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scale is fixed and i am back in the game. 350's here i come!

Monday, October 12, 2009

i am soooooooo happy and proud to post that i have my scale back and i am weighing in at 362 today! it's amazing what seeing the numbers go down can do for your mindset as well as your body.

i am not sure why but rather than losing say a consistent 2-3 pounds a week my body does this thing where i will lose like 4-6 pounds and then won't lose anything for 2 weeks or i will gain a lb or two and then a week later, lose again. don't get me wrong i am super super excited, esp. when i see those 4, 5, 6 pound losses on the scale but wow--i am going to gray premature as a result :) there is definately something about seeing the actual numbers to KNOW that your hard work has paid off.

i know there are lots of other markers, i can walk up the stairs at work without getting winded, if i don't wear a belt certain pairs of pants slide off me, etc. but there is definately something about seeing those numbers drop down.

for the first time in probably my adult life i am narrowing in on the 350's and wow what an amazing feeling it is! i WILL get there!!!!

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WISTFULVISTA 10/13/2009 8:35AM

    The excitement in this blog entry is palpable! I can tell that you're so energized by the prospect of getting down to the 350's that it's absolutely inevitable - and your enthusiasm is just contagious! I'm glad you're seeing those other wonderful benefits of weight loss, too. You really make me want to get off my duff and follow your excellent example! - Susan

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HAUTE_MAMA 10/12/2009 11:16AM

    I'd love to weigh every 2 weeks but with the team challenges I am doing a weekly weigh in is required. Believe me though, if it wasn't I would definately do every 2 weeks :)

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CHOPOLA 10/12/2009 10:44AM

    Maybe you could only weigh yourself every two weeks so you wont have to notice the ups and downs, just the big drop!!

You are doing awesome, 350 here you come!!

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AUTUMNRAINING29 10/12/2009 9:45AM


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I met Ruby :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I met my idol Ruby Gettinger and she was even more amazing and personable than I thought she would be. She was doing a book signing for her book "Ruby's Diary" and before the signing she had a question and answer panel. She looked amazing and you can tell she has lost even more weight than when the show wrapped.

Jeff, Jim and Georgia were all there with her along with her mom, sister and many women from the women's fat night as well. Georgia has really lost alot of weight-I was surprised at how tiny she was in person. Jim is even cuter up close and personal :) Ruby introduced everyone and brought them up on stage--you can tell she has a ton of support behind her and she loves them all so much. Dr. Bradley was there as well and talked briefly.

She spent some time talking about her struggle, how she got started on her journey and her book. She encouraged all of us there and listened intently to everyone's proud stories of beating their own beast. There was a woman there who had lost 180 pounds and was still going. Lots of other people shared their stories about weight loss and there are so many people were dropping some serious pounds out there! It was really emotional to be a part of that event.

There were hundreds of people there and Ruby was amazing enough to take the time to talk with everyone. She spent a good 10 minutes talking with me and another 5 minutes with my mom who went up before me. I told her my story about how I had lost 80 pounds and she encouraged me beyond belief. She held my hand pretty much the entire time and gave me a hug when I told her I lost 80 pounds and then another hug when I went to leave. She talked with me about my struggle to get near and break 350 and how she faced her own. She was amazing. I left her with a card that she promised to read and thanked me for. She was just so super sweet and you can honestly tell she really cares.

There were camera crews there during the entire thing filming all of it. It will be interesting to see what shows up on tv. She wrote the sweetest and most personal message in my book and I definitely will always cherish my meeting with her :)

I asked about the show as well--she said it will start back again in January and the episodes will be an hour long. So get ready :) I am attaching some of the photos I took.

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WISTFULVISTA 9/30/2009 10:06PM

    Oh, what a very special treat for you! She sounds so sincere, so heartfelt...I'm so glad you had this opportunity to meet her! - Susan

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JEAN524 9/30/2009 12:50PM

    That must have been an awe-inspiring experience. I should imagine that will have made your motivation reach the sky. Congratulations on losing 80 lbs. emoticon emoticon Jean

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HICALGAL 9/29/2009 5:48AM

    that's so great you got to meet Ruby and spend some quality time with her. most of us only dream about that. maybe one day she'll decide to visit hawaii.

so glad to hear she'll be back up in january with hr long epis! can't wait! emoticon

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PAIGE367 9/28/2009 8:55AM

    What an awesome and inspiring experience that was for you! Ruby is amazing. I "heart" her!

