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Thursday, February 28, 2013

In my last blog entry, I talked about how thrilled I was to be finally losing weight. And illness hit and then family travel. Then catching up from being sick and traveling left me with no time to exercise or plan my menus. So....two pounds crept back on. Ugh.

So now I'm back at it. I have a spark streak of two days. Gotta start somewhere. But now I get it - I got that AHA! moment - where it's really about spark streaks. Progress isn't linear. Some people can just put their minds to getting fit and do it. I can't. I have so much going on in my life that things just get in the way sometimes. So I should focus on the spark streaks. Did I eat right today? Did I do my workout? How did that workout feel? What good, healthy food can I find? That's my focus.

Speaking of focus, I FINALLY am fit enough to do the Turbo Fire starter DVD. I KNOW it's the starter DVD - the first one in the set. I wasn't even fit enough for that one. I've been doing Turbo Jam, which is an easier work-out. I tried the Turbo Fire starter DVD (I got it for Christmas) twice and wasn't ready for it. Now I am. It was hard! I sweated a lot! But I did it! And I feel GREAT this morning. Can't wait to do it again!

Thanks for reading, Spark Friends. Until soon,

Harmony Mum

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68ANNE 2/28/2013 7:24PM

    Awesome job on the DVDs and of course the streak!

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MILLEDGE2 2/28/2013 7:00AM

    Congratulations on getting another streak underway and on being able to do that killer DVD! emoticon

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Even more to say

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gosh, it's been way to long since I've posted. I just don't have the time. But I have so much to say! Thankfully, the scale started moving. Finally! I'm so thrilled! I've been working so hard, watching my nutrition and doing my work-outs with no movement at all on the scale. It was demoralizing. So I lowered my expectations, figured, well, at least I'm no longer GAINING weight! And then all of a sudden....movement! Woo hoo! I couldn't be more thrilled!

And then I got sick. And my energy left my body. I slogged through the day. Barely stayed upright to feed the children, forget about myself. That was last week. And then Saturday it hit - full lung infection. Boom. And I still had to slog through. Take the children to orchestra. Take the children to the circus. Do the food shopping. Clean the house. Slog, Slog, Slog. Ugh.

I promised a friend that if I didn't feel better by Monday that I'd take myself to the doctor. So I did. After one day on the Z-pack, I felt A LOT better. Today, I'm nearly back to normal and had a GREAT workout. Phew!

And you know what happened when I got on the scale at the doctor's office? I've never been so happy to see that scale read that I've lost six pounds so far. SIX pounds! I'm so thrilled! I wanted to dance from the rooftops! I've lost weight! I'VE LOST WEIGHT!!! LOOK, I'M DOING IT!!! Did you hear me yelling? Yep, that was me!

So I have the recipe now. I know what to do.

My children are becoming my cheerleaders. They know what time I work out and if I don't, they start pushing me toward my workout. "Mommy", they say, "you got to get your fat off!" Big grin.

I'm on my way...

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MOMTOCONNOR2003 2/15/2013 12:00PM

    Congrats on your weight loss and glad you are feeling better!

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68ANNE 2/13/2013 8:44PM

    Wonderful that you are feeling better and stopping in to talk to us!

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GOLFGMA 2/13/2013 6:44AM

    So happy that you are feeling better. Congrats on the weight loss! emoticon

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LESLEYANNE11 2/12/2013 8:28PM

    emoticon How awesome girl.Well done to you.
Doesn't it feel great when the scale tells you good news?.
I hope you will always remember though that your weight is the LEAST important thing about you.
You are an awesome mum and carer.You need a gold medal for keeping going when you were feeling yuck. emoticon
Have a better week love.Take care lesleyanne. emoticon

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So much to say

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gosh, there is so much to say. I almost don't know where to begin.

Let's talk about goals this week. My goals are to:
1. Exercise at least 30 minutes, five times per week. I'm on track to meet this goal.

2. 4-8 PM: eat protein, fruit and veggies. Avoid junk food. This one is, by far, the most difficult for me. This is where I usually fail. I'm hungry when I get home so I go straight for the chips. Then I get really tired and have to go lay down as soon as I can - and have no energy for exercise. So I'm glad to report that I've been really good this week. I've been eating lots of veggies and almost no junk food. Just a couple of tortilla chips one evening.

3. Drink one green drink. I've been doing this! And I'm loving them! I wish I didn't have to make them. I'm so busy cooking for the children and getting their lunch bags cleaned out, getting their food ready for the next day that I'd rather not take the effort to make a green drink. But it's so worth it... and I've been doing it.

4. Add more magnesium. Yep, check this one off too.

5. Get a buddy. Well, I have a buddy. I'd love more buddies. Anyone interested?

I've been doing the turbo jam work outs and I really love them. Kick, punch, firm those abs. All good. I asked (and received) for the Turbo Fire work outs for Christmas. To take it to the next level. I tried the starter one today, but I'm just not ready for it. It'll have to wait.

