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Soggy Saturday!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Didn't wake till nearly 9 which is super late for me, and I went to be early too. Maybe the country weather, the tiredness of the past 2 days. Who knows who cares I slept long and well so that's what counts.
Woke and took dog for walk, came back and had my breakfast and read then went and laid down, hubby rubbed my back and I totally relaxed. Later on I got pain in my lower back and then sciatica which I haven't had even though the dr said he thought that was it. Went away when I got hubby to really rub hard on my butt lol what would I do without him LOL
Up now, he got the net working, low clouds and rain are giving us an even worse signal but am here for now.
Yesterday I didn't log my food ect. didn't even think of it, and the net was bad so only went on for few mins last eve. Anyway will try to remember and do it now. I want to keep it up. I also have to drink all my water today. I also need to keep that up. One thing that I have to keep better reign of is my carb intake, yes am less on sugar but we bought some awesome baguette bread at the market and oh it is calling my name! LOL
So pouring rain here and in the trailer, I am planning to do some band stuff and maybe try some yoga not sure what on that cos not getting on my knees yet. They are doing beetter but not chancing it. Thinking that the wet weather coming may have been some of my knees but if so then that is the worst they have been.
Allright........ What can I do today to make my tomorrow a better day for me?
-walk dog ( given at the trailer)
-drink my water
- make a salad!!! NOW
-watch my carb intake
-do band exercises
-think positive
- get backrub when needed LOL
-try to keep headache at bay
-know that all you guys are all sticking by me!

okay going to track my food from yesterday, and today. making a salad too.

cya hugs!!

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NEW-CAZ 9/24/2011 3:42PM

    Glad you slept well hun, must have needed it!
Great that hubby is good at massage.

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TEMPEST272002 9/24/2011 2:34PM

    Sorry it's so soggy. We're lucky here with gorgeous weather the past few days. Nice to have a masseuse at the trailer! lol

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COSMIC_ENERGY 9/24/2011 1:46PM

    What'd I'd give for a built in massuse. Glad you got some relief. A salad sounds good.

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    Sounds like the sleep helped! Great list!

Yup, I am still smiling about DH! emoticon

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MENNOLY 9/24/2011 12:37PM

    Glad you are feeling better.

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JOYINKY 9/24/2011 12:33PM

    You must have needed the sleep Cindy; I'm glad you slept well.
Be well, Joy

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Frustrated Friday!

Friday, September 23, 2011

HI Sparkers.... well mixed bag here today. We are at the trailer and it is muggy. I am not having as much pain with my knee today but I am really blah, near tears, just oh I dont know what. I am wondering if it is the starting the pills again as this is the 3rd night with 2 and they are an anitdepressant used also for nerve pain. So as I know with hubbys many anitdepressants, they can cause depression............. dumb and all. but yea. so maybe that is it and once I get enough in me I will feel better.
I am having a hard time caring what I eat or why. I just dont care right now. Hubby is doing his best, listening to me, ect and one great thing my gf who I have called 3x and she is never home, called me back so we chatted for an hr before we left for the trailer. I am saying to myself this too passes, and it may be gone soon and then I will be fine and keep thinking positive and eating right cos you wont be happy withyourself after. So for supper hamburgers but salad no buns for me. I will be fine.
I think a lot of it is I HATE taking pills and have realized I need something for my arthritis and my leg well if I donèt do what my dr wants then is he going to keep helping me and who knows then about work. so right now I kind of have to keep in line. We are really watching my eye and any pain I get in it. I have kept a great log of it all.
So what have I done today to make my tomorrow a better one
- I got up and didnt wallow in bed
- Ate a good breakfast
- will be walking dog around campground
-talked to Sue and hubby

short but still some! I am determined to get that upbeat happy ME back. I will not let these meds and moods determine all that I do. Hard as I am an emotional eater and the fact that I have only lost 3 lbs in 10 days yea I know that is great, but I want to be 189. argh number is only a number as I keep tellling another friend.
Okay no sad wallow, off we go for a walk with dog around the trailer park.
cya when I can depending on net service. and will get my frenchè keyboard off again! lol I donèt know what I hit to make it come but it is frustrating too.
hugs all!!!

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COSMIC_ENERGY 9/24/2011 8:51AM

    I have to check the subscribe box again...

