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Friday, December 23, 2011

My dd is so happy, it is snowing - a fair bit has come down. I like the look but the mother and worrier wishes the roads were clear for everyone that has to travel. Stay safe, take your time, and watch out for others.
Okay.... today we go to dd again. yes as Thomas says aaaaaaahhhhhgn. lol Hubby will be putting the tub surround on today then only the window trim and baseboard. that can be another day as don't think we are going to the store for that today. DD is doing her baking today. one thing for her hubbys potluck, and then some to take to her inlaws with her. We have a short list for the grocery store as sister in law asked hubby to make apple pie to bring on Christmas. Fine cos then I don't have to do anything. I got Thomas his cookies made. Hope he likes them.
So all is baked, wrapped and ready. I have a clean house, and am ready. will do a load of laundry today but thats okay. We are not expecting company unless hubby asks his mum if she wants to come home with us on boxing day so she can go see lisa and mike and their home, and also of course meet the baby adn visit with Thomas and his dad and mum. Been a long time since she has seen ds too.
Okay off we go, hope all is well with you all.
I did some exercise today, and am back to joyinky walks.

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CANDOK1260 12/23/2011 3:48PM

    have a great holiday and you can keep the snow nothing I hate more than waiting in the bus shelter while it snowing

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HDHAWK 12/23/2011 12:24PM

    I'm going to let you enjoy the snow. I can live without it. We have about a 1/2 in. Just enough to make things a little white.

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JOYINKY 12/23/2011 12:23PM

    Thanks for sending me a snowflake! It will most likely be the only snow I see until 2012; unseasonably warm here this year too! Lots of rain though. I won't miss the snow but the kids will. They'd love to be able to get out in it while on Christmas break! I'm impressed with how ready you are for the weekend. Have a wonderful one and enjoy your family! Hugs!

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 12/23/2011 12:12PM

    Way to go Cindy, white Christmas, and you seem to be on a roll today!!!

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NEW-CAZ 12/23/2011 11:48AM

    Nice to see you're all set for the big day AND fitting in some cardio emoticon

We've been told no snow this year. Not sure if I'm pleased or not; I can't build a snowman as I'd hoped but it's s'posed to be really warm (for this time of year) on Crimbo Day so we might walk off the feast!

Merry Crimbo Cinders, luv and emoticon

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COSMIC_ENERGY 12/23/2011 11:26AM

    No snow here. FL relatives coming wish it would, but we get wet slushy - icy roads as we are below the hard snow line.

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PATTY267 12/23/2011 10:42AM

    I've never seen snow ... it's on my bucket list of things to do. I so want to take a sleigh ride, all bundled up, with the snow coming down. Yesterday it was 85, so looks like no snow skis or sleds will be delivered on Christmas where I live. Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas, Patty
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HALLS916 12/23/2011 10:19AM

  We haven't had any snow. It just doesn't seem like Christmas without it

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Not happy with myself

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So I gave myself a talking to! lol I have been wanting chocolate big time, so had 4 of those small mints, the gangong ones for the Canadians, they are small like a mini pepermint pattie. Then we have some cruts - choco. cookies just marg, cocount and cocoa, had them. OMG I don't justify it I just do it. then say duh nut you are!
I am being really foolish, thinking I can't wait till Jan 1. WHY I did so great that first week but know I did my usual - did too much and hurt myself, My knees and calves hurt so much. But as long as I wear my support socks my calves are better, I have to reemember to tell this to the dr in Feb when I go.
OKay today, we went out and got a few little kitchen gadgets as hubbys sisster will be joining us on boxing day ( her birthday) and we never seem to do anything for her, and I know how that is with my bdy new years eve. So all is bought, other than hubby likes to get me something last min. why who knows as he hates crowds lol so didn't find the flours I needed to make Thomas some cookies so will have to hope and improvise.... eeek.
going to dd to finish the bathroom by tomorrow!!!! and then to library and home. I was going to run to the store for a few more items but you know I don't need to make anything more. But can alwayws take to sils on boxing day.
OKAY come on give it to me I can take it and who knows someones "kicking" may make me get real again!!!
Even said hey you - you are going to be a 5ker you can't eat this shi!. lol

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FUNKY5RED 12/20/2011 10:17PM

    Everyone here is right - all in moderation. It has to be a lifestyle, not a diet, otherwise the food that is off-limits will become so desirable that you will overeat it. Be kind to yourself.

