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Snowy Sat.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sure was a mess last evening, We didn't get any more snow overnight which is great. The roads are mostly clear. Dad called had ice and snow on his car and he wasn't able to get it off. So after we ate, I went over and did his car, hubby shovelled what the plow left etc in our driveway.
Going to sil for supper, as a nephew from PEI has graduated Saint marys University. His parents are coming from PEI to go to the ceremony and supper at sil. I am not that keen to go but no problem will go and have a good visit.
Caz sent me a page today, that most certainly gave me a kick. Stop the pity party, and realize how lucky I have been with my health and my breast cancer scare last march. I go again this march to have it re mamo'ed and will hope that it is still just something there.
Eating is fine again, am not walking outside today as there is ice under the snow. NO thanks no need to tempt fate for me. Will do stuff in here and then probably joyinky walk. I am only up 1 lb which was better than mid week showing 4 lbs up.
Today I am moving some stuff around and going to nag hubby yes I am LOL to come downstairs and at least tell me what boxes he can get rid of. geesh. boy men when they are sick and he is so much better.
Okay guys, making the best of today cos never know how many todays we have and there is no reason not to. I had a good breaksfast, will have a smoothie or salad for lunch, no idea supper is at sis laws. My movement is up to me, and I am not in pain so no reason not to joyinky walk at least. I have laundry in so that is 2 sets of stairs to take it up and down at least 3 loads.
HUGS and have a great Sat. make it one of your best!!!

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CANDOK1260 1/22/2012 4:31PM

    hope you have fine time at your sil. happy you were to get your walk in

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NYKIMMIE 1/22/2012 9:09AM

    Have a great weekend emoticon

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COSMIC_ENERGY 1/21/2012 4:04PM

    Yay for only being 1 lb up! Salt often plagues me like that too. Just made a huge pot of lentil soup and am roasting kale chips. Yummy

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    We got a glazing of ice yesterday and it hasn't gotten above freezing to melt it. That was enough winter for me! Have a great weekend!

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 1/21/2012 1:21PM

    Great you are feeling better, I maintained this week, no big deal, Iam faced in the right direction and slowly going uphill enjoying the view as I go.
Try thinking this way, it may help.
Hugs Anjay
ps will e-mail you later!!

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NEW-CAZ 1/21/2012 12:31PM

    Have a good weekend Cinders, glad it's a painfree day for you emoticon

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JOYINKY 1/21/2012 11:10AM

    Enjoy your weekend Cindy; glad there's no pain this morning! Hugs.

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Self doubt creeping in

Friday, January 20, 2012

OMG I can actually say I don't want that old way of thinking coming back!! !I really know that I have changed in the past few months and stinkin thinkin isn't always my norm! for what started as a woe is me, sad sack blog, I am doing pretty good! LOL
I can feel that silly blanket starting to cover me, I can honestly say I haven't felt "down" really down in awhile. yes a few nervous times in the past week, yes not eating as well, not able to move as much, well who am I kidding was able a few times and just didn't. I have to get my spark back, I really need to want to succeed this year. I need to be healthy I want my health back....
Think some is cos I do stuff, try hard and don't see any results like others. I really give it my all, eat way better, add tons more veggies, no processed stuff and still don't lose or feel that much better all the time. I do feel proud, virtuous but healthier no not really.
Then I read diff. info which sounds right, then other stuff that sounds right. They can be on diff sides of the track and still have great pros for it. I don't want some cockamainie ideas, or whatever, I don't want a "diet" that is like grapefruit, or soup etc. I want to eat healthy and what my body needs and wants. I want to know what is right for us. Paleo sounds right when you look at what we did eat, then vegetarian will say we don't have the teeth for paleo, and animal fat isn't good. OH man...... I am not saying anyone is right or wrong and I do understand that it is what you want to do for your body.
Think the other thing is I don't stick to movement. I hurt myself then use that as a stop!!! doesn't help that hubby really had to be told by 2 drs that I should move as he feels I am hurting myself. I also do try to do too much to start then just stop. But gaining this week when i was trying so hard has really gotten me angry. I am eating so well and taking so many new veggies and not eating way over , actually good portion sizes and within cals.
I also truly believe that sugar and whites are poison and not good for us. Maybe as a once in while treat if you can do that, some can't as it just starts the need train again.
Anyway just down, blah and whatever else. I want to find what I can do and keep at, and get healthy in the doing. I am still enjoying my smoothies and will keep that up. I am going to try hard to cut the sugar even more than was and eat the lower sugar fruits, cos still not able to do a full green smoothie, but today was a huge handful of spinach, 3 romaine lettuce leaves, 1" of cucumber and only 1/2 banana with almond milk. So getting there.
I haven't forgotten about my 5 k in June and hope that my knee will allow me to do it, infact I have said that no matter what I will do it, I am not allowing my knee to have that power over me. Hubby then says well that is just stupid which really it is if my knee is really acting up, but I am saying it isn't going to.
okay enough moaning, and whining.... buck up, start moving and read, learn, try and keep on eating my veggies..............
hugs all going to bed and read for while. figures a day when nothing hurt, I get down now that is just plain DUH! LOL

