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Well good and bad mix but great news

Friday, April 13, 2012

Well good - we got the towing mirrors hubby ordered for the truck so we can see better towing the trailer.
- found two t shirts for Thomas
- ate healthy all day

not so great - Got ticked at hubby and just left some stuff in line at walmat and left. men I had 3 dresses to try on, I didnt like one at all the colour the fit nothing. and he was upset that I didn't come out to show him cos he chose that one. sorry I wouldn't have worn it cos didn't like it. but the stuff I left was toothpaste and a pr of shorts but was so ticked at him just argth. lol
- Lisas dog Nico was running hard in yard, and yelped then came in and laid down all day. So she took him to vet as he was wimpering ect. and 190$later! ( she did get bloodwork done cos wants to get his flea meds later), he has anti inflamatories and hopefully just a sprain/strain not the beginning of hip dysplaisia he is only 3 and the vet didn't think so. so lisa was sad but glad nothing worse.
but GREAT SUPER FANTASTIC news!!! my mamo papers came back and all is well. I don't have to go again for 2 years. I am so relieved. will continue to eat healthy, take my vit d, and exercise. WHEW!
SO no I didn't get my fitbit but I did get the letter, they were the two things I was waiting for in the mail.
and got both scarves done, gave the one to lisas friend and will deliver the other soon.
now to go read for a bit, my back is really hurting across my shoulder blades, just since coming on puter. was sore before cos tidyed up after supper. Only did my plastics and pots cos rest goes in dishwasher but only takes about 5 mins at that counter to have back hurting.
Okay hope you all had a relatively good friday 13th or even a great one!!
HUGS cya in the am.

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FIT2BETHIN 4/14/2012 7:52AM

    Oh boy! Can I relate to the hubs story! It's amazing how they can say one thing and it blows the mood for the day! Congrats on good mammo results! Save the ta-tas! lol

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NEW-CAZ 4/14/2012 3:05AM

    What a relief for you Cinders! Poor Nico, hope he's okay hun,
Thanks for resubcribing to my blog, I wondered where you were LOL. Sometimes I get unsubscribed and it's no annoying to miss out on my friends' news!
Thanks for your support on a difficult day emoticon

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TEMPEST272002 4/13/2012 9:16PM

    Fabulous news for the mammogram! Such a relief not to worry about it. Sorry to hear about Nico. Poor guy! As to getting a 2nd dog - your daughter might want to wait on that. Bringing a new dog in when the existing one is injured is not a good idea. Also, the behaviours Nico is showing are all fixable - but getting a new dog before adressing them means the new dog will also engage in those behaviours... and 2 dogs are four times as destructive as one! I know from painful experience! lol I5 years ago (doesn't seem so long ago!!!) we got a puppy to keep our young dog company while we were at work. The destruction those two wreaked is what got me interested in dog psychology & training in the first place.

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JOYINKY 4/13/2012 8:25PM

    Wow! That was fast work on those scarves! So glad for your good news today Cindy. Have a good night! Hugs.

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 4/13/2012 7:54PM

    what a mixed day, but sounds like it went good!!!

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Friday 13th but making it a good day

Friday, April 13, 2012

As my background says Mind over Matter so it doesn't matter that it is friday the 13th.
Today is sunny and I have running around to do. Dd sent an email if I am able would I go to old navy and petcetera with her this am as her hubby is getting the tires and oil done on the van. Okay probably but dad isn't up yet so give me a bit. This afternoon we have to take dad to the hospital for a test. LOL he is getting an ultrasound of his kidneys, and has to drink 24 oz of water. so 3 cups and he is freaking out 3 GD cups and I better have a driver cos I have to drink so much water. Sure no problem but what does drinking water have to do with anything and that shows you how much water he normally drinks. lol Yesterday I was 185.4 I saw the 185 but didn't say it all excitedly cos I want to see 185.0 or maybe 1. Today will be lighter day so going to plan what I want to have as hubby allready said he wants sausage stirfry for supper.......... So will make a stirfry for me and use lots of veggie. I will try to plan my meals today. Betting dad may want to go out for supper.We will see.

