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Exhausted, but some good things are going on, too.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm trying to figure out what is going on with my body. Today I went out for my walk/run and I felt depleted from the very beginning. I made the entire 3.4 miles, with some running, but I was very slow...about 20 min/mile...and I had to stop along the way a few times with my head down to catch my breath.

I don't feel hungry after I run, but I know that this is the time I really need to eat. And I also feel very sleepy and tired for the rest of the day after I workout.

I don't have a big appetite so I'm trying to eat the best foods I can, with the exception of today when I grabbed a Whopper Jr. while I was out because I just felt weak. I always get my Whoppers without cheese, mayo, and ketchup, and I add mustard, so it has 250 calories but 510 mg of sodium, which is a lot for such a small sandwich. I'm trying to keep my sodium level at or below 1500mg because my body doesn't handle salt very well.

Anyway, I thought I might be running low on potassium because I've been sweating so much of late. I took a 750mg potassium pill this morning hoping that it will help.

I think I might take tomorrow off, or maybe just walk my 3.4 miles with no running. Maybe my leg muscles just need a rest.

On another note, I am doing very well with the water and exercise challenge that is part of the Biggest Loser Sun-Sational Summer LEMON Challenge. Every time I use the restroom, I am doing 10 "push-ups" against the wall, trying to build up my arm muscles so I can do actual push ups again. I use to love doing those things. It will be good to do them again some day soon.

Also, a beautiful Malamute or Husky dog showed up at my house a few days ago. He is wearing a thick grey collar with no tags. He doesn't seem to know where his home is and has decided that I belong to him. Every time I walk outside, he comes to my side, licks my hand, and walks beside me wherever I go. When I go out in the morning for my run, he goes with me. I don't let my dogs go because they guard the house and they also are not very cooperative. But this guy, who is very sweet, stays right with me or runs a bit ahead of me, looking back every little while to make sure I am following, and then comes back home with me.

I think someone may have dumped him out near my house, but I am going to put an add in the paper in case someone is looking for him. I'm falling in love with this dog, but I don't think I want the responsibility and expense of yet another dog. I'm not really a dog lover. I lean more toward cats because they help me to relax. But this dog, for some reason, is really beginning to get to my heart. He is just so sweet and no matter how much I tried to run him off the first few days, he refused to go. And my dogs don't seem to mind him being here either. They all lie down together under my car during the day.

Lastly...as I was driving up to my driveway a couple of hours ago, I saw something out of the corner of my eye in my yard, so I turned my head to see what it was. There, in the middle of my lawn, in the wide open space of my lawn, was the most beautiful deer, just lying there in the sun, seemingly unafraid to be seen. I haven't seen that before! I've seen a huge wild turkey near that same spot, but not a deer lying in the open grass.

OK, enough of this yakking.
I hope all of you have had a wonderful day and will have a peaceful, restful evening.

emoticon on!

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HAPPYDOES 6/25/2013 11:49PM

    I've been eating 4-6 servings of freggies per day, including my favorite: kale.
I'm really having to push myself to eat enough each day but I haven't made it to my minimum calories for a couple of days now, but I am eating at least 1000. If I don't eat 1000, I won't exercise. It's not good for my heart to do so.

Still, I was listening to SparkRadio and it said that people over 50 do not need to eat as much as younger people, but I wonder how much is too little.

I rested on Sunday and I may rest tomorrow as well. I'll see how I feel when I wake up in the morning. But like I said, if I do my walk tomorrow, it will be just that: a walk...no running.

Thanks for coming alongside, ladies. I appreciate it very much.

OK...I'm hanging it up for the night.
Sleep well!

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EMMACORY 6/25/2013 11:19PM

    Josie, are you taking some rest days? You are pushing yourself pretty hard and are you eating enough? Hope you find the balance that works for you. emoticon

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KAB7801 6/25/2013 10:07PM

    Are you eating your vegetables. If I have my tired days I pack in the salads and spinach and it gives me energy
Just a thought

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Yipee! It's working!

