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Dr apointment.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Okay where to start... he didn't have the results of the nerve testing yet, geesh guess she hasn't gotten her paperwork done - the dr that did it. oh well. He did have my CT scan which was a bunch of mumble to hubby and i got some of the jist till he started talking reg. talk .lol
L1-2 mild OA ( osteoarthritis)
L2-3 small disc herniation compressing R something and some OA
L3-4 moderate bulging disc annulus. some oa anad short pedicles and mild central stenosis ( narrowing of area)
L4-5 as above
L5-S1 (starting of sciatic area) diffuse bulging of disc. and OA, and more narrowing but nerve not displaced yet no focal disc herniation

So that is have osteoarthritis, have 2 spots that are narrowing and some bulging herniated discs. He feels that could be dong some of the hip, but the worst part is on the R side which surprised him
He is sending me to a neurologist/anesthesiologist to discuss pain ect and perhaps an epidural. I looked and said NO I can't do it. he asked why I told him again how terrified I am, dh was watching but stayed quiet. I started to cry Dr said you can go talk to him but the decision is yours. anyway........... I am hoping that the new meds work enough to help me.
My R knee exray shows severe deterioration which has worsen a lot since 2 years ago, showed me where and said that is is bad. but he wants to figure this out before sending me to dr brian again. so now I know why it is so very sore and swollen.
I am off work till nov 4th so far. I have an apt in Oct and again in Nov. I have no clue how long it will take to get in to this new specialist. Anyway he was pleased with the ct scan cos that gave him some ideas of what it could be. He is pretty sure that it is not MS he said wished he had the other results. I am sure by Oct apointment the results were in. My apt was to be in a month but she couldnt fit me, so gave me oct 4, nov 4, dec 5. so have my apt. they are always 15 mins as per norm. but he was with me for 30 today. sorry to the ones behind me!!
Hubby and I went down to visit nico as the kids both worked today, just cos he is still so new. Fine, and then we went down and took both dogs for walk, wow hubby walked a fair bit, my knee hurt but I want to walk. We then went back to dd house, and they both had a drink. then marlo our dog went to eat out of his bowl OMG thank god hubby was right there, Nico much larger and stronger, growled grabbed her an dshe cried, hubby yelled and clapped his hands. they both looked up and moved. marlo walked away adn spit and a smallish med size amt of blood and spit came out she then walked a bit and had it dripping. I was like oh great. anyway I took her out and check her face, and mouth didnt'see anyting, so checked her neck as he had her there. but was only her fur. so we are thinking since he was over her, his nail may have hit the outer section of her mouth. But we will watch the food and put it up when they are around. They did tell her he may guard his food. whew. otherwise they were fine.
I took my sundress back......... I loved it but only wore it for half day adn was all pilling on side. I realize it probably would as it was tshirt material but not after a few hrs. They didn't have any other to fit so oh well at least I know I will again find a dress to wear. YES! thanks Deanna!
Now tomorrow, call insurance co so they know I will be needing long term, take note to ei to contiue ei to end of sick benefits. and go to the yoga place to inquire about classes.
We don't think we will bother to go to trailer thurs as we are not sure about the hurricane and rain. If it is going to rain andblow not sure we want to be in trailer as is pain in hard rain. We have to walk dog to pee and can't just say out pee come back lol and we have stuff to do here.
Okay long but you know as much as I do for now. I have also charted my food and had no processed at all yet today! not going to eithe ras it is 7 pm.
cya hugs and love you all!!!

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TEMPEST272002 8/25/2011 8:38AM

    Well, I'm glad you don't have MS & that the doctor now has a better idea of what's going on. But it's frustrating that the other doctor didn't send your nerve conduction test. At least you don't have to worry about going back to work just yet.