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 12/20/2011 3:59PM

    Hi Cindy, don't beat yourself up, I feel when you try not to eat something, and you tell yourself you are not going to eat any treats, you seem to crave them more, I am allowing myself 1 cookie a day, 2 if they are small, and a small serving of sex in the pan, and a small serving of key lime cheese cake and pumpkin pie over the Christmas Season. I have learned the hard way that when I deny myself, I end up eating twice as much, this way it is controlled, and my body seems satified.
Enjoy this Christmas Season,

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BEMORESTUBBORN 12/20/2011 3:44PM

    I'm going to kick you but not for the reason you expect! How many times do I have to tell you? A lifestyle is about enjoying everything in moderation and it's not about "all or nothing." The more you make something "taboo" the more your brain wants it - it's self-defeating.

Consider yourself "kicked" and now,

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NEW-CAZ 12/20/2011 2:50PM

    Cinders Joy is right, moderation in ALL things.
Look at my meal for Crimbo day-I am going to indulge and have the odd sweet and mince pie over the holiday....but in moderation.

This is the time of year to focus on those around you, enjoy the's ony once a year emoticon

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JOYINKY 12/20/2011 2:14PM

    But Cindy,you can eat it; there is nothing wrong with a treat. You count it and control how much you will have. If, like me with some things, you lose control once you start on some things you either keep it out of the house or , like a "foodaholic" you don't take that first one. At the very least keep those things out of sight. I enjoy my "special treats" away from home like the frozen yogurt with my grandkids on my birthday. I don't forbid myself anything but I know I can't have certain foods around here that "talk" to me. I love apples, but I've never had an apple binge! I think some of the foods we really crave, we would be better off without. They don't usually fall into a health food group! Stay the course but have a wonderful holiday. Focus on friends and family not food. Hugs.

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CANNIE50 12/20/2011 2:04PM

    Step away from the baking, from the sugar and the flour, step away, with your (empty) hands up, and nobody gets hurt.....
I just blogged about making sure I track and eat a very good breakfast that contains a LOT of protein and fiber and some fat, so that I at least have a chance around Christmas goodies, to not feel like a wild animal foraging for food. Also, I am focusing on keeping my exercise habit, even if I do 20 minutes, or 10 minutes here, 30 minutes there, just so I keep moving. So, move AWAY from the sweets, towards the greek yogurt or scrambled eggs, and outside for some fresh air and heart pumping exercise. There you have it - that wasn't so bad, now was it?

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Self observations

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Well yesterday I was up 1.2 lbs this am, weigh day up 2.6 felt like I was on biggest loser lol but am as they also say not beating myself up from this cos I am actually trying and learning from this.
Observations from the past week where I lost 3. something lbs to this week.
- didn't drink my water most days and even less tea as we were out ( I count my tea as it is green and very weak nothing added to it)
- no elliptical at all cos of knee
- walked the mall for 3 days in a row but hurt knee cos of it
- 4 meals out although I made good choices and one I didnt eat so guess that doesnt count. Made good choices but compounded with the no water, and less movement....
-too many little bites from some xmas snacks

