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WOW so much info and hope

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thanks to spark person Sparkluke who was motivator the other day, and he mentioned his mum having fibromyalgia, and her blog, I have gotten a new appreciation for all that you can really do to help yourself if you really truly want to be better.
My dr said that most of my synptoms are still arthritis and a bit of fibro but I know that most of this relates to arthritis too. it is inflamation in your body. I did much better when i was eating as the naturpath suggested.
I just took the time with breaks to walk and stretch and went back to the first of her blogs. I learned how she was not able to move, think, had to quit work, ached evrywhere, didnt sleep well, pain in knees, back, feet, elbows ( hmmm sound familiar?) and how she slowly has gotten better.
Now know that there are going to be some people that will scoff, or say OMG that is too much work. Well I agree, it is an imense amount of work but if you really want to get well and not just wish to be well, and hope that someday some magic thing is going to make you well, but are willing to try and work and work hard to do these thinsg I have no doubt that it will work.
I am going back to my eating less processed and less sugar as that is what I have been having issues with again. I will then get out my vinegar etc. which i used to use and mostly still do for cleaning, I will add more ginger and garlic to my meals. eat the foods that are said to be anti inflammatory. My biggest challenge will be to clean up the shampoo, toothpaste, cosmetics ( dont use a lot ) and find alternatives that are chemical free. Yes you can find recipes on line for that too.
YES a lot but take it one step at a time... I hope that some of my friends go read her blog, and more than that do what she has done. TRY don't say omg too much work, too $$, has been provenby her and some other friends of mine and myself that eating healthy is not that much more as long as you cut out the other stuff. cant buy chips, pop, etc for family and healthy for you and not expect it to be less. but none of us need it.
Anyway........... I am going to get a big drink of water cos I am super hot again, hot flashes galore the past 2 days, wonder if that is why I am not sleeping as well etc. then going to go and read for a while. I have a healthy book from library that I will start.
So hope my friends take my advice, and I too can stick with it. HUGS to all and hope that even reading it will stick in your mind so you may start some of this sooner than later.......

here is her blog.......

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BARGAINSHPR 9/15/2013 1:12PM

    Sometimes it is hard to do what we know is best for ourselves when there are a lot of doubters out there and negative people. So I'm glad you're pushing forward in spite of the "OMG" people. Kudos and a big hug. Take it one day at a time baby steps if you need to do. Don't forget to celebrate the successes no matter how small.

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 9/15/2013 9:35AM

    great to see you are starting to eat proper again, I thought my new eating lifestyle would be impossible but 8 months on it is now just what I do

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    i think diets like this are the best way, especially for someone like you with your medical problems.

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CHRISTASP 9/12/2013 7:42AM

    Thanks for sharing!

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FORMYDARLINGS 9/12/2013 3:15AM


This sounds very interesting and I am going to read her blogs. I hope you find some peace and relief by making these changes and that you are able to set your mind on becoming well again.


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SUSIEPH1 9/12/2013 2:54AM

    Glad you are thinking about what certain foods do to your body ...
I eat mostly gluten free .. and very seldom eat processed food.. I have found that the arthritis is less likely to flare and the fibromyalgia is less painful.
All the preservatives and additives in processed foods are quite dangerous ..
My aches and pains are much less evident when I am eating raw and healthy ...
Hope it works for you too .. Hugs Susie xx emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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RAINBOWMF 9/12/2013 2:43AM

    We can all do it, we just have to want to.

emoticon emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 9/12/2013 2:31AM

    I don't touch processed foods now, in fact on the one or two occasions when time has been short and I've resorted to one I've hated the taste anyway!

It makes sense to have fresh fruit/veg/ meat to me!

Have a good day emoticon

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SOPHIEDO13 9/11/2013 11:01PM

    Definitely stay away from processed foods. Also when I was young we didn't have much money and for toothpaste we used baking soda, funny now they add it to the toothpaste but you can substitute that for your brushing. Hope I've helped and best wishes.