Yikes! to Nico & Marlo at the dog dish. I'm glad Marlo is ok. Your husband did the right thing by clapping/yelling to interupt the fight. Food agression is a serious problem in a big dog like Nico & I would STRONGLY encourgare your DD to nip it right in the bud! Here is a link to a good article on how to solve the problem: (copy/paste)
If she has any specific questions, just forward them to me & I'll be glad to help.

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    oh wow! how challenging for you! I am so sorry. I have a brother who has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and looked at lots of online info to help him last month. Bought him some vitamins from Amway and one in particular that is to protect the liver. With all the meds, he is afraid that his liver will suffer. He takes a few others for other health issues too and I told him that he needs to take his vites 4-5 hours before or after the other meds. I hope he figures that out. Wish I was close by to help him more. If you want to look into that Amway herbal supplement for liver support, let me know. I also read lots on Dr. Mercola´s site and what he recommends for pain.
And what a fright with the dogs! Poor pup. emoticon
I am saying a prayer for you right this minute!

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NEW-CAZ 8/25/2011 3:19AM

    You're one more step on to getting a full diagnosis and some treatment Cinders which is good, but it's the waiting again for another appt.
I hope Marlo is okay!
I hope Irene misses you- stay safe emoticon

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1_AMAZING_WOMAN 8/24/2011 7:49PM

    Sorry you are going through this. I have severe degenerative disk disease and also a bone spur in my neck, so I have some idea what you're dealing with.

Keep on keeping on. We can do it!


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Tuesday sunny and not as busy well maybe

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Morning emoticon emoticon

Well sunny and a breeze blowing, last night was muggy and I didn't sleep well, woke up to go pee and TMI ddribbled on floor. Then at 7 am woke with bad bad charly horse and dribbled in bed! OMG argh. I have had stress incontinence since I was a young teen if you tickled me, or I laughed I would dribble. Has gotten a bit worse as I aged. Now past bit find it is more than a dribble, which leads me to telling dr. as he has asked in regards to this pain if i was having bladder issues. Now what! Oh well go to dr tomorrow - taking hubby and he has promised to go as another set of ears.
So even though I am tired, I am not sleepy, and will enjoy this sunny but cooler day. That's my kind of day. I have to get some work done, finish laundry, wash sheets. Wish I had a clothes line! LOL
We want to go find a bbq as we don't have one home - only a small one at the trailer and have been enjoying it a lot. Then over to take marlo to visit nico. He is a very good dog for only having him that long. I am glad for dd and hubby. I also need to ask dil to cut my hair as she ewasn't able to before we went to trailer.
So some chores, some reading and then out we go for while. I hope I don't have anymore charley horses.
You know, I was reading someones food loggings and thought OMG how does she lose wt. she doesn't eat much. And then thought how does she get the recomended amt of nutrients. Boy I eat too much lol and still don't get the recomended amts. I do usually have the right ratio of carbs, protein and fat but not enough b12, calc. ect. so not sure how to fix it but will see. will admit when eating paleo it was the best.
okay off I go for while. cya later

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1_AMAZING_WOMAN 8/24/2011 5:37PM

    I have had bladder issues for years, part of that is the aging but it gets really bad when I am having MS flairs. The doctors trained me how to do an effective kegal with the biofeedback machine. Previously they had only told me how to do it and it was not effective, but I learned very quickly how to do them with the biofeedback machine. That session was only one time, but very effective. Now I can do them effectively. They do help a LOT for age incontinance or issues with the pelvic floor, but not if I am having an MS flair. I don't do them all the time, but when I start having more issues I do them and can notice an immediate difference.


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COSMIC_ENERGY 8/23/2011 9:55PM

    OH Lord--I always had a bladder of steel. Now, if I have to go, I have to Go NOW!
I got to feel the earthquake today. Weirdly interesting. Ground felt as if I was tilting over. a couple times.

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NEW-CAZ 8/23/2011 10:17AM

    Hope all goes well tomorrow Cinders.

Loved the pic of Nico, so adorable!

