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Thursday and POURING rain

Friday, August 15, 2014

But hey it isn't a cold rain and I only have to walk Allie, so will put my already wet, still drying clothes on and go in a bit. She doesn't mind. lol She gets extra lovin cos we have to dry her off. What a girl. Seems good today.

Well thankful so thankful that the company finally came through and did our roof for us. Was two guys that were done one job and come at 8:45 at night, nearly dark! But when I went out this morning, you cant see where it was fixed so that is great!! I guess will give them a thumbs up after all. Now the guy with the driveway was to come but it is pouring so give him one more chance. Feels so good to know one thing is done and off that list and we got it for the cheaper price since was just an after another job. Was only 4 shingles off when he got up there.

Been feeling a sense of urgency with this wt loss and healthy biz which hasn't been there before, Not sure why but hope it will stay, not bother me but stay. I have eaten well, did my exercises and was able to go up to 10 lb wts. with all but one, so my elbow is doing better as is my shoulder.

I got a really nice panel of material that I want to make a wall hanging with. Well 3 as it has 2 sides and a middle. Going to cut the middle and make one then do the other two. I don't have any batting right now so will wait till next pay to get batting, only cheap thin but do want something and then put a back on it. So what I like, and said to dd I am getting that one, not the colours for where I wanted it but can change walls. lol

Guess better go, have lunch and get a bit more done. Lazy day weather wise but don't feel lazy. that is good, however a nap later may be nice! lol

HUGS I don't mind a day of rain in summer...

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~KINDREDSPIRIT~ 8/15/2014 8:02PM

    Brings back memories of when I had my roof's been years you know how many years do they say it lasts? I want to say 15?


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DS9KIE 8/15/2014 5:08PM

    how the heck did the roofers see where to fix the roof...hope they fixed it....I guess you will find out with the rain

i would think when someone is is not coming to an appointment that they would call...silly me

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TEMPEST272002 8/15/2014 2:46PM

    Love those feeling motivated day! So glad the roof was fixed before the rain.

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    We are getting rain this weekend but I'm okay with that as my hubby and I are both tired and in need of rest.

Kind of weird to have your roof fixed at night but whatever gets it done is good for me. They must be very busy.

Sounds like both you and Allie are doing great and that really makes me feel good!

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SUSIEPH1 8/15/2014 1:16PM

    Sounds like a Win Win all around Cindy ..
Great all well and you are staying on track .. Your wall hanging sounds really lovely .. Pics when finished please? ..
Once again it is 3 45 am in the morning and I am Sparking on my I-Pad snuggled up with Bobby in bed .
Much easier than going to the office for the computer .. .
Stay well, keep moving .. be happy .. Love you ..hugs Susie xxx emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SEATTLE58 8/15/2014 12:15PM

    I know what you mean about how good it feels to get some construction guys to come out finally and then do a good job too! Wow, we even feel like paying them! ha! Way to go with the exercising! emoticon emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 8/15/2014 11:53AM

    Progress in all areas Cinders - great going on the exercises! emoticon

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Question on tablets.... please reply if you use a tablet

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Okay I am going to be getting a tablet so I can use it upstairs and also for when I am recuperating from my surgery when ever that is.
here is my question........... I don't care what type or brand you have... unless you had a lot of problems but

What size screen is best for you. and can also say which is best for reading if you wish LOL
I want to read books, go on my email, fb, and spark... that's about it oh pintrest. Hubby has an older one and is heavy, dad has a 6 and too small. so I was thinking 8 but some say 7. So what size do you use and what for!


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GRACED777 8/15/2014 12:29PM

    I use a 7" Android. It is a blessing. I use it for email, news, sparking, regular blogging, watching movies, reading blogs...beginning to use for Bible studying and some journaling. I also take photos and read books here.

Comment edited on: 8/15/2014 12:31:46 PM

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DS9KIE 8/14/2014 9:38AM

    i say the bigger screen...I can't imagine trying to read on a small screen...and do email with the button pushing you have to do.

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TEMPEST272002 8/13/2014 6:33PM

    Guess I shouldn't even reply as I have a tablet... but I don't use it. Way too much problems and frustration. Lasted 3 months & just as I was finally getting the hang of it, something mysterious happened and it refuses to turn on anymore. Back to paper books. lol

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SUSIEPH1 8/11/2014 11:38AM

    1 have a 9 inch Apple I pad .. I use it all the time .. It takes photos ... emoticon emoticon also I read books on it . I can skype on it and I am chatting to you on it now at 1.45 am in the morning ..
Couldn't sleep! ..
Hugs Susie xxx

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SONFLOWERGAMMY 8/11/2014 10:21AM

    I swear by my NOOK HD. I do everything on it except take photos and do video calls because it doesn't have a camera.
My sons bought me a 7" Nook Color when they first came out and since I loved it so much I now have a 9" which I love even more especially for movies, magazines, e-mail, web surfing and sparking which I do on it everyday. I have a 7" Dell tablet but only seem to use it when the grandkids are around to take pictures or when they wan to video call.
Here is a link to the Nook HD 9".

