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About three weeks in - committing for life to paleo!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Well hopefully commit for life. I have experienced weightloss, no cravings, energy and happiness in amounts I have not felt in 15 years.. Clean skin, higher libido, more able to handle life's upsets.

I did however experience two bad headaches which I found out is the detoxing for wheat! They were shocking, the last two nights just flat energy, also related.
Some call this carb flu.

After this, (2. Weeks max) never again :) unless I stupidly eat pasta for some reason hehe

My inner wisdom... Thought back to a TV show here in nz I saw five years ago and I noticed something odd. No grains,,, but he couldn't and didn't ya that on TV. I decided to listen.. Probably the 5th time my soul told me to find him. Found him in Melbourne on Facebook, he has a podcast show called 'the wellness guys' who heal people with free advice! Then.. He had a link to "that paleo show" part of his thing but he's not on it. And omg

Life changing!! Thankyou inner wisdom!

I learnt why soy, legumes, grains, wheat, sugar are bad and not designed to be digested by our bodies...
Then I learnt just how sick I aw, I thought a craving as actually a hyperinsalemia attack which I got twice a week, omg.
I now eat twice a day... And don't feel hungry. Not five time like before!
The people on the show have been paleo for years cured their diseases. And their family and patients, one doctor reversed her pcos :) and they are so helpful about all the mistake to avoid too which is invaluable

I also read I quit sugar this week- and from her inspiration I counted all the carbs and sugar in my dieti ate here on spark last year.

Keep in mind the human body can metabolise about five to six teaspoons of fructose or sugar a day. The rest is stored as fat. That's two very small fruit or two large strawberries.
The avg person consumes 25gms of sugar currently. Mine was...38!!!!!!!!
On a low sugar, vegetarian diet. And my carb were a disease promoting level of 325! I was horrified.
All that hidden sugar equals 1.125kg a weeK!!!!!

No wonder.

I am on holiday. Currently, packed my salads, fats, and meats hehe and nuts
And, I accidently packed the jeans I bought last week that were a size too small! Robert said to keep them cos they will fit one day. I didn't think it would be yesterday when I was forced to wear them to the Anzac ceremony!!!!


I also learnt this week.. When your endocrine system is damaged, your blood sugar rises higher than other people. To food, eg pizza or fruit...
Dr yana had a blood sugar monitor to measure her sensitivity to food, and she was twice as much a her husband! Which stunned me
Co that's absolutely true for me, on the Merged diet, kelvin my ex lost muscle mass and I gained lots and lots of fat. We stopped doing it after 3 months that was 6 year ago now. And finally my body is recovering from that!

I did vegan. Vegetarian
Quit sugar. Low carb..
Low calorie. Boot camp, gym, a uni study for motivation, a trainer... Etc etc

Wasn't until I understood the importance of fat and all the industry lies about it that I got the diet right. Eat what our ancestor did cos our genetics haven't change to accept agriculture.

I'm hopeful for. The future.. No more miscarriages. I can finally build the strong body I want, I'm looking into ways to build myself. For cross fit

My period aw way different this month, no pain or exhaustion - I have figured out why... It's just.. It's never not hurt in 15 year.. But then again..
IVe been eating low fat for 15 year.

Sorry about the funny typing on here,
Ref books, why we get fat, Gary taupe
Great movie - fat head, but eat your vege ok. 5 colours each meal if u can lol
Book the wheat belly
Anything by dr Robert lustig is hugely helpful sugar, toxic etc
Mark sisson.. Is okay but
I really strongly prefer that paleo show!!!!!!

I learnt sooooo much just from their first twelve episodess on the basics. I've also watche episode 22 breakfasts hehe that was awesome.

My body now tells me if it loves or hate a food, it never used to. I have to chuck out my tuna. Chicken is okay but it really loves living tomatoes lol, i don't. Hahah

I probably will get a blood glucose monitor, dr yana found she could barely eat any fruit cos of her pcos. Feeling great, happy every day....

Cured my depression! That's the saturad fat lol I'm crazy about avocado now they have an awesome effect on me, super energy, half an avo a day!!!
I never could feel that before cos my body aw overrun with toxic grains and sugar... Poor body

Healthier days ahead!

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SEATTLE58 5/15/2014 1:06PM

    I just looked you up this morning and found this blog and read it and are wondering how you're doing now? I haven't heard from you in a while and I haven't checked up on you either, and that's my fault! I'm still doing the low carb thing. Not perfect every day. But trying harder every day. Still having a tough time exercising with a arthritic knee and RA every other joint! Trying to never give up and keep plugging along and I hope that you are too! emoticon Karen

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Results. Morning of Day Three.

Friday, April 11, 2014

I actually have not eaten yet... I will break my fast when my body tells me to i think.. or .. maybe in another hour..
(its 9am)

Anyway.. I had a feeling something had changed... and I measured my body

These are my starting measurements as of
10th April:
Weight: 108kgs / 238lb
Waist 124cms /48 inch
Hip 134cms / 52 inch
Bust 132cms /51 inch
Thigh 72cms 28 Inch

Today.. 12th April. (thats two days)
my waist is down 1 cm, my hip measurement down 4 cms (actually it was 5 (2 inches) but i er on the safe side with measurements) bust is down 1 cm and thigh down 2 cms
I THOUGHT my jeans were loose hehee.

