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MY thankfuls

Sunday, November 20, 2011

- I am thankful for the measure of health that I do have.

- I am thankful for my family, dad, hubby, kids and grandkids and hubbys sisters, brothers and yea his mum too.

- I am thankful that I have a roof over my head, and options for others.

- I am thankful that I can pay our bills and buy groceries.

- I am thankful for being able to walk.

- I am thankful for the ability to change most things even though I don't seem to see that I am able.

-I am so thankful for spark friends that listen, help, reply.

- I am thankful that I have a place that is safe to vent, moan and complain to cheer, smile, laugh and love- that is here.

- I am so thankful that I have done well this eve and not turned to food at all during this rotten mood.

- and I am so thankful that the rotten mood won't stay, the indecision will for while yet but know that whatever happens I am loved.

- thankful that even if we do buy and live somewhere for while, we have the land to fall back to and go to.

HUGS and thanks to all my spark friends... I don't know if you all realize how badly I need you guys and how much I appreciate you all.

Wish I had your phone numbers would call and say You are special to me, you are all unique and needed in my life.


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BEST_LIFE_NOW 11/21/2011 9:02AM


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NEW-CAZ 11/21/2011 2:56AM

    Loving the post Cinders, I am thankful I can call you a friend emoticon

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JAZZEJR 11/21/2011 12:52AM

    Very beautiful. Said like a prayer. Thanks for voicing many of my sentiments for me, and some others that I should have thought of, but didn't.

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UMBILICAL 11/20/2011 9:46PM

  Being thankful and grateful is like a rejuvenation of the spirit.

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COSMIC_ENERGY 11/20/2011 9:36PM

    That's my girl! emoticon

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Serious thinking Sunday

Sunday, November 20, 2011

HMMM, I had this on my spark page awhile back before baby Eva was born and I just had to share her with you. Yesterday I changed it from Remembrance day and baby Eva to my motivational quotes/pics etc.

I also met a new spark friend who has been successful and replied to a message I sent saying wow what has kept you going and doing so well, when when you first started you were so very low and doubting... Nothing she really said, I hadn't heard before or knew.

But then last eve when just doing whatever I was doing, the above image came into my head and I thought I CAN'T EVEN FATHOM, LET ALONE IMAGINE that I can lose 50 lbs, or what I would look like. In saying so, do I not BELIEVE that I can do it?? Interesting stuff, cos to me 90% at least at the beginning is MIND OVER MATTER as my background is set back to.

I know exactly what people will say, well don't think the big picture, don't look at it as 50 lbs think of 5 or 2 etc. So even though I can see 2 down on the scale, that doesn't give me much to see in change. Because I am visual in this stuff, I know what I have to do - find a way to see visual changes be it in my size, my posture, my food choices. I say I am not all about the scale yet also say 50 lbs. What if at 40 lbs down I look and feel so much better cos I actually do and stick with the all important ( especially for menopausal women) strength training.

NOw don't start saying oh what a farce to myself, cos yea I said I would get sil, to help me ( she has baled cos scared to offer assistance with my back issues) I said get hubby to. Well back care yoga has shown and taught me that I do no forward flexion. So don't do any weight lifting or movement that includes forward flexion.

Today I am going to check out the menu section of the spark cookbook, I am going to copy the recipes of the Clean Food cookbook I took out of the library and am going to make a plan for my exercise. Even making and formulating a plan will get my mind set going in the right direction.

I haven't been doing too badly this past week, quieter on the blogging part, but busy and also really thinking when I am hungry or just eating and did make better choices for the most part!

So beginning with MIND OVER MATTER, then turn it back to --


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LESLIESENIOR 11/20/2011 7:28PM

    I agree with TEMPEST. Great advice. Don't spend more time planning (even Sparking) than actually getting into action. I think I will keep following that advice myself! Woo Hoo.
Good luck. The journey is yours and you have lots of support.

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TEMPEST272002 11/20/2011 5:05PM

    Truthfully, I didn't believe I would ever get under 200lbs. You don't have to believe. You have to DO. lol I love spending hours creating meal and exercise plans - so much fun! BUT... remember to make a plan you'll actually follow through on. You're not allowed to spend more time making the plan than acting it out. OK?

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COSMIC_ENERGY 11/20/2011 4:22PM

    When I started this round, I just told myself I'd keep at it without judgement. I was doing it for health. and look what happend. After how many years at Sparks. Success finally that is sticking longer than a couple months.

I ate part of a cinnamon bun at church today--yuck--it no longer has the hold on me it once did.

