every day part of your life then your body doesn't know its time to turn on the fat burners and get this thing in motion. You need to build a solid foundation of good healthy habits so your body knows what you want it to do.

A key is to take measurements other than the scale as well - invest in a cheap tape measure, the type that is lose and not connected like those at a hardware store, but more like the type used for sewing etc. Take all your measurements and then 4-6 weeks later take them again and be sure to remember the exact spots you measured the first time. Sometimes your scale might not move but you're losing inches.

You can do this!! :)

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RUNASHLEYRUN 1/20/2011 5:29PM

  I agree with EastCoastKelly, you have maintained part of that weight loss so hope is not gone! :) Keep at it. Think about what you can do to change today.
Forget yesterday and make TODAY the DAY!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HEARTS116 1/18/2011 12:54PM

    Thanks for the encouragement. I sure hope it is. I just did a Biggest Loser dvd. I hate when I make progress and take a step back. I have such high goals for myself and can't wait to achieve them. Baby steps...

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EASTCOASTKELLY 1/18/2011 11:45AM

    It could be water weight - don't fret! You've maintained part of that loss and are obviously still invested and motivated. You can do it!

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Wii Fit?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So the Target by me has Wii Fit and throws in the Biggest Loser game for $99. I was wondering if anyone thought it would be worth a try. I do go to my local gym and I use home dvd's but wasn't sure if this would be something worth buying.

On a lighter note, I lost 3 pounds last week and couldn't be more ecstatic. I'm so thrilled with those results and so happy I joined SP. Thank you to everyone for the support and kind words. I look forward to losing another 3 (hopefully) this week!!!


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JETERSGAL729 2/4/2011 6:40PM

    I wouldn't expect a 3 lb weight loss every week and try not to get frustrated when you don't either since that will make your stress hinder you further progress. I lost 3.4 lbs my first week and have not lost that much in one week since. And I've done a lot harder workouts and ate better than I did that first week but still haven't done it. Some weeks I stay the same, others I will lose 1.5 lbs or less, sometimes a lil more but not too much. But then I've also slipped a few times and gained. I am currently trying to keep it from going up and my goal is for it to go in the right direction from now on! :)

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SIERRA924 1/14/2011 2:22PM

    I don't personally use it but my sparkbuddie swears by it!

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HEARTS116 1/12/2011 4:37PM

    Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. The sale ends on Saturday so I'll consider it. Plus we are currently snowed in so I can't go now even if I wanted to!

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JENMARS20 1/12/2011 1:44PM

  I would highly recommend it! I love my Wii fit. You can personalize it to create workouts. It gives feedback and can be something that makes you smile. I've also heard great things about the Biggest Loser game! Good luck!

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