Okay hoping to get a walk in this eve. Knee still clicking, back still sore but not in the same place, was the right side now the left. argh but going to try walking.
Off to wake hubby, call dd and also to have a greenish smoothie for breakfast.
HUGS cya later

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FUNKY5RED 4/13/2012 9:21AM

    You have a busy day! I hope your dad does well with the test and that DH feels better soon. How was the walking? Did you back hold up? Good job on continuing to work within the restrictions of your body. Have a good day! (I actually like Friday the 13ths.)

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JOYINKY 4/13/2012 9:15AM

    Wow! Full day! I hope all goes well Cindy!

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NEW-CAZ 4/13/2012 7:34AM

    hope dad gets on okay Cinders xxxx

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LATTELEE 4/13/2012 7:25AM

  Friday the 13th!

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Totally on track today

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Everything seemed to fall into place today. Got what I wanted done. Went where I needed to go and even got the 2 balls of yarn to make scarves for my friend and dd friend. Even in the colours they wanted!
I ate well, got to the cals I needed and all was healthy. Good ratio too. Only thing not great was I only walked to the library and to the mail. But still some strange butt leg issues and hoping that isn't starting up.
Think now will go knit then in a bit go to dd.
HUGS all cya in the morning!

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CANDOK1260 4/13/2012 5:38AM

    happy you have a great day you deserve it.

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NEW-CAZ 4/13/2012 3:20AM

    Glad you had a good day CInders, hope you feel better soon

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TEMPEST272002 4/12/2012 11:34PM

    Happy knitting!

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 4/12/2012 8:33PM

    Awesome sounds like a great day

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JOYINKY 4/12/2012 7:13PM

    Wonderful Cindy! One day at a time I wish you many more like today! Hugs.

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    Sounds like a great day!!

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Thinking Thursday

Thursday, April 12, 2012

OKay all. Slept okay just keep waking from dreams ect. I wil be interested when my fitbit comes to see how well I am actually sleeping. Perhaps I am dreaming that I am waking up so often LOL

Today is busy but that's okay.... we are going to the veggie store, pharmacy for hubby for more losenges he is full of cold again. He never gets sick and I almost every year get a cold either spring or fall and so far not much of anything. Knock on wood!

I also have to go to the library, and the fabric store. I want to make 2 scarves. A friend of mine who must be the best person in the world, saw me and wanted a scarf like mine. I hope I can find more wool in that colour. And one of dd friends wants one. (The other friend I just mentioned has leukiemia and is a nurse, she has a port so she can put her meds in herself daily. She is off work right now not feeling well but boy she cares so much. She organized a fund raiser for a friend of hers with breast cancer to get this friend much needed funds and help. She goes out of her way for everyone. So when she wanted the scarf I said no problem. )
We should probably go to the grocery store too and get a few things we need. Will look on line to see the flyers as they won't come yet. Probably tomorrow.
So a spark friend needs a push.................. she needs to get healthy for her health, herself and her family. I am going to meet this person in person this spring if I have my way! We don't live too far apart but as you know life is busy for us both. She has helped me when I had my breast cancer scare and just listened to me moan and groan. I am hoping she comes and starts over. Even if it is with the chair exercises or whatever.
So putting this out here for you Carol.............
one of the sparkers who really motivated me BEMORESTUBBORN said to me one day
What are you going to do today, to make your tomorrow a better day!!?? for some reason that really stuck in my head and reasonated to me. Perhaps it won't be your AHA bulb as it was mine, but hopefully something will stick.
I dont profess to know much of anything on this journey, but hope that you will start and travel along with me. HUGS
and hugs to all my sparkers who keep me going and comign back when I stop, start, get confused, frustrated and yea happy and more positive most times thanks to them.
HUGS all around!!! emoticon emoticon

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JOYINKY 4/12/2012 3:17PM

    Busy day, good deeds, be well my friend!

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FUNKY5RED 4/12/2012 9:57AM

    It sounds like you have a busy day planned. Isn't it great when someone says something to you that really sticks and makes a difference in how you view yourself? Thanks for all your great blogs!