My happy and energetic mood is impacting my life, my relationship.. the things i do.
When I was a child my nickname was Happy Chappy - and now I recognise.. that is who I am... I've been suffering from metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance and PCOS for 15 years... (and subsequent depression) - and that is not who I was born to be.
And I've been VERY quick to adapt my thinking, I've been "unpacking" all the things I learnt that were wrong over the decades.. as far back as 1984...

And I can pin it to ONE event.. .where it all went wrong...
When I was 17 I met a boy named Julian.. whom I ended up living with (a house mate) and he drank 2.25 litre of coke a day. I was SHOCKED - I grilled him hard on this and he said it was fine... he needed it to stay awake all night..
a couple years later I took up that nasty freaking habit, and I did it for about a year... I started out 86kgs and ended up 116kg... (I was addicted - but I did some research into caffiene and was convinced to get it out of my life and did so forever).. I cut the coca cola, and switched to water. and did no exercise or change in diet and lost 20kgs.. (over a year). I was 98kgs or so in total and stayed there the rest of this time. more or less.

I remember being 86kgs and being unhappy with it.... I had lived out of home for a year by then and obviously eaten carbs...
my weight before that was 78kgs... before that... I think THAT should be my goal weight. Sounds like my body's homeostasis point.

So those two years I was obese... I was diagnosed with depression, and PCOS. (and social phobia) .. .
If I had never met that boy..Julian.. who appeared fine and normal. I never would have thought it would have been okay.. .in later years he got very fat... and im not sure but he must have got his weight off... and stopped it. because I saw his wedding photos on face book - Mind you if i hadn't believed to eat low fat, I'd be long over it by now... But I can forgive myself that cos NO ONE taught me to eat high fat low carb before.

It just so happened for my body, it did WORSE damage, and screwed up my hormones.. and gave me a condition that makes losing weight "extremely difficult" says the doctor.. blah. we'll see about that!

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Dr Lustig for teaching me the biochemistry. The science. The truth!
(see sugar the bitter truth and fructose 2.0 on you tube).

Also! my happy little brain has made a few musings today;
root veges are carby.. leafy veges or things that grow on the top of the ground are not... (this fits in with the adam and eve diet) and..
tomato is a fruit so ofcourse its carby

I got a little hungry last night as I had skipped dinner. I ate beef jerky and full fat greek yoghurt with some nuts (and I SERIOUSLY cheated and put Agave nectar in it which is 90% fructose, throw it out!!!) and um yeah - that was yummies.. I decided a little might be okay since i had none all day :)
Especially being late at night. THAT IS NOT THE ME THAT I KNOW !LOL what happened to the cookie monster? heck my ex boyfriend knows to reliquinish all chocolate for i might throw something at him when in a sugar craving binge to get it. And to think it was my low fat diet that ruined my mood..and my anxiety and insecurity.. our relationship might not have fallen apart.... wow.. cant spend forever in what if's tho!

So yeah..
As I mentioned in my last post I don't have scales. and can't measure my weight..
I am keen to get my blood tested.. i wanna get triglyceride and HDL done.. I found that the local hospital does this.. but might be shut on a saturday. (today)

But that's all good, I'll ring and try anyway.. we don't get results by waiting around hehe

Breakfast this morning: scrambled eggs (the way gordon ramsy taught me how - thank you you tube.. ) bacon, and i'll throw in cream cheese and think i'll do zuccihini this morning
and more capsicum

Tomorrow is Sunday and the farmers markets are open so I need a whole weeks meal plan done by morning.. so that's my task for today - not sure which ratios of meat to veggie i wanna do.. I do have an idea on where to research this tho.
eat awesome
get bloods tested if possible
make meal plan

There :D!

Done with being unhealthy!! DONE WITH PCOS!
I'ma cure the "incurable"!!!!

p.s I don't know anyone else who is doing the paleo diet... but that's just a matter of time :D I'm happy to blaze a trail if need be for now :)
I already have two people interested in it.. hehe I wish I wasn't SO excited and more skceptical to see if it would work.. but i feel it will :)

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HAPPYKITTYNZ 4/25/2014 10:36PM

    Nothing wrong with kero sis"! Not from what I know anyway. I should mention I'm almost doing kero, trying to.my tumour reduced in size. It's a benign one not a big deal but I've heard of people curing cancer with it and... I have evidence if that now, I think it would be fun to try and get it to heal before my surgery in July :)

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SEATTLE58 4/14/2014 12:36PM

    It's interesting to see how this will work for you, as you keep going on it. I'm loving our connection!! You rock!!

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MOTHERBEAR4 4/11/2014 7:31PM


You Go! I have convinced one friend to do KETO - All it took was her to see how I looked after I lost 48lbs. I told she would have to quit alcohol which is carb. or exercise more

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MJRVIC2000 4/11/2014 5:43PM

    Way to Go! God Bless YOU! Vic.