Monday, June 24, 2013

I have been jogging (which I like to call running) in intervals during my walks each day and keeping a log of my mileage, time, and pace.

This morning I discovered that I improved my minutes per mile over last Wednesday by nearly 2 minutes!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

I am SO excited about that! I think that means the intervals are working their magic in my body! emoticon

emoticon on!

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TERRIJ7 6/27/2013 11:23AM

    Love those kinds of measurements! Even if the scale doesn't change for a while, it's nice to be able to see improvement in other areas.

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MAWMAW101 6/25/2013 8:37AM

    Give yourself credit for the great work! Party on!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MOTHEPRO 6/25/2013 6:24AM


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DAWNSJOURNEY 6/24/2013 10:59PM

    Party on indeed. YOU GO YOU ROCKIN LEMON !!

How about you are working your magic on your body... just a thought sweetie..

Congrats on your success!!

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EMMACORY 6/24/2013 10:45PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JENNAWW4LIFE 6/24/2013 8:26PM

  Improved fitness is a wonderful thing!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ADAGIO_CON_BRIO 6/24/2013 3:40PM

    Excellent! Great work!

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KATIEM929 6/24/2013 10:18AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
Good for you! Keep up the great work!

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KIM___ 6/24/2013 10:14AM


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taking a moment to reflect

Sunday, June 23, 2013

I have gotten off track since I went out of town for my grandson's birth.


I need to take time to reflect on how I got here, why I came to SparkPeople in the first place, and what it is that I say to myself that makes it "ok" to accept less than my best effort in this weight loss journey.

Tonight I am really eager for the sun to come up tomorrow so I can hit the road and do another 5K.


For some reason I am sabotaging myself in my food...not that I am eating too many calories, I'm not. In fact, today I only ate 1239. Yesterday, I ate 1385, which is a bit high for me, but still under the max of 1500. Last Wednesday, I only ate 777, and I didn't even log my food on Thursday and Friday because I was busy, busy. Still, that is no excuse. I'm getting sloppy with my routine and if I don't correct it, I will lose it and go back to being just a lazy, fat couch potato who prefers junk food over nutritious food.

The bottom line is that this is my journey and I can either commit myself to do it right, or I can fool around another year and still be obese.

I had a wake-up call last night. When I looked at my weight loss over time report, I saw that right now, I should be about 12- 15 pounds lighter than I am. That means I'm not working hard enough at this. I've been on this same plateau for too long (about a month). It's time to get my stuff together and do this right.

The good news is that I am finally beginning to feel better mentally. I've been depressed for two years, but it id finally beginning to lift.

I think I found out what the problem was with the sun: a medicine I am taking makes me photosensitive, and the sunscreen I was using was old. (I read online that some sunscreens can make photosensitivity worse.) Since I bought a new tube of sunscreen, I haven't had the problems with the Fibromyalgia flares after walking/running or doing yard work. Plus, I'm going out earlier in the morning to run and later in the evening to do my yard work.

I think I'll look back over my blogs and remember from whence I came. Also, I think I'll look at my goals again and rework them. Perhaps they are feeling like too much of a chore or something...too much to keep track of. I noticed that some people have simple goals...just a couple or maybe three instead of a long list like I have. Maybe my list of goals feels discouraging to me...too much for where I am in this journey.

There has been a lot of things that have happened since I came here...things that were very stressful. Some of them, I haven't written about here.

Maybe it is time to make my vision board. I've put it off long enough. There was so much going on and then I forgot it until a couple of days ago when I saw someone's board.

One thing I know for sure is this: maintaining a positive attitude is a must.

I don't know.
I'm up for hearing what you have to say.
Have any of you gotten off track and lost motivation? If so, what did you do to get back on track?

