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Thursday Day 14 Just call me barometer

Thursday, October 07, 2010

I knew it but didn't know it could be that bad. Yestrday I no word of a lie, had to crawl up the stairs once or twice during the day cos my R knee wouldn't hold me. I don't want to put undo stress and pain on my operated knee so literally crawled. ANyway......... much better this morning, they now only ache I can go up and down but slowly. And it is POURING RAIN. I have to find a happy medium, how do I work if I can't walk somedays. Hoping that losing this wt. and doing more exercise will help.
Today I think I will spend some time in my craft room or knit a bit. I want to get 2 gifts done. One is for a cousins bday, ( back in June but she said she would wait till after the wedding if it ensured her getting handmade LOL) the other is the scarf for sil xmas. and I realized I didnt take a pic of the xstitch for dd, or if I did I haven't gotten it on the puter yet.
So since it is pouring, I will have another lazy day, we must go get gas today as it is to go up tomorrow 4 cents.
I am thankful for Caz's good news and for Jody knowing to try to rest. All you spark friends mean the world to me. Hope you all have great days and good choixes as I hope to climb higher and hold titgher to that rope. I was sliding down yesterday with all that pain.
CYa have a super day! emoticon

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COSMIC_ENERGY 10/7/2010 11:02PM

    Dang-I'd be parked on the dr's doorstep. Hope it is beginning to recover from the set back. Don't overdo...Visualize healing and love for the knee that carries you well.

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JAC-ATTACK 10/7/2010 11:59AM

    Knees take a long time to heal. I injured mine in January, and when it wasn't better in March I complained and complained. The doctor told me it would take a while to heal, and I thought 2months once enough! then today I realized that my knee is better. It took more time than I expected, but it did get better. He was right.

I hope the same things happens for you! You are taking care of yourself, and that's the best!

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Tuesday Day 12 and going to be right on track.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Okay guys I am back from our holiday, from getting dad back home so ready to have a me day. Just me, dh and getting groceries.
yesterday turned out good knee wise and I was able to go with my friend to the salt marsh trail. We did 4km at med speed I suppose. That was fine as I had to watch my knee an she had new shoes on. Later we went to get dad at the airport and he didn't want to go home so we went for chinese. Well all was fine, tasted great, even though I knew the sodium would have me up, I figured dad doesn't want to be alone after being with family and then plop him off at his house so no I went. Ended up in bathroom many times so between bad cramps and interupted sleep I didn't do well.
This morning I feel fine, but am up - way up as the Friendly Giant used to say ( Canadian kids my age will remember Freindly and Jeronme the giraffe and Rusty the rooster! but most of all the chair to curl up in!) anyway, I am back on track. Wrote my food, took my pills, and will get my liquids into me. I walked the dog and will walk myself perhaps over to see Thomas.
Okay gotta get some laundry started and the kitchen tidyed.
Cya later. have a great day all!

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COSMIC_ENERGY 10/5/2010 8:27PM

    You rock Cinders! Glad you are back. Biggest Loser is on--thinking about you watching too.

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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 10/5/2010 9:04AM

    You are way up! Good to hear that you are taking such good care of yourself.

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Thursday day 7 of renewal! a week done

Thursday, September 30, 2010

LOL a week seems longer that I have been doing well than that. I have gone from 193-191 not overly impressed cos of the big numbers I did in August. Although I am pleased really cos 1-2 lbs is the good amount and I am doing it right. I know I am, so please don't let me get stuck on scale numbers when there isnt a lot of body changes yet. I have been so diligent on portion control and today is the first day I have been hungry - I had oatmeal this am and it never seems to satisfy me. Interesting cos it is supposed to. oh well have a good protein lunch. We have running around to do today so will eat before we leave.
My neighbour's apt with the phcyc was cancelled so she says so don't hae to go with her.
I am washing every mat that is in dads apt. I want them all cleaned before he gets back and if we weren't going waway I would steam his carpets but no time.
Well better go get some lunch ready as really hungry and dont want to start picking.
cya later

Well it is later, we were over to Thomas'house this eve, I got my hair cut and really like it. and dh got to watch Thomas crawl around stand up to things and talk lots. He hasn't been over when he was crawlin lot and was amazed. so we wound him up good then she was getting him ready for bed. lol
now have to get a veggie tray made up, store didnt have any so bought the veggies, which was fine - cheaper and I have saved a tray they come in. also want to fill in some cantaloupe to take in the car, along with banana. Dh laughed only 3 hrs I said yea and I will get hungry so better this than stopping at Tims for tea and doughnut. anyway thats my plan. If i can get home and weigh on Monday and be a maintain I will be very pleased.
Okay off to get that done then pack and get to bed.
cya. hopefully will have use of either our laptop or their puter. if not seeeyou all on monday eve!!! oh takin my travel journal with me. I am planned now to stick with it!