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COSMIC_ENERGY 9/24/2011 8:50AM

    Happy thoughts coming your way. I am fighting exhaustion and too much committed to do for church this weekend. Also, there is less and less "day"time, which can be a problem for some of us.

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TEMPEST272002 9/23/2011 8:09PM

    Don't feel bad about having a rough day. You've been doing really great with looking for the positive & I know you'll be back feeling that way again soon. Good job keeping up with your list even when your motivation is low - this is how we change. Sure hope you're able to figure out the meds soon.

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    I was wondering about the odd words!

I agree with Caz, you are doing a great job! I am proud that you lost 3 pounds!


I hope that you and your doctor can find a better pill for you.

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JOYINKY 9/23/2011 6:05PM

    I agree with CAZ Cindy; you've been doing so well, it has to be the meds and it's worth looking into. Be well. Hugs, Joy

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MENNOLY 9/23/2011 5:40PM

    I am sorry you are not feeling well. Hope things get better. You may not be happy with the 3 pound weight loss but it sounds great to me. Slow and steady wins the race. Have a good week-end emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 9/23/2011 5:35PM

    Do you know what Cinders! You have done an awesome job keeping on track, getting your walks in, losing 3 lb in 10 days, making some positive blogs.
It's gotta be the meds and the pain getting you down- totally understand and sympatize hun, TOTALLY!
Get yourself back to your doc and tell him you're having these depressions with the meds, there'll be others that suit you better, it doesn't have to be like this!
You know I'm in your corner and you know I'm telling you as a friend that I can see you're making progress, you will make it.
Make arrangements to get the meds changed Cinders. I'm off to bed now, but I'll check by in the morning.
Take care babes, this is just a bump in the road, okay?!

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TWO-TOO-MUCH 9/23/2011 4:51PM

    I recently started Paxil to get some chronic anxiety under control, and it was horrible. The side effects were more than I could tough out after one week. So my doctor changed to Cipralex and so far, so good. Yes, sometimes it can get worse before it gets better. I do know that "care about nothing" feeling you're talking about, but it should pass fairly soon. Hope you feel better and that you enjoy this (muggy!) weekend. :)

Comment edited on: 9/23/2011 4:51:28 PM

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VON_1962 9/23/2011 4:00PM

    I know you and I are both not famous at taking drugs and I think part of it is we have seen what side effects medications can have. Making it even harder to swallow. Yes, your doctor will still treat you if you have reason to belief that the medications you are taking have side effects. He will find an alternative. Remember there are more than one drug in this world to treat your condition. Now, for my next story! You are moving forward, and taking steps to be healthy and fit. Don't beat yourself up. Remember "slow and steady" wins the race. You will see 189, and it may not be today but, maybe tomorrow but, we are making steps. I have to go and workout it is my time. I am off the weekend. I will catch up with you. I will look for you all weekend. Make plans because I will be asking you! Nice warning, huh! love ya

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DETERMINEMT 9/23/2011 3:46PM

    hey I totally understand the frustrations of being in pain adn needing medication that puts you in those moods.and you are doing a great job, I know it may be hard to realize but you are still pushing forward. everyone has rough weeks now and then and your weightloss will be slow but steady. try not to be too hard on yourself. Good luck with your pain and your mood!

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Taking care Thursday

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I haven't overdone it really I don't think. I think it is just that the arthritis is worse than I like to think, even though I know it really is at the worst level- level 4 with a bit of the area not bone on bone. SO today will have to be a rest day.The past 2 days I have pushed through the swelling and pain and tried to keep moving more - well to what I have been doing ny new norm! LOL
Today will be ice, rest and I am not sure what else. Hubby has dr apt at 11:30 and other than that not sure what we are doing. So told Marlo sorry no walk this am, ( my knee is actually moving up and down as if the top is sliding over bottom) Ice will be my friend and elevation. I know I won't be down for the count cos I can't sit still all that long.