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Welcome to the new addition

Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome to Nico our dd and her hubbys new addition. He is 3 and a very nice but slobbery dog. lol he sure makes a mess when he drinks! LOL but is settling in well.

We are home, and have gone down to meet the dog, then over to visit Thomas. had fun at both places and hubby spent most of his time on the floor at both places.
So now back to home for bit, and dr apt on Wednesday.
OH for my long time sparker friends, remember my "pole Lady" who walked the track? well she didn't walk over the winter and I hadn't seen her yet this year. She was out today and OMG I almost didn't recognize her without the poles, she has lost more wt. and totalled at 104 lost!!! she has gone from a size 24 to a size 8!! all walking.......... with her poles and WW. she looks great!
okay gotta go make supper, then going back to dd, to fix the baby gate to let the cats have their "go to place" till they all get used to each other!

cya later!

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TEMPEST272002 8/22/2011 9:52PM

    What a great new addition to the family. Handsome fellow!

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COSMIC_ENERGY 8/22/2011 9:07PM

    I've been seeing boxers everywhere lately. WTG pole lady!

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NEW-CAZ 8/22/2011 5:17PM

    aww bless, he's lovely Cinders!

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Interesting info on MS

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I am positive I don't have MS but had ordereda book from library on MS and diet and since it came thought I would just go through it to see. Well.......... the 5 foods that are triggers for MS: gluten, eggs, dairy, legumes and yeast. The biggest ones are gluten and either eggs or dairy for most people. Okay fine.......... then get this girls!!! they reccomend a paleoithic diet but not a lot of saturated fat.
To me this means a healthy diet, cos it eliminates processed food and junk focussing on veggies, nuts, fruit and of course the protein. MS suggests fish, chicken and not the red meat that paleo more so reccomends.
Interesting stuff cos I do feel better not on gluten and that also goes with findings for people with no gallbladder...
So since I know I find it so hard to do the strict elimination paleo diet and did it for 10 days with not a lot of diff. I am just going to ensure that I eat healthy and non processed as I said in previous post. Was just interesting to see it from a medical viewppoint that deals with neruo issues. hmmmm....
Well off in a bit to get some groceries. Hubby is trying to find out why the car is still leaking, seems it may be the hose from sun roof that is disconnected and leaking, has been an issue on other HHRs.
okay off we go.

OH OH dil has decided to choose to have a section ( had to with Thomas) and they have decided that Oct 31 Halloween will be the day. She is due nov 7 but went early with him, so ds thought that would be a great day. OMG halloween what a reason to chose a child's birthday!

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1_AMAZING_WOMAN 8/18/2011 1:02AM

    I know I do really well (for me) if I stay totally off gluten, and preferably off of dairy and eggs also. And, of course eliminate the saturated fats. I do eat legumes though with no apparent problem.


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TEMPEST272002 8/17/2011 10:27PM

    My birthday is the Oct 27 & I always had Halloween themed birthdays. It's still my favourite holiday. I think he's going to love having a Halloween birthday, especially if he has a twisted sense of humour like me!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Interesting stuff on the MS & food recommendations. It's good to read all the information, but then you have to see how that applies to you specifically. I certainly feel better since I started eating mostly whole foods.

I've noticed that I eat less grains now than I ever have. I didn't do it on purpose, but it just seems that I'm just naturally more attracted to fruit/veggies/lean meats. I used to have at least 4 pieces bread every day (toast & then sandwich) - now I have bread maybe once every couple weeks or so.

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COSMIC_ENERGY 8/17/2011 9:51PM

    Glad you are finding information that is working for you. Even if it's NOT MS. FIngers crossed. I have 2 friends with it and they are very active. Eat well my friend.

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JOYINKY 8/17/2011 6:20PM

    I think you are figuring out what you need to do for you.
Maybe Dil and Ds will have a change of mind before then; there's time. Hugs.

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NEW-CAZ 8/17/2011 12:25PM

    Good to know information Cinders.
Stock up with all the good stuff hun, from here on in you're going to take care of yourself.
Hope DH is sucessful with the car.