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SUSAN-FIT-N-FAB 8/11/2014 6:45AM

    I use my Kindle Fire as my tablet. My only issue, is not the tablet, but me, getting used to typing on the touchscreen.

I use it for books,magazines, MP3 playing, watching Amazon Prime content (free first 30 days), e-mail, the web....I wear the battery out daily LOL!

Whatever tablet you buy, you can download the free Kindle app to it for reading if it's not already installed. I recommend Kindle Buffet and Bookbub (you can google those) as a couple of great free book sites.

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What a walk Poor Allie!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Woke up to the type of weather mornings I love. Cool but not cold, and I didn't even want a sweater on. One guy was walking, "where's your jacket? " nope not yet I said. I don't know if it is my hormones or what but I enjoy that and yet can have a slight cool breeze on me in the house and need my sweater.
Anywayyyyy... Allie and I were getting ready for our walk. I could hear a slight pounding but nothing much. I thought hmm where is that. So we go 3 houses down and suddenly she STOPS looks, stares, and bolts back toward the house. Honestly, I was not able to hold the leash, thankfully early and no cars she ran all the way home and got up on the step. I got back and she crawled on my lap. She is terrified. I wrote I think before she got sick there was some men putting a roof on and she wouldn't walk on that road and still doesn't want to. Well that is what this is house down the corner is taking their shingles off. NO idea what started this as we have had her from beginning so not sure, unless before she was 8 wks old. So convinced her to get off the step, and we went down to the field. well I had to let go of the leash and she went a ways looked back and then kept going. Finally did her biz and I thought we will walk the woods, quiet, away from the noise. NOPE she pulled so bad, to go home so let go of leash and sure enough home.
Now she did eat her breakfast, thankfully as her pills are in there. and then wouldn't settle not even with me. She kept going upstairs, cry, back down, so opened the bedroom door, and hubby was awake enough that he put his hand down the side of bed, and she is laying on the floor with his hand on her back, both of them asleep.
Poor dog, If this foolish workman that is to come to repair our roof ever shows up, I will hopefully be home and can take her to dd house while he is here. only have a very few shingles blown off.
So other than that a good morning, well for me! LOL had a quicker than normal walk, thank heavens she kept waiting for me, my knee wouldn't go any faster. I was hungry so thought will have a kale salad cos we are meeting dad at the restaurant later for breakfast but 10 am is too late for me to wait when I am up at 7.
Hoping to have a good day, I want to go for another walk, without her before it gets too warm.
HUGS all and have a great day. OH the vet said her lytes were good so we can keep this med and then start to go to 3.5 pills a day and see. but will wait a while as we just lowered it.


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    Some of our chinchillas hate noise and others don't seem to be bothered. Some vets give owners mild sedation for when there are things like storms and such that scare them. I hope Allie gets used to this so she doesn't have to suffer.

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SEATTLE58 8/10/2014 2:55PM

    Poor sweet Allie! Oh, so precious that you two "parents" are so good and comforting to her. Just think how she curled up on your lap and then later slept next to your bed with your husband's hand on her. She would probably be a lot worse without your love and comfort! Something must've really spooked her when she was nigh unto a grasshopper! emoticon Well, you got some good exercise in, in the meantime. Good for you! I hope that you have a good day all day long! Hugs, Karen

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SUSIEPH1 8/10/2014 12:02PM

    Poor Allie.. She is certainly spooked ... Hope she feels better soon .. Well done on your walk! .. Would be great if you can get another walk in too ..
Did you know that walking is really the best exercise you can do for your body ? brings both Carcio and Strength into play .
Have a lovely healthy breakfast with your Dad ..
Lots of love ..Susie xx emoticon emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 8/10/2014 11:17AM

    poor wee thing. Certainly spooked her.
I hope she feels better emoticon

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JKPONYGIRL 8/10/2014 10:02AM

    awww poor pup. I hope she feels better

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FREGGIE 8/10/2014 8:38AM

    Could it be that she now associates work on a roof with 'getting sick' and maybe ' being taken to vet'?

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WDIPIM 8/10/2014 7:47AM

  Poor baby - you are a good mommy.

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Friday evening....

Friday, August 08, 2014

What a pain filled day. OMG the EXTREME pain in both my feet, and ankle of R side, toes extra bad on L foot. And my R thumb. Ironically my back was only so so even though wasn't walking well with the pain and also bad pain behind my knee again. Sitting isn't helping, Epsom salts soak no difference. OOMG but this too will pass. My R ankle is so sore, a full on constant pain not like hurt more like ache/throb. Oh well.

Had a good day other than pain. Good chat with hubby and then dd and us went to stores. We had to get Allies script filled, and then to the veggie store. LOL along with other stops when dd is with us. I almost thought of w/c at wallmart my feet hurt so bad. but walked cos still getting over 11, 000 a day and wanted my steps. I am done and will be resting rest of the eve. Hubby is on Allie duty and I am stopping. may go soak again and see if it helps.