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EMMACORY 6/24/2013 10:43PM

    Josie, it is about progress not perfection....also look for NSV along the way. You will figure it out and get there....one step at a time! emoticon

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SWEETNEEY 6/24/2013 8:12AM

    We are not metronomes, we will get off beat sometime. I say it is important that we are consistent 60 - 70% of the time. I think in May in retrospect, I was not keeping time. I struggled with exercise. Always making excuses or changes to the routine = not doing anything. Felt down. But I released something that was happening to me at work and I have felt much better.

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KAB7801 6/23/2013 10:11PM

    You have to just do it. I do a few 10 min videos to try to get back on track
Then hopefully I want to do more

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HAPPYMENOW58 6/23/2013 10:05PM

    You can do it! Don't give up!

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self-control in Walmart parking lot

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Yesterday I had to go to Walmart to pick up something.
On the way out of the store, as I was walking to my car, I suddenly just wanted to run to my car, but since I'm pretty sure I look really bad when I run, I held myself back and just walked.

I think that from now on when I go there, I'll park as far away from the entrance as I can so that after I get past all the people, I can run if I'm not carrying too much or pushing a shopping cart.

I'm beginning to prefer what I call "running" over walking.

I like that. emoticon

emoticon on!

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HAPPYDOES 6/23/2013 4:50PM

    Well, I'm working on not caring about what people think of me and also working on doing what I think is right in things such as this, and I'm getting there...slowly but surely.

I noticed yesterday when I went for my walk/run, that I kept running even as I passed a couple who was walking along the road. Normally, I would have stopped running long before I got to them and just walked until quite a distance past them, but instead, I just ran because I didn't care what they thought.

but Walmart?

Someday...and soon! emoticon

Just be sure to check on me if I report that I am emoticon and emoticon all the way to my car!

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IACTA_ALEA_EST 6/23/2013 12:55PM

    I bet you look better than you think! Dont think stephanie plum, think Angie Dickinson! She had style!!! And if it feels right, we'll cheer you on. You may inspire another future sparker, or person who was holding back! Rock on Happy!

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EMMACORY 6/23/2013 12:07PM

    Yes, I always park far away, It is a good habit! emoticon

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KITT52 6/23/2013 11:10AM

    running can be fun, at times I use the cart to run and hope I don't look like some crazy old women running from the store....I always park as far away as possible, and on those cold days it feels good to be able to run or jog to keep warm

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QUADCMOM 6/23/2013 10:04AM

    That is funny and I was going to suggest you park farther out but you already thought of it. You are doing such a great job and you are an inspiration to others.


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EVIE4NOW 6/23/2013 10:01AM

  Should've ran. Think of it this way. If anybody saw you so what? You may never see them again. If it was someone you knew, they would've probably applauded you. Do what is right for YOU!

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KAB7801 6/23/2013 9:49AM


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KARENKANDO 6/23/2013 9:47AM

    Good for you! And I say. . . run, run, run - whenever, wherever you want! Thoughts of others - be damned! You do whatever feels right to you and don't worry about what others think. I used to ride my bike around the neighborhood. I weighed about 260 at the time, At first, I was a little intimidated and embarrassed because I worried about what the neighbors would think of this fat woman riding a bike. . .and what she was trying to prove. Well! I replaced that thought with this one: Riding my bike as heavy as I am - as out of shape as I am - will be inspiration to others! And so I did it! I rode my bike and I rode and I rode and I rode. And it felt . . wonderful! emoticon

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ELMA1913 6/23/2013 9:47AM


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KRITTEN1 6/23/2013 9:38AM


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KESTRYLL 6/23/2013 9:22AM

    Great idea, more exercise that way, good luck!

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The walk toward Subiaco Abbey

Saturday, June 22, 2013

After almost three weeks of no real exercise (except for a little bit of interactive video games with my grandson), I am back to my walk toward Subiaco.