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NEWSTART127 9/27/2009 11:22PM

    Oh my gosh, how absolutely AWESOME!!!
I always watch Ruby and most of the episodes make me laugh and cry - like the "fat camp" one! She is AMAZING and I'm so glad that she's sharing her journey the way she is.

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JENNERATOR13 9/27/2009 10:39PM

    WOW that is awesome!!! Would love to meet her she sounds like such a great person!!

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BADMAMMAJAMMA1 9/27/2009 9:17PM

    How Cool!!

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GRAMTOTWO 9/27/2009 8:38PM

    I would love to meet her and spend one on one time with her. Lucky you! You can tell from watching her show what a real, sweet person she is. Congrats to you for 80 lbs down!


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SPARKPIXIE 9/27/2009 8:29PM

    I'm so jealous that you got to meet Ruby in person! Thanks for sharing with us and the pictures too. I am thrilled to hear that the show will be back in January and that it will be an hour long!!! emoticon

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KWNAUGHTON 9/27/2009 8:13PM

    Thanks for sharing your experience. So glad to hear that the episodes will be one hour.

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CSNODGRASS 9/27/2009 7:09PM

    That is sooo cool!! What a great memory that will make!!

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YAFENELRA 9/27/2009 7:00PM

    That was a super great opportunity for you. Right on!!


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DAISYDIETING 9/27/2009 6:59PM

    WOW! I would love to have been in your shoe's. Now that's a person to look up to. Thanx for sharing your story with us. If it ever air's and you are seen on it, let us all know.

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LISALYNN1960 9/27/2009 6:58PM

    I love that show! She is amazing!!!! I need to order her book. Great pics!

Also - congrats on your weight loss. That is amazing!!!! I'm sure that Ruby was very "hacky" for you. LOL!

Comment edited on: 9/27/2009 6:59:14 PM

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LITTLE_QUEEN 9/27/2009 6:57PM

    I can't wait till the new season starts, and will be happy it is an hour long, Sounds like you had a great time and she sounds like such a beautiful person inside and out, (of course we knew she was anyhow)

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MINDYJ1 9/27/2009 6:47PM

    Wow! That's fantastic! She seems so sweet! I'm so happy that you got to meet her and she was everything you thought she would be! emoticonMindy

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    OMG.....U are so lucky!!!!! That must of been awesome, she is such an inspiration to all.......I love her attitude, that u need to live ur life no matter what size u are!!!!

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mini goal met and 80 pounds smashed!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

here i sit 80 pounds less and more determined than ever to keep this momentum going and beat this beast. i weighed in at 366 this morning which is 5 pounds less than last week and it means i hit my recent mini goal of 367 and passed it by! i am very happy about that.

my next mini goal is going to be the dreaded number that has eluded me for too, too many years-350 :P all that separates me now is 16 pounds and i am gonna do it! :) i have reset my ticker to reflect that and can't wait to smash that number too! i know i can do it!

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SUKIE40 9/25/2009 1:09PM

    WOW----congratulations!!!You should really feel proud of yourself - keep up the great work!!

-Sue emoticon

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DOLPHINNUT 9/22/2009 3:55PM

    Way to go! Keep up the good work! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HICALGAL 9/22/2009 6:11AM

    first off a big hug and congrats for a successful and progressive journey thus far. secondly, you're in the groove and i wish you all the best in hitting your next goal and i have a gut feeling, it's going to be sooner than later. keep on and rock on girl friend!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 9/22/2009 6:11:51 AM

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NEWSTART127 9/22/2009 12:26AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticonAWESOME!!!
Way to go, Haute!!!

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TEACHINMOM 9/21/2009 11:42PM

    That is awesome!! You've lost 80 pounds~what's 16 more?? You'll have it in no time!! You should be so proud of what you have accomplished!! You are definitely an inspiration!! Congrats!!

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SULAINA 9/21/2009 9:04PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon I am soo happy for you.. Keep up the good work. You are going to reach your next mini goal!

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WISTFULVISTA 9/21/2009 8:13PM

    You are FABULOUS, Haute Mama! (love that name, BTW). You really do have some pretty phenomenal determination going for you there - I am so impressed (and inspired...to get out of this holding pattern I'm in)! Eighty is GREAT-y! (Howzat for a potential ad campaign? lol!!) - Susan

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KOOLTEX 9/21/2009 6:04PM

    Way to go! You r inspirational! emoticon

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LITTLE_QUEEN 9/21/2009 3:54PM

    emoticon that is great emoticon

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BADMAMMAJAMMA1 9/21/2009 3:52PM

    Be Proud Girl you Deserve it!! WoooHoooo!!!