So what I have learned from all this. Drink my water, MODERATE exercise when able, and keep on learning.
This week in the 5% challenge is going to be a tough one for me. I am up to the challenge........... it is eat your freggies. as you who know me know, veggies are not my strong suit. But have some great ideas, have also been reading a lot on what is good for you and what helps what.
I will stop at daves fruits and veggies and load up and I WILL EAT THEM not toss in compost bin.
So yes I am up, yes I am frustrated cos yet again today my knee is very painful. but.... I am proud to say I haven't given up, I know what I did wrong, right and partially right. I am still in the fight and am going to try my best. As I said in the beginning as long as I can maintain or lose during this time it will be a goal reached. Somehow have to get my movement better and more.
OH sigh....... got the letter back from insurance, yes the physio place sent the letter but it was ias if it was allready done, so they didnt approve it or disaprove it just said have to fill in the insurnaace forms to see if I can get my $$ back. well I haven't bought it yet so called they said oh. send it all back with a note saying this is just a quote. I told the physio to put hat it was a quote but ... oh well at least the insurance didn't say no! but still I wait, oh well I hope yet to get the brace see no reason why not.
off I go to move some more!!! dog walked, and then going to do some shorter joyinkys.
HUGS all!!!

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HOPEFULSNAIL204 12/18/2011 6:51PM

  I think it's all a work in progress. Progress not perfection. I have to remind myself about that several times a day. It seems like you are doing great! All we can do is live and learn and it sounds like you are willing and able to do just that! Blessings emoticon

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BUTEAFULL 12/17/2011 1:41PM

    my scale stayed put this week which is amazing since I went to several parties, but I did get my walks done, I like veggies, but not the preparing them, if I'm lucky I'll get my hubby to grill some for me

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 12/17/2011 1:13PM

    I am not talking to my scale either, I maintained this week, but leading up to, I was dropping little bits, tthen last night we ate out, well I know my problem is that mixing acticsalycilic thingy together, last night I had 2tacos from tac del mar and without thinking when he asked if I wanted salsa I said sure, by the time I got home I was so itchy and an upset tummy,
Cindy I think you are doing awesome, I know what real pain is and how hard to work through it, so your are doing amazing girl!!!

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JOYINKY 12/17/2011 11:02AM

    Cindy; I liked CRAZYDOGLADYBO's comment. I know there's a CHAIR EXERCISE group here on SP. I have some friends that have done well in it even though I have not looked at it myself. Yes, you are learning; this month is a challenge for everyone! Hang in there.
A note on eating out; that's really a challenge! Even when you are making healthy choices; it's not the same as preparing your food at home. Even the veggies are likely to have extra fat, sugar (yes!), and salt added; not to mention MSG! Just do the best you can! Stay the course; it will pay off in the end. We all have ups and downs! Hugs.

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NEW-CAZ 12/17/2011 10:36AM

    Love your positive attitude Cinders, given the time of year it's a battle.
I've resolved to stay steady and I put on over the next week or two I know I have SP and the tools to undo the have you.

Have a great weekend hun, I'm resting up with the mother or all tummy bugs and chills emoticon and we're s'posed to be visiting Lilian tomorrow emoticon

Keep your joints on the move babe. Take care emoticon

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COSMIC_ENERGY 12/17/2011 9:08AM

    I feel your frustration. I am up 3 also. WAY TOO MANY holidays goodies. So I have to say no more even 1 bite! Glad to hear you're observing what works/doesn't and keeping the enthusiasm.

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TEMPEST272002 12/17/2011 8:27AM

    That stupid scale. It's so frustrating isn't it? But I'm glad you aren't letting yourself get defeated, and instead are using this to learn how to do better. Something you may not of considered - some of that weight gain could be due to swelling in your knees. swelling = water weight. Do you have access to a pool? It's easier on the joints to exercise in water. Hope you're having a great day.

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CRAZYDOGLADYBO 12/17/2011 8:13AM

    I love your attitude!!! Don't forget, there are many seated exercises that you can do, check out some of the demo's in the spark fitness section.

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Thanks my spark friends

Thursday, December 15, 2011

PLEASE watch this, it was sent to me by 2 of my sparkfriends who I know care about me and have listened to me moan and groan, cry in pain and frustration and yet stuck by me. I am learning to live with and around the pain, able to be more mobile now and am most certainly doing at least 10 mins a day usually 20+ so am very happy. Now if I could only get someone to convince hubby. his brother has started running and extolling its virtues, and hubby said good for you but not me, I hate to run detest to walk.... so.... dr and physc. have both said walk at least. not much more I can say.