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Freaking Finally!! (Day Two of Twenty One)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Like, seriously. OMFG.
I can't believe how much energy I have!

It all started, couple weeks back, reading my New Zealand Natural Medicine magazine. the BEST magazine i've read in my life because it only speaks the god's honest truth. It had an article on how wheat causes serious damage including gut permeability, I found it inspiring.. I had been VERY low bread as it was, it was enough to kick off my curiosity.

Curiosity and me are a beautiful combination.
I looked at the references to the article and thank heavens, one was a documentary on you tube, which I set about watching, it's called Fat Head, its an hour and a half and it changed my life.

It basically without saying directly outlines a paleo diet.. BUT what it DOES do is debunk ALL of the diet information I have known in my entire life. Including limiting calories, was scientifically proven in the 1940s to put your body into starvation and add weight.. not only that.. the subjects went a little batty and one bit the other and they broke out to eat the grass on the field.
The crops of Soy, Corn, Sugar and Wheat, were never intended for human consumption... never should have been... so basically yeah
The guy decides to go on a 100 gm carb diet ( i dont promote that he did it with fast food and not lots of veggies) and he loses weight.. he then goes on a "saturated fat pig out" and loses more and at that point I was .. all.. WTF?

So I did MORE research - and read the book of the physician of the diet on which he took, which outlined ketosis.
So instinctively I bought "I quit sugar" by Sarah Wilson at a local book shop,, read through it, everything accurate and!!! even more information: the LOW GI plan is BOGUS.. because companies can add fructose( a toxin that makes u gain weight) to lower the GI.. and that nutella is in no way better for you than a carrot lol.
So that made some sense to me... I was prescribed a low gi diet a while back when they finally got data in on what to do with PCOS.
Ok so then!!!! I looked at her face book.. and she made a mention of Dr Martin Lustig, whom I know well from the doco "sugar the bitter truth" i watched "fat chance fructose 2.0" and learnt even more.. and omgosh..
I then found Marks Daily Apple with the primal diet - has quite a huge following...
every friday someone posts their success story,, and the changes are REMARKABLE. and it shows how to exercise.
so I was scrolling through it happily.... reminding myself i tried paleo 2 years ago for a week but didnt know what i was doing and more importantly WHY (thank you FAT HEAD documentary!)

And I came across this:

I knew INSTANTLY from my dutifully follow spark peoples guide lines, painfully only eating 1400 calories for ayear.. and the carb ratio of 150-300 . and that i was unable to change the macro nutrient ratios and it frustrated the hell oout of me...

That I had been set in the GAIN INSIDEOus WEIGHT range!
I was FURIOUS! no wonder all my friends on here lost weight around me and i didnt! omg, no wonder i failed over and over and over.. publically!
So first thing I did was log back on here.. changed my calories back to what I should eat for my body size. (2100) then I put in my protein requirements for my lean body weight (from the book protein power) then i put in my carb requirements and put 0-50 as a goal. thats a bit extreme. i would advise 100. And then i calculated out the rest of the calories still required, divided by 9 (as fat is 9 per gram not 4) and then i had to eat..... a huge 180gms of fat. a day.

So I bravely...with my new packet of pork lard that boyfriend bought for me.... gave it a go.

on the 9th of April, just a couple days ago
i had bacon eggs fried in lard (will do butter in future, hated the taste) and a tomato i think and cream cheese
for lunch i had a chicken, nut, spinach, mayo salad, with lettuce and for dinner i had a double cheese burger from mcds but i got them to take out the ketchup and put in mayo,
I even "cheated" with a piece of fudge and some sweet yoghurt.. wasnt hungry till just befor ebed so i had 2 cracker swith ham and cheese on.

This is NOT a diet i recommend... it's just what I happened to do on Thursday
I felt SO guilty eating a breakfast like that. I NEVER have fat!!!... usually I have nothing or cereal and almond milk (home made organic cereal!)
lately i've been having scrambled eggs on toast... bit of capsicum , tomato , avo, etc

And by 3pm...every day - I feel exhausted. I have felt this way for fifteen years..ALL of my overweight life.. (since 19 or 20)
but 3pm on Thursday..(day one) I felt like a ten year old child! I was bouncing and happy and energetic all day, except after i had the mcd burger i felt it drop off a bit, i attribute this as sensitivity to the bread.

Friday I had much the same (Monday and Tuesday I cut all sugar I should mention). except a little dark chocolate, no yoghurt, was more careful with my veggies eg no tomato.. I only had one large salad with the veggies, and capsicum at breakfast, but, in future i will make lots more.
I unfortunately was GIFTED burger king today (we dont have burger king in this small town).. but did the best i could and spat out the bun lol. I felt DRAINED afterwards.. for about 2 hours infact i could tell it was gonna go on the rest of the day.. so i had an idea.. and i ate some roast pork with the fat on.. and bang i was back to full energy!! yay. and happiness.