So what can I do today to make my tomorrow a better one?
-ensure lots of veggies and healthy eating today
-rest,elevate and ice my knee
-try not to have to use stairs a lot today
-think positive that there are way worse knees out there that keep moving
- keep moving in some way that won't agravate it more - maybe try the bike for a bit
- mostof all don't let this discourage me and start a slide backwards

The last one is cos Iam getting dissapointed in not seeing the scale fall more. I am still at 190 and don't seem to go down. I can watch my portions a bit more, but also know that I am eating a lot better, moving move, loving yoga, and feeling mentally better. I will not get hung up on the number.
okay best go and check my mail and get off here. cya

HUGS make a it a great day and Deanna, go for a nice fall walk for me!

Just edited to say my knee is still super bad, and I feel sort of blahy sicky nothing particular. Had one session of pain in back of my eye for a few mins then it left and hasn't come back, hubby is really watching that and my pills.
Okay going to get off here and go to bed very early. hoping I feel better in the am. going to the trailer for weekend, even though they are calling for rain, there are no stairs there!
night and cya later

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MENNOLY 9/23/2011 3:23PM

    You really need to be careful with your knee. When I had trouble with mine I started alternating bicycling with my walking. If you have access to an elliptical, that is easier on your knee. Hope you feel better. emoticon

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JOYINKY 9/22/2011 1:47PM

    Good Cindy, Listen to your body and let it rest and mend! I've heard that it's easier on your knees to go up/down stairs backwards--using a handrail of course. Don't know if that's worth a try or not. Eat well, be well. Hugs, Joy

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NEW-CAZ 9/22/2011 8:12AM

    Bless you Cinders, you're doing the right thing today, resting up.
Great attitude, don't let it get you down, this is a minor hiccup.
TEMPEST272002 has a mentioned swimming, excellent idea ,you'd be totally supported by the water- less pressure on your joints!

Hope you feel better as the day wears on emoticon

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TEMPEST272002 9/22/2011 7:57AM

    Poor knees. You're right to take a day to rest & ice them. It's one thing to push through the normal, daily pain we live with. But we have to be careful that we don't cross the line into disrespecting our bodies need for rest. A day off, especially after a few of high activity, is a good thing. I'd suggest that the bike is not a good choice. There's a lot of knee pressure with biking. What about a swim instead? OR... you could just take a day off from exercising. You've been doing so well lately. Don't be discouraged. This is just a little bump on your road.

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Woeful Wednesday but still a good day

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Well today my knee hurt as soon as I got up, was tight and very swollen. Walked dog only 1x and came home, later we went to visit Thomas and had a good visit and saw their new dining room table ect. He was saying HI ya lol and a few other words that sounded a bit more distinguishable. Had his lunch and fell asleep at last bite then layed on couch and napped. we had a good visit then left, came home and had lunch.
This afternoon I sillily weeded just the front part of the garden in front, hubby dug it and I weeded- so badly needed it all summer. Well paid the price, cos even though I got down and used the bricks so I wasn't right down, and my back didn't feel too bad, my knee was well padded and doesn't seem to matter what I do. But my back ached after and at yoga took from 8 pm till nearly 9 to feel the kink come out and that was when we did hmmm i don't know the name but opposite to downward dog, you lay with your head and shoulders on floor on your back and knees bent and stretch your butt and back up. OH relief.
So home and just took my pills and water and now debating checking email or going to bed. I am tired, sore and just not as up as usual after yoga. Know it is the pain. Anyway ate okay, not enough veggies at all, had a healhty smoothie at lunch but forgot I had spinach to put in it.
Oh well another day tomorrow and will eat better.

So what did I do today to make my tomorrow better?
- some time with Thomas!!!!
- walked the dog only 1 x and iced my knee
-worked outside ( lol good and bad)
- drank all my water
- read some library magazines
-laid on the bed in the sun for while

Tomorrow I hope the pain will lessen and I can be back to my normal pain level. funny cos said today to dil, Feel as if I could work a bit, hubby said yea cos you arn't doing much, do some work and see. and sure enough there went my leg and back and knee. my foot has had 2 founny feelings today too which it hasn't been too bad. so overall it was all there again.
think I will head off to bed,
HUGS to all and will check email in am, so sorry if I didn't get back to you all.