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COSMIC_ENERGY 1/21/2012 10:30AM

    You are making good changes and your insides are changing for the better. Yes, the key is keep on doing it, experimenting with what works. You've heard me say it. I HAD to cut the grains and white potatoes for the first 6 weeks, then went back to adding 1 serving (less than a cup (no oil or butter, salt or sugar). I'm maintaining the 30 # loss with about 2 servings a day, lots of "green" or free vegs cooked or raw. 2-3 fruits, beans, or faux meat (trying to limit sisnce it's processed).

Go through your meals. Could it be oil or bread and starch? Keep your meat to small lean portions if possible, w/o gravies or sauces. emoticon

You're doing great! I'm proud of your smoothies and veggies! I do a fruit, 1 cup soy milk, and a handful of greens (but don't prefer the iron rich ones early in the morning and sve them for dinner.

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HAPPYWALKER 1/21/2012 10:28AM

    There are so many points of view regarding what we should and should not eat, it's mind boggling! Each side seems to make a valid point. Somtimes I think I read too much and all it does is confuse me. I read about Paleo...some of it makes sense, but not 100% of it. You take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

From everything I've read, the things I know for sure are: vegetables, especially greens, are loaded with nutrients and low in calories so the more the better. Fruit is also full of nutrients and fiber but there are some that are higher in sugar & calories so should be consumed in moderation. Whole grains are healthy and have fiber, but again moderation. Beans are a superfood, full of protein, fiber & nutrients; I try to eat at least 1/2 cup daily. Nuts & seeds are full of good things, but high in calorie so have daily, but a handful is maximum. Processed foods and fast foods are loaded with chemicals and/or saturated fats and should be avoided completely if possible, but realistically at least 90% of the time. The jury is still out on meats & dairy - I still believe moderation is key here too. The theme here seems to be portion control, except for with veggies. Carbs and fat are not the enemy, overconsumption is. It's unrealistic to think we can give up an entire food group entirely for a substantial period of time (that also includes sweet treats). Moderation, moderation. Easier to say than do, lol. I know that I've been able to be moderate at various times in my life and it was always when my thinking was positive and I was highly motivated. I feel you have to get your thoughts lined up with your goals before you are able to take any positive action. If not, you're paddling against the current and it's so hard that you eventually give up. It's like what your background says: Mind over Matter. Work on your thoughts first and foremost.

You know exactly what to do, Cindy. You know you are capable of it because you've proven that again and again. Once your thoughts are centered on health and you don't allow self doubt to sabotague, you will accomplish all that you set out to do.


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NEW-CAZ 1/21/2012 2:59AM

    You're doing all the right things Cinders, keep it up!
Have a good weekend hun emoticon

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 1/21/2012 12:28AM

    Cindy my dear friend, I hear ya, sometimes I feel God does not want me to be healthy, but slow and easy wins the race. I am like you, I can work my ass off and get no-where. But it does not get me down now, because I tried. Remember that when you feel like you are getting nowhere take a step back and see what you have accomplished in a very short time.
You rock girl!!

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JOYINKY 1/20/2012 11:20PM

    Goodnight Cindy, Sleep well.

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HUNGRYWOMAN2 1/20/2012 11:06PM

    Keep your focus on all of your success. You have done a great deal. I understand all too well what it is like not to be able to maintain your usual routine. It is frustrating to work as much as you can, but because of health challenges are not able to see the results. It is a positive thing to remain as active as possible, there are many modifications. However, you will get better, if you slow down and give yourself time to heal. Otherwise, it simply takes longer. I am experiencing some similar issues this year. However, as energy permits, I do what I can, and as frustrated as I may be I try to remember, that any step towards health, whether it is visible is actually improving our health. You are doing the right things.
Do what works for you, and try not to overdo.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery, and success as you work towards your chosen life goals.
emoticon emoticon