I am NEVER in full energy! Clearly this is what my body was designed for, I shared my pork with Robert (my new boyfriend... i left the other one of 6 years and moved city to be with him) and he was groaning in primal cave man pleasure, lol - He is a hunter and adores meat.. well anyway.. he is changing - as i've become educated he has too.
He consumes 15 tsp of sugar in his morning energy drink. the AHA recomends 9tsp for a man in a day, and 6 for a woman.
I am gonna fight to stick to that!!! (the average today is 22tsp)
6tsp is a 250ml glass of raro or a cardboard carton of flavoured milk (whici found out is made with trim milk. useless) Robert actually said that trim milk was "useless" and pissed off with them and i've noticed he makes his energy drink last all day now.. rather than drink THREE! omg. (and he smokes) but that'll change!

So basically the theory of ALL of these websites/books/docos i mentioned are to eat protein, fat, saturated fat (at will!), carbs that are from veggie and not starchy... and... the odd bit of fruit.. which i've figured out.. should be after dinner - and if experiencing issues cut back on the dairy..

I'm impressed that I learn things so very quickly... its been about a week or two. since I started this
and looky: i've been LOOKING for this for over 2 years now.

This just blows my freaking mind.
Ofcourse grains arent on there.. GRAINS ARE FOR BIRDS! not humans! or any other mammal for that matter.
The biggest lie in my entire life.. that effected me so deeply and so much.

When I think back on the THOUSANDS of missed opportunities because of my weight.. the thousand plus i spent on exercise equipment and gym membership last year - in vain (cos exercise CANT lose the weight well only about 1BMI, when most of us are 5 or 6 BMI over.. (im lots tho)) and all the time i wasted here cutting back calories..
I actually am naturally.... anorexic. I've been on a low fat and low cal diet since i was 19 or 20. I tracked my eating just to see what I'd eat and i come in about 1400 or 1500 (i should be at 2100) and... then when i add in sat fat and stuff im trying to bring it up, its tricky. i've gotten as high as 1800 and 1900, But i will keep trying. Fortunately a tablespoon of olive oil is 200 cal so that helps. heh. have yet to do it tho.

I haven't learnt the art of getting 4 cups of veggies me into a day and 3 palm fulls of protein. like i'd like.. . but im determined to get there.
This week i bought whole egg mayo, 86% fat, and 0 sugar, horray!!!! got it home and saw the main ingredient was Soya bean oil. bugger. waste of 8$! (food is expensive in nz!) but i'll use it up and then make my own from then on out,

I am aiming for 7-10 carbs per meal. a tomatoe is 6 .. so yeah. thats out, buhbye tomato! heh, i have some going ripe on the bush at the moment..

It's only been 2 days so i've no idea about any weight changs... (i also didnt pack my scales.. they are at my old house) Ideally i would get my triglycerides and HDL measured, but i dont have a doctor in this town as of yet.

But you can imagine..from all the pain i described earlier - it doesnt take much to make me want to give something my full go, I'm not gonna screw around with wanting bread.. potatoes.. popcorn. that stuff is toxic. (like i've read about people slip up on).

Oh another thing i switched to dark gharna 72% chocolate. and omg do i HATE it. its cured my sugar addiction on it's own hahahahaha i can onlymanage a square or two a day... today i ate 3 happily, it tasted sweet to me. wtf
fortunately it's an anti oxidant so yeah i'll forgive it for now. (if its raw! its good for u)

So this is the basics i aiming for..
breaky: eggs ham/bacon for breaky, some sort of green veggie, with butter, cream cheese
lunch: "big ass salad" with protein and fat, nuts, cheese
dinner: steak and steamed vegge with butter on it, maybe mayo.
desert: when you can eat a starchy carb.. but i dont bother. i did have icecream a couple times this week tho. i'd feel better about it if it had less sugar and that but yeah i'll see how i go..

So far i feel AWESOME for energy.
today was another bouncy day... infact i had to find excuses to burn energy, eg walked 6 blocks for the first time since being here.. and voluntarily did house work

like im used to trying to lug my unenergetic large body around and having no motivation and feeling low - not being able to get up off the couch .. ugh!

i feel HAPPY every hour of every day in the last 48 hours (except post burger king).. and not only that
my beloved Robert is moving away in a week and i ought to be upset about that!!!
but instead im all hey this is an opportunity to get this sugar loving demon out of the house for a while and get going on my new diet.. if i think about it at all so my thoughts have changed, thats remarkable to me that diet controls my mood.

Stories I have read (marks daily apple) have been phenomenal results.. 20kgs in a year.. 40kgs in a year.. or ALL of their massive obese weight in 3 years.. reversing all sorts of disease...
Which makes sense really...