Mind in a controversy over No S and just trying to eat proper and also proper portions. I honestly don't know if I can do the right amt of the trigger foods for me. But diets don't work, I have never been one to do all the strange stuff but man nothing is working right now. Stress and pain I think aren't helping.

But am happy still, chats with hubby and some stuff resolved and also going to the trailer the last 2 wks of august so I am looking forward to that as long as hubby is okay. If not then no sense staying. I have to be back to go for my physical on the 28th so think we are going for 12 days. a tad concerned about dad alone for that long even though dd will drop in am and pm. but that's okay.

All right off to soak my feet, heat magic bag and put on my R hand and then after just read and then going to do my physio and stretches. had hubby rub my neck as it was bad today too. Finally the thunder and rain came after saying so all week, presume that is part of the pain story.

HUGS all and hope you all do well this weekend. Me I just don't know where I stand but will try hard to remember what you do today helps or hinders your tomorrow!!

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SUSIEPH1 8/10/2014 12:43AM

    Hi Cindy ..
Glad you are going to the Trailer.. Will be good for you both .. Hope you feel better soon ..
Thanks for the email .. You have to do what you think is right for you both ..
Love You xxxSusie xxx emoticon

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JKPONYGIRL 8/9/2014 8:00AM


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NEW-CAZ 8/9/2014 3:16AM

    Morning Cinderelli,
hope you slept well and feel better this morning.
I know you're looking forward to the break!!

Have a great weekend hun emoticon

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    i hope you get some pain relief soon. I have been having headaches which I never have and my hubby has been having sore throats. It's always something!!

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Tuesday evening

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

I was going to wait till tomorrow to blog as Allie goes to the vet, but they won't have the results till Thurs am anyway.

Well still doing NO S, doing well on it, but not losing any wt. In fact, my pants are tighter and not sure why. We have been doing it together, and the past 2 weekends we weren't even overly indulgent. This weekend barely at all. I am still walking the dog, and have even started walking myself after supper ( take her then bring her home and go back out as she still isn't going as far as she was). I am drinking my water and doing my phsyio so really not sure. Portions are okay too. Only thing I am not eating as much veggies as before but not too much fruit so not sugar crazy as only weekend that we have sugar.

I am thinking of going back on what the naturopath had me do as I lost on it, I felt good, it didn't help my pain in the 3 months I stayed totally on it but maybe just losing some would help right now. Anyway, have to make a trip to bulk barn and veggie store tomorrow.

Haven't been to the trailer in ages, hubby has no interest, first said he wasn't keen on new owners of campground, then said didn't want all the kids around and we will go in sept. Well have to agree I do enjoy the quiet and serenity during the early and later months. We are still planning to have the trailer brought home and put in the driveway, saving money till we can afford to travel with it, I said you have hitch it is - wanting to go somewhere with it instead of leaving it sit.

Not much more new, frustrated as we have called 2 diff co to come give us quotes on driveway and roof and neither show up when they say. Argh...

We plan to take dad to the valley this week if the weather is any good. And hubby is saying he is working on fence but .... not out there. sigh again?? geesh. but it will get done, big job and could be overwhelming him.

Okay time to go watch some more of the show and get to bed. NIght all. and hopefully I figure what to do to get my wt moving again.


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    I hope you diet plan starts working better for you. It's frustrating when it isn't working the way you want.

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TEMPEST272002 8/6/2014 5:27PM

    Frustrating about the contractors! I enjoy children but I totally get why hubby wouldn't want to hang out at the trailer during peak family times.

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SUSIEPH1 8/6/2014 4:59PM

    Lovely to hear Allie is doing ok .. Glad you are still NS .. You really just need to add more veggies .and you should start losing again ..
Lots of fruit is good ..but remember fruit had lots of Carbs .. It's just tracking your macronutrients you need to do .. I know it is time consuming to start with .. But it will help you to lose weight ..
If you would like to see how I balance out my nutrients. Go to my page and click on my nutrition ..
Then you will see what I mean .. I hope this help Cindy ..
Hugs and Love Susie xxx emoticon emoticon

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    I wish we had a bulk store here. We really don't have a daily Farmer's Market either. I love fresh veggies though.

I hope you can get those projects done soon. Sounds like a lot of work.

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DS9KIE 8/6/2014 10:37AM

    just add the fruit and veggies and your body will love emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 8/6/2014 4:58AM

    It annoys me that firms don't turn up for quotes; I think you should call and say you're going elsewhere........if they can't show up to quote they won't show up and do the job!

My neighbour was given two quotes for the landscaping to be done in their rear garden only for the firms to reschedule a start date TWICE. He called and told them where to go and now has a locally recommended firm in and they've been working their nuts off over there this past week. Started on time, show up early every day, clear up the drive before they go...........................profes

Get a local recommendation Cinders- works wonders!!

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