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Wrap up of P90x- Week 1

Sunday, February 16, 2014

So tonight I did my last work out for P90x- Week 1. I did it, I didn't skip any, even the 11/2 hour yoga workout. I was supposed to have my rest day today but Saturday is my long run day and I don't want to give that up either. So depending on my energy level after my long run I will either do my work out on Sat or have to forfeit my Sunday Rest day.

Day 1- Chest, Back & Ab Ripper: I don't have anywhere to put a chin up bar so I had to come up with some alternative exercises. I decided to go with Lat Pull downs, using the same grips that they use. It seemed to be a good fit. As for Ab Ripper- I was crying emoticon While I would admit I have lost some of my ab muscles from not working out like I used to I really thought I would be ok with this work out. It was KILLER!!

Day 2- Plyometrics: (After Day 1 workout I felt like I had been hit by a truck!! emoticon But in a good way, anyone that lifts will know exactly what I mean by that. it was amazing! I was slow moving and could barely push open a door but I was smiling!)
I was kind of surprised by this one. Being an Insanity Girl I was expecting hard core, Go, Go, Go. Its not.. not that I didn't think it was a good work out, it was, in a different way. P90x is a totally different workout, nothing like Insanity. I have to keep reminding myself of that.

Day 3- Shoulders & Arms & Ab Ripper: Another good work out. Nothing really stuck out for this one. I did do better on the Ab Ripper. I could do more reps than I could on Day 1, with less tears! Except for the last move, I really struggle with that one. I end up with so much pressure on my hip or the side of my thigh during this one. I don't know if I am doing something wrong or what? I just take my time and keep focusing on their form, hoping I will get it..

Day 4- Yoga X: I am not a big fan of these HOUR long workouts. so this one was kind of a mental hurdle for me. To top it off I had to get up early to do this one, 3AM EARLY... We just had too much going on this evening for me to be able to get this one in. So it was either skip it or get up early. Since I didn't want to start off on the wrong foot by skipping a work out already I was up 2 hours earlier to get this one in before work. It was hard to drag myself out of bed, I mean come on...it's yoga. On the other hand it was a teensie little more appealing since it would be slower pace and allow me to wake up slowly instead of being thrown right into burpees or some hard core cardio. This was an entertaining one. First off it is EXTREMELY hard to keep your eyes on the tv to watch and learn the moves if you don't already know them. Especially since for most of the moves your head needs to be down, so I had that working against me the whole time. Obviously I am not familiar with most of the yoga poses.. I was usually behind on everything. It was hard to keep my balance and watch the moves at the same time. And WHO can hook their fingers around their toe & straighten their leg out?!?! I came to the conclusion that the Corpse and the Fetal Position are my favorite! emoticon Just kidding, overall I did enjoy this and I look forward to seeing my flexibility and strength come around, I really think there is some positives to be gotten from yoga.

Day 5- Legs, Back & Ab Ripper: Another good work out. Again, nothing sticks out.

Day 6- KenpoX: This one is fresh in my mind since I just did it. This is my first exposure to the fighting/kickboxing workouts. And I LOVE IT!!! Hands down i think this was my favorite. It was fun and fast. However I am pretty sure that anyone that happened to watch me would think it was a HOOT! emoticon Again I had to cut down on the reps on some of them because I had to really watch them to know what to do. And a few of the moves once all put together went pretty quick! Hard for me to watch and put together before they were done! I was probably the sweatiest on this one.

That sums up my first week. I really enjoyed it. I don't really have anything negative to say about any of it. I DO have to remind myself it is NOT Insanity. It is NOT hard core Cardio 6 days a week. But that being said, hopefully I will get better results, better long term results from this program. I haven't lost any weight.. But I did take my measurements and right now I am going to focus more on those than the scale. I can honestly say that even if I haven't lost any weight (yet) I feel different.. Leaner? Stronger? I don't know but I can feel it.

I think I will probably get a better workout (for all these workouts) once I am more accustomed to the moves and can focus more on me and pushing my limitations and not watching them so closely to get the moves down.
I am hoping that this is a good thing for me and I get the results I want. I really need some positive changes to put me back on track mentally. I know that is all I need to build up my confidence again emoticon

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NICKJAROSH 2/17/2014 12:16PM

    Way to go!

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DOG_MOM 2/17/2014 7:00AM

    Way to go on making it through week one! And good on you for doing all of YogaX. I was horrible with that one. I'd either skip it or do "most" of it. LOL.

Keep up the great work!

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Survey for anyone that has done P90x and Insanity

Sunday, February 09, 2014

I now have P90x!!! I am so excited! I am bored with my current stuff so I am excited to start this. I am a little worried about the length of the workouts though. I like to work out before work and getting up at 3:45 (ugh) is early enough just to get in a 40 minute workout..

