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aug 26th

Friday, August 26, 2011

hey, well i have lost weight !!! aug 17th i was 255 and today i am 149 !!! i have been trying to watch my carbs and calories (oh my gosh vegetarian lasagne is high calorie and fat !)
im not really doing anything for exercise yet , but im planning on going swimming today and this weekend... im also going to force myself on a walk once the sun gets low and its not 103 outside anymore... its hard to do anything outside, i dont go to gyms and i dont have a WII fit or anything. Im starting to want one tho. hmmm hubby wants the regular games also , but im not sure i want all that, they are expensive.
Im pretty stressed with my work , everything is changing around right now its crazy, im a nanny, i watch 2 boys for the last 5 years. and all of a sudden everything is different. i think its time for me to leave , i just dont know when is the right time. they dont need me anymore. so i have that and then my husband who i dont get to see that much since he works just as long as me and he is also searching for a new job, but he is a chef , and wants to do catering, so he is going to take some part time catering jobs helping out friends of his, until he finds something permanent but he still will have his own catering company. I am so glad its the weekend !!!! we need this badly. also there is a campout coming in October that i am really looking forward to , that will be my mini vacation. since i havent had one since last year. every time i get some time off , i end up having a medical problem and its filled with doctors and Physical therapy and tests. so not very fun.
i need a vacation. badly. poor hubby is always busy with all his different jobs, and some weekends. but i know hes just trying to support me and all my medical bills. i cant quit right now because of those bills, and i promised myself i will just hang on till he gets a new job and is settled in.

my motto right now is : just hang on