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My aching back!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why . . . why . . .? Right when I get into a regular exercise routine and am making progress, my back pain flares up. Granted, I am probably overdoing it. I am probably not stretching enough. amazing after months of dreading exercise, I am back to a place where I enjoy it, look forward to it even. I suppose I ought to be grateful that my body talks to me and gives me feedback, but it is such a bummer when the feedback is pain and soreness.
I used to be an athlete and I just crave the endorphins and the positive vibes that come from being physically active. I can't wait to be thinner and more able to move freely. There is no better motivation as far as I can tell!
Today I think I will go for a swim in an effort to keep up my streak of aerobic exercise, but let my back and achy knees have a rest.
I read a spark article today that said "no pain is gain" . . . and I guess I have to agree!
Hope everyone has a great week and wonderful Thanksgiving!


Baby steps are paying off!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I started this journey in August. I had the willingness but I wasn't sure about the perseverance. I have a pattern of burning myself out on diets after a few weeks or months. This time I vowed it would be different, and it has been.
I have come and gone from the fitness tracker and from the blogs and even from my own sparkpage, but I have kept eating sensibly (and not throwing in the towel on the days when I have eaten not so sensibly . . .) and I have stayed on track.

I have lost 14 pounds since August. I could have lost more, sure, but these are 14 pounds that I know are NEVER coming back . . . because I am changing my lifestyle. I am finding ways to make exercise fun and a priority. I am changing my family tree too. I am doing this now because I want to be fit and healthy when I get pregnant in the near future.

So this is me reporting in that perseverance pays off. That baby steps can get you through even the longest of marathons. And now something I never thought I'd say, I am off to go for a hike with my husband!

Have a great day!


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TROUBLESMOM 11/15/2009 9:59PM

    Great job! Losing 14lbs is awesome! Good luck to you!

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MOMMAPEARLS62 11/14/2009 11:32AM

  One of my favorite saying is " GOD appreciates the baby steps." What baby learns to walk and goes back to crawling? Eventually she'll learn to run and leap for joy and so will you. emoticon

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SERENA_DOVE 11/14/2009 11:29AM

    What a great post!! I too am doing it in baby steps and am so encouraged by not only the progress in weight loss, but I am proud of myself and feel great too. Best of luck as you keep sparking along. *smiles*

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This one's for my friends. . . I am back on track!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hello friends!
After about a two week hiatus from a nasty sinus infection, flooding in Atlanta (which brought on a ton of stress!) and lack of exercise or healthy choices . . . I am back! And somehow through all of that I lost some more weight!

This weekend was good, busy but involved some good exercise and choices. Went out for my husband's birthday last night and shared an entree with him. We left totally satisfied but not gorged.

My goal is to be more present here this week, so I'll see you all around. Thanks for being such awesome sparkpeople. I could not do it without the support of all my new friends!

Have a great week!

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DAYHIKER 9/28/2009 10:46AM

    Welcome back! Glad you made it through that minefield of challenges to get back here. I'll be watching for you!

emoticon Cindy

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This is the scary part. . .

Friday, September 11, 2009

I start out strong, I track my food, I make some progress, I say "it will be different this time, this is a lifestyle, not a diet. . . " and all is well for about a month . . .

And then . . .(dun dah dun . . . cue the dramatic music!) . . . I get too busy. I start cheating. I stop tracking food, points, whatever and I start getting really discouraged. This is life, vacations (damn Labor Day weekend!) get in the way and I start to get distracted

I really want this time to be different. It already feels more natural, like I am getting into a rhythm. That is why I really don't want to let myself fall off the wagon. I need this. I want this.

This weekend I am going to try to be as active as possible so that I can get back on track.

So I am posting this blog to be acccountable, to reach out to my amazing support network here. Help me stay focused. Make suggestions.

What do you do to stay motivated?

What do you do to recommit yourself to a healthier lifestyle?

