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I don't remember...

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

So I was trying to think today of what I ate. I didn't log anything today and I ate a lot of food. I know comfort eating is bad but everyone slips up sometimes. I was sitting here trying to think of what I ate and I couldn't remember. I stuffed myself at dinner but can't remember everything I ate. I could only remember certain foods. So my question is why did I feel so overwhelmed. I always feel like I have to eat a ton of unhealthy foods. But if they were so important wouldn't I have remembered them? I think I just need to know that I can say no to those foods. I am not going to remember the foods that I felt I couldn't live without. I am going to remember how unhealthy I feel right now. I think this realization will help me with my health in the future.



Saturday, January 28, 2012

So it has been a week since I started trying to lose weight again. During this week I have actually made progress. I lost 2.4 pounds this week! That is including slip ups and the fact I haven't even gone to the gym yet. I used my wii fit a couple times and I really like it, but I would like to have a chance to finally go and use the membership we have already paid for lol. Today I am going to the store and picking up some healthier food options to keep around the dorm (all the fruit in the cafeteria is usually canned in syrup...not good). While I am at the store I am also going to pick up some new work out clothes. I hate buying clothes with a passion. When I was thinner I liked it but now it just makes me super self conscious. Surprisingly I am excited about going to the store today and buying work out clothes. Hopefully next time I buy clothes I won't be quite so self conscious emoticon
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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HAWAIIANMAMMA 1/28/2012 4:51PM

    Woohoo! Congrats on the progress! Weight loss sure has a way of creating momentum, right? Pick out some cute workout clothes and have fun showing off at the gym!

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ONEGREATCAT 1/28/2012 3:45PM

    So glad you made progress this week. It's difficult at first to replace the "snacky" type foods with healthier foods. But after a while, you actually start craving the healthier stuff. I can't believe I said that, nor could I ever believe that I WOULD say that...but it's true.
Tori, if you have the time (and I know that's difficult with the school workload you have), I found one of the best things was tracking my food. I track both on SP and I also keep a notebook. The reason I keep a notebook is it's easier to keep it on the kitchen counter and just look at it when I'm wanting someting to eat. Usually, I wind up saying "oh crap" and look for something healthy with few calories. But it works for me.
Thanks for your comment on the photo. I actually didn't like it of me, but wanted to show off my "blingy" sweater and the picture didn't do THAT MUCH for the sweater either. LOL!
Stay determined!
emoticon Gwen

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Down one pound.

Monday, January 23, 2012

So I admit when it comes to my health I have been a slacker this past year. I thought things would change in 2012. I guess I was waiting for the weight loss fairy to come along. Turns out that did not happen. So here I am in my dorm room writing another one of those "starting again" blogs that I keep having to write. I need to face facts. And the fact is that I gained weight during last year and especially during the holidays. I brought my wii up to school with me now and so I am going to use that. I weighed myself friday and then again today and I have lost a little over a pound this weekend. I am going to keep using my wii fit and I also joined the local YMCA. I am going by for the first time on Wednesday to get my card and everything. They have personal trainers on staff and I hope to be able to get help mapping out a personalized fitness plan for me. Unfortunately due to my school schedule and obligations at the wildlife center I will not be able to be there everyday. So instead of setting a goal of being at the gym everyday which I know I can not meet I will instead aim to exercise 30 minutes to an hour everyday. I can do that in my dorm room thanks to my wii fit and while I know it is not as good as going to the gym I think it is better than not exercising at all that day. I am also in addition to this exercise plan going to try doing one step a week to a healthier me. This week that step is giving up soda. I never used to drink soda but now I seem to be drinking it constantly. Instead of soda I am going to start carrying my water bottle everywhere with me. This may seem like a small step but I think it will help me cut back on some unnecessary calories. This is my last "starting over" blog I promise.


Glad to be home and making changes

Monday, December 12, 2011

So I finally got home on Thursday night. My family wanted to go out to eat that night to celebrate so we did. Starting friday morning though I started my raw fruits and vegetable cleanse. That ended last night and now I am beginning the next part in my diet plan.
Last december I tried something that worked well for me. I ate a normal breakfast and dinner but during the day I only ate raw fruits and vegetables for my lunch and snacks. This not only drastically reduced my calorie intake but also made sure I was getting in all my fruits and vegetable servings. I actually got to eat more food for less calories. This way I didn't deprive myself of the things I enjoyed but I still stayed healthy. So I want to try it again this december while I am home. I haven't weighed myself but after the weekend I do feel a little better.
Here is a picture of my lunch today:
Tomorrow I will start going to the gym and hopefully I will be a little more fit by the time I go back to school as well.

While I am home and improving myself I am going to try improving my environment. It is hard to do in this house because my mom is a bit of a hoarder but I finally wore my parents down and they are going to let me clean. I look forward to some interesting changes this month!


It's been a rough month or two...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

...and you can definitely tell. My grades are suffering, my diet is suffering, and my overall attitude has not been very great either. I have had family drama like crazy and my Dad has been hospitalized twice this semester. My grades are bad and I am terrified I won't get into vet school. And some of my friends from last year randomly hate me now for no apparent reason, including the person I live with. On top of this my best friend left the school last week and I miss him a lot. He won't be back until August (although we will visit each other). With all this going on who can blame a girl for a little comfort eating right? WRONG. I don't want to keep making excuses for why I am not losing weight. Instead I want to take inspiration from this. He left to take care of himself and his health. And I am going to take this time to better myself as well. I am tired of waiting for the things to magically get better. I am going to take care of myself and despite setbacks I AM going to be healthy by my next birthday. I will be on here a lot more often from now on and I will be informing you of progress shortly emoticon

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ONEGREATCAT 11/14/2011 4:23PM

    Love the POSITIVE thoughts! That's how you'll overcome all obstacles. And will take TIME. Don't expect any immediate results. You'll get off track every once in a while, but it's the "getting back on" that counts!

emoticon emoticon Gwen

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GREGSLUVBUNNY13 11/13/2011 1:38PM


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PICKIE98 11/13/2011 1:20PM

    When this happened to me, I had to compartmentalize each thing(sick family members, school, friends, PIA friends and family, work). I actually sat down and made a list of the priorities,,,
*school was # 1 when I realized that close family member was not going to die(they wanted me to do it that way too)
*work to earn $$ to live on
*sick family members
*PIA everybody else

all of these things were going to affect me, but school was timed with loans, classes,etc.. last on list were PIA people,, not worth my time,, true friends and family are not selfish enough to be a PIA!!!!!!!!!
Good Luck!

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