My other question is which is better for weight loss? My ultimate goal is to lose the remaining 30 lbs I have to lose. However, I don't want to be skinny. I want to be lean, toned & muscular. But the weight loss is more important to me first. I have done enough research to lose the first 30 lbs to know that strength training is an important part of it and a great way to burn calories/fat. I know the burn lasts longer.. so I know you can lose weight with P90x. But I also know you get more Cardio (which= more cal burn) with Insanity and still get strength training using your own body weight.
Curious to hear your thoughts...

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    The best place to ask this question might be the P90X or Insanity teams on SP. Doing both programs is pretty hardcore, so you'll need to poke around where all the Beachbody fans hang out to find people who have done both. There is a third option that a lot of people do, and that is a hybrid, basically doing the P90X strength videos and substituting Insanity instead of the Plyo X and Kenpo X. There's other variations people have tried as well. I've never done a hybrid myself so I can't comment on it.

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TEMPENATIVE 2/11/2014 1:55PM

    I have not done either yet but clicked on your blog to see what people had to say! iv been thinking about doing 1 or the other, but I just havent been able to commit. I need to majorly kick my fat in the face, so one of these should do it! Tell us what you think of the program and your process. emoticon

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DOG_MOM 2/10/2014 12:36PM

    I was able to lose about 8 lbs/month with P90X. I am also a pretty slow loser, I normally can average 5-6.

I liked most of P90X. YogaX was where I normally skipped or fell of track because frankly, yoga bores the living daylights out of me and is painful.

The videos are good quality. Tony Horton is cheesy as all get out (the 10th time you hear the Pterodactyl joke it won't be quite so funny). Overall they're really good workouts. I plan on doing the whole thing again once I lose enough weight that my knees can handle it.

If you do it, make sure that you write all of your weights and reps down, because you will definitely forget.

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I give up!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I created this blog entry 4 times. Each time I had it 90-100% complete and then lost it.
I give up....
Getting all snuggled in to watch American Horror Story. Maybe i will try again over the weekend!

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    You know what I've started doing? Type up my blog (when, on rare occasion I write one anymore) in Word and when it's all done the way I want it, copy and paste it in here. I can never lose it like that, or if I do, I just go copy and paste it again instead of having to recreate it.



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CAROL494 1/22/2014 9:52PM


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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ugh, I am thankful this day is almost over. With the exception of lunch with my hubby and time with my kids tonight the day was blah.
Lets see... started off the day having to pay in for Biggest Loser. First off the scale we have to weigh in on is +5 compared to my scale at home. Which I am aware of so even though I know the # isn't accurate it still irritates me to see that number. Then I find out I gained 2 lbs!!! How can I be down 6 on Sunday and up 2 three days later? To wrap it up I did my measurements tonight. I can't find my last set but I know they were definitely better than these..


1. I have stayed within my daily calorie range. I don't even adjust according to my workout. I am not a fan of that, I feel like it gives me too much leeway. And I try to make good choices. I will eat carrots for a snack instead of cookies :)

2. I have been running 4x a week (20-25 miles per week)


1. Up until yesterday I did not have any strength training in the mix & I was only working out 4 days a week. Now I added a 30 day circuit training program in the mix. I am hoping that the cardio of my running and this addition will help steer me in the right direction.

2. Two of my friends have brought up sodium intake. This is a good question since I don't know what my sodium intake even should be!? I know I have looked at it before on here but it defaults and I don't know if those #s are what I should be going by. Does anyone know how to figure that? (I'm sure if I googled it I can come up with something too, gotta love the internet) I honestly think most of the time I am ok.

3. Fountain pop!!!! Over a year ago I cut regular pop completely out of my life. I think I have had one sip along the way due to being given the wrong pop and it was like syrup!
We have diet pop in the house all of the time now & I allow myself one a night, if I even want that. BUT i am a total sucker for McDonald's Diet Coke. Seriously, I don't know what they put in there but it is my one weakness. I go in streaks too.. I can stay away from it for a while and then I'll get on a kick where I have a couple a week. I know they are 0 cals but I also know that doesn't make them good for me either. I don't like the idea of the Aspartame or the Caramel coloring going in my body.

I know I am just being hard on myself. I have super high expectations, since a year ago I was 12 lbs less than I am now & had a lot more definition. I just feel like I am failing. its ridiculous, i know. So below are a few little things that I can do or just started doing to make me feel better about where I am and what I am doing about it.

