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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Here I sit, bored, and tired. Reading blogs, checking out motivational primal stuff. Knowing how great I felt when I was eating so healthy. Knowing I can get under 180 again. Also realizing that yes the prednisone is a weight gainer but that I didnt' have to eat as I did. Don't think I really enjoyed any of it. Wondering how much of this sugar is what is making both my knees hurt, they don't really ache arthriticly just hurt.

Today I have not had any nerve pain other than 3 super extreme sharp pain on side of my foot. Once I was at the cash at the hardware store and just leaned down and said OHOHOHN the poor girl are you okay.... hubby was with me and all I said was OMG my foot......... I paid and moved out of the way. I got one later when laying on the couch and again just a few mins ago while sitting here with my foot up on the stool. NO reason no forewarming just OUCH!.

So I am going to be back to eating well tomorrow. I hope I have more energy for it than I do right now. I am saying this but am not "feeling" it no matter how well I felt. I am so tired weary tired. Sure it is the 2.5 wks of such bad pain then the mess of drugs in me. add to that sugar again when not ued to it. I didn't go back to wheat though. had no interest in it. hubby even had cinnamon buns and didn't want them.

I hope to be able to get my mind in gear to ride the bike tomorrow, it is recumbant and not bad for my knees. I wish I could find someone that could give me an exercise routine but physio will only do exercises which I still do.

So right now I am sweaty, bored, tired, and just blah. but hey Ijust thought get off the puter, go do something. So suddenly got that burst, better go fast and move. lol think I will go lift some wts then go to the craft room and semi organize. love organizing.

Okay off to do what I just said and YES I AM GOING TO DO IT!!!

HUGs and cya later

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    I watched a local alternative doctor this morning - one of a handful in this region - who stated that sugar is the key to most medical problems and I tend to agree.

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 8/27/2012 6:35AM

    sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment, wish there was something I could do, I am at college this morning with Janod` then home, I am hoping to start my wii again this week, if I can find motivation
Have a great day

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NEW-CAZ 8/27/2012 3:01AM

    Sorry to hear you're still suffering Cinders, but I admire your positive attitude- keep that going hun.
How are the renos coming on? Or is that a sore subject emoticon

Have a great week emoticon

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Sensational Sunday so I say! lol

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Good monring sparker buddies!
Well I slept well, woke with a bit of pins and needles but that I can handle. Very annoying and bothersome and it hurts but at least I am not laying on the bed, floor trying to find a way to get rid of that excrutiating pain of last week.

I am finished the darn prednisone and so glad. As the dr said, and Iknew it makes you hungry. For the first few days I was able to eat a little but then the hunger monster took over. So yea some of the extra wt. is from that but some is from just not making good choices and seeming unable to stop. ( that probably isn't true but sure felt like it.) so starting tomorrow I am back on the straight and narrow which lately hasn't felt like that as I had eaten well enough and didn't have any wheat or sugar cravings. Ask me now how close a friend sugar is- didn't take long. As for wheat only 1 time I ate and that was out and pc of cake.

Not sure what is on the agenda today, hubby wants to go out for breakfast but I allready know I will have an omlete with no toast please, and water. If we do no shed stuff or reno( cos it is the weekend guys!) then I am going to get some of the windows washed. The tracks could use a good cleaning. Supposed to be warm and sunny. I also may go finish lopping the tree I was cutting down yesterday. I stopped before I started hurting and iced for while. Sure is brighter on the deck with that tree gone. Want to replace with something smaller next spring.
Allrighty.......... I am going to go check my email and then will be time for hubby to wake. It was after 2:30 when he came to bed. don't know how he does it.
have a super day all, make wise choices. and remember as my friend BEMORESTUBBORN says
HUGS emoticon

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 8/26/2012 5:50PM

    Good for you having finished the prednisone, sounds like you are more upbeat these days, way to go

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NSMOOMAA 8/26/2012 10:37AM

    You sound so up today! Glad your night was better. Prednisone is a bugger of a drug and so hard on the system. Good for you ofr trying your best. Take care and have a good day. Hugs emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 8/26/2012 9:14AM

    Glad you had a better night Cinder, hope you have a great day babes emoticon

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JOYINKY 8/26/2012 8:34AM

    Good Morning Cindy, I'm glad you had a better night and hope you do have a great day! Hugs.

