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Friday wow what enthusiasm! LOL

Friday, September 09, 2011

I couldn't think of a catchy title. LOL I suppose fantastic friday, yea it was a good day, not great, I haven't gotten all my water in yet, over in cals, but did go to legion with dad and hubby. Wasn't going to till ds said he was meeting us there. We so rarely see him I said well I am going too. Had a good visit with him and a nice time. We are going over there for bit tomorrow, I can visit with Thomas, hubby is putting taps on for them, then we are going to go to the harvest festival and then pack up for trailer. We will go sat. afternoon then back by tues afternoon. Next week we won't be going much as taking care of dd dog, dr apt, and yoga.
Well tomorrow will be a great day, I kind of wanted to stay in town for the fireworks, but as hubby said trailer time is winding down cos of the weather and next week is a bust so let's go. I will enjoy the trailer more than 15 mins of fireworks.
Going to the farmers market tomorrow am, and will bring good stuff to the trailer. Small fridge so only fits so much but we have the market just down the road from trailer. no problem.
Well off for now, going to go read and hopefully fall asleep! hugs

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    Have a great time at the trailer!

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TEMPEST272002 9/10/2011 9:29AM

    Have fun at the trailer. Definitely feeling fall in the air now on my morning walk.

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NEW-CAZ 9/10/2011 4:43AM

    i wish there was a farmer's market near us we jave to make do with the supermarket LOL.

Enjoy your weekend Cinders, I'm off to Uxbridge shortly for knicknacks for the lounge...yep you guessed it emoticon emoticon

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CARNATION14 9/10/2011 4:26AM

    Thanks for alll your encouragement, I have added you as a Sparkk friend. I have read some of your blogs. Yes I have been having trouble staying on track and have been doing this for too long. We both can do this, yes we can. Enjoy your camping

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COSMIC_ENERGY 9/9/2011 10:57PM

    I'd love to go to the farmer's market with you--Need a nice variety of good fresh vegs.

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Things come just at the right time

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sometimes there is a "karma" going on in life. Last eve I was talking to a dear spark friend and we were both commisterating on our lack of keeping things going on the healthy front. Yet we both contiinue to pump each other up. I said who are we fooling, we say all this but don't do it. I was down yet again.
Then I was upset with myself cos challenges get the best of me. Well often seems I get way down then bang something comes in view to make me realize I don't have it that bad, I don't have obstacles that are insurmountable. I CAN and WILL make my life healthy, and fit and a life worth liviing not just existing day to day.
So saying day to day on my last blog was going to be my mantra. I even joined another team after bemoaning about challenges. LOL It is the 1 day challenge. Surely I can do one healthy thing a day! So before joining I had said to my spark friend lets us both drink all our water tomorrow. OKay deal. I join and the challenge for today is drink your water! LOL
Then I also keep saying one day at a time, one day even one min, one meal whatever it takes and then today in my email is:

"To live a satisfying life requires two steps... 1. Plan your life goals. 2. Act on your plan every day."- jlh ( jonathon lockwood huie )

So today I am making a plan and acting on it.

I am back yet again!!! and instead of being sad that it is "back Yet again" it is I have never quit and I will achieve my goals!!!

Many thanks sparkers - without all of you I would have dissapeared long ago.

HUGS emoticon

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JULIETEXAS 9/8/2011 3:32AM

    emoticon One healthy thing a day...I love it!


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COSMIC_ENERGY 9/7/2011 8:48PM

    emoticon emoticon

Kick butt girl- that's right - your own!

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ZESTYLADY 9/7/2011 7:14PM


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ALLPROTAMMY 9/7/2011 4:47PM

    I don't know that you ever left....Some of us have to realize a few things more or differently than others...if you think you weren't doing anything than maybe you weren't ...only you know that...but you are today and today is what matters...what you did yesturday is gone, gone, gone...Congratulations for your new change of the day!!! Your doing awesome with your new goals and life is validating you...what more could a girl ask for...You can do this!!!!

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NEW-CAZ 9/7/2011 12:16PM

    that's the spirit Cinders emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 9/7/2011 12:16PM

    that's the spirit Cinders emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TEMPEST272002 9/7/2011 11:41AM

    You can do this. Remember, all of those success story people STILL have days where they make bad choices. The important thing is to not give up. To keep coming back to it minute by minute if you have to. Gotta love serendipity - with the challenges & the quote. I find inspiring quotes can really help me through the rough patches, so here's another of my favs:

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Do I have no shame?

