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Running in company

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I ran today with a very good friend, who also run a marathon recently. We ran on the track around the Margit-Island in Budapest (Hungary). We ran without music, as he thinks it's easier to keep his own pace, and not to take the pace from the music. We only ran 5K, but we also ran faster, with 5-5.5 min/km, while I usually only ran at 6 or 7 min/km. So, this was challenging for me.

I got some good advices:
- Running at the same pace is preferred for long distance. If I vary the pace, it is more difficult for the muscles. Unless my goal is to make it harder for my muscles.

- Breathing trough the nose is preferred, as this way the body gets a constant flux of oxygen. The difficulty is, he said, that the body needs to be conditioned to function at a lower flux of air, and after a few minutes the blood changes to be able to take up more oxygen, from the same amount of air in the lungs. If I run at a steady pace, and breath with the same flux, the blood composition adapts easily.

- Over 12km per day, the knee-muscles are under heavy load, and I should pay attention to them. It is better to run 12+ km only every other day, to have the muscles retract. Running downhill is very dangerous.

It looks like when I run with company, I learn something new about running.

After running, we drank a bottle of water here:


Otherwise, I enjoyed the healthy menu at the training, which we requested before. :-)

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PEGTIGER 6/18/2011 6:24PM

    Glad you had a running partner and learned new things from him. I miss my running partner, but she decided she was not a runner and gave up.

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BUGQUEEN90 6/17/2011 9:55PM

    Good advice from your friend. I'll have to pay attention to my breathing when I run. Maybe it will help me to follow this advice.

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DORIS32 6/17/2011 10:12AM

    Wowsa! Those are some pretty fast times!
Thanks for posting all the helpful advice you received and sharing it! We all get to learn!

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SUNSET09 6/16/2011 7:19PM

  Good going! emoticon

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Two much fruits is still too much

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

(Wed 15 Jun 2011)

Today, hot day, traveling, lots of snacks. Although, I ate a lot of vegetables and fruits as the snacks, the sum passed over the calorie range. So, even with fruits, it is easy to go off limits.
I shouldn't have eaten that:
- big yogurt in the morning, only half size,
- take the big salad for lunch before the main dish,
- eat that fruity snack bar,
- take an extra yogurt in the evening,
- two plates of strawberries, just one,
- six nectarines, only two.
But somehow I was hungry. I was drinking enough today, 12 cups of water.

For exercise, I made a 2h walk in Szombathely, on the way to Budapest. This city traces back to Roman times 2000 years ago, Savaria. I was living there for 3 years before moving to Gleisdorf.

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INFLATED 6/17/2011 8:48PM

    That is a beautiful photo. I have never been out of the USA.

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ELLEYKAT 6/16/2011 5:53PM

    WOW that's a lot of fruit!!

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PPELTON 6/16/2011 1:47PM

    I have been missing my fruits...been organizing and cleaning house and I even forget to EAT...Fruit is high in carbs and right now I think I need them....We do need to make good choices in moderation...Keep up the good work

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ON2GOALS 6/16/2011 6:56AM

    You have done a really good job of analyzing your nutrition, and planning what you could do better next time. The day before was the 10k run, right? Could you have been hungry from this? Perhaps more protein could have helped satisfy your appetite? Beautiful city - I love your pictures.

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KALISWALKER 6/15/2011 8:46PM

    What a beautiful street! I know what you meaning about serving of fruit and veggies. I am trying to gauge where I should be in the range of 5-9. I hope you are having a great week too!

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PAIGESMAMA 6/15/2011 6:59PM

    Yeah it may have been too many calories, but they were good choices.

Weight Watchers has changed it's plan recently and now most fruits and vegetables do not count in your daily total.

Keep making those great choices.

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Shaping the dining out menu (and my 2nd 10K)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

(Tue 14 Jun 2011)

Today I worked 12h, as yesterday was a day off, and last week I was on the conference, there was a lot to do.
Then back at home, I ran a 10K distance.

Once I've read in a survey that managers were asked if they know which one is the most active day of the staff. Half of them had no clue, the third of them said Tuesday, the rest mentioned other days of the week.

My nutrition was not very well planned either, as I've spent most of my calorie budget on snack bars for snack time and dinner, totaling 12 snack for the day.

The run was interesting. I didn't really plan for 10K, I was like that if it goes, it's OK, if it's too hard, then I let it go. So, the first 3-4 km was like dragging myself forward, I almost fall asleep. Then after 5-6 km I started to wake up. And funnily, I was the most active on the last 1000m, I was even speeding up, and was hard to stop at 10K.
Who understands this. I thought that at the end of a 10K run I am supposed to be tired, not energized. www.endomondo.com/workouts/o2

Gleisdorf Cityhall

Tomorrow, I travel to Budapest (Hungary) again with the train (5h). I organized a training with a friend of mine in organizational development, the topic is working with resistance, this will be from Thursday to Saturday.

As an organizer, I took the liberty to order a healthy menu for the 3 days. I asked the hotel to send the menu, which was a traditional heaps of carbs+fats for the main dishes, in great Hungarian style, with then the same amount of calories of sugar+fat for dessert. I often see that the dessert is the same amount of calories, as all the dishes added together before dessert.

So, I requested to change the heaviest options. Somehow, the 2nd edition still had cream of mushroom soup (this is an ultra calorie bomb in my eyes) and brownies with vanilla sauce (on which planet is the brownie a low-to-moderate calorie dessert?), and similar. We changed these, too, so the 3rd edition of the menu now is about 70-80% healthy, moderate calorie level dishes.

For the coffee breaks, we will have only drinks in the morning, and drinks+raw fruits+raw vegetables for the afternoon. I hope the group will like it, too. If someone wants to eat heavy, s/he can still go for double portion sizes.