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COSMIC_ENERGY 9/30/2010 11:20PM

    Hey-if I go away will you come deep clean for me? LOL!

WTG on 2 lbs keep renewing daily.

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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 9/30/2010 6:46PM

    sounds like you are having a good day!! cleaning burns's a good thing.

I find protein really helps curb hunger too. You are making smart choices.

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Tuesday a planned great day and new motivator for me

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Okay this may be long but have some things to say and talk to my reg. spark friends about.

First off my neice Kim is still in hospital but her heart hasn't done that again so they are hoping it will, or she goes home with heart monitor for while. She is probably facing surgery either way just depends how fast on where this problem is located in her heart.

2nd Ei called me yesterday afternoon, and sooooo sorry sorry , but you are now changed to reg. ei and will get $ in your bank in 2 days for sure. WHEW a huge whew. and also asked some questions on retraining and a few other things I needed to know. I haven't been on EI since way way back when you did it all by hand, and took your sheet in. So now will call and see about the re training, apparently you usually have to try to find work for 3 months, and know that my sick time looking doesnt count as wasnt supposed to even look.

I called the IT training I was told about by job bank. They are not geared to anyone getting ei in last 3 -5 years but she said if she has empty spaces she will take others. so hoping for an empty space. will find out when she fills her course requirements. so guess I need to call the number about re training. But have to wait to get my first money and then also my first forms done.

My sil ( dh sister) and bil were over last night. She is my new inspiration. She has always been my fav. sil of the 5 of them. She like many of us gained wt with each child. She was obese not sure what she weighed but looked at least 240-250 and is about 5'4 r 5. Few years ago at least 5 her hubby quit his job, bought part of the biz from his boss all on a loan and went out on his own but had the clients. Still stressful and her bp went up. Dr suggested walking so she started walking, and kept at it, eventually joining a womans gym. She has now become very fit, trim and healthy. She has scoliosis, thyroid issues and low iron. So has her own medical issues that can make her lose wt slower make her tired ect. she has persevered and has been for at least 3 years now at around 120-125. looks great and has some serious muscles. she goes to the gym daily and they asked her if she would work the desk for 2 hrs week. not much but whynot. well they just realized she doenst have cpr etc. so they cant give her more hurs but if she wants to get her cpr, and some general fitness training they will give her more hrs. She said okay, she has to pay for this but after that they will help her upgrade and will help her do more to be fitness instructor!!!! she is so pleased and excited and I am too, she will not be doing arobics but the one that helps on the machines and weights. good for her.
so she is telling me this last night, and I am so glad for her, and happy that things are going great. I said so cool, you knwo darlene i think of this often. I want to do something that can help and benefit women that are not sure of themselves and unsure where to turn and what to do. I more want to incoprorate the entire being I guess a wellness coach or something. so she said well do it. I am not sure what I have to start at or where to start. there are not a lot of that around, fitness centers yea so may go ask where do I start ect. I know that unless they have courses that ei will pay for it can't be my main goal but hey would need secretarial to do biz end. So Darlene is my motivator. Also once we get our basement set up, I may ask her to come over and show me some weights that she does. She did say once when I said I was doing whatever she said great that is a good wt. I was there and just work it up. so since dh drags his feet, I may ask her. That is a while yet but thats okay at least thinking about it.

My knees are both achy but it is dull, rainy and foggy very foggy, so I took an arthrotec and my reg vitamins. The back of my right is sore enough that when I get up it buckles so will be going slower today just to take care. but will try to do the bike or just some floor stuff while biggest loser is on.

Dad is leaving today to visit his twin brother in Ontario today, they are the only ones left of 9 kids. Glad he is still able at 85 to do this on his own, he did agree to a w/c at the airport as his legs are not great. So we have his car while he is gone, tomorrow I will go give his apt a great airing out and cleaning while he is gone. perhaps we will rent a carpet cleaner between us, him and lisa and do all our carpets. his need them badly. Then we leave on friday for PEI for dh mothers 75 bday. my sil mentioned above is driving with us, as her hubby will be coming later. i hope that my neice is okay and able to atttend the party too.

Well yea I was long winded today, lol but really feel good and optimistic even with my achy knees today. I am down to 191 even lowest in long while which is nice. Today, take dad to airport, do 2 loads of laundry, make healthy supper and maybe get my hair cut. have to call dil to see if they are busy adn if son is working other job this eve cos then he and dh and baby can hang out while she cuts my hair. so hair cut and see Thomas. bonus.

I hope that you are all having a good day and can really see that we can do this. I am trying to make sure that I hang onto this positive motivation and keep moving and eating well, must get my water back on track.

hugs cya later

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COSMIC_ENERGY 9/28/2010 11:51PM

    Sounds great and glad you have such a talented - motivating SIL!