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Monday eve

Monday, September 09, 2013

HI all!!!
Well a first for a long while! Very little pain after this am, but have been very dizzy and tipy when we were out. Good thing hubby stayed near. lol
So got home from the store and next door has her laundry all over and across our shared front step. her bra, and winter hat, panties, winter vest, geesh. and get this the sun is on the other side of the house in the afternoon, but she has all this out in the front yard! OMG Said to mur hmmm bra, panties a dress... he said I didnt' bother to look and bet she forgot she put them out there.

Hubby moved all dads furniure away from the walls, and measured for what we neeeded. We went and got that today and now tomorrow he will start it. So we are really pleased at what we needed and aside for a lot of cuts to make in hallway shouldn't be too bad. hope to get the framing for closets done, he isnt sure he will get the doors on but maybe.

My friend that was to help with letter and was sick yesterday ended up at dr today with a eye and sinus infection and meds. dr said stay in bed and let the meds work then see how you do. So she will call tomorrow. thats okay as I only got my return call from red x today.

Well presume dad got to his brothers, as noone has called to say where is he? LOL I hope he has a good time, he will be beat today that was a 5 hr flight as he had 2 stops. oh well he will be okay I hope. hoping they nap as ghe does and he wont say I want to lay down. lol he is a big boy and can speak for himself if he wants.

Guess better go and take allie for a walk. I am tired and it is early... but think will make a smoothy haven't had any in whlle.
Hope all are well and doing their best. I can honestly say I need a kick in the butt big time.
HUGS all and cya later'

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    LOL. The "intimate" laundry was too much. Your neighbor must be very weird.

I'm eager to get back to remodeling too but hubby is down in his back and my hand is not healed and, I have to watch my heart rate. Always something.

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 9/9/2013 6:52PM

    hope your dizziness settles down, have a great evening

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Friday evening

Friday, September 06, 2013

Just got back from last walk and had put fitbit on charger to sync and went out the door without it. now not over my 10,000 but know it would be near 11. darn oh well I know I went.
Back has been sore today, not sure why -in that I didn't do anything to annoy it lol

Tomorrow is cole harbour days here in our community and parade, farmers market, art show, some booths and games and run, also fireworks at night that we will see perfectly off our deck. So will walk over and see whats up, then we are gong to the recycle place to take our oils etc. and not sure what else, then will watch fireworks.

Sunday my friend is coming over to help with my letter, also have spark friend that is knowledgeable in this as she has gone through it all that will help me also. I am thankful for the help and any suggestions.

Monday dad leaves for Ontario. Pretty good be 88 in november and off to see his only living sibling of 9. his twin brother and he are the only 2 left. Neat eh? He is gone for 4 days so hope all goes well.

Anyway hope to sleep better this eve. Not sure why I am not sleeping well at home and am at trailer. could be the noise but we are used to that, think it is cos I am hot and cold here and just seem okay at trailer. have a quilt and sheet, and perhaps the quilt is too heavy but no extra blankets only quilt or duvet. oh well will survive.
Off to read for while. have 2 books on the go LOL HAHA Caz, but am going to read the mystery see who killed the 2 diff murders going on. like an adult nancy drew. oh i loved those and before that the bobbsey twins lol

night all sleep well adn good morning to some. HI Susie!

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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 9/7/2013 10:03PM

    I hope you got a good night's sleep!

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    I'm reading a book too. I have been trying to read some at bedtime any more.

There is a lot going on in our community right now too. Lots of fairs and festivals.

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CRAFTSFAN1 9/7/2013 6:38PM

    Enjoy your reading and have a good trip. emoticon

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RAINBOWMF 9/7/2013 5:33PM

    That is great about your Dad.

Too bad you forgot your fitbit, I hate that.