They ofcourse have commited to doing the right exercise and increasing amounts of it..
my exercise plan is 1. walk min 10 mins every day
2. (after i've got that a habit, 40 days) (or screw it! tomorrow!) i will do weights or resistant training eg squats n that.. twice a week and 3. sprint/hiit/bike sprints on the weekend once for no more than 30 mins
That sounds pretty reasonable..
especially when I had an exercise program, a university exercise motivator and a gym and a pool and a boot camp trainer....a osteopath for my damaged hip from running...a new racing bike...
you can imagine i did a lot of exercise.. infact i ran a spread sheet on my effective weight loss and it came as 0.2% relationship. 98% was my diet.. (cos i did lose 5kgs last year and put on 10kgs this xmas break) (moving in with robert had an effect on my sugar intake)

had I known to keep carbs under 150 (as per the graph above)
I would have lost more than 5 kgs in a whole year! (2,2 lbs = 1kg)

I do so wish these struggling and failing days are behind me.
Am I willing to work hard fo rthis? you bet
am I willing to do the minimum requirements no matter the weather? sure!
am i willing to cut all sugar and processed food, apart from maybe 20gms a day... yes! Am i aware this is 80% of all supermarket foods are laced with sugar. yes
I do garden for this reason so yeah!!! i see positive things ahead for me

Sugar is the scourge of our society
its addictive, it pushes up insulin which forces weight gain and insulin insensitivity then it causes all the same disease alcohol does and all the disease of metabolic syndrome which its 75% of all medical care... including cancer, Alzheimer, heart disease, diabetes, PCOS (hey thats me), (see "sugar the bitter truth" for this info) AND its toxic, wreaks havoc with our endrocrine system.. and !!! deadens the dopamine neuro receptors, making it nessecary to want MORE sugar.. and..(gate way onto other addictive things)..

and you know what else? food manufactures..
They .know .this.
and that's why they put in our food. addictive = revenue.
and you know who else knows something.. weight watchers know that a reduced calorie diet causes weight gain... and they make their money on the come back customer

I freaking did weight watchers.. (and lost nothing)
Gimme back my LIFE FORCE! and sincere heart felt motivation!

I actually don't have any way to measure my upcoming progress other than measuring tape.. The scales i did have didnt work anyway cos i way too much. freakin hell - cant wait to feel HAPPY with my body. that would rock!

So i bravely asked robert today.. how thin is too thin for you? and he said.. do whatever you want, look how u want.. i love you for who you are...
Thats a different response to the ex boyfriend!
So here we go - full steam ahead

and while we're at it. NO MORE CORN SYRUP! yuk!

no veggie oils (toxic)

I really have to outline.... how remarkable my mood has been from eating high fat.... unbelievable.
I was put on anti depressents many (years ago) which destroyed my creativity...I used to be a painter... I think it might have screwed with my memory too. and I could have felt as happy as i do now.. if i hadnt bought into the "low fat" diet foods at the supermarket.

Man am I so angry with being lied to I have no doubt that I am not married and without children and also not rich, because of my weight. its effected me hugely...

BUT!!!!! there are positives..
there is a huge movement on paleo. huge, and lots of members in groups here on spark AND spark now allow us to change our macro nutrient ratios so i did :) (2100 cal, 50g carb, 180g fat, gprotein).
And for that reason and that reason only, I am able to use this website now and i will post my progress :) that and access to groups and friends and this blog and all the other neat things on the website... and i even found lots of low carb info so yay! i think spark might have changed since i left. :).

I can not WAIT to get some results, and then get my heart back into exercise and everything else and... finally having the body that I need and deserve!!!! Already took my "before" photos yesterday lol.

I can also say ... all that "failure" over the last year and a half on spark.. has made me a VERY determined and motivated individual..

It's easy for me to pick up all my strength. once i see a reason to fight...

and I do :D

Hope this works!!!
So nervous if it doesn't, I probably will give up trying for a longer time if it does.. but..
apparently you're to take 21 days to see if it works before giving your opinion..
it took me from breakfast to 3pm on day 1. to realise it did! lol If nothing more than that i now have the ENERGY to exercise...

.... gawd all that slogging through boot camp after a bowl of home made cereal........ to find no effect on weight loss..

tsk tsk tsk.
The most inspiring thing of all.. was episode 9 on the pod cast of mark dailys apple... was a man who lost 45lbs through low carb and ketososis and intermittent fasting.. Who said.. that because his body is a fat burner... when he fasts he feels more energetic.. and only needs to do it for like 4 days to get his weight back down to goal.. so its very easy for him to manage his weight
This is how the females in my family live day to day actually.. so that should be my genetic future i guess :) I actually believe this will cure PCOS. it makes biochemical sense to!!. My friend Victoria did ketosis and she felt just awful but you're not supposed to do that without being on low carb diet for a long time to shift your body from a sugar burner to a fat burner

Sorry for all the lots of thoughts. I'm just SO excited :D :D

I really recommend watching the Fat head Doco..anything by Dr Lustig - he is the leading mover, and is now studying law to be able to make a REAL change in the world, im excited for it...and if you want inspiring healthy recipes iquitsugar.com (a couple have too high amount of carbs) but you'll get used to it!

p.s I have no conflict of interest, I have researched nutrition for 4 years. i am almost fully confident i've found the final destination ( i just wanna see myself lose weight for the first time in my life first). But incase anyone wanted to follow along, rapid weight loss is very possible with this..
p.p.s my naturopath banned me from being vegan before xmas last year.. its taken me this long to love meat again lol She said i was protein starved.. im sure she was right.. in part.

