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I'm Back !!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Today is a great day. I went walking this morning and it was a perfect day for it...sunny blue sky and moderate temperature. I had gotten up this morning with a positive and enthusiastic attitude and it carried me through the morning. I realized that the reason I had been struggling the past couple weeks was because I was thinking too much about how I had eaten the wrong things over vacation and gained weight. It was causing such anxiety in me that I continued to eat improperly.

Time to stop that now! The downward spiral has been stopped mid-spin and is now starting it's upward motion to success.
Now I only focus on the moment at hand and in doing my personal best. I visualize success and how it feels. This was the way I lost 29 lbs. and it works 100% of the time. I can feel the difference in my emotions. No more feelings of defeat or anxiety. Just a peaceful knowing that I am continuing on the right path and will get fitter and healthier each day forward. Next stop? Size 12 {{{{{{{{ WOO HOO! }}}}}}}}}}}}}

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BETHECHANGE 7/13/2007 8:38PM

    I am so glad that you were able to come to this realization, move on, and make a come back! Yea! You just had a HUGE learning point and now you will never be the same!!!!! Isn't that fabulous?


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LISASAYERS 7/13/2007 4:04PM

  Woohoo, watch out world...Mary is back!!!!

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SCTAYLOR 7/13/2007 3:12PM

    You are doing GREAT! Keep it up.

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Turn Over a New Leaf

Thursday, July 12, 2007

EAT YOUR VEGGIES!!! It's the key to getting the most nutrition for the fewest amount of calories and staying full so that you don't crave sweets and bad carbs.

I had bought a couple pints of ice cream because on Monday we were celebrating our twin grandsons' birthday. I thought pints would be better than a whole half gallon. I was right about that, except there was still half of each pint left. It had been calling to me every day this week. I resisted until today. It got the better of me and I ate it all! The thing is, I've been doing so well since I started 3/1 this year and didn't have one mis-step...until we went on vacation. Try as I might, it DID throw me off. Darn it! Goes to show that it happens even to the best of us. I had gained 2.6 lbs. over those 2 weeks and I swore I would take it off the week I got back. It was harder than I thought and I ended up gaining 0.8 more pound instead. This week started out excellent but started to go south after Monday's birthday celebration. The ice cream today did me in because I'm already at over 1400 calories and I haven't had supper yet.

So here's the thing....this doesn't feel good! I reviewed my losses since 3/1 and it was a steady loss every single week for 15 weeks (except for a couple times I stayed the same). A 3 week set-back doesn't undo all of that. I hadn't changed my ticker the last 2 weeks because I just couldn't bear to increase it and thought I would lose it quickly.

This is going to be a HUGE lesson for me to be able to pick myself up and continue with my commitment to health. It's not realistic to think there won't be some hiccups or obstacles along the way. It's not important that I haven't been perfect. What's important is that I overcome it and get back on track. Fall down 7 times, get up 8 times.

I promise myself I will get back to my basics of using 'Eat to Live' as my nutritional guideline and going forward with my usual positive attitude and unshakeable commitment. Once I get through this and go back and read about it months from now, I know I'll smile and realize that this was not the end of the world and that I am strong and committed to this lifestyle. I'm going to reach my goal!

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MASLIN 7/12/2007 4:16PM

    You're doing great! Keep Going!!!

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It's a new day, a new week, a new month.....and I'm feeling GOOOOD

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Okay, I have to confess today. During my 2-week vacation period, I gained weight. My weigh-in was today and I was a bit apprehensive. I knew that I'd veered off my routine and ate more calories than usual. I didn't have my Spark to motivate and support me. I got on the scale and it was 186.8, a gain of 2.6 pounds from 2 weeks ago. The thing is, I'm not totally bummed out because I knew I did the best I could under the circumstances and there were days that I did well. I decided not to change my ticker because I don't want to dwell on it and I'll be back to losing this week.

I'm happy that it's a band new month and I'm starting a new week with a great attitude. I'm moving on and back to healthy living. Fit and trim here I come!


Amazing results...from obese to overweight!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I am so blown away by my progress and ever-grateful to SparkPeople for keeping me going after many years of false starts.

Since January, these are my statistics:

January versus Current
Wt. 212.8 versus 185.2
bust 45 versus 42
waist 40 versus 36.5
hips 46 versus 43
midriff 41.5 versus 37.5
abs 46.5 versus 42.5
neck 15 versus 14
arms 15 versus 14
thighs 27.5 versus 25
calves 17.25 versus 16.25
size tight 18 versus comfortable 14
BMI 34.4 versus 29.9
Obese versus Overweight

So many people are commenting on the loss, and in the past I'd actually not wanted the attention called to it. Now I just say 'thank-you' and internally feel grateful that people notice and maybe can be inspired by my progress. Yesterday was our community yard sale. My husband makes maple syrup and had a stand set up. I was telling a woman how great it tastes on vanilla ice cream with chopped nuts. She looked at me and said, "and you're so skinny!" I was flabbergasted!!!!!! That anyone would use the word skinny in reference to me was too much! Now I am by no means skinny....but I've read that the greater population in the U.S. are becoming more and more obese, so I probably just look thinner than I really am, just by comparison.

I'm excited that my waist and midriff measurements are declining. I've read that having a waist measurment over 35 inches puts you at risk for heart disease. Since my Mom had open-heart surgery at age 70 and both my Mom and Dad died due to heart disease-related illness in their mid-70's , I've been wanting to concentrate on this area. Still an inch and a half to go to get out of the woods, but very confident that I will exceed that goal.

I feel so good mentally, emotionally, and physcially that I can't imagine ever wanting to live my life any differently. And, I have these blogs to always remind me of the rewards of eating healthy and keeping active. Life is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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SPARKWALKER 6/15/2007 9:57PM

    I think you're beautiful inside and out. CONGRATULATIONS on your success!

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TOEZTE 6/10/2007 12:31PM

    Congratulations! What accomplishments you have made and continue to make. It is such a pleasure to read of your success :)

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LISASAYERS 6/10/2007 11:19AM

  All I can say is........CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you Mary!!!!! You are truly and inspiration to everybody here! Thanks for being you!

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“If It Aint’ Fun, Why Do It?”….having fun along the road to health and fitness

Monday, June 04, 2007

I remember back when I was working and we had a brand new manager who calls us all together. One of the first things he said to us was how important it was to enjoy what we were doing because working comprised so much of our day…and “if it ain’t fun, why do it?” Those words always stuck with me and I apply them all the time to this journey to better health.

I read so many others’ comments and blogs that use the words, “struggle, battle, hard’ and how they are unable to stay away from ‘forbidden’ foods, not sticking to their exercise commitment, trying to use shear willpower to bend themselves into the person they would like to be. I felt that way for many years. I lost weight through shear determination and white knuckled my way through social events, holidays and challenging times. I ate foods I didn’t like all that much, but hey, they were low in calories….they may have filled my tummy, but they didn’t fill my soul… I’d force myself to exercise and couldn’t wait to finish. I sometimes had the will of steel and powered my way to losing as much as 40 lbs. at a time, over and over and over again! Because my determination could only propel me for so long before I crumbled. I couldn’t do it anymore. It was too hard. Little by little, I’d slip in some favorite foods. Then I’d skip a workout, then two. Suddenly, I’m back to eating a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s while sitting on the couch watching TV. Back to sedentary, large-portioned, high fat/sugar life! And feeling more and more defeated each time I gained back all that I had previously suffered for.

They say that if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what your getting. Another wise person (I think Einstein), said, “you can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” I’m now 55 years old and have been ‘battling’ this weight issue since I was about 10. I’ve finally given up the battle, and now I am winning the war!

My new approach works so wonderfully for me. I can do this forever! There’ll never be any ‘falling of the wagon’ or going back to old ways because I’m enjoying this so much why would I ever change??? That’s the key….I’ve finally discovered THE SECRET to permanent weight loss and healthy living!!! I’m not struggling. I don’t suffer. I feel enjoy and energy every day. I’m not anxious or worried about it. I don’t get thrown by occasions that center around food. I don’t get discouraged if the numbers on the scale don’t move. I’m not on a time schedule. I measure my success by how I feel inside. I know that there’s not going to be a final destination or an end to the journey…that this is a path I’ve chosen for my entire lifetime…and one that I happily and enthusiastically follow with no feelings of deprivation or angst. I now only do exercise I enjoy and look forward to. I love being active and get excited over becoming fitter and stronger each day. I am free from the diet mentality and fat personality forever!! I am a naturally thin person within and throughout, and day by day my outer appearance is morphing into how I feel inside.

How did I come by this approach, you ask? Well, it did take many years of trial and error. That’s part of the process. I read somewhere that it took Edison hundreds of tries before he was able to finally get the light bulb to work. So failure is never a negative…it just shows you what DOESN’T work. And, as long as you learn from that and don’t keep repeating the same mistakes (like I did in the past, which is another example of what doesn’t work), you’re getting closer and closer to the right solution. I’m an avid reader of self-actualization and motivational books. I have a thirst for knowledge and am a seeker of truth. I’ve found numerous web sites and articles on the internet that give me new ideas to incorporate into my life that align with my goals and my way of thinking. I go with what feels good in my gut. I’ll always try something new. If I find it doesn’t work, I quickly discard it and move on to the next thing. I’m like an on-going science project. I have a curiosity about many of the theories floating out there in terms of self-development and realizing your dreams. I’ve tried just about all of them, and in doing so, have evolved over time from a shy, depressed, self-loathing, anxious, pessimistic person to a brilliant, exuberant, positive, happy, self-loving person who is ever-guided by my spiritual inner self and my deep connection to God.

There are many tools I’ve acquired in my arsenal to assist in motivating me towards meeting and exceeding my goals. I’ve discovered what works for me, which isn’t necessarily what would work for someone else. We are all so unique, and it’s our job to know ourselves and follow our own path. Be curious, keep seeking, be open-minded and relax into knowing the answers will come. It’s worth it when you find the secret key that unlocks the door to everything you’ve ever wanted, and more! Remember that this is your life, you’re in control, there’s no pressure here. And, most importantly of all………JUST HAVE FUN!!!!


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