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Monday, May 5 Update

Monday, May 05, 2014

Last week was ups and downs. These were last weeks goals:

1. Eat clean - Over half the week I stuck with this. I faltered on Saturday night with a fastfood run after working my second job.

2. Walk Everyday and do 15 miles for the week - Made this goal and actually walked 22 miles for the week!!

3. Strength train 3 days - I did 2 days - which is better than none

4. Not let anything stress me - Did pretty good didn't stress eat, just tired eat.

So goals for this week:

1. Eat Clean - no late night junk food
2. Limit carbs (ie pasta, rice, bread, crackers) to lunch only
3. Walk everyday - I will walk 20 miles this week
4. Strength train 3 days this week
5. When I become tired - take nap or make a cup of herbal tea - Do not eat when tired!!


When a walk turns into an adventure...

Friday, May 02, 2014

Wednesday I went for a walk after work. It was quite breezy but still a rather lovely day. My daughter and I planned on just a 3 mile walk. I downloaded a new walking app to my phone and we headed out the door. During the walk my daughter asked me how far we had walked and when I looked at my phone it was reading in km instead of miles. I converted correctly and knew we needed to walk another 2 km before we could turn around and head back home. Well, it must have changed to miles during our walk and we ended up walking 6 miles!! I kept telling my daughter that something didn't seem right, but she was enjoying the walk and I was too. Then again the first half of the walk is a nice gradual downhill slope. The walk back was the real workout!! I will definitely hit my 15 miles this week and then some.

I have stayed within my calories and said no to cookies these past few days. Wednesday night my husband and daughter ran out to the grocery store to pick up epsom salt and came back with 3 different types of ice cream, 3 different types of cookies, and 2 bags of chips!! I have just ignored all of the junk and when I am craving something sweet I make a cup of herbal tea. I didn't even look to see what type of ice cream and cookies they bought. I blame myself for them grabbing junk because I had told them to grab a few things to get them through the rest of the week because I would be working every night and would not be cooking dinner for them.

Speaking of cooking dinner...I made the Marsala Chicken recipe from the Spark Recipe list and it was delicious!! I also have found a way to utilize the stalks of broccoli. I shred them and saute them up in olive oil with garlic seasoning along with shredded carrots and zucchini. YUMMY!!


Small nibbles add up quick....

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Well on Monday I did go for a walk even though it was very cold and windy. I didn't walk as far as I would have if the weather was better, but I got out there and did it!! emoticon

My knee was very sore from that walk because of the uneven ground and walking up and down hills. Plus I have a 30 step staircase next to my condo that I have to take to even go for a walk. So my knee was screaming at me and I had to ice for almost an hour. That being said, I didn't do a walk yesterday besides the grocery store. My knee was feeling better today, but then I did a pivot turn in the office and now it is screaming at me again! I am still going to go for a walk after work today, but will walk on the path at the park today instead of the hilly streets around my condo.

As for eating this week...I did great on Monday, but faltered slightly yesterday. It wasn't really bad eating but more not realizing small nibbles can add up quick.

one mult-grain cracker = 35 cals
1/3 of a chewy granola bar = 75 cals
2 mini chocolate chip cookies = 120 cals

total cals from nibbles = 230 cals!!!

I didn't go over my cals for the day, but I hit right on point!! I normally like to stay at the low end of calories for the day instead of the max end.

I'm also wasting 60 cals every morning using organic half & half in my chai tea. Going to have to switch back to skim milk.

Time to buckle down and plan better each day again. Planning does keep me on track and even though I had planned my day yesterday those little bites added up!!


Monday, April 28th Update

Monday, April 28, 2014

I was in a funk these past few days. I think it is the weather. We went from 50 - 60 degrees days to 30 degrees and snowing. I am over winter and ready for spring!! Plus my second job was hectic this past week and really put me in a bad mood.

It's a new week and even though we have 8 inches of snow on the ground I plan on doing a workout this afternoon. My knee has been feeling really good these past few days and I actually forget that it has a torn ACL somedays.

So my goal this week is to:
1. Eat clean - no more cookies!! (My husband baked cookies all weekend and I indulged)
2. Walk everyday even if it is just inside. I will walk 15 miles this week.
3. Strength train 3 days this week.
4. Not let anything stress me...if I can't control it I won't let it control me!!

I have started Monday off good with healthy breakfast and lunch. Now I must stick with my plans for today and not stray. I can do this!! I will do this!!

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Exercise Videos for Knee Injury

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Well, I found a great series of workout videos that look like they will give me a good workout with very low impact on my injured knee.

I found them her on Spark People under sit down workouts. There is a cardio and upper body workout that look pretty good for me. I am still walking 3.5 to 5 miles each time I work my second job. I walked 3.5 miles last night plus climbed a ladder and my knee is feeling pretty good today. As long as I walk straight and steady, my knee doesn't suffer the next day. But the moment I do a quick stop and accidentally pivot on my left foot, all hell breaks loose with my knee. I am keeping it wrapped tight each day as a reminder that I cannot pivot or side step with it.

I have also been persistent on tracking my food. I have had a day or two of horrible eating, but I tracked them. I know that ignoring these days is not going to remove the pounds. It takes me writing all I eat down and looking at what triggered those bad days. I do know that one day was because I was just so tired. Does anybody else eat when they are tired? I guess my thought process is that the food will give me energy and wake me up. Not so...should have just taken a nap that day, but it is over and today is a new day. I also know that if I don't pack a good healthy lunch with good carbs and protein I will snack too much prior to dinner. So even though I wanted to sleep those extra 15 minutes this morning, I crawled out of bed this morning and made a healthy filling lunch for today. (Note to self...make lunch night before emoticon )

My goal this afternoon is to do the cardio workout video after work even though I do have to work my second job tonight.

I am going to attempt to blog at least every other day during the week to keep myself accountable. Weekends are my downfall to logging in to the site because I am busy trying to catch up on housework and spend quality time with the husband and kids.


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