A friend of mine is also coming, I asked him to bring his running stuff, so we can run together.

OMG, this was my 2nd 10K. Shouldn't I really be tired?
I go and make my sets of pushups for the extra points for the fitness tracker.
What a funny day.

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DORIS32 6/17/2011 10:10AM

    Congrats on the 10K! Seems like you just flew through the second part of it! It's so hard to keep on a healthy diet when going to restaurants/hotels/etc. Good for you for really going after the healthier options instead of just eating what you were given.
BTW - I always love the pictures that you post of your country! Keep em coming!

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GEOCARYN 6/16/2011 6:56PM

    That menu sounds wonderful to me.

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ON2GOALS 6/16/2011 6:51AM

    Great planning for the training days menu - I love this, even though it took a couple times to get it right! As far as your run goes, wow, sounds like your body is adjusting to the training - very cool! emoticon

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KIMBERTA99 6/15/2011 10:16PM

    That is great on your second 10K run!! And way to go on changing up the menu..I do hope they like your healthier options!! Maybe share with them your success so far to explain why you picked the healthier foods!!

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CONFIDO999 6/15/2011 4:29PM

    Way to go on insisting that the hotel provide a healthy menu! I used to have to plan menus as a sales assistant, and it was not easy sometimes. You are much tougher than me--I don't think I could resist putting the mushroom soup on the menu--it is SO YUMMY!

And congrats on your second 10K! emoticon

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SPARKCHANTAL 6/15/2011 7:39AM

    please pass the brownies with vanilla sauce

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LESLIE_2B_LESS 6/15/2011 1:27AM

    You are amazing me! I think it's really awesome that you remade the menu for your business venture into a healthy menu! KUDOS to you!

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LAURIE9404 6/14/2011 7:22PM

    That is so great! Congrats on your 2nd 10k! I wish in this world that brownies were a healthy alternative. LOL. Not so much though. Great that you were able to adjust the meals so that everyone is eating healthier. Sometimes is hard for someone to make the right choices when there are so many bad choices available. Nice work!

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Tracking is king

Monday, June 13, 2011

(Mon 13 June 2011)

My exercise today was minimum, only a 2km - 25 min walk.
I notice that when I do a long run of 7-10K, somehow the next day running doesn't happen.

I was catching up with all my trackers and logs today, which gives more awareness on where I am. My learning is that still, after 4 months of consistent tracking, with eyeballing and thinking I estimate the calories 25-30% less, than they are in reality. This 25-30% can actually make the difference between weight gain or weight loss. So, I better track accurately.

Gleisdorf at night

In the evening, I was really craving for snacks, but then looking at the tracker convinced me to just drink a glass of water.

Otherwise, I slept 8h for 3 days in a raw, which feels good. Somehow, during the nights I could only sleep 7h, but then I completed later during the day.

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ON2GOALS 6/14/2011 11:25AM

    I have taken a cue from you and begun to measure and weigh foods. I've felt pretty confident that I could estimate the measurements accurately, but probably better not to guess. Glad you are back to feeling well rested!

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KIMBERTA99 6/13/2011 10:35PM

    Way to go on your tracking!! I just can`t seem to make myself do it and I am sure if I did I would lose the weight quicker!! That is great you are able to do those longer runs now...maybe alternating long and short runs is a good idea for now. emoticon

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MUEHLBBO 6/13/2011 10:05PM

    Tracking helps me also. I can attest to what happends when I don't track. You are doing a fantastic job.

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PEGTIGER 6/13/2011 9:57PM

    Tracking food has really helped me. I was eating just a little over and that was keeping me from losing. Now that I am tracking and staying in range, I hope to see the scales go down!

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    Good job on just having water. I find tracking really helps me make better decisions. I can see what I'm missing. Usually fruits and vegetables.

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GEOCARYN 6/13/2011 7:24PM

    I have found that seeing where I'm at for the day in the tracker certainly helps me make better decisions (with the exception of today emoticon). Having access to the tracker on my phone is really helpful for this.

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Enjoying the good sleeps

Sunday, June 12, 2011

(Sun 12 Jun 2011)
Today, I slept 8h at night, and another 1h30 in the afternoon on the train. It's funny there is a direct train connection between Budapest and Gleisdorf, only 4h40min. I love traveling by train. Hopefully my Ghrelin levels will be down by tomorrow! :-)

I ran 4K + 1.5K today, in 30C super hot. I decided to run before my train trip, to use the trip as having a good rest. I ran again in Lagymanyosi Bay, which was beautiful.

I'm at home finally in Gleisdorf, so tomorrow I can eat my own food again.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ELEGANTFLOWERS 6/13/2011 10:17PM

    It's always nice to be back home. Now you can get back to your old routine.

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PEGTIGER 6/13/2011 9:44PM

    Enjoy being back home. Glad you have gotten some good sleep!

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KMICHA 6/13/2011 1:05PM

    there is no place like home! emoticon

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CONFIDO999 6/13/2011 10:03AM

    What a beautiful picture! I'm glad you had the opportunity to see family and your old town again. I'm sure you will be happy to be back home, though. A normal routine is very comforting.

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ON2GOALS 6/12/2011 8:48PM

    I like how you planned your runs with that rest break on the train. Smart thinking!

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GEOCARYN 6/12/2011 7:42PM

    I love travelling by train as well. I visited Austria and Germany and that was how I got from city to city throughout both trips. It's so relaxing, and the scenery is beautiful.

Great job on the run!

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BUGQUEEN90 6/12/2011 6:36PM

    Welcome home, and enjoy getting back into your regular routine :)

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