PORK CRACKLING!!! yumm its allowed!!!
Saturated fat is okay!! it makes u happy! yay
Watch out for the bacon pig out that occurs when u find out the truth.. and try not to make yourself sick of it lol.

ok so i should also say this is also called a whole foods diet - which has been around for centurys since before agriculture..
dont eat anything processed
whole fruit. whole vege
sauces that dont contain sugar
whole meat with skin on
Berries and cream..
and all the fats that our grandparents ate. not this toxic veggie stuff
fruit when in season. and as desert and now you're allowed cheesecake.as a treat.. and yay.. not yoghurt tho they sugar that up to the hilt.
unless u can handle greek
and raw dark chocolate = yay! just a little tho.. like u would nuts.. but eat more nuts instead lol///
its pretty strict - the way i simply described it but once u go to iquitsugar.. Srah reversed her disease by living this way at least five years and has made her diet amazing and varied and interesting.. the recipes look awesome.. she even has sweet recipes using stevia and rice malt syrup (A slow release low gi thing) (which is NOT in shops in this small town, sigh) but yeah im getting excited :)

life is looking hopeful
I went vegan over night (some years back) so i know i have the power to make bold decisions.. hey i moved here didnt i? left everything I knew behind..
I can cut processed food and sugar, and eat a diet that my body needs and uses well, over night if i want to too. :) emoticon emoticon emoticon

I think i should invest in a couple hens... lol
That would be smart!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HAPPYKITTYNZ 10/6/2014 12:45AM

    Thank you SOOOO much... omg.. Motherbear4 I'll never forget your very helpful post..

Looking back on this post a half year later.. wow was I pissed off lol, and I rightfully should have been... but, also, uninformed still :) How far I've come!!!
I'm setting up a new system to do my weightloss (I havent done any behaviour change since i moved city) so these links you gave me are VERY useful actually :) Thank you!! much love!

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MOTHERBEAR4 4/11/2014 7:43PM

    emoticon emoticon

I eat bacon, cook my eggs in bacon grease (saved from bacon) I cook batches of bacon in the oven - so all I have to do is grab one.

I am still reading the book "Death by Food Pyramid" that is an eye opener.

I use this keto calculator to figure out how many grams of F/P/C to eat it will tell you if you want to lose 1 lb and for 2lbs aweek


I also watch this ladies videos - they are short - she has been in ketosis for 7 years - and is inspiring. She also has a Facebook page - she's a little hyper but that is all this energy she has!


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July Update. a new edition to the family, pics :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hi Everyone! been a while, I mostly had an issue with the computer not letting me use the spark page that kept me away actually, (I think they updated the whole website's flash and I could never find how to update it till today)

I have had an addition to the family, Bounce! she's 3 months old today actually, Happy birthday little girl!!

Unfortunately still not toilet trained, but I'm learning.. On August the 5th she will have had all her shots and be allowed to run free on the streets, meaning I could get back into running :)
(Last year I had hip osteopath therapy after a running injury and that kept me out of exercise for 3 months).

Umm... My weight is STILL the same, actually, I've found I lost more weight without Spark, than I did while on the website (for a year).. but... I think I can swap from calorie counting, to vegetable counting :) and still use Spark that way :)
here we are at the local beach emoticon hehe, we have been quite a few times, she's still afraid of waves, aww..

She's quite bright and energetic, wants to play play play, and I (try to) make puzzles for her to keep her mind busy. Her favourite thing in the world is a) a juicy bone b) the sandpit I made for her and c) when i hide a juicy bone for her IN the sandpit :)

I started seeing a Nautropath, and she convinced me strongly to get more protein in my diet.
So I used meat in the intermin until I figured out how to do it vegany, but, I have now, I am going to make "Grawnonla" this week from "gorilla food" book i bought, and I can slow cook beans.. she said to change the water 8 times while soaking and it removes any "farting/gas" effect after u eat it :)
She also has me on some herbs to "manage" Pcos (secretly that means cure). Will take a while tho. So nothing to report there...

A friend told me about the HCG diet, that helps remove adominal fat, which has gotten even worse this year.. sigh.
But yeah I really want to get onto an Akaline diet.....
So I'm going to incorporate more raw vegan stuff.. I guess I can't do a big new diet, I just gotta take it day by day, switch each thing out one at a time..

Hmm :)
Well it's 5am, I might hop back into bed, See if Bounce will settle (and take her to bed with me)... and not do her lick attack :D

Her most recent photo, this week, We drove down south for my Grandmothers Funeral, and here is Bounce, on what we New Zealanders, consider a natural wonder, the Moeraki Boulders, (perfect circle shapes) :) Not the best photo to illustrate that, but it was tricky conditions to take one, she didn't want to sit on the rock cos the waves were coming up around it.

And since this is a Bounce special post, I'll post a photo from the first day I got her, when she was 7 wks old.
This photo is titled
"Teddy Bear Stare"

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STEPH-KNEE 7/14/2013 1:53AM

    What a gorgeous puppy, congrats! emoticon

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57OLDS 7/13/2013 1:39PM

  Congrats to you on your new addition-we have a border collie too. They are the best! We bell trained our Allie and she caught on right away. Just get a little bell from pet store or hobby shop and tie a loop around the door. Show her how to ring it with her paw-she will learn fast as border collies are one of the smartest breeds. Good luck! emoticon emoticon

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What I've learnt from January.