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ALEXSGIRL1 9/28/2010 5:42PM

    it is good your sister and law is in your corner. i hope you look into those classes to be a wellness coach that would be awesome. keep walking and have sil show you some weight moves you will be stronger in no time. life just doesnt come to you you have to go after it. emoticon

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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 9/28/2010 4:25PM

    That's great that you have a SIL as inspiration. Sounds like she has done it the right way by building up slowly and consistently. I really think that is the key to success.

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Monday day 4 going to be good day

Monday, September 27, 2010

I am being optimistic because it is the only way to be. First off we got a phone call last eve.
My neice age30 was admitted to the hospital yesterday with fainting, dizziness, and blackouts where she felt blind. The diagnosis is wollf parkinson smilth syndrome. It is a heart condition where it beats too much or too irregular I am not sure read about it but wasn't really comprehending the site I was on. Anyway they have told her that they are not sure which area is affected and she could just die, or it can be treated. hmmm. Scarey stuff for anyone but more so for a 30 year old, whos father passed suddenly of a heart attack 6months ago. Also her dads side has many heart attack people and apparently 4 cousins died of this many years ago. So prayers please if yu are the praying kind KIm will appreciate itall. I am so glad she made it to dd wedding as we hadn't seen her in ages.

2nd and important to me, but not as much as Kim's health is I called ei. They have no clue why they are a week late, and started with did you see an agent etc. I said yes told them al the dates, boils down to they are a week late and have till close of biz wed to recitify. Call back Thurs if noone has called you. Olay and I am wondering what power I have on Thurs to fix this but okay. I hipe it gets fixed I need to know.

So today, woke at 8 am!!! dh fell asleep downstairs around 2 came to bed at 3:40!!!! I woke and he said I am not tired, within 3 mins he was snoring and I was wide awake so at 5 after dozing and all I went in the other bedroom and slept well. Got up and took dog around track and now I have to decide what I am going to do as a walk, Really want to go to the beach or trail and it is awesome out so even if dh won't go today will be the day. I wil be fine in broad daylight. Today is monday 500 steps day too. I will for sure be doing that.

Food has been good, I am down to 191.8 so that is new for me, as Aug showed me at 192.6. The pants and top I have on this am to exercise make me feel good so I feel thinner and that is always a bonus to continue on.
Must go get breakfast as my belly is actually growling lol
Hope you all have a super choice day and I will be baack later to update.

Back and glad to say I went to the salt marsh trail and did a 4.5 km ( about 2 3/4 mi) in one hour. Not bad it is gravel except towards end it is stone a tad harder to walk on. My operated knee did okay till about little better than 3/4 of way back and my "good" knee well the bck of it has been tight all day and stayed tight but I was determined I was walking that trail today.
Now will do my steps if need be will do 250 and break then 250. Also must get my dusting done and tidy batrhoom and wash kitchen floor ( maybe).

It is 10 pm and have to say that I was only able to do 300 steps as the back of my knee was sore. I find it is still sore now and have iced it ect. but just went odwn to let the dog in and coming up it made a strange feeling and sound. this is th eone not operated on ad it isnt the front at all. so did a great walk, 300 steps and a lot of stretching. so still pleased. Had our company and I made pb cookies that dh can eat with no wheat and cornmeal muffins with flour and others with rice flour. I had my cup of tea and those cookies didnt intice me at all. PB cookies are not my fav and i knew I only had 96 calories left and I wanted my yogurt. So again ya for me! now off to bed. cya

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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 9/28/2010 3:29PM

    I believe you are referring to Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome. It's good they figured out what is going on with her.

Sorry to hear about your knee. I hope that it doesn't cause a lot of problems for you.

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COSMIC_ENERGY 9/27/2010 10:34PM

    Yikes-that sounds scary! I'm tired now thinking of your lack of sleep! Sounds like you're on track!

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ALEXSGIRL1 9/27/2010 6:48PM

    you are doing well with the exercise and i really will pray for your niece. emoticon

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DIANA_IS_BACK 9/27/2010 8:59AM

    My thoughts and prayers are going out to you and your family, especially your niece. Sounds like you have a strong family who will unite as a support system for her. That is a blessing as there are many who don't have that.

I can relate to the sleeping thing. My DH wakes me up all the time (he works nights) then starts snoring.... it is so hard to get back to sleep with the eruption of noise happening next to me. (for some reason it does not wake me if I am already asleep.)

emoticon I admire the fact that you managed to pull yourself out of bed and have plans to continue taking care of you! That is the most important thing! WTG!!!

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SCSONGBIRD 9/27/2010 8:54AM

    Hi. I am so sorry to hear about your niece. What a worrisome thing for someone so young to cope with. I will pray for her and for your family.

Good luck with your program today.

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