Here is the link to the original blog and my mileage so far:


4/29/2013: 207 - 2 = 205 (I wonder how much thinner and healthier I will be when I finally arrive?)
5/07/2013: 205 - 2 = 203 (I'm back from out of state and back on my virtual party trip.)
5/09/2013: 203 - 2 = 201 emoticon
5/11/2013: 201 - 1.6 = 199.4 (Big dogs loose on property at corner; didn't want to go near them to finish 2 miles and don't know the mile markers to make it up if I walk the opposite direction)
5/14/2013: 199.4 - 2.4 = 197
5/16/2013: rained out
5/17/2013: 197 - 2.5 = 194.5
5/19/2013: 194.5 - 2.8 = 191.7
5/21/2013: 191.7 - 2.4 = 189.3
5/23/2013: 189.3 - 3.7 = 185.6
5/27/2013: 185.6 - 2.5 = 183.1 (I think I had a Fibro flare after the last walk/run. And Saturday, I had a reaction to the sun while I was mowing, so no walking for several days until today. It feels good to finally be back out there!)
5/28/2013: 183.1 - 2.5 = 180.6
5/29/2013: 180.6 - 2.5 = 178.1 (28.9 miles so far) emoticon
5/30/2013: thunderstorms and tornado watch...didn't run
5/31/2013: 178.1 - 2.5 = 175.6
6/01/2013 - 6/18/2013: out of town for grandson's birth; no distance tracked during that time and very little fitness minutes accumulated
6/19/2013: 175.6 - 1.6 = 174
6/22/2013: 174 - 3.4 = 170.6
6/24/2013: 170.6 - 3.2 = 167.4
6/25/2013: 167.4 - 3.4 = 164
6/26/2013: 164 - 3.2 = 160.8
6/27/2013: 160.8 - 3.2 = 157.6
6/29/2013: 157.6 - 3.4 = 154.2
7/1/2013: 154.2 - 3.5 = 150.7
7/2/2013: 150.7 - 4.3 = 146.4
7/4/2013: 146.4 - 4.1 = 142.3
7/5/2013: 142.3 - 2.5 = 141.8
7/12/2013: 141.8 - 2.2 = 139.6
(over-training...legs in knots...took a break)
7/27/2013: 139.6 - 3.1 = 136.5 (my first official 5K since 2001) emoticon
7/29/2013: 136.5 - 3.2 = 133.3
8/2/2013: 133.3 - 3.4 = 129.9
8/6/2013: 129.9 - 2.8 = 127.1 (the first time I've trained in a thunderstorm) emoticon
8/8/2013: 127.1 - 3.6 = 123.5
8/10/2013: 123.5 - 3.6 = 119.9 (87.1 miles so far)

Only 87.1 miles so far. emoticon That's what I get for taking almost three weeks off, but the heat and sun at my daughter's house sapped the energy right out of me.

I'm really glad to be getting back to it, though. I am going to try to do a 5k every day from now on until it becomes easy for me. Then I will ramp it up to about 4 miles per day, I think, and then 5 miles. Eventually, I hope to be doing a couple of 10Ks each week and the rest of the days, 5Ks.

Maybe, in time, my body will overcome this Fibromyalgia and I will be able to actually run the full distance of 5Ks and 10Ks.That would be awesome!

I've wanted to run distances for more than 12 years...since just before I was diagnosed with the Fibro. I used to want to run marathons and do triathlons, but not any more. I have been reading that running marathons and these long endurance races aren't really good for the heart. It is better to run a marathon over the course of a week rather than do it all on the same day. emoticon I can relax now and not feel so bad if I never run a marathon race. Instead, I can just run for the fun of it.

I never thought I would enjoy running, but ever since I started doing it for fun when I was 41, I have looked forward to it. I hope to continue to run until the day I die.

Party on! emoticon

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EMMACORY 6/22/2013 5:45PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MAWMAW101 6/22/2013 5:42PM

    You are awesome! Keep running/and or walking!
I went a mile again today.

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NHES220 6/22/2013 4:10PM

    Way to go!

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KAB7801 6/22/2013 12:46PM

    That's great! I've been thinking running
Sometimes I walk so fast and think "I should just run"

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QUADCMOM 6/22/2013 9:46AM

    Great Job !!!

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