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Saturday, June 09, 2012

My name is Theresa, and I am a Carboholic. I state this not to poke fun at addiction, but because it's true. I could live on bread alone, despite what the wise will tell you! It used to not be out of character for me to pick up a loaf of French bread and have that for dinner.

Seriously. It was heaven.

Now I'm in a place where not only do I need to make wiser food choices, but my body just doesn't process gluten as well as it should. (This includes sugars, by the way, but I'm focusing on the carbs at the moment.) I am very blessed to not be diabetic, or even pre-diabetic, but I know that I can go that way if I don't make changes now. So I'm trying to be more aware of the carbs I put into my body, and how often.

So, here are my gluten/carb goals:

1) Whole Grains. Doing my best to avoid white, processed breads, as well as choosing steel cut oats vs. quick oats, brown rice vs. white rice, whole grain pasta instead of enriched, etc.

2) 1 Meal a Day. If I'm going to have a sandwich for lunch, I can't have cold cereal for breakfast and pasta for dinner.

3) Shoot for Gluten Free Snacks. Eating more protein and plants for my snacks, like string cheese and GF crackers, or fruit, or veggies with a little dip (measured in the morning, thank you very much).

Hope this will work!

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SHERYLDS 6/9/2012 3:57PM

    once I gave up starches and let my body adjust...the craving for starches went away.
If you want a change of pace... try making a wrap with romaine lettuce leaves instead...you may find it satisfying. In Korea they use lettuce wraps with their BBQ and add the condiments in a small lettuce pouch they pop in their mouths. It
is a different approach...but isn't that what we are looking for.

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Saturday, June 02, 2012

If I have learned anything while battling my weight, it's not how to track calories or what carbs are good and bad, or what exercises you can do to really rev up your metabolism.

It's that you have to be HONEST.

You have to be honest with your tracker, your support system, and most importantly yourself. Without honesty, you just run in circles, crashing and burning over and over and over again.

I'm doing the best I can to be honest with my tracker, even when I don't like what I'm putting down. For example, I royally messed up yesterday. My exhaustion got the best of me, and not only did I not make great choices but I definitely went at least 500 calories out of my goal range. But today, I'm going to be better. (I hope!) And maybe tomorrow, I'll do even better than today. And if I don't, maybe I can at least be true to myself and just be honest.