Didn't realize I hadn't blogged since MON well been so busy and running around. I have gotten movement in to the point of my knee being a real pain. Today will be back to normal and even able to joyinky walk. So we are getting things organized and nearly ready for xmas.

I dont have much news just busy... been doing enough exercise and not as well on food but not any real mishaps. Out eating while shopping isnt great and then tomorrow is to go out to the legion with dad, I wasn't going to go as didnt want to eat there or drink even pop and wont drink the water there. But dd and sil are going too so that will be nice all but son. anyway will go and do the best I can do. Made some homemade soup and have been having that for lunch so that helps.

Okay off to get a bit of my snowmen out and this house decorated, all that is done is the tree.
HUGS and thanks Caz and Joy!!! I will share it around for sure!

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SGTSUNNY 12/16/2011 2:23PM

    I think the next 10 days will be hard for us all with the eating! Hang in there and do the best you can.

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JOYINKY 12/15/2011 6:04PM

    You are starting to bloom! To busy to blog? How great is that?! Life is good!

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MRSMOPP 12/15/2011 5:37PM

    i just watched the link, great stuff, reminds me of a tv program from my childhood called why don't you ... switch of the tv and go do something less boring instead, aimed at 8 -15 year olds so its a message that been around for a long time to encourage children to be more active and adventurous and set the pattern for their lives, or at least until life gets in the way... so many spark people are on the journey not just to lose weight but also to reclaim their lives for themselves and that's all about feeling good about ourselves and realising were worth it. exercise makes us feel good about ourselves and gives a sense of achievement so we want more of it and the bonus we get to live longer, sleep better, do more, see more and experience more, all for investing 30 minutes a day in ourselves
thanks for sharing.

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 12/15/2011 5:17PM

    Thanks so very interesting, have saved it to watch again

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Maniac Monday

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sucker sucker for punishment I am!!! DD and hubby and I at the mall Sat. for hours, then yesterday just hubby and I and today the three of us again. hubby and I are done other than each other and he wants $ for boxing day sales at best buy or future shop. Me I may take money from dad rather than gift card cos my bday is just after so will put it together and either do yoga or something. I am hoping we can cover yoga ourselves as I would like to get a bit of stuff. But whatever.
So tomorrow... I will go to yoga for backcare and thats about it, oh yea........ lol forgot have books to take back to the library.
A tad worried that I will gain this week, cos been out to eat 2x as we were out shopping, made good choices but still, and not able to exercise as well cos of my knees but then they are sore cos we walked all day from 11 till 6 other than the 45 mins for lunch. So it is walking LOL a type of joyinky walking haha.
So in a bit I will go have a nice soak, and take a book to bed. But finding that laying in bed will make my legs ache so have to watch how long I lay down. Oh well will find that perfect amount of rest sometime. I wish I would get a letter from the insurance as to if they will pay for the brace.
Okay friends, will check on my emails, then am turning this off and resting, not even doing dishes, they will be there in the am. I can not stand at the sink tonight as that bothers my back on best days. not many there as we have dishwasher.
HUGS and on to Tuesday with a smile. cos as this going around on FB says

with Charlie brown and Snoopy, what if we were just thankful for everything! and I am... thankful that I have hubby and dd to go shopping with,
thankful that we have the car to get around, that we got around safe as there was a 3 car accident on our way home, that we have the $$ to go shopping, that my body carried me even though it did complain LOL and that I am able to rest now and not have to go to work tomorrow.
HUGS and always be thankful cos there is always something to be thankful for.

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NEW-CAZ 12/13/2011 3:08AM

    Awww Cinders, we all need rest, hope you slept well and wake refreshed emoticon

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COSMIC_ENERGY 12/12/2011 11:29PM


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COSMIC_ENERGY 12/12/2011 11:28PM

    Ain't it a B that as we get older and need our rest--it hurts to lay in bed!

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 12/12/2011 8:58PM

    Hugs and have a good soak and a good sleep.

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