You are worth it!

emoticon Carol

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MARLIN515 9/21/2009 3:50PM

    Wow! 80 pounds gone forever! That is so awesome, you are doing so well to set your mini-goals, good idea! You go, girl!! emoticon emoticon

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GOSPELCLOWN 9/21/2009 3:10PM

    SMASHING great news!
You are well on your way to a health conscious lifestyle. You have it figured out, so never, never go back to the old ways!


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BOBBI1968 9/21/2009 2:52PM

    emoticon emoticon

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LEELORNOMORE 9/21/2009 2:50PM

    80lbs! Fantastic!!! Congratulations!

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FAIRFAUX08 9/21/2009 2:50PM

    How empowering you have been! You're an amazing SP inspiration! emoticon emoticon

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NURSE333 9/21/2009 2:45PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

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doctor frustration

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

im over it--the whole doctor thing, really and truly. i have spent more time in doctor's offices in 2009 than i have in the last 15 years, i think. ugh.

my right leg has been swelling up a bit recently and although i was too scared to go to the dr, i did some research and made an appointment. i had to wait a month to get in to see this doctor that i was referred to for this issue. go there this morning and after telling him about my leg he gives me this blank stare and bascially says um so why are you here? that is out of my area of expertise? whhhhhhhhhhhat? that's just fab. just fab. i explained to him who had referred me and instead of calling her dr such and such he refers to her by her first name. clearly, they know eachother.

i go on to tell him that her office said he refers patients to her all the time for swelling and that i should see him first for a diagnosis, etc etc. really and truly i wanted to burst into tears.
he looked at my leg and said he thinks its nothing and that i just have more "fatty tissue" in that leg. really? i say well what do i do about that then. he recommended plastic surgery. LOL seriously? this isn't a vanity thing doc, i just wanted to make sure i was healthy and that it wasnt abnormal.

so $175 office visit later, still i have no answers and i left in tears with a "fat leg". im just over it. normally though, i would have been tempted to hit the drive thru to drown my troubles. instead, i went to the grocery store and bought a bottle of water and some fruit to have for breakfast on my way into work. that's progress!

so i'm frustrated and obviously didn't get the memo i have fat legs. seriously? whatever--guess it's time to find someone else to see me for a second opinion. he did manage to write me a script for an ultrasound for my leg but that was really only after i began questioning could it be this or that, is it harmful, etc? i think he wanted to shut me up and get me out of there.

he did, i surely wont return there! :)

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MINDYJ1 9/15/2009 1:46PM

    I hope you can find a better doctor! I went yesterday to the doctor too. They want to blame everything on weight. I know that it causes a lot of health problems but the fact is we still need help with what is bothering us. Sometimes it is not always weight. Doctors don't like us questioning them. But it is your body. You know it better that he does! emoticon

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WISTFULVISTA 9/4/2009 11:12AM

    What a worthless, fourth-class JERK this guy is! I vote for dumping him and never, ever going back. He doesn't sound like he's got the slightest bit of interest in your well-being...and you surely deserve someone who DOES. It's such a shame that when we're in need of medical care and not in a position to fight for it, we're made to. I'm so sorry; keep up your search for a valid answer. - Susan

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HICALGAL 9/4/2009 4:21AM

    at least you've got an ultra sound scheduled so that's great. the wheel the squeaks the loudest is the one heard, so keep making noise. emoticon

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135TOGO 9/2/2009 4:47PM

    I agree with Littles813, there is no way I would pay for that type of service (or lack of). I would do the ultrasound but without a doubt get a second opinion. I don't know if I would return to the doctor who gave you the referral either. Obviously the top priority is making money for their friends and not the care and treatment of their patients. Good luck! I hope your leg turns out to be nothing serious. You should of told that doc he had a fat head.

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BPULLOS 9/2/2009 12:08PM

    I am so with you on that. I had a bad foot which turned out to be plantar facitis but the night before I went to the doctor I noticed swelling in my leg. I called the dr. right away and they told me it would be okay till the next day. Well when I went in and showed him my leg he didn't even touch it and told me to wrap it. Finally a month later and several dr and pt visits later I called and made another appointment. The dr told me what they told you....fatty tissue nothing we can do about it...however that day was the beginning of my journey here because my dr told me about sparkpeople in hopes of helping some of my fatty tissue disappear. I always put off going to the dr till it really hurts because I get tired of paying with no answers.

Good luck to you on your journey!