Monday, February 04, 2013

I am so excited, because this is the first month in which I have tracked nearly every day. (The addition of the Spark People App has helped hugely). And because I did that, I was able to retrieve some useful data today when I typed up an excel spreadsheet.
ē I lose weight at 50% of the speed projected here on Spark.

Which is wonderful to know, because that now gives me the power to play around with the numbers and the calories. You may or may not know, if you subtract 3500 Calories from what you eat over the week you will lose a pound, and 7700 for a kg, I am currently (for January) on -2395. A week and with exercise included, -5743 Which should mean a drop in 3kgs (or 6.6 pounds) but for me it was 1.5kgs.. which actually, Iím thrilled about haha. I am only aiming for a kg a week

However I was not satisfied the macronutrients (Carbs, Protein and Fat) Ratios were accurate on Spark, so I looked in my AWESOME book called ďDownsize MeĒ and it had macronutrient breakdowns for each body type, into loss, maintain and gain.. I am an endomorph. Probably most of us are.. And to lose weight we are to be at 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fat. To maintain itís 45%/35%/20% to gain weight 55%/25%/20% so as you can see, itís the carbs that are the trick to weight loss/gain depending If you keep fat low.

So itís easy enough to divide daily calories into these percentages, but then to get the grams? You divide the Carbs by 4 as there are 4 calories per gram, same for the Protein, but Fat is 9 Calories, so divide by 9. I put on some ranges like they have for the Calories (+100 and -250) And bang Iíve got my new ratio and calorie requirements, and itís adjusted to my 40/40/20 that I need.
I had to drop 20 kgs off my goal weight to get the calorie counter on Spark to reflect what I want, but yeah Iím really delighted with it now.

Iíve ended up with 1782 Calories (which was my average for last month, yay), 178g Carbs, 178g Protein and 39g Fat.
One day my metabolism will speed up and I could probably eat more calories, especially as I do a lot of exercise. But that day is not here yet.

ē Another thing I learnt from the downsize me book, Endormorph bodies take 3-4 weeks to react to changes in diet. So be patient, and more importantly.. If you are going to eat a refined carb (flour or sugar) ALWAYS have protein with it. As this prevents such a huge insulin spike.

Today I had a square of chocolate and some walnuts, (7 to be precise) lol, total 260 Calories, woah.. but hey, itís hours later now and Iím not craving sugar or having a crash so woohooo!!! I cracked that nut. Hahah.

Okay, So all the calories are sewn upÖ

My meals have come along a huge distance.. Yesterday I made a mango infused Carrot and Chicken salad. Kelvin said it was restaurant quality.. It was indeed very nice.. I wish I could eat it again hehe. I also made my own mini cheesecakes for a whopping 900 calories! Iím sticking with the theory of one free meal / treat on the weekendÖ But I didnít want to go THAT high.. fortunately I found a recipe on spark today for a 120 Cal Cheesecake: Looks hardly different to mine, must be the serving size that makes it different. Still.. YUMMO!


I have recently been reading ďThis is why youíre fat (and how to get thin forever) ď Ė Jackie Warner, and it has EXCELLENT information on the hormones involved in weight loss and gain and.. anyway.. She also says its important to have a treat meal Ö or rather.. she suggested on per each weekend day and then Monday to Friday you eat like you planned. A treat to her is a box of lollies at a movie.. not a whole bag of cookies like I see it tho, hahaha.

I also learnt, our bodies can only EAT a whole bag of cookies, because the fibre has been stripped away. Food in nature isnít designed that way, a fruit for example, comes with all the minerals you need to digest it.. But sugar, doesnít.. so your body has to rob it from other reserves in your body.. hence the blood sugar spike and cravings. My poor sugar laden body.
Today I bought 0% sugar 0% fat yogurt.. I expected it to taste AWFUL and my whole purpose was to naturally sweeten it. (It did, by the way) I put berries in it.. cinnamon.. stevia and a bit of agave nectar (0% sugar) to bring it up a bit.. and itís REALLY good now. I feel very proud of it
Sugar free, Fat free yogurt, which is as good as, and better for you than the fruit yogurt that kelvin eats, right next to it. Hehe

Ok so I have covered Calories, Food, What else?
Exercise.. and Measurements..
As you may already know I joined the Gym, on the 4th of Jan. (First day it opened) I did a circuit with Kelvin that first week and I was highly put off by the other people there. I am used to there being about 8 people in there.. maybe 6. That day there was 60+ The gym instructor called them the ďnew resolutionersĒ and I was REALLY bothered by a elderly man who was using his momentum only to do the weights machines. (which are on pully machines of course) For some reason.. I imagined that this is how I looked. Yes I know resistance and slow and steady is how you build the muscles.. . Perhaps I was too self conscious that week.