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NEW-CAZ 9/7/2013 2:30AM

    I have a feeling I know why you're not sleeping emoticon
Sounds like you have a weekend planned, I'm off to Uxbridge for a break from packing and see the places I love to visit, won't be long before I'll not see them again emoticon

I love people watching at the Pret-a-Manger cafe, just watching the world go by emoticon

Catch ya laters.........get some sleep! emoticon emoticon

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SUSIEPH1 9/6/2013 10:50PM

    Hi Cindy. Yes it is 12.30 pm here in Oz .. Glad you are getting help with the letter .. Will make all the difference .. Enjoy your evening my friend .. Love Susie xx emoticon emoticon

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Thursday Morning

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Good morning... I slept well again and woke with sore back and body parts but at least I slept. That is huge as most of you know. Walked allie and then came back and had a healthy breakfast. Doing well on food choices but only walking right now but that's okay.

Turned the heat on this morning to get the chill off. Hasn't rained but looks like it will and is damper. Going to walk with hubby and allie in a bit. Not sure if my friend is coming out this afternoon or not but that's okay, I have my books and think I will just try to relax my mind. Not going anywhere with that letter. I am having a friend who is pretty efficient at writing govt docs. as she worked there for years help me. She offered and I said maybe, talked to hubby and he said well she can help and if you don't like it don't use it. She will give you ideas anyway.
Guess best go help hubby, he is doing dishes before we go for a walk.
HUGS all take care of yourselves.

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FENWAYGIRL18 9/5/2013 10:35PM

    Wish you'd feel better... good for you with your food choices, glad your relaxing take care

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RAINBOWMF 9/5/2013 10:08PM


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CANDOK1260 9/5/2013 8:55PM

    emoticon hope you feel better soon

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 9/5/2013 8:01PM

    hope your pain settles and you have had a good day

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SUSIEPH1 9/5/2013 3:03PM

    Cindy dear,You would be most wise to take up your friends offer to help with the letter ..
So glad you are feeling more settled love .. Hugs Susie emoticon emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 9/5/2013 11:49AM

    Take up the offer Cinders!
Have a great day emoticon

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    I think you should definitely have that friend help since she is an expert. She probably has some great tips. I'm sleeping pretty good too. It's a relief.

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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Good morning sparkers. I actually slept well last night, even though we are at the trailer, and hbby has slept in nearly 10 and he is still in bed. Good we both needed it.
Now I have to convince myself to get started on that letter. Procrastination is not a friend in any way,shape or form as it is just feeding my fear, making me nervous, thinking I can't do it, thinking I won't get it, figuring I shouldn't get it............ OH MAN.
Well going to wake hubby up, get us some breakfast, and walk allie. Then we will go down and pay for the early deposit on our lot and the elec. bill for here. We have to go to get some buns for lunch for hubby and sil sausages. Or maybe he will use bread... she may have hers in salad as I will.
Deep breath............ I am worth it, I do deserve it, I am hurtiing, aching and unable enough to have it... I am not a fraud, Others see a diff me, they know I can't where as I still seem set out to prove I should not just I can.
ARGH I hate this............ HUGS sparkers and for those of you that have no idea on the last bit, there are some that do and I know they understand.
Off I go to get a better handle on the day. It started good just my mind letting it get away with me. HUGS

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 9/5/2013 8:03PM

    this is something you have to do, can I help

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IAM_HIS 9/4/2013 9:22PM

    Very good blog...enjoyed your honesty!

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    Procrastination is a terrible thing....I think you are right that feel can sure feed it. I hope you got some work done on your letter by the time you read this.

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    Just push to get through the letter and try not to worry. They turn down almost everyone in the states initially. It discourages people who are frauds but people like you who can't give up have no choice but to continue so you can get what you need.

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NEW-CAZ 9/4/2013 10:07AM

    I understand you perfeckly LOL emoticon emoticon

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WALLINMW 9/4/2013 8:54AM

  Great Blog! You can do this, one pound at a time!

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EMPRESSAMQ 9/4/2013 8:46AM


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