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BLC Day 23

Thursday, October 01, 2009

So I think the job interview went well! They still have other people to interview, but they said they would give me a call either way. I'm keeping my finger's crossed! It seems like it might be stressful for the first few days, but I'm sure I would catch on quick. I ate well today, managing to get my calories up at the last minute. The day was busy, so I didn't have time to do any exercise other than some lower body strength training for the FFF challenge. I think I did well overall, though. I hope everyone had a wonderful first day of October!

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DEE797 10/2/2009 7:33PM

    Best Wishes on the job interview. Good Job getting in your exercise for your challenge.

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COLLINSLAZARUS 10/2/2009 10:56AM

    Good luck on the interview, hopin for the best.

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KVM23. 10/2/2009 10:54AM

    Way to go on the interview! Can't wait to hear what happens. emoticon

And strength training definitely counts as exercise so don't be too hard on yourself. Hope today is going well for you!

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BIENEGOLD 10/1/2009 11:23PM

    Already behind on the Halloween Challenge, eh? ;) j/k.

Good luck on the job!

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BLC Day 22

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I didn't track my food today, but I don't think I went over my range. It's the first day in a long time that I haven't tracked. I know the problem was that I didn't eat breakfast, and that set a bad tone for the day. I didn't get in any exercise either, but I know I'm going to work hard the rest of the week, and month, because it's a new month and one of the best - October! I received my SparkPeople Store items just in time. I have my brand new calendar filled out and ready to be stickered with my goals!

I have a job interview tomorrow, and would really like the job. It is data entry, but it is full time and comes with benefits. I am very nervous about the interview, even though I know it will be fine. I hate my anxiety! If I am hired, I hope the whole process - drug testing, background check, take a while, because my boyfriend's mother and grandmother will be away from this Saturday until the 16th of October. I was counting on staying there the whole time, getting my exercise in and cooking healthy meals for dinner when he gets home from work. Starting a job now would ruin all that, but I guess it is more important that I have the job.

Thank you all for your support and good wishes! I have the best SparkFriends and teams!

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KVM23. 10/1/2009 3:31PM

    Hope the interview went well!!
October is a new month, and you've got the motivation to get through it with a new job or without! It'll be great. emoticon

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BLC Day 21

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kept at the bottom of my range, got a bunch of cardio and some ST in today. I'm hoping for a good number on the scale tomorrow, though I'm not sure if I will see it. I will also be weighing in on my boyfriend's scale, and I'm not sure if it's the same as mine. If I see a huge discrepancy I will just weigh in with this morning's weight of 144.4, down 1.2 pounds. I was hoping for two this week! We will see in the morning.

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BIENEGOLD 9/29/2009 11:17PM

    Good luck with WI!

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BLC Day 20

Monday, September 28, 2009

I was unable to get any cardio in today, but I did do strength training and I ate well. I am planning on maxing out my points for the FFF and TT challenge tomorrow. That means 60 minutes of cardio and 1000 ST reps. I haven't maxed out once this challenge, and I need to tomorrow. I plan on spending my morning on that. Then after Jon gets off work we are going to see an advanced screening of The Invention of Lying. We may go to Johnny Rocket's for dinner. I've already logged my food for tomorrow and I will be within range if I have the Streamliner - a veggie burger with mustard and toppings. That means no popcorn, though! I may eat half so I can have some popcorn with the movie. Wednesday is weigh-in, but I will be at Jon's so hopefully his scale is the same as mine. TOM hit today, so if I don't see a big loss I will try not to be disappointed.


BLC Day 18

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I didn't do my 30 Day Shred video today, but I did get some strength training in. I just didn't feel well enough to do the DVD. For lunch the wonderful boyfriend and I went to Pro Portion Cafe, which is a GREAT little place based on Weight Watchers. They list calorie, fat, and WW points for every item on the menu - and everything is delicious and healthy! I actually cannot believe the calorie counts. I had eggplant parmesan for 295 cals, and a HUGE salad. I didn't get the calorie info on the dressing, but I am high balling it do I won't trick myself out of calories. They also have frozen yogurt which is supposed to be delicious and is from 45 to 90 cals depending on the size. The problem is that every time we go we are too full for dessert! I plan on trying it soon though.


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