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NEW-CAZ 11/20/2011 2:44PM

    I agree with Joy Cinders
SP will guide you, your spark friends with motivate and support you but in the end this is YOUR journey.
You're investigating what works for you and we're all different.
I keep to the straight and narrow as I know how much better I feel in myself, I have better posture, more confidence, I have more stamina and feel more alive mentally when I exercise.
Choose your path and keep healthy hun
Have a great Sunday emoticon

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JOYINKY 11/20/2011 11:37AM

    Cindy, I think you are finding the only one that can do this is YOU. No one else knows your body like you do. I'm so glad you've found the yoga classes on your path. THIS TIME for me, it wasn't the scale, it wasn't looks, I got hooked on the healthy choices both fitness and diet wise because of how they made me FEEL! Physically and mentally; but it takes time for that to kick in. If you go back through my journey you'll know I failed many times and finally just gave up. Then decided it wasn't about the scale and I didn't mind being a "fluffy" grandmother but that it was important to be a healthy grandmother. I started with exercise; which I never completely gave up and moved to a healty diet gradually. Lack of knowledge was never the problem. It looks to me like now, more than ever, is the time for you to choose to be a healthy grandmother. That takes healthy choices. Be well. Hugs, Joy

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SUNNY!!!!! Saturday!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Had to add all the exclamation marks! LOL
Got up and walked the dog, we went farther than we have been, my knee was a bit sore but now is okay.
I also have had a great source of inspiration again and am off and running. Today did the walk, ate a healthy breakfast and logged it, have to get healthy groceries some time today, going to look at a diff option for house -land yet again which the 3 of us like better and so do the kids. closer but still woods and hopefully so far in our price range.
dh isn't going to dd today as she wants to hang out with a friend, he will work on her bathroom tomorrow and monday. we will be going to see this land, not far but out of city, and then groceries and hope to do some on our deck. the days that are going to be nice are getting fewer.
so off to continue this great day. I have both dog coats done WHEW thank heavens, and one scarf done, one started and next weekend will be going to the craft fair where I used to live, that my neighbour is the one that organizes it all. So will be looking for gifts there. sil is done after the scarf, and mil one more thing. so that is dad, and the kids left.
okay gotta scoot

HUGS and lots of sparks at you all.

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NEW-CAZ 11/19/2011 10:44AM

    Hope your house hunting proves helpful Cinders, you're off to a great start today. Enjoy the sun emoticon

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COSMIC_ENERGY 11/19/2011 9:39AM

    Sun is good! looks like it is sunny going to overcast here. Yard needs raking. Must be time to call my yard man-lol! Good Luck on the house looking.

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Thursday a good day

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Well didn't blog for a bit, was busy and not on puter a lot or for long enough times at once.
Yesterday was the 37th anniversary of our first date. Murray always remembers I never do.. so he told dd we are busy can't do whatever it was cos we are going out on a date. lol had a good time, ate a great asian chicken salad and talked about house plans. Hubby still drawing up stuff daily. He loves doing that. I love to dream decorate.
Today we took the best of mums clothes to a 2nd hand consigment shop where she said she didnt want them. they were too old, the clientelle she has, want new styles -okay it is a used clothing store?? whatever fine by me, won't be by dad but he can try to sell the 2 coats he is concerned about.
Then we went to visit Thomas and Eva, she was asleep, but he was busy as can be. Is starting to talk more. says hi there, T - THomas and makes his hands in shape of T ( from patty cake patty cake..) he also says TADA and claps for himself HA what a ham.
So now this eve I am going to go back to the sewing machine and get the 2nd dog coat done for dd dog. She bought it all and I am sewing them. Then also started a scarf for mil and sil for xmas. only took 2 days to make one so not bad. Still want to make Eva a stocking for Xmas but can't find a nice one. They have the same ones as last year and I got the only cute one for Thomas.
NOt much more new, been doing pretty good eating, and yoga. My knees were sore yesterday and some today super bad headache all day yesterday but after i ate last eve went away.
HOpe all are well, I am fine just busy sewing, knitting or drivign around looking at houses. argh!!! we still go back to the one in the woods as we call it. we thought it was $$ for the size and what we are getting but now that we look at others it isn't. Probably we will go with that but not closing the door on something that is closer but has to be awesome and a view! LOL
Okay dd is stopping over to try the one coat on the dog. when we got the material it was cold so made the winter one first. now it is raining and could use th erain coat one.- that won't take long.
HUGS all !!!

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TEMPEST272002 11/18/2011 8:53AM

    Happy 1st date anniversary. How romantic of hubby to remember. My husband & I tend to celebrate our anniversary as the day we met & not the day we got married (7 years later). I'm thinking of making a coat for Dog. She's got long fur for warmth, but I think the snow is going to matt up in it fast. She'll be like a walking snowball! lol

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NEW-CAZ 11/18/2011 3:37AM

    WOW you have been busy!

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COSMIC_ENERGY 11/17/2011 7:59PM

    Well you really stAY BUSY! I'd love to see a pic of the dog in the coat. LOL Thomas sounds a Hoot! Kids are so cute at that age. REal blast of cold has come through. Yuck. Good news. Last day for school for the kids tomorrow. Teachers have to work a couple days next week. Trying to get through the holidays without gain.

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Senior Love

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Senior Love

I was in my back yard trying to launch a kite.
I threw the kite up in the air, the wind would catch it for a few
Seconds, then it would come crashing back down to earth.
I tried this a few more times with no success.

All the while, my wife Linda is watching from the kitchen window,
Muttering to herself how men need to be told how to do everything.

She opens the window and yelled to me,
'You need a piece of tail.'

I turned with a confused look on my face and yelled back,
'Make up your mind. Last night, you told me to go fly a kite.'

LOL when I read this to dh, he said and you wonder why men get confused! LOL

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VON_1962 11/16/2011 5:26AM

    Too cute! LOL

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JOYINKY 11/15/2011 7:16PM


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NEW-CAZ 11/15/2011 12:52PM


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CRAZYDOGLADYBO 11/15/2011 11:09AM

    Too funny!! emoticon

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