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VON_1962 8/26/2012 8:32AM

    Have a great day, Cin! Sunshine and beautiful day here today too! A great day to get the house ready for the week and enjoy the outdoors!

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Sunny Sat

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Such a great day, but you can almost feel fall in the air. I love fall, my fav. season but so don't want to see winter. But then the alternative is to move where there is no winter - that isn't going to happen o die. well hoping that too won't happen! LOL
Had a hard night for an hr or so, had to get up and bring the ice pack to bed. Wondering if last week when this happened was after a chiro apt. I am icing my back now. but last night was my butt and calf big time nerve pain. Ice seemed to relax it enough for me to fall asleep.
Dd and hubby are gone away to a family reunnion on his mothers side. He doesn't see this side much as his mum died when he was 20. he is 37. hope she has a good time today and can relax for while.
Not much more new, for now. going to get off here, get ready for the day. HUGS and hope you all have a super great day!

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    I hate winter too and fantasize about living where there is no winter. But a lot of those places have horrendous summers. You can't win.

I think it's good that your dad is so agreeable to a living arrangement that is in his best interests. You are sacrificing a lot and working hard to give him a good life and it sounds like he appreciates it.

Sounds like this will be good for your daughter.

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LOLAINSC 8/25/2012 8:57PM

    Sure do miss those wonderful PA autumns since I moved South--don't miss those PA winters though. Take care of yourself and enjoy the weather while you can.

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GROKGRANNY 8/25/2012 5:27PM

    I hear you on loving Autumn! In Michigan we have super vibrant colors because of the affect of the Great Lakes. I cannot wait! I actually don't mind November here and when December comes, I'm so wrapped up in Christmas that I love the snow. It's when mid-January hits that I start to "fidget!"

March Madness is more than basketball in the U.S. lol For me I am going nuts and am so happy when April rolls around.

So, so, so sad about your back and all that pain. My daughter is going through epidural shots for pain management until she can get her surgery done (don't know when that will be, yet).

Thanks for blogging so that I could feel I'm catching up. I blogged today about how we had to have our cat put to sleep this week. AWFUL!!

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 8/25/2012 4:02PM

    sounds like you are having a good day, hope the pain is better today

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NEW-CAZ 8/25/2012 10:02AM

    Have a good day Cinders emoticon

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JOYINKY 8/25/2012 9:47AM

    I hope you have a great day too Cindy! Be well.

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Planning for a good day

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Good morning all

I am hoipng this will be a good day. We have no apts today, may go out for some veggies or something but nowhere to be at a specific time. whew as 2 apt tomorrow. chiro and ct scan.

Hoping dd will be down soon as we are going to make a pineapple smoothie and I want it NOW LOL she may still be in bed. lol

So last night I had more nerve pain than the past while, and kept me awake off and on, so got up at 4 or so to get ice. Helped after putting it on my toes, movign it to my foot, then my ankle. Slept well after that woke at 8. Decided that since there is stuff I want to get done today, i would take half an oxycotyn I don't really like it cos that may take the pain away but doesnt mean you are better then you tend to do too much.

Now am off to switch loads washer to dryer, OH my dream to have a clothes line again!

Okay off for now, hope you all have a great day. I am going to plan for one for sure! first day this week with nowhere to go! seems like luxury.