Barb emoticon

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SULAINA 9/2/2009 11:10AM

    Good doctors are hard to find. Good luck finding a better one for the second opinion. Congrats on making a healthy choice in an upsetting situation. emoticon

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AKIMBERLYQ 9/2/2009 11:09AM

  dont get me started on doctors... #sighs#

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LITTLES813 9/2/2009 10:47AM

    wow $175 Dr. visit??? I would've walked out & told him so since you can't help me, there is no reason for me to pay you & then called my Dr.'s office & given them an earful.... I hope you find out whats wrong! Trust yourself, if you feel there is something wrong, than there probably is.

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ADDERCAT 9/2/2009 10:44AM

    Ugh, I had the same thing happen to me -- right leg swollen, went to the doctor... he just barely looked at my leg and said it wasn't swollen. Umm, I think I know when my own leg is swollen, doc. I wish it wasn't so hard to find a good doctor! Way to go on hitting the grocery store instead of the fast food joint... I have a doctors appt tomorrow, hopefully I can do the same! :)

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STRIDERGIRL 9/2/2009 10:35AM

  So sorry about the terrible office visit!! Nothing is worse than condescension from someone you are HIRING to help you!!! Hang in there, and congrats for making good choices at the grocery store!

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THREECALIKIDS 9/2/2009 10:34AM

  I am so sorry the doctor was so unprofessional!!! I hope you find a better one. Congrats on going to the grocery store-that was a job well done!

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stress, birthday cake and mini goals

Monday, August 31, 2009

happy monday morning! it soooo feels like a monday. i did not want any part of getting out of bed this morning--it was rough let me tell you. now i am up and on my second bottle of water and as much as i wish i was still laying in bed with DH and our pup, i know i needed to put on my BGP (big girl panties) and get up and move on.

it has been a stressful couple of days, weeks, etc. my brother was in the hospital for 2 days with chest pains but thank God he is ok. i think it was his wake up call. he didn't fully inherit the obesity DNA most of my family possesses but he did get a smidge of the thunder thighs and poofy belly we have been blessed with :) the doctor told him he needs to de-stress and lose 10 pounds. yesterday i watched him write down everything he ate on a little notepad and add up his calories. that is when i told him about spark. i'm like stop spinning your wheels and let me show you the most amazing food tracker to ever grace the interwebs. so maybe i've got a convert on my hands :)

as i stumbled into our guest bathroom where i keep the scale (lord knows i can't have it staring me in the face everyday sitting in my bathroom--i'm not THAT crazy) i wondered what it would say. i had done well this week, ate within my range except for yesterday due to my nephew's birthday party cake and ice cream--although i had just enough to get a taste and not my usual craziness. i was soo thrilled to get on the scale and see 7 pounds down. the numbers were bouncing all over the place and i had to get on about 4 times to make sure the numbers were in fact correct. i got higher and i got lower but the number that kept popping up the most often after about 10 times was 372 so that is what i am going with. 372 puts me down 7 pounds which has me super excited! that puts me within a few pounds of my first mini goal and gives me the motivation i needed to keep this going!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

NEWSTART127 9/3/2009 3:38AM

    Haute, I'm behind on blogs... but CONGRATS on an awesome weigh-in this week!

YOU ARE WORTH IT! You are NOT destined to be fat. You will conquer your demons!

I love how you've set up mini-goals! I will do what I can to help you reach your goals!

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HICALGAL 9/2/2009 7:14AM

    Congrats on your weight loss! emoticon

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ADDERCAT 8/31/2009 1:24PM

    Congrats on 7lbs gone!! And i'm glad your brother's alright!

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DEBBIEKAY1 8/31/2009 10:36AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticonon 7 pounds kicked to the curb!
So thankful your Brother is doing good!
A lot to be thankful for!

Hugs Debbie

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KIRKSADIE 8/31/2009 10:22AM

    YAY for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon7 pounds that you know no longer have to worry about!!! I now all to well the stress of a loved one being in the hospital been there done that...but you did it and that is all that counts!!!

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BROOKEY777 8/31/2009 9:45AM

    I am SO like you!! I keep my scale in the guest bathroom too because it is too difficult having it taunt me every day! I had my mom's birthday party, but I didn't fair so well, I had a piece of pie, but I figure I did well all week, so I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I find weekends the hardest because they leave so much of my schedule up to chance, not a great thing if snacking is my only form of consumption. 7 pounds!!! That is awesome, great work, good for you! I started sparks just a month ago, but I love it! I hope your brother does too!

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