I've been reading this book, "Becoming Odessa". It's written by a young, 20-something, woman who hiked the Appalachian Trail. Then she ran it and got the women's record in the least number of days to through hike the thing. Then she ran it again and got the men and women's record in the shortest through hike. But this book is about her first trip. And she talks about how, when she got more muscular, she got hungrier. She had to eat more food just to keep her body weight. She was always eating. I have a friend like that. He bikes all the time - and eats - A LOT - all the time. And he's extraordinarily skinny.

And that's the point. That the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. The higher your metabolism.

When I was training for my marathons, I would eat a huge bag of doritos every day. And I weighed 110 lbs. And now I eat almost nothing and gain weight just by looking at those chips.

It's a good thing to remember.

So I need to keep building muscle. I'm on the right track. I just need to keep going.

And that's what I've learned this week.

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DUKEFAN86 1/29/2013 5:18PM

    Wow, sounds like you're working it! Awesome!

Let me know how you like the book, once you've finished. The Appalachian Trail is a fascination of mine.

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MOMTOCONNOR2003 1/28/2013 3:52PM

    Sounds like you are doing great. I am a snacker as well. I do good during the week but my weekness is the weekends. Keep up the great work!

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68ANNE 1/26/2013 6:26PM

    Ok, I agree with the needing to eat more but just not the doritos. lol

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An emotional day

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Today has been an incredibly emotional day. In addition to it being crazy busy at work, and having a coworker and dear friend fighting for her life going through chemo and radiation while trying to work full time (out of necessity), one of the puppies I've fostered died. He had "water on the brain" (hydrocephalus). Ugh.

Then to make matters worse, I had to go to small claims court. I was suing AAA Car Care Centers for charging me $2,200 for a clutch repair and not doing the clutch repair and for putting my truck on the lift incorrectly and damaging the vehicle in the process. Ugh! And they wouldn't do anything about it. You'd think that AAA would be honest, reliable, and dependable - they are the absolute worst! Avoid them at all costs! In fact, before I took them to small claims court, I went through the better business bureau and found 90 claims against them, 40 in the past 12 months. It's the sleaziest business ever!

I'm really proud of myself for my defense and I won the cost of the repair. The court didn't award me the cost of the repair of the body damage because I couldn't prove that they did it. I didn't have photos of the truck just before it went to the shop. Who knew I would need that? Seriously, AAA Car Care Center - avoid them at all costs!

Anyway, even though I was emotionally and physically drained, I still worked out! I did a 40 minute Yoga Booty Ballet dvd. Woo hoo! Now I'm going to go pass out!

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68ANNE 1/25/2013 10:14PM

    Emotional is very stressful. I hope it gets better for you!

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Martin Luther King Day

Monday, January 21, 2013

Today is the day we formally remember Martin Luther King, Jr.'s legacy. And what a legacy it is. Each year, I take the opportunity to read his story to my children and I'm in awe of what he did. Moreover, he knew he was putting his life on the life for the principles in which he believed. I'm not a person of his race, but I'm still grateful for his accomplishments.

Now, getting back to fitness, health, and weight loss.

As you know, I'm incredibly demoralized at my lack of weight loss. It's been a month since I started tracking my fitness and diet and I've lost a whopping one pound so far. So I figured that I'd measure myself - and perhaps track progress that way. No change. Well, one change - my hips are now two inches wider than before. How did THAT happen? How CAN that happen? I'm guessing that it's my measurement error because if it were true change, then my pants would be too tight. And they're not.

So maybe my accomplishment is that I haven't gained any weight. Maybe all my diet and exercise efforts have kept me from GAINING weight. And I know I need to just keep going, that eventually I'll get where I want to go. It's just really frustrating in the meantime.

Today is January 22nd. For some reason, I am not able to add a blog entry. But I can edit one.

I feel a lot better today. I've been sticking to my food plan today and am dressed to go exercise - which I'll do as soon as dh gets home from work and can take care of the children. One day at a time. I need to stop looking at the scale. If I can, I'll put it in the back of my closet.

Thanks for your support; I really appreciate it.

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DUKEFAN86 1/22/2013 11:36AM

    I know, it's a lot of work tracking and all for one pound. But you're right, you didn't gain, you lost! At this rate, you'll lose 12 pounds in a year's time, which is MUCH better than gaining 12 pounds!

In the big scheme of things, we need to exercise and eat/drink healthier things for all kinds of reasons, not just for the number on the scales. What you're doing affects your immune system, cardiovascular health, your skin, your sleep, all kinds of things!

I bet you're right about the measurement thing. Add another measurement to your list, like your neck or thigh or something.

Hang in there!!!

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68ANNE 1/21/2013 8:10PM

    Man, I wish I could snap my fingers and take you where you want to be but I can only say that you have something to celebrate and to keep your head up. You will get there!

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