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AUDREYJO_R 9/11/2009 3:51PM

    I can totally relate, and with the holiday weekend, I for some reason let my self eat what I want, just because it was a holiday and I wasn't at home. Then comes Tuesday morning when I'm home and I had gained over the weekend. So this week I went back to tacking or at least telling myself I was going to so then I was more aware of what I was eating. I'm also going to get myself back on track this weekend. I find weekends are the hardest for me. One thing that I'm trying for the first time is doing a spark challenge, I'm actually doing 2 and it has helped me get back on track. I sometimes think that I should quit one because its hard to keep track of both (I tend to not write things down, which would make it easier). I have lost a little, since I had gained a little too. I'm believing that after I'm done with them both that I will be in the habits of doing better things for myself so it will be a little bit more routine. Good luck! We all struggle, but we have each other to lean on and to build each other up.

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BETTERJULIA 9/11/2009 11:23AM

    I think that you are doing the hardest part of the battle by looking at your issues in the face and working to keep fighting them. This is hard. Family, work, stress, emotions, pets, cars, money, many things to jump in front of the most important thing we have; our health. We are here because we know we want to be healthy...sometimes inside of us is screaming to treat our bodies right and focus on our health when we decide that we're to tired to cook, or just so hungry for three bagels, one with pepperjack cheese, one with nacho cheese and one w/ strawberry cream cheese for dessert (my dinner on Wednesday)...Finding the connections that keep us moving forward in a positive direction is hard too....we all have the friend that is there day in and day out to remind us of how beautiful we are NOW and we all have the family that is supportive but just doesnt get it...This journey is a struggle and the bad news is that it wont end till we're dead but the good news is that we will wake up one morning and realize that our lives are in order; everything has a time and place and that our health is whole....and realize that all those days that add up to years we took head on; one at a time and did our best and that in the end it really was good enough...Dont let yourself feel discouraged by the falling off part find the empowerment in the reaching out and climbing back on part...We all fall but not everyone finds the strength to try again. You will succeed and you will find that this holiday season you'll fall but the times you're on track and working hard will stretch longer and longer. I know you can do it! I know we can do it! I know we will ROCK IT OUT!!!!

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AZIUGA 9/11/2009 10:42AM

    Here is what I do....

I buy more songs for working out on ITunes, and make some fun playlists...
I go to WalMart/Target/whereever and buy some new work out clothes (Even socks help)...I say these places Because I won't buy anything (Excepts a sports bra) that is expensive for working out--especially since I am changing sizes
I buy new make up
I try something that I don't know if I can do...IE climbing Stone Mountain, Kennesaw Mountain. When I do make it, and I realize I can accomplish it, I feel amazing!!!!
Try a new from scratch, healthy recipe

You have to remember that in the long run, these times that we are struggling and fighting are so small. And that what seems like is taking forever, in retrospect will be so quick. Think about how quick this year has gone by...I lost a lot and gained some back, which feels like it was just a month or two, has been the whole year...WOW!

The changes you are making are starting to feel natural, and you are doing awesome! I think that for me, when they start feeling natural, it is my body's way of telling me that this is how I am supposed to be, and I run with it!

Good Luck, Emily!!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


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KATIE2POINT0 9/11/2009 10:40AM

    Spark is amazing because there are so many people here who are actually doing it. They aren't saying for the millionth time (which we've all done) that they are going to do it and then give up. Every time I feel like I don't want to do this anymore I come on here and read articles from the motivational section and read blogs from the members who have had great success. Focusing on the positive really does help. Don't be scared... you're a strong woman, you can do this and there are plenty of people here to help you along the way!

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Too busy to blog . . .

Monday, August 31, 2009

Headed out for an evening walk . . . downloaded the podcast for the Couch to 5K program and am excited to embark on this journey!

Woo hoo!

See ya out on the streets!

More tomorrow!


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SUZY6281 9/1/2009 11:01AM

    Hope it went well for you! It is an awesome program. And remember that you don't have to do it all in nine weeks. I think I actually repeated week 4 at least a month until I felt I was ready to move on. The beauty of it is that it doesn't matter how long it takes you.


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