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JOYINKY 9/22/2011 1:40PM

    Cindy, Thank you for visiting my blog. As long as you are having any kind of trouble and/or pain with your knees I WOULD NOT recommend hooping. I don't have knee problems but I do feel it in my knees afterwards. Be well. Hugs, Joy

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NEW-CAZ 9/22/2011 3:02AM

    Another good day Cinders, hope your aches and pains are less this morning.
Love the way your list is growing!
Hubby is obviously keeping a keen eye on you and making sure you don't over do it.

Hope you slept well emoticon

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HMMM magnificent is too big of a word for this monday about marvelous

Monday, September 19, 2011

LOL nothing super great about today, but it is still a marvelous monday cos I got both the dogs walked before it rained. LOL It is only drizzle anyway.
I also got groceries and have a full fridge again, lots of brocolli, cauliflower, eng. cucke, carrots, romaine, mesculin mix, spinach and carrots. also bought 2 small sweet potatoes.- will try again! LOL

Now just have Nico down here visiting for while, to break up his day since yesterday he ate that entire bag of natural dog treats, he had to have gotten up on his hind legs and reached them. Funny the bag was open and he took it to his bed in the living room, ate them and left a few. Didn't tear the bag at all. Guess that was his bag of chips. Now has black diarhea. ew sorry TMI!

Going to go check my yoga site to see if there are any classes tomorrow I can take. I could have gone to one this am but finding I didn't want to rush to yoga and do both dogs.
So not a lot more on this marvelous Monday. Thanks for the uplifiting comments I will say I am pleased with myself. Today when getting groceries, hubby got his low salt chips and I said did you want the bbq. Nope lets settle for this has salt, chips the other has too much junk added. So good for him/. they aren't a real tease for me, I can take or leave them. Now did see dk choc cookies but right now don't dare as want to keep low on the sugar. Have to say not a lot of pain other than when idid all that vacumning.
Off I go to check yoga, and change loads in washer - dryer

What can I do today to make my tomorrow a better day!?
- walk the dogs
- drank mywater
- eat healthy
- have some green tea
- up and down 2 sets of stairs doing laundry
- thinking positive-
- trying hard to remember to correct my posture- crown to the sky! shoulders down and back
-walked around the track 3x this eve when I got hungry. nice it is behind my back yard
- going downstairs to do some yoga poses that I can remember.

HUGS all back later this eve to change my drink to drank on my water!
7:30 pm well not hungry now and able to drink my water. Hubby suggested try some carrots and celery if yu want, you also have your brocolli and cauli. Usually I would get ticked if I was really hungry but this time I took it for that's a good idea and thanks for helping. We are both doing so much better. Wish the scale would move some but I know it will.
think I will go downstairs with my yoga mat and do a bit of stretching and perhaps sort out my exercise room.
WIll say haven't gotten hubby to help me with the weights yet..... tomorrow will be my goal as biggest loser starts and that can be my starting point with them. I will also incorperate wall presses as he says they are useless you need to do knee or reg. pushups. my sil the learning trainer says no they are good. I know when I do them I can feel some pressure in my arms.
signed up for a yoga for seniors for tomorrow, was the only one available at my level and one lady said it wasn't busy and was younger seniors lol I don't care as long as it is one I can try.
okay off I go cya later all

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AGAIN4ME 9/19/2011 7:18PM

    I am so thrilled to hear your positive attitude. It gives me the boost I need. As for exercises, whatever works for you and you are comfortable with is good for you. There are no useless exercises. I let someone tell me once that I wasn't doing my exercise routine right and I foolishly used that as an excuse to stop. ad idea. Now I only listen to my body. You know it's working for you.
Thanks for the boost.

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JOYINKY 9/19/2011 5:16PM

    I am loving this new, positive, motivated, veggie eating you!!
Woo Hoo! emoticon emoticon

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    Yup poor Nico! I had a dog take a whole meatloaf once emoticon

Love all those veggies in your fridge, yum! emoticon

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HISARTIST 9/19/2011 3:07PM

    At least he opened the package. My goofy dog ate a hostess coffee cake thing yesterday, celophane wrapper and all. He also ate the thrown away section a moldy loaf of French Bread. Can't wait to see how all this comes out emoticon emoticon

Hope you have an equally marvelous if not magnificent Tuesday!

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NEW-CAZ 9/19/2011 2:56PM

    Poor Nico hope he's better soon.
You're off to a good start with loads of veg and hubby's support. Keep it up emoticon

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