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NEW-CAZ 4/12/2012 9:06AM

    you are a wonderful friend Cinders emoticon

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Monday eve

Monday, April 09, 2012

Well it isn't even 9 pm but been a very long evening for me. I am blah, sore, tired, hurt, just tired of it all. Interesting how much pain affects everything and how not being in pain for while lowers your tolerance when it rears its ugly head again.
My back has been not as bad but still barely tolerable some days and since I stopped work. That amazingly enough was May 30th wow almost a year! geeesh.Of course my leg knee were issues and still are to a point. I have done so much better since my brace and now that my back is hurting so bad, I just am frustrated.
I am really also questioning this "diet" biz. I am sick and tired of finding it so hard, - now I am not saying hard in the I don't want it to be hard, I just want it to be done... kind of way. I am saying that I feel as if I am making it harder than it should be. Eat healthy, exercise, and lose wt. Well we have all been taught that but seems as if that doesn't work for everyone, now granted I also haven't been able to exercise much in past 2 years at least, other than off and on walking and bike. I have read about the grain stuff and agree, it isn't what our parents/grandparents even some of us ate. it is so genetically modified and gross that it isn't healthy. I am doing not bad not eating but just feel as if I am not doing it right. Supposed to know if I am getting enough carbs, from the right sources, protein ( find it hard to know how much and that veggies will give me enough but eat meat anyway) and fat and then the right amt of the right type. OMG driving myself crazy.
Now some is the pain, and was going to go for walk, but hurts to move. then was going to go to bed cos thats what I feel like but if I go to bed now, I will be in such pain by midnight from laying still. So used my daily walking as exercise cos it was tough enough.

Now that the venting, poor me, pity party is over....... cos there really isn't areason for it. I can walk, move, talk, ect. I am going to ever ever so slowly get down on the yoga mat and stretch.
So am thankful that I am not worse that I am....
okay cya strrrrrrrrrrrrretccccccccccccccch. OUCH but feels so good.

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VON_1962 4/10/2012 5:31AM

    Sure hope you are feeling better today! It is Tuesday, and my 2 weeks of doing the whole job not even getting a break with the lady I assist because she is on vacation for 2 weeks. I am not looking forward to the next two weeks. Hubby is sick again will have to catch you up on that later. On a good note joined an exercise group 2 nights a week. Chin up Cin, 185 is just around the corner. You can do it!

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NEW-CAZ 4/10/2012 2:33AM

    When you're tired and in pain every other problem gets magnified Cinders, hope you feel better soon then everything will be in better perspective.

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JOYINKY 4/9/2012 11:07PM

    A lot of us seem to have been in a slump today. Sorry the pain is back Cindy. I hope you have a good night.

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EGALITAIRE 4/9/2012 10:45PM

    Sorry you have so much pain - that can't be pleasant.

On the diet side, sounds like you are stressing about the macro-nutrients. My basics philosophy is that if something is stressful, its probably not sustainable. Just my opinion, but I find some of the nutritional plans are very prescriptive, too much so for me.

I operate best when I have a framework that I can work within, tweaking as I go. If you do nothing more than have eliminate the processed foods and grains, get most of your carbs from veggies, eat a little animal protein at each meal and incorporate fats from avocados, or bacon, or nuts, you will probably start feeling better, which will take some of the pressure off.

You can then tweak the things to find an ever better solution.

Spark On

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HOUNDLOVER1 4/9/2012 10:29PM

    I'm sorry you are in pain. You are in my prayers tonight.

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SEATTLE58 4/9/2012 10:26PM

    I feel so sorry for you, dearie. It isn't any fun at all with having pain that makes it hard to do anything. I know about pain with RA, so I can really empathize with you. This is hoping that you can get some good relief soon. Would a good hot bath with epsom salts help you at all? Just remember that we're here for you! Alot of hugs to you.... emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    I'm sending a prayer for you. Hang there. Tomorrow is a new day and things could be better. I was in a similar place once and came out of it and you will too.

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COSMIC_ENERGY 4/9/2012 9:25PM

    Pain makes everything seems worse. If exercise is out then you'll have to get serious about recording every bite - do you put your food in the tracker? It will tell you how much protien or carbs you're getting and you can adjust.

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 4/9/2012 8:06PM

    Take care and hugs and more hugs

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