OMG emoticonHALLOWEEN!!!!

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Back and if you haven't followed don't bother to read.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Well, I am back, disgusted but okay and sad but fine. I was pretty good not very nervous until the guy zapped me the 3rd time in the first spot. So gave out some yelps and was so- so. Then he had to do 5 one after the otther on the side of my foot OUCH but okay. He said it is not what he also thought, nnot my sciatic nerve the path went right down and back up.... hmmm. then the dr came in and she showed me the needle very small, sharp but tiny. Okay well I started to deep breath and get very scared...daarn!!darn I am going to be fine. so she put the first one in tiny pick. okay heard my muscle on the puter was neat. then she said okay next one I got scared again she put it in and my leg must have tightened cos OMG pain. so she got the machine to do whatever. then said okay press hard with your toes against my hand... well I am postitive I was, felt like I was. he the other tech said press with both feet. did. then felt like my 3 toes all went over each other and I wasn't able to move them, then i got a charly horse in my bottom of my foot. I said OMG hurts hurts, and she said you aren't pressing, what is wrong I told her and she said well it isn't showing that. so she took the needle out and my thigh, and butt cheek were shaking so bad and i was crying so she said can't do more. ( was supposed to be 4-5) but I got 2 diff muscles so that is okay. I said now try cos I need to know and have to have it done, she said even if you relax and stop crying I can't do it when your muslcle is all tight. soooo proud I got the first part done. totally disgusted with myself for being so scared.
Hubby is did you do your best, yes, I tried hard, I asked them to continue I moved what I thought I was moving... so he said what di dyou do wrong other than tense up and cry nothing . so don't be so hard on yoursef. I just wish we had gotten a better check on the muscles. If they want more I am going to ask dr if I can get ativan or something before.
Anyway, cos we hadn't eaten hubby said lets go for lunch, we went to 2 places before we found something I could have. ended up with fish and salad. was very good. better I bet than hubbys hot chicken and fries and jello. lol
Okay now to get some more wet dry of the car cos the floor is wet on drivers side, something is leaking. So not down and out, willing to go back if needed but know that I don't want to waste any ones time ect. Feel really stupid and mad at myself but giving credit for doing as much as able and some was my body. not sure what that means other than it isnt sciatica. strange. they both said dr should check hip more. I tend to agree cos have that extra flab since my hyst on that side could be pinching something. anyway......... thanks guys without you I may have just freaked at the beginning. hubby said he was proud he thought I would cancel and hey didn't even bite my nails!!! LOL

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COSMIC_ENERGY 8/9/2011 8:42PM

    Glad you made it through as much as you did. Is there a med you could take that would make you a little lala and not tense up? I know you are disappointed you didn't get through it and get the information to figure out what's wrong. Keep trying.

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JOYINKY 8/9/2011 4:51PM

    I'm so glad DH is so understanding and supportive! I think you did great! You can't control your muscles tightening up and I certainly understand the tears. Hopefully they have what they need. It's good to know it's not sciatica but, I agree, you need to know what it is. In the meantime just keep making healty choices. You are your own best Dr. Hugs.

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NEW-CAZ 8/9/2011 3:54PM

    You did well Cinders, it's only natural to tense up when it hurts.
You survived emoticon
Glad you enjoyed lunch out emoticon

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TEMPEST272002 8/9/2011 3:44PM

    You did good. It's a hard thing to go through, but you did it. Don't beat yourself up at all. You were a trouper. As painful as this test is, it didn't last forever and the information your doctor is getting is very useful. You might want to try practicing some deep breathing techniques to calm yourself with for the next appointment. Do you think the 2nd time will be better or wose now that you know what to expect. For me, it's always easier the 2nd time. Once I've gotten through it once, I know I can do it again. Hugs!

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    emoticon I agree with DH, you did good! When it hurts like that you can't help but tense up.

Glad you found a good place for lunch!

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