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I was talking to a fellow sparker today, who is a great friend of mine. We met on another site and have morphed over to here. We both do great by spurts, so so by others and down right terrible other times.

I mentioned that I had joined some challenge teams -yet again! OMG why... even the ones that know me on here well, will say why does she do that to herself. I am so not good with challenges at all. I seem to self sabotage so easily when on a challenge. When you think it would make me do better it seems to do the opposite.
So henced my title do I have no shame???!!!! do I not care what others read or think about me? Sorry to say there have been many times, years infact that I cared more what people were thinking that what I thought of myself.
Not saying that I don't now care what I think of myself, getting better at that finally. I also do still care what others think, in respect that I am a good person, friend ect.
I am thankful to have a few very close friends here on spark and many others that also pull me up and have had to more than their fair share. I do have shame in saying that I have been a member since 2006 and weigh more now than when I joined. Want an excuse - hmmm I can pick a few, menopause, death in family, bad job, moved.... oh yea lots of spark successes have had those also. hmmm so the excuses don't cut it eh! ( yea I am Canadian! LOL)
Okay the past few days I have not felt like eating right, or anything related to that. I have to give myself a HUGE pat - I did log all that I ate!!! WWOW and that was a lot. I have gone off the gf path cos didn't see any diff. in anything in the 2 months I was on it, but will say am very much carb addicted. oh so want it bad.............
What am I going to do about all this? Sorry to say spark isn't working cos I don't work at it. Spark is awesome but it can't do the work for you. It won't make those suppers, won't buy the right healthy food and portion it out in sensible portions. NOPE sorry you have to do that. You also have to try to make your body move, no matter how you feel. Even a little is better than not, when you are hurt, or sick. Granted there are times that exercise is not good and you should respect your dr or your body and stop. But I have been known to really worry about oh my knees, my back, myhip and if I work it will make it worse. Helps lots that I have a hubby that does believe that! "you are just going to hurt yourself!"
Okay ONE DAY AT A TIME as I said a few blogs back. That has to be imbedded in my brain. also MIND OVER MATTER!!!! I can and I will do this. Cos I need to for me!! not cos I joined a challenge and feel as if I have to, cos for some unknown reason that just stops me quick. I am still going to try to continue with the 30 day challenge and the 1 thing a day. MY heavens I should be able to do 1 thing a day!!???
So all the reasons I want/need to lose are there, everyone says you have to want it. well I PRESUME I do, cos sure know it would help me mentally, physically and medically so what's holding me back. ME so hey you!!! get out of your own way!!!
MOVE cos I am ready to make this happen!!!

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JULIETEXAS 9/8/2011 10:04PM

    My opinion is that shame is greatly overrated anyway so you go girl! I hear you, I have been on Spark since October 25, 2007, losing the same 10-12 pounds over and over again until I gave up. No more. I can waste more time being negative or beating myself up about how long it has taken me but I don't have any more time to waste. Your blog made me think of a quote from the first season of The West Wing which I have been re-watching lately. "I tell you what, let's forget the fact that you're coming a
little late to the party and embrace the fact that you showed up at all." I am celebrating that I have shown up at last!

We are going to rock this party!!!!

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MENNOLY 9/8/2011 9:29AM

    It is better to start with a small goal and achieve than aim for a large foal and get discouraged. I am finally on a roll now. But in the last 10 years I had several false starts. I have injured myself a couple of times and quit for too long of a time because "I had to be well first". And my goals are relatively small. It is only when they are accumulated that I can realize I have come a long way. You can do it too. A drop a day over time will carve out a canyon. So build up your drops until they become a trickle and then a stream and eventually a river. emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 9/7/2011 3:05AM

    Cinders you're still here plugging away and in the end it's the small steps that get the weight off. I don't think I know of one Sparker who for whatever reason has gotten diverted or temporarily lost their MOJO along the way.
I saw a motivational sign that you might like for your workout room....


Keep at it hun and if you ever need a emoticon up the butt you know where I am. emoticon emoticon

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ALLPROTAMMY 9/6/2011 10:31PM

    So...for today you are going to......

For today I want to be healthier because I am not going to be thin any time soon. but for today I whatever I want within my calorie limit...but I have to stay within the may mean I get to eat fifteen cookies but that is what I want to do..