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VON_1962 8/24/2012 5:30AM

    I hope you enjoyed that pineapple smoothie! Sounds yummy! Keep moving forward! I hope you had an amazing day! See you online this weekend! ((hugs))

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NSMOOMAA 8/23/2012 9:22PM

    Thinking of you Cindy with all your pain, yet you keep going and so positive. Take care of you and keep in touch Hugs emoticon

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ALEXSGIRL1 8/23/2012 6:45PM

    hope today is a good day I love my clothes line

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 8/23/2012 6:12PM

    I use a portable closet racky thingy, if you know what I mean, it works for me sort off lol!!! Hope your toes settle down, you made me laugh sorry you and your toes and me and my fingers jeesh what the heck
Anyway have a great night

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CANDOK1260 8/23/2012 1:50PM

    emoticonhope you have a great day

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MORTICIAADDAMS 8/23/2012 12:54PM

    Gf, your dreams are so down to earth. You wish for a clothes line, I wish for a maid to do laundry. LOL. Enjoy your day at home.

Comment edited on: 8/23/2012 12:54:20 PM

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LOLAINSC 8/23/2012 11:36AM

    Hope you have a great day, you deserve it. emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 8/23/2012 10:30AM

    Hope today is a good day for you too hun emoticon emoticon

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JOYINKY 8/23/2012 9:48AM

    Have a great day Cindy. I love days that I don't have "scheduled" commitments. Be well.

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DEBRA0818 8/23/2012 9:00AM

    I hope it's a good day for you too!


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Not too bad of a day

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

121 email to go through when I wasn't on the puter all day! WHEW

So today we drove dd to the dr. She went in alone and came out with stuff to fill out and not liking this dr. He was in with her about 5 mins said to her, the dr gave you a note for 3 wks I would have given you 3 days not knowing you. He said I will look over this paperwork and if I feel i can fill it out i will. Well he has no clue about her so what good will that do. She said he didn't ask anything etc. She filled out the front and was unable/ not wanting to fill out the rest.
hubby talked to her about depression and the stages and not wanting to bother to do the stuff is part of it. She has seen him at his worst( well almost I have seen worse but the kids don't know) and she knows he knows. I hope she will go to the dr and at least get a referral to talk. She is super private and wont talk so know that having someone that knows how to get you to talk and listen will help.
We went to her dr, then to chiro then just to walmart for her oil change. but after we got home, hubby fell asleep and I rested. we were both beat. He woke with a huge snort and shake had been dreamign someone was sitting on him and wasn't able to move. He said I am sure that iw s so tired cos of stress, about lisa. It worries him as he can see what is going on clearer as it has happened to him. we both needed a nap or he wouldn't have slept for 2 hrs. I went on the deck and read then came in and layed down for while.
DD and hubby should be over in fewhopefully a good nights sleep for us bothNow to make my smoothie, I was wating for dd who just showed up but couldn't stay. They went to the natural museum of history which was showing a ton of old costumes, movie ones star wars etc. and wed nights are free. neat. good for her to get out and not worry.
Okay off for my smoothie and then read and bed.
HUGS to all that need them. and hope all are well.

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 8/23/2012 6:45AM

    awesome hope you had a great steep

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NEW-CAZ 8/23/2012 3:14AM

    Hope you slept well Cinders, it's worrying for you about your daughter, I agree with WHITE-LOTUS!

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JOYINKY 8/22/2012 8:57PM

    Sleep well Cindy. Good night.

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COSMIC_ENERGY 8/22/2012 8:54PM

    Wears me out hearing you tell about it. I know you are worried for your daughter. I hate it that the dr. doesn't seem to care. He should be asking her lots of questions and giving a referral to counseling. Know you are seeing the renos on hold and not liking it. Sending good thoughts.

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GOPINTOS 8/22/2012 8:34PM

    Hope you have a restful night and better tomorrow!


Smile and Enjoy the Rest of Your Day!
Melinda (gopintos)
Wheat Belly Team

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    Are they not willing to give your daughter some therapy and/or some meds? It doesn't seem very helpful to just give 3 weeks off without trying to help her.

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