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HCG VLCD Days 9 Through 15

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Days 9 through 15 have been a little rough. I am now on my period and have a cold. So Iím sick and cranky, not awesome. I do feel better than the first couple of days on the diet, so that is a plus. I am still losing, another plus. And the husband has been super supportive, another plus plus. Iím not losing like I think I should. Iím averaging Ĺ pound per day, no matter what I do to my calories. I am suspecting two things Ė one is my period and two is too much tomatoes. I am eating tomatoes either daily or twice per day. I do not think thatís a good idea. So I will be cutting back on that and upping the protein some.

I had my follow up visit and lost 2Ē in the waist. I think the girl measured me wrong in other places, but those didnít have any loss/gain. I think Iíve lost fat in the face and in my arms. I am wearing pants that I had bought at Kholís but couldnít really fit in (another plus plus plus). I put on my work shirt, a slim fitting polo that doesnít give because of the material, and it was loose. Exciting yes!

Anyway, at the visit, the PA said that I need to increase my water to 100 ounces per day. Ugh, donít get me started. She wanted me to increase my protein and stop eating carrots. I really didnít have that much carrots, but I took them out as she had advised. She gave me a recipe for a meatball soup that I might try out. I am getting a little bored with some of the foods Iím making, which makes me stare at my husbandís meals. He had a philly steak sandwich last night from a local sandwich shopÖ evil!

If I see the kids munching and that pushes a craving, I will go in the fridge and sneak a piece of chicken. It usually helps. I figure this is better than what I would really want to do: gorge into some pita chips and hummus.

Oh, the mini crock pot/lunch container is awesome. I love it. Iím using it at least three times per week.

Well, back to pushing through some work and waiting on lunch to roll around.

I'm almost to Phase 3! Phase 2 ends on the 19th.

Max weight at program start: 222lbs
Current: 203.2lbs
Goal: 150lbs
Difference: 53.2lbs

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MT_GIRL 2/8/2012 11:