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Day 15, happy 33rd anniversary hubby

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Well today is our 33rd annviersary and I am feeling rotten. oh man, somewhat blah ( have mentioned before I can "feel" depression sit on me. also it rained during the night and I woke with pain in so many joints ironically my knees are only hurting when I sit up or down. My shoulder is bad though.
Also thinking some could be the junk we ate yesterday at the bridal shower. We had veggies and fruit and stuff but also dip, and cake and goodies. I felt rotten my belly bloated, I had cramps, just blah.
Now tonight hubby wants to go out for supper for our anniversay, fine by me, cos I don't feel ike making supper. We are going to go camping for 3 days so if I am scarce that's why.
I will be walking in the am, and also have dr apt at 8:30. reg. dr but have stuff to talk to him about.
OKAY off to watch a bit of tv shows and then we will go out for supper.
Cya all later. HUGS

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NEW-CAZ 7/25/2010 3:40PM

    Happy Anniversary Cinders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May you have many more happy years together emoticon emoticon

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interesting old blog

Monday, July 12, 2010

Got this from OCT 2007 was one of my first blogs.... hmmm inflammation in hips and knees even then Oct 2007

It is amazing the power of a good nights sleep. I had a terrible day yesterday, started out not bad, then worked an 8 hr shift and at the end of it, I was just about in tears. The pain in my hip, and knee was so bad. Thankfully I have 5 days off and am going to the dr on the 4th day so will have to ask for some antiinflamatories for this bursitis.
I am having a good day today. sunny, warm and just a beautiful day for October.
Hubby has a bad cold and feel I am catching it, touch of sore throat, so will be drinking hot lemon, echinacia tablets whatever so i dont catch it worse.
But as of right now, the pain in tolerable so I am a happy camper.

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COSMIC_ENERGY 7/12/2010 1:34PM

    Like a journal--if we go back and reread we start to see the patterns.

What's it saying to you?

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Friday and it is going to be a productive day!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Well called dd last eve, but no answer. I am wanting to take her over to get her wedding dress so she can go get it fitted and altered. Also if she wants to go on the hunt for ribbon...

I also walked a bit more today - my knees are finally not hurting as much again. So put my pedometer on and walked just under 900 steps for our walk. So that too is good, not as much pain. I will be careful but a spark f. and I are going to lose 10 lbs this month!

So now to get moving on with this day. Have a bit to do in house. some more backstitching, call the counc. and who knows what dd wants to do if anything, this is her first fri off as she has a changed schedule work a few more hrs daily and have friday off. she is pleased with that gives her more time to get things organized.

Best move on.
hugs have a great day - I am planning to!


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ALEXSGIRL1 7/9/2010 8:19PM

    have a splendid week

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FLORIDASUN 7/9/2010 6:19PM

    Sounds like things are moving forward for you. What an exciting event to look forward to. Just take things as you can...and do your best every CAN do...I know you can! I'm here cheering you on...woot...woot! emoticon

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What did I do today?

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Well let's see, I went to the library but I drove as I can't carry that heavy a load yet as it hurts my knees. I brought home 20 magazines to browse through!! LOL love it.
Had a good lunch, then we went to home depot, and kent and back. This eve I am going out for cauliflower, brocolli and more cherries. I am also making myself FISH ew.... but I will eat it and learn diff ways to make it. Dh had pork as he only likes fish with batter. So going to be a very healthy eating day. Walked the dog, and walked around home d. ect but my knee is very sore. Iced and will take a tylenol. Was wondering what was causing it - I know- yesterday the dr pressed hard on that spot that was the worst before surg. and it really hurt and he did the same on the other knee and it to hurt. So I am pretty sure it was him pressing it and waking in the night as if I had overstretched my legs. I will not walk again this eve. I may on my outing to the grocery store go to dd to see her shower gifts while she was away this weekend. but they got home very late and she had to work so may wait a day.
I LOVE the quote on spark people today, it certainly rings true for me. I know what has to be done, I just have to do it. no matter how much I want, wish, hope ect Ihave to DO.
Okay fish is calling lets hope I like it! LOL fish salad and cherries. YUM ( mind over matter) cya

HUGS BTW the fish is good/okay now to learn some other ways to prepare it.

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NEW-CAZ 7/7/2010 3:45AM

    Sounds like a productive day Cinders
I am always eating fish- love love love it

Take care with your knee babe
Have a good Wednesday emoticon

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ALEXSGIRL1 7/6/2010 8:31PM

    sounds like a good day

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COSMIC_ENERGY 7/6/2010 5:10PM

    What kind of fish? I love most and will send recipes if you need. Look in spark Recipes. Saw one featured a day or two ago.
Yes, remember not to overdo. Gosh, not sure they'd let me bring home 20 mags from the library!

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LOSINGLINNDY 7/6/2010 5:05PM

    Sounds like a very succssful day. emoticon

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Thursday lol my knees are now my barometer

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Two days ago when I wrote that my knees ached so bad,and yes I didn't take my med, and then again yesterday they weren't good. Well today so far they are not bad, and it is not sunny and nice. It is a tad dull and looks like rain. Hmmm I know that it is true about arthtitis and barometric pressue so now perhaps I am going to be even more intuned to the weather. My dd has for years had sore knees and says she can tell the weather. YES this is the same girl that kept saying mum it's only a scope........... it's only .... hmm.
Today a bit more on the xstitch and tidy the main floor. Going to get some exercise in too. Also started the day off charting my food on sp but get very frustrated as that is the only page tha will not scroll down for me, so sometimes can't click add it.
Well at least I am trying as that is my biggest downfall, logging my food somewhere.
cya later
HUGS do well all my buddies


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XENA47 6/17/2010 2:30PM

    Every part of my body that's been hurt predicts some kind of weather. I really ought to keep a journal so I can remember which predicts which, I could be an amazing forecaster.

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NEW-CAZ 6/17/2010 10:04AM

    Love your barometer LOL Cinders you do make me laugh. emoticon
Have a good day hun
xx emoticon

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FVHORVATH 6/17/2010 9:16AM

    I have the same problem with my knees and my right wrist and arm. Almost everyone thinks I am crazy when I tell them we have a change in weather coming. Then I get the last laugh with an "I told you so".

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FRANCESCANAZ 6/17/2010 8:47AM

    Love your knees! I'm glad you are logging your food even though it can be frustrating when the computer is not cooperating. Best of success...Francesca

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