Okay so I just made that can do small change a day! I'm rooting for you!

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HDHAWK 9/6/2011 10:03PM

    I've been here 4 years and am back to my highest weight too! I haven't been able to get going no matter how bad I've wanted to. I'm still here and not giving up. My "want to" will show up again one of these days! Yours will too!

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ZESTYLADY 9/6/2011 9:28PM

    Oh dear! I so understand what you are saying. are still here and still care about your health. And yes...pretty much we have to suck it up and do the work. I'm still looking for that magic bullet...must have missed my by a mile! I don't do well with challenges either, yet I just joined one over at Yoovie's site. She's quite the character and motivator. What I like about her latest challenge is that it is set up to make you establish your own baseline and you work to achieve your own personal best. I need all the visuals and measurements that have nothing to do with the scale.

I like that you have picked one goal for tomorrow that has a strong likelihood of success and that is good for you. Meet that goal and celebrate! Figure out the next goal...and the next...Go for success. Do what really matters right now as you adjust to your health changes.

I'll be around quite a bit as I am tracking my food and exercise right now to get myself back in gear. How can I help you?

Hang on there.


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TEMPEST272002 9/6/2011 8:49PM

    You CAN do 1 thing a day Absolutely! 6 cups of water tomorrow.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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COSMIC_ENERGY 9/6/2011 8:36PM

    You're so funny. I'm finally back to the weight I started Sparks at. I hear ya with the excuses. Finally feel on a path I can stick to and little by little it will keep coming off.

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Monday Labour day and

Monday, September 05, 2011

I will not be doing labour!!! We are staying at the trailer till tomorrow am, so watching everyone else pack up and get ready to be gone by 11 - checkout time for day campers.
last night I did my yoga dvd in the trailer, too funny, I was able to do most of it well, but the trailer is not tall enough to get a good stretch up. HA funny to bring your arms up and stretch............. okay bump lol but it was a good one. I borrowed a few from the library and hope to be able to buy the ones I like. Not sure as this is a bit older but good. Yoga for the young at heart and is based for the older crowd but was pretty well most of what I did in one of the classes. There are 3 dvds in it, so will do the 2nd today.
What a great day it is, sunny but a good warm breeze. Nice to sit out. Will start and probably finish the other leg warmer for my client. I was going to do another pr, and may but thought should see if these fit, but what the hay, make them and tear them out.only knit and purl not hard, keeps my hands busy
Went over my points/calories whatever yesterday. I had a glass of very low alcohol fruit wine, and a bar. Certainly didn't need them, but was a nice quiet time at the fire pit. Don't begrudge it, enjoyed and today will do better. Nothing but blueberries left here that is sweet. lol
okay best get my day moving along. I think hubby is waking up and having a shower by the sounds of things. I may go for another walk by myself meaning not with dog! LOL
cya later sparkers!!!

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    Sounds like a great day. How is the face today?

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JOYINKY 9/5/2011 10:40AM

    Hi Cindy, Hope you're enjoying the yoga. I love it! Enjoy your day!

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COSMIC_ENERGY 9/5/2011 10:08AM

    Someone should get to rest today--glad it's you! Labor Day is more my start to labor day since school starts tomorrow and I need to have my head straight!

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NEW-CAZ 9/5/2011 9:13AM

    Sounds like you're getting into Yoga and really enjoying it.
Have a great day hun, we're off over to Uxbridge to get Pete's eyes checked and I'll shop for some knicknacks for the lounge whilst he's being attended to.

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Sunny Sparking Sunday

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Sun is out, wind warm, a super day to spark. I am doing this blog, got caught up on spark and turning off the puter, going to go sit outside the trailer, and knit. Too bad I have to stay out of the sun with this med. oh well will get some fresh air.
I slept better, my face not so sore, and my hip only aching a bit, think this med is working, but I still want to know what it is and why it is. I am going to do a band set of exercises then go outside.
Having a great day and hope you all are too!!! HUGS and spark on! LOL

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JULIETEXAS 9/5/2011 10:32PM

    Glad you are feeling better, take care!


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VON_1962 9/4/2011 5:09PM

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better! Great way to enjoy a sunny Sunday. It is raining here which is okay with me! Home from work, worked out, and now chilling!

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    Sounds like the makings of a wonderful day. I am glad that your face isn't as sore.

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