I have been looking and looking and looking for ANYONE overweight as me at the gym (as of today I am 101.5kg / 223 lb)

I donít know why I needed it so badly.. I just didnít want to be the only big girl at the gym. I think last week I finally met not one but 7 or so girls bigger than me in an evening class of Aquafit. Phew heh.

Took a month to find them tho! This month I have tried Yoga, LOVE IT, (but I prefer it with the blonde instructor so I must find her again) , Pump, that had my body sore for three days! OMGawd! Lol, awesome tho!, XBall, LOVE IT, (itís just swiss ball exercises), Zumba was cardio-hell, and I actually injured my ribs from jumping around (the underwire in my bra colliding with ribs I suppose). I need a much less intense instructor.. or smaller boobs!, oh and Aquazumba.. which was silly

I have still yet to try Step Athletic, Gymstick and Xfit and Bat, Xtreme and Circuit, were told to me by a VERY fit girl, that they were very intense.. (which to me means stay away). Been looking around at other gyms in the city to see what they do, I found a Step Basics, (to be done before Step A).

Pioneer ( My Local)


Jellie (Quite far away)


they have Kick fit, which I know Kelvin would love!! Must get to a class some time :D (Doesnít appear to be on the time table).. They also have Aquadeep (aqua jogging to music.. neato

Other than the Gym I am still doing Jillian Michaelís Body Revolution. I love it.. but I think itís really not realistic to be able to do it 90 days straight.. I think once a week is way more reasonable hehe. That being said.. I LOVE HER WORK OUTS. I especially love that you need virtually no equipment, I use a stretch band, two dumbbells, 2kg and 3kg thatís it!
I love Jillian SO SO SO much, ever since Ifound out she only uses fitness as a tool to teach one they can control their life, destiny and dreams, I recently found out she wrote a book called unlimited to teach us how.., which takes 3 weeks to get all the way across the world to my little house hehe.. So Iím waiting butÖ.. I found a video today of what inspired her:

Tell me what you think of this below okay??
Wheee.. well looking over the last 8 months, Iíve noticed.. the least ďVolatileĒ measurement of the 9 I take is the waist, or the area just under the bust. I think this is the most accurate measurement. And I lost a riveting ONE centimeter off it this month hehe.. yay! A bit off thighs and calves again.. and biceps are a tiny bit up in size.. not sure whyÖ I am lifting weightsÖ Not sure. Another friend of mine said to me.. Slow and Steady, Thins the waist - Great quote huh! I love it. The more interesting thing is the changes since I began! I must have had really .. big.. thighsÖ. Were 74 cms (/2.5 = inches) and are now 66 3 cms off the busy.. 4.5 cms off the belly.. Well anyway.. maybe itís not HUGE changesÖ itís only 4kgs. I never imagined when I started on Spark that a 5kg trophy would be over 6 months away.. lol.. they are REALLY hard to getÖ much harder than a 5lb lol. But going back to the start of this year.. I started at 104kg.. /229 and am now 101.5/223 So thatís 5.7 lb this month :D
Thatís amazingÖ. Like reallyÖ Going to the gym has made a huge difference on my ability to lose weight actually, I typically go to a couple classes in a row, and throw swimming in as well (although I canít swim so donít get excited by that) the reason being. I ALWAYS have to take a day off in between from sheer exhaustion and muscle fatigue, so I go when I can hehe.
I have found injury a little frustrating. I had to take 3 or 4 days off for Zumba. Pump and banging my knee on the steel ladder in the pool. But itís nothing like I had last year.
I have even ran around the block a couple times this month.. but truthfully, Iím still afraid of it coming back.. (Bursitis in the hip).
So next month I plan to focus on keeping the carbs a bit lower, and trying to get my macro nutrients right :) And just keep doing everything else Iím already doing Gym, just a couple times a week.. more if I feel like it :) !! (Positive positive!) Iím doing so well now.. and my skin looks amazing.. and I have a confidence, sense of pride and a productive nature now :)
Which just between you and me.. Is REALLY why Iím doing all this :D

So tell me, what did you think of Jillians Video?
Learn anything?

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HAPPYKITTYNZ 3/17/2013 11:06PM

    Leanne Wann wrote Downsize Me.
It came from a TV show here in New Zealand, It is very informative..she is occasionaly on breakfast shows teaching fitness tricks.. I'm not sure if it can be bought online i'll go look for a link... http://www.lee-annewann.com/about-l

I've never promoted a book before. but this one is great for looking at the science behind everything.. and what i really liked about it, was it didn't waffle on.. lol.
It also has exercises, and how to build your own diet and everything you'd need to know... even how to calculate how much water you need.

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MTP717 2/4/2013 9:05PM

  Thanks for sharing. Where did you get the book "Downsize Me" and who is the author?

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    emoticon emoticon emoticon Thanks for the cheesecake I will definitely be trying those this month. And yes I can have small portions of treats once a week and still lose one pound a week, Awesome!

I go to curves three times a week and yes their are 200 and 250 + women at this gym.
Also very slim fit women of all ages. And yes January February are busy months at the gym. emoticon

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