** Starting tomorrow I am going to cut out McDs fountain pop for a week. If that goes well I hope to extend that and hopefully eliminate it all together.
**Added in a Strength/Cardio supplement in addition to my running to get my definition back and hopefully help drop the weight.
**Make my short runs 3-5 miles Tempo Runs to ensure I am kicking up my heart rate in addition to building my endurance back up.

Tomorrow is another day. I won't let this mood carry over, just venting on here already lightened it some. Good NIght and Good Riddance Wednesday January 14, 2014!!!

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TWISTEDMELODY81 1/16/2014 7:53AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I think that you're doing great. Bodies fluctuate weight so much it is very frustrating! I think that you've been doing a lot of really great things, and call me silly, but if you're naughty treat is Diet Coke versus a piece of cake everyday I think you're doing ok. ((HUGS))

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VWMOMMY 1/16/2014 1:37AM

    You're not failing, but you ARE being hard on yourself. Just keep in mind all of those positive things that you are doing. Those things CAN"T be bad for you therefore you are not failing. If you keep the goal of getting healthy eventually the scale will get in line. (I had Chinese tonight so my sodium is probably through the roof and I'll be up 2 pounds tomorrow). By the way, sodium intake should be less than 2300mg per day. Good luck in having a better day tomorrow!

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Anybody else have these days???

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This is going to be quick since I am short on time but I am about to scream so I have to get this out of my head...
Ever have one of those mornings where you just 'feel fat'? LIke you know you shouldn't even get on the scale? But of course I do it anyway and now here I sit feeling worthless and frustrated. I am up 3 lbs since Sunday!!!! What the heck?????
Now even though I know this isn't true weight gain it still makes me sick to my stomach. I can feel that I am bloated this morning. I can see that I am bloated..
Not really sure what to pin it on. I had a decent supper last night, I had more than 1 serving of each but I had a lighter calorie day & planned for a good supper since I knew I would be starving from my run. So maybe that was it? Or was it the combination of what I had for dinner? Mini Meatloaf with roasted baby red potatoes and a small serving of left over home made mac & cheese? Or was it the cursed piece of banana bread I had for dessert?? The only other thing I can thin of is that I haven't really been behaving when it comes to my weakness to fountain pop. I know I need to behave more when it comes to that for sure. Its 0 calories but I know it still isn't good for you.
Whatever it was I don't like it!!!! And now it has set my mood for the day... :(

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VWMOMMY 1/14/2014 1:06PM

    I just had that a couple of days ago. I was up two pounds all of a sudden. I know that is was due to the pizza and tortilla chips that I had eaten. I had stayed within my range but the sodium killed me. It was gone the next day though.

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HAZELLYNN 1/14/2014 10:09AM

    Thanks girls! I feel somewhat better. I can tell I'm not as bloated/uncomfortable as I was earlier. Today isn't even my weigh in day but sometimes I have a bad habit of peeking. I know our weight fluctuates constantly in response to many things. I also know the scale doesn't define me. It's how I feel, how my clothes fit, etc. All which told me this morning to skip the peek because it's only going to deflate you. Duh.....
So the next time the little voice in my head is telling me to Back Off maybe I will listen.
Have a great day & thanks for being such awesome, supportive friends! This is what I have been missing & needing. emoticon emoticon

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TWISTEDMELODY81 1/14/2014 9:55AM

    I experienced the same thing! I was only down 0.8lbs this week and I did pretty good! I have a weakness for soda also, but my portions were smaller, I worked out every day, I don't know what the hell went wrong! But, as women our bodies are always retaining some type of fluid or water and everything fluctuates so much, don't let it get you down.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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XANCU2314 1/14/2014 8:30AM

    This is funny that I just read this blog. I literally just stepped off the scale from doing the same thing. I am up two pounds. I am on day 5 on no pop but I gave my Paramedic students a free skip quiz day if they catch me with it, so I am trying extra hard. I am having one of those days as well. I know it wont make you feel better, but it made me feel better to know someone else was going through the exact same thing at the exact same time. In some way..I don't feel so bad right now because I know it's just one of those things and it will go away. Keep your head up. WE WILL get through this!!!

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DOG_MOM 1/14/2014 7:42AM

    Yes. I absolutely have. And frankly that's why I'm going with the calorie deficit and tape measure this time around. Because I couldn't deal with the feeling of absolute defeat when that happened to me.

Try to keep it in perspective. (I know that's tough) It's not your weigh in day. That's why the general guidance is to weigh yourself once a week, so you get the smoothing over time effect rather than the daily bounces. If you're doing the right things, staying within your calorie range, getting exercise, and drinking water, the weight WILL come off. Hang in there. I know what happened this morning sucks. Try to find some non weight related good in today and let it improve your mood.


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