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Preparing for an interview.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I have found new hope when searching the web for positions.
There is really so much available out there, whether I choose to stay in my profession or not.
I have alot of transferrable skills.
I'm getting ready for an interview with a recruiter today.
Don't know if I want to be recruited. I don't really want to sign any contracts..
I am excited about feeling better and life has not come to a halt.
I only had a rest and time to rethink my life.
I'm still hanging onto the thought. "What will matter in 10 years."
I know that the motivation has to come from within.
A few employers have asked, "what do you want?" "when would you be willing to start work?"
I'm going to try to come up with some answers today.

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ALICIA214 9/21/2011 10:29AM


That is a difficult question to answer,wants can vary. I wish you lots of luck with
your interview!! emoticon

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So many resources on so many Questions!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I have been job hunting on the web.
WOW!! There is alot available out there!! Getting more confused, Don't know which area to apply!
That means there are so many options I can't make up my mind!!
Went for my morning walk and saw some ducks in the neighborhood!!
New ducks like I've never seen before in our area...
Ate a healthy breakfast....
Did heavy housework all day yesterday to do some work hardening.
Feeling Great!!
God is good all the time!!


In ten years it won't matter.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The biggest lesson I ever learned was in Dale Carnegies book of golden rules.."In 10 years it won't matter." That makes me think. In ten years what "will" matter? May be I should organize my goals around that thought!! Looking back I see myself in a few bad jobs that I thought were"it!"
Thinking I could perhaps get my feet wet and start out in a new business or build a future around this "job." Of course we all need a job to survive but sometimes I put too much emphasis on the job and the job consumes me... Gotta stop that behavior!!
So as far as Goal Setting for my future, " in 10 years what "will" matter!!

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HEARTOLOVE 9/13/2011 1:04PM

    I'll say "Amen" to that!

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LUVS2WIN67 9/13/2011 12:14PM

    What a great quote. So much truth in that. What "will" matter indeed. One thing is for certain, our health will, that way we'll be here in 10 years.

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I just read my spark page entry from earlier this year!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Yes, Self Care (Soul Care) was going to be one of my goals for this year and here I am doing it!
Of course I got so carried away helping everyone else..I forgot about me...as a result I was forced into stopping all activity and that really got my attention. I am feeling much better. Went of a kayak paddle for one and a half hours!! Loved getting back on board!!
I've also gotten back on the eliptical for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. It's in the easiest setting, but I have to start our slowly.
I was reminiscing about three months ago when my life had spun out of control. God always brings me back to the Twelve Steps...Step Number One: Admitting I am Powerless...Over the things controlling my life....
There comes a point where I just can't do it by myelf. But thiis Powerlessness is a good thing. I makes me realize I'm not in control. I can't control and manage others or the situation.
I'm just me.
My next screen name will be that, "I'm just me."
No false pretenses...No trying to impress someone by carrying out a task that takes two people...so that I don't dissapoint anyone or "rock the boat."
And then this brought me to step number two.
I Came To Believe That a Power Greater Than Myself Could Restore Me To Sanity.
Our Pastor gave a sermon one Friday night...(yea we have church on Friday night.)
He talked about how swimmers may get taken out by a riptide and swim and swim until they're tired and often times the life guard will swim out to save them... Unfortunately the tired and disoriented swimmer may stuggle and try to fight the life gaurd off!!! But if they just relax and stop fighting....let the life gaurd bring them in they will be safe. Another thing I've learned about riptides is that you should not try to swim against them, straight toward the beach but swim lengthwise along the beach until you are out of the riptide, then toward the beach.
I found a correlation between this analogy and how the second step applies to my life...
Once I fianally rested and let my Higher Power take control ( and that only took three months!! LOL! )....The answers started coming to me...I know one thing I don't want to be in a situation where I am forced or expected to do more than I am capeable of doing...I need to say no or find other circumstances where it's not a problem. And I've been so much more creative when I am rested and not "Pushed".
Not to be concieted but I'm finding that I like me!!!

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DDOORN 9/10/2011 6:32PM

    Great lessons...so true!

I remember swimming and swimming along Lake Michigan, parallel to the shore...just get out and walk walk walk back to where I started! :-)


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Re inventing myself!! With God's help of course!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Well, here I am again.
Back to square one..Or should I say back to where I was last time I found myself here!!
The last job didn't work out for me. Not my fault really. It was just soooo physical, which I really didn't mind but then my body started to rebel. Would you believe they opened two positions, I'm thinking it was to fill my position as I was truley doing two persons work!!
But ain't that how it goes nowadays??AND it was really my responsibility to say "No, what you are asking of me is physically impossible!!! But there I was trying to prove myself again!!!
When will this feeble human ever learn!!
I'd love to do something similar but it looks like I'm going to require something less active.
Soo back to the ol' chalkboard!! For now I'm here at home...going to the Assisted Living Facilities to visit and bring cheer...Teaching myself to crochet... Which is a challenge since I want to do the more complicated projects!! Going to the library.. I found a really good book about C.S. Lewis and his life. He almost really didn't graduate according to this author.He had problems at school and his Father finally had him privately tutored which appeared to really pay off!! I love his Narnia Chronicles.. he has a way of really bringing the characters to life!
The books are really better than the movie...but then you've heard that before.
I also learned a simple meditation. Mindfulness meditation off You Tube.. It's not anything too complicated mostly focused breathing and learning to relax your mind! Love it!! Went to sleep two times without my Ambien!!~ Woo Hoo!!
Also have been journaling and doing the Inner Healing Thing...Talking to my "Inner Child."
Sometimes I think "When does this ever end!!" I have been here so many times...And I have come to believe that there's a time to go back and a time to move forward..I'm getting close to that... I'll bring her with me and pay better attention when she's speaking to me next time! She'll probably have to "sound an alarm!!" That would be better than aching bones!!LOL! www.singsnap.com/snap/r/bb7b41f52


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