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Just me thinking again! LOL

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I went and did a bit of shredding and started tthinking, I had left the puter on cos waiting to make sure my neice that went to Bermda today is doing well. Came back here and thought will check blogs, I love blogs.
Found a new friend and lots of inspriation to boot. Check out JUSTCHELLE75. She has done awesome and she had 3 great analogies. Yes I had heard some before but today, being thoughtful day ( hahaha most days I am too toughtful! LOL) they really resonated with me. one was you can do anything for 2 hrs, well for me that is 10 mins. and I needed that today. I have let my movement slow cos of my knees, well 10 mins isn't that long, been doing that for challenge but I can do more. Showed that this am, when dog and I went for 15 and had I been dressed better for the weather we could have gone farther.
2nd was you can only achieve what your mind allows you to do. If ELIZRN reads this I am sure she will totally agree. I have problems seeing past doing certain things. Not sure what is holding me back but thinking it could just be my mind LOL
3rd was a reply on my page about a snowflake being just one, but cumulative snowflakes well we all know what happens then!
So now to go back downstairs, get more stuff sorted, and try to get one step closer to bringing stuff upstairs. Wondering if dad will show up today, hubby offered to vacumn his car for him!!! WOW HUGE he knows it hurts my back, and dad can't at all so wow. thanks hubby!!

okay enough wondering and thinking for now. Geeesh how many blogs does Cindy make in one thinking day! LOL HUGS

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    I always love your blogs and your attitude. You are a glass half full kind of person. A pleasure to know. Keep up those 10 minute exercise sessions. It's what I do.

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VON_1962 1/19/2012 5:47PM

    10 minutes at a time really adds up! And, let's not forget the trips up and down the stairs. You are doing more cleaning and shuffling around to get ready for the renovations and moving in dad than you realize. As for the snow, I am already ready for spring. We haven't had it bad with the snow but, I am tired of the cold. Remember every step is a step closer to building a stairway of success! I am off the weekend, catch you online!

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MTULLY 1/19/2012 5:42PM

    Always good to exercise your brain with thinking and wondering!

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    Love to wonder - I also think too much at tines, but, hey! that's me. Love the analogies! SparkGuy's 10 minutes a day of exercise has sure helped me through some challenging days! And now I am increasing the exercise and so glad that I never actually stopped altogether.

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NEW-CAZ 1/19/2012 3:29PM


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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 1/19/2012 12:58PM

    Awesome that you allow your mind the freedom of movement just think of the exercise minutes its racking up lol!! 10mins movement is better than no minutes,
You are doing so well, just increase slowly this is how I did it, I started at 5mins then 10 mins, then increased a minute at a time, now I am at 20 minutes a segment, and know this is my cut off time, walking outside is different.
But since meeting you and reading your blogs, I have seen a big difference
Keep up the great work

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CANDOK1260 1/19/2012 12:21PM

    well i just love your thoughts

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CELIAMINER 1/19/2012 11:43AM

    Glad you were able to let your mind run free. Sometimes I think I'm afraid to be alone with my own thoughts, so I do, do, do...keep moving and keep the mind occupied. Need to think more, like you do.

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Thoughtful Thursday just thinking about stuff nothing in particular

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I am reading ElizRN blogs and find them so interesting and sometimes parts of them are easy for me to do but I always get bogged down at the end. I for years have always wondered about what a persons life is about. I now am not supposed to work but still think what will I be when I grow up sort of thing... Why do I always wonder what... as if I am not enough now? As if this isn't fullfilling enough? I don't know but never seem to get a clear idea or dream or picture of what it is I want to be doing. I just feel as if there is more to life than the daily things we do. I know a lot of you say I am so busy, so industrious. Yea but I don't see it, the busy yes but that is for a time, then that is over and then what. She said I need to stop thinking I can't see past a certain spot that I can get to the next part.
Last eve I went to my yoga mat and candles and laid there, relaxed did the part of the blog from a few days ago. I can really visualize the golden egg and all the crazy world out there beyond me... I think that is an awesome visualization and very true to what most of our lives are like. Too fast, too busy, too much to do to answer to that we forget that we have to help ourselves, answer to us... I feel as if my life should be able to figure it all out cos I am no longer working so should have time. How do these people that work 40hr etc put in the time... yea some don't. their loss that I do know. I often read articles about women who have found what the love to do after their 40s or so or even before and that sometimes it just came to them, some did stuff found out it was what they loved. not me, I wonder and wonder but do come up with thoughts sometimes.
Hey wonder if I get blocked cos I can't see how it will pan out, how would I ever get the money to do that, or the credentials, or the who would come... the if I am successful fear even before trying anything. lol guess I better ponder on what that anything is before I start my I can't do it. oh man ......
Well I had said that this year I was taking the dog for walk every day that there was no snow or ice. We have had a very mild winter snow wise and I haven't lived up to that. So this am, she woke me and off we went as I said earlier. So planning on that again in the am, have to dig out my wind pants. This am, think we will have oatmeal for breakfast. I am also having some fruit. Maybe a salad for lunch or a smoothie. I am frustrated that I am up 3 lbs again... I am sure I am not eating too much and know for susre it isn't high cals or bad. mostly vegggies in the smoothie once evry other day, and a salad... argh just not moving enough.
Okay enough contemplating and thinking, get the oatmeal started, and start the day. Walk is done, will go shred lol for 5 mins. then think maybe we will work on basement stuff again. Hubby slept better, did the neti pot 2x and doing some better. ds didn't show up to help move the sauna which was okay but means I can't use it. I will call and see when he isn't working his 2nd job and hopefully by then hubby will feel strong enough to do it too.
be back later I am sure... hugs all have a great day!

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COSMIC_ENERGY 1/19/2012 8:59PM

    You keep your mind busy as well as getting out and walking the dog! Keep up the good work.

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TEMPEST272002 1/19/2012 7:48PM

    I used to think that life would sort itself out the way it should... but didn't happen that way. lol It really is up to us to create our lives. OK, so you don't know what you would like to do that would be fulfilling... why not take some time and try different things out. It doesn't have to be "work". Volunteering is deeply satisfying & can take a gazillion forms. Maybe you are an artist? How will you know until you give yourself permission to try? I refer to the last few years as my "mid-life growth spurt". Once I realized it was ok to try and not succeed, the possibilities started rolling out in front of me. I never ever would have guessed I'd be learning to skate in my 40's. lol. Keep exploring & you'll find what fills that space in you.

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CELIAMINER 1/19/2012 12:32PM

    Great thinking! I headed down to do yoga a half hour ago and discovered a leak in the basement. Plumber pulling up now. Yoga on hold.

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ROJAKHAN 1/19/2012 11:06AM

    emoticon for sharing

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JOYINKY 1/19/2012 8:35AM

    Busy day for me. Hope yours goes well. Off to yoga. Hugs.

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ELRIDDICK 1/19/2012 8:06AM

  Thanks for sharing

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Wondering and wishing ( won't work) Wednesday

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wondering why I am up ( why did I even get on those scales - it isn't Sat and I tell others the scale isn't the be all and end all) and wishing that I would exercise more, isn't going to help at all.
I am up almost 4 lbs and not really sure why, yes we were away for 2 days and yes I ate more than I should and not clean but geesh..... I have to say I am eating way better, my smoothies are not high cal. mostly composed of spinach, flax seed, bit of hemp seed, almond milk add another veggies usually romaine and cucumber and then one fruit... I am having salad, on the days I dont have smoothies and eating less meat all around. I don't know what I am doing wrong in the food area.
Now coming clean and admitting not enough exercise after my knees aching so bad, I get scared to do much so just barely doing my 10 mins most days sometimes a bit more. I can't seem to get into the chair stuff and just don't do it. When I didn't hurt after exercising I did more and I know that doing it will only help.
So re read my blogs that I wrote doing so well and why do it, visited a few friends that have done great in exercise dept. and today is a slower day for us. We do have dad coming for supper but that's not hard. We are going to take the sauna apart, then hopefully hubby will stay down and help sort some of the stuff in basement. Luckily it is a finished basement, and has a huge window so not like a dungeon but is a dull foggy day.
OKAY enough lamenting on things and just DO IT. I am not sore today, so would be a good day to do 10 mins now, 10 later and see how I do and then do 10 more again later.
Sometimes writing it all out, puts it all in perspective. Didn't have smoothie for breakfast today so salad for lunch.
Hugs to you all and will be back later and I promise ME and YOU 10 mins then another later, I will be walking with JOYINKY and she will push me along!

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SARAWALKS 1/18/2012 10:27PM

    Are you tracking? I ask because I wonder if you're getting enough protein. Especially in winter, if i don't get enough protein I overeat in other areas...somehow just veggies don't do it for me in the winter, I have to have that mix of protein-carbs-fat.
Hang in there, you will lose! emoticon

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JEANUT 1/18/2012 2:02PM

    You'll get those 4lbs back off.
Some could be water weight.

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 1/18/2012 12:34PM

    Hi Cindy
Sorry to hear you are up, in the eating department I was like you, now I eat on rotation, I posted a blog about breakfasts Ibthink it was habit #1 or winter challenge 1, I am finding not sticking with one thing each day is helping me, I too when I am sore are scared of doing anything incase I get more sore, it is a fear I am slowly working on.
I am praying for you my friend and praying that these 4lbs just vanish have a great evening

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MORTICIAADDAMS 1/18/2012 12:01PM

    Good luck with the exercise and with getting the 4 pounds back off.

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JOYINKY 1/18/2012 11:55AM


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NEW-CAZ 1/18/2012 11:46AM

    You're doing well Cinders, have a good what you said about LET GO emoticon

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TWO-TOO-MUCH 1/18/2012 10:09AM

    Mind over matter! ;-)

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LISADAWN1312 1/18/2012 9:43AM

    Keep at it. Good Luck

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