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On again!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

This seems to be another start in a long line of stops and starts, but hey, it's a start!
I am having major surgery in Feb and I am trying to be as ready as possible. I have a housekeeper that I am hiring to help me get my home as clean and as ready as possible and hopefully she'll be able to help me with carpool and grocery shopping post op. It's a huge splurge and I've never had a cleaning person before. I hope that helps to free up some additional exercise time as well.

I am going to try to let my fears of cancer go and just wait until I know for sure what I am dealing with. In the meantime, I am just going to try to enjoy the simple things with my family.

I do have goals for this year. I am going to aim to lose 35-40 pounds in 2012 and be fit and strong and energetic. I know it can happen especially if I get my anemia under control with this surgery.

So many things seem to be shouting for my time, and I only have so many hours in the day. I feel pretty overwhelmed but I hope to fix that gradually with my new housekeeper and my new goals for this new year.

Please keep me posted on YOUR new goals for the new year. It so encourages me to hear of your plans and successes!

Love to you all!

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DAISYSMOM8 2/6/2012 6:20PM

    A housekeeper makes good sense and will help to optimize your time with your family. Positive thoughts keep your immune system happy. Hooray for your goals and getting healthy is such a major goal. I am just gearing up to set new goals and try again to lose weight and improve my health. I am a block away so email me if you need anything and email me just to talk whenever. Get well soon. I miss seeing you and the dogs. Take good care of yourself. emoticon

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-CHERYL 1/9/2012 2:36PM

    A house-cleaner is a serious luxury! I hate cleaning!
I just moved my mom into a senior retirement type place, it's more like a resort. Housekeeping once a week, breakfast & dinner in the dining room or take out to your apartment if you want. To me that is retirement, no cleaning or cooking!

As someone who has survived a serious illness and lives with the possibility a relapse, I applaud your attitude of not freaking out until you actually have something to freak out about, and even then we can't sustain panic mode for long periods, all it does is stress the immune system and that's the last thing we need when trying to be healthy!


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a good week one footstep at a time

Friday, October 28, 2011

I tried to take this week one footstep at a time and I was able to really exceed my fitness goals for the week. I felt a little better this week re/my health issues and so I pushed myself. I walked my usual short walk-the-dogs loop on Wed which I do several times a day so the dogs can go potty. Wed, however, I got to the place where I cross the street to be back on my road and I just decided to turn right instead.....I wasn't sure how far I'd go......just a few footsteps....just one at a time. It was a gorgeous day on Wednesday. I walked all the way to the state park....maybe half a mile.....then I got on one of the trails. Then I remembered my passion for hiking these trails. THEN I just kept taking trails to the right until the next thing I knew, I was having a blast. I might have overdone it a bit....the dogs slept for the rest of the day after our near 6-mile hike. I felt great for the rest of that day and the next! I did a little extra on several other days this week, and I am so proud of my hard work. It boiled down to just one step....then another and another. The dogs were very enthusiastic and I allowed that enthusiasm to flood into my mind! It was a great week for getting back to hiking and for getting back to sparkpeople! One step at a time. Go ahead! Try it! One step, then another!

Love to each and every one of you working hard and encouraging others! Thank you!



Thursday, May 12, 2011

So I knew I'd been really tired again. I felt like I was being so lazy. I just couldn't seem to get much done without stopping for a break over the past 3 months. I wasn't sleeping as well as usual. Today, I found out why.

My ferritin (iron stores) was 5.5. My hemoglobin, red blood cells, and hematocrit were all low.
I am very anemic again and will start my iron infusions tomorrow. Hopefully will be back to a more chipper me after seven days of infusions. The good part is that I'll surely feel better and I should be able to read for at least 2 hours each day since the infusion will take about 2 hours!

Now this is not due to lack of care for myself. I have trouble absorbing B12 and iron.
Heavy bleeder, too. Sorry if that's TMI but hopefully if you are reading this and have similar issues, you'll know you aren't alone!

Not sure if I'll get to the gym, and I haven't gone yet this week. But I am going to wear my gym clothes to the cancer center for my infusion and see if I feel like going to the gym afterwards.
At least my fatigue makes sense----I really was feeling like I just wasn't disciplined enough.
Really, I am not oxygenated enough!

This too shall pass!

Take care! Love to you all, sparkies!

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KARIRDH3 5/15/2011 9:57PM

    Take care of YOU!! emoticon

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-CHERYL 5/13/2011 12:00PM

    Glad you found out the problem! Take it easy until your levels are up your better off taking it slow then overdoing while your body is trying to recover.

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NOELLIEMAE 5/13/2011 10:03AM

    YEAH!! I'm glad you'll be feeling better soon ;)

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CAKAROO 5/13/2011 6:17AM

    Hope you feel better soon!

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Where does the time go?

Sunday, May 08, 2011

I just realized that I haven't blogged in a month! An entire month. It's been a challenging month and I have been very focused on the needs of others during this month. Necessarily so as both my hubby and son continue to recover from their injuries....herniated disc for hubby and son injured growth plates in both heels.

This week beginning tomorrow, Monday, I have a chance to refocus my energies and it's my turn! My guys are doing so much better. So hold me to it folks! Ask me if I've been to the gym this week! AIming for just 2 times ----small goal with hopes I can achieve that and even exceed it.

Would love to hear of your challenges and goals for this week!
Take care everyone!

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NOELLIEMAE 5/10/2011 12:23PM

    have you been to the gym yet? have you been to the gym yet? have you been to the gym yet? yeah... I'm THAT friend! hahaha :) you have time for awalk this week? Let me know and I'll put on my kicks and come over!


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KARIRDH3 5/9/2011 5:31PM

    Oh boy! Good luck to your men - I hope they feel better and soon! Good to hear from you -- I was starting to wonder about you!!!

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JUNEBUG1944 5/9/2011 3:17PM

    Sometimes we have to put ourselves on hold, unfortunately. But, that's the job of wife and mother, isn't it? I'm glad you can focus on you, now! You will enjoy going to the gym...sometimes, it's the only way I can keep my sanity! LOL! You made your goal two times...try for three! Good luck!

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Time to practice what I preach!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

So I feel VERY CHALLENGED! That MUST mean I feel full of opportunities! :)
My hubby herniated L4 several weeks ago and I sure have realized how much he does to help around the house!!!! Oh my goodness! Our son has just been diagnosed with Severs of the calcaneous (heel) at the growth plate. This is common for active kids his age. None the less, the doctors visits, the PT for both of them, the everyday chores, the yardwork-----it's all MINE! An opportunity to work my body harder, I know. Still I feel SO overwhelmed. Plus hormones are helping find me challenges ---I mean opportunities---too.

It is interesting that I am now the most physically able person in the family----not injured.
The opportunity is that during my hubby's rehab for this injury, he's walking closer to my pace!
He can't even walk 7/10th of a mile yet in a row. But he is recovering. So between him and my son, they will need to do some plain old walking which will be at my pace! So I'll have company on my walks!!!

I am trying to spring clean the whole house so that is great for working out and feeling like a fresh start! I love the way my guys walked in last night, their mouths fell open, and they both said, "W~O~W!" I started cleaning and organizing in the master bedroom this time, and the first thing I did was my own closet! It felt great to start with me this time :) I finished the whole upstairs and it feels great to be in those freshen spaces.

It is time for me to practice what I preach! I need to look at the challenges as opportunities because they truly are! And the thing with my son's heels mean more family time and maybe a little less travel for a while. My hubby's disc issue means that we see him at home more often!

It's easy to fall into the fear of feeling overwhelmed. I am pushing myself to reach up for the opportunities that are right there before me! What opportunities have you reached for lately?
Love to hear your stories!

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LBDB001 4/7/2011 10:19PM

    I have had a few days of Challenges - I mean Opportunities myself :-). My kids have fallen back into old habits that just drive me crazy!! However, because of this, I have been working out like crazy, to handle the stress of it all!! More calories burned for me :-). And it has helped me become even more consistant in my workouts, in return is teaching them to be more consistant emoticon!! WOW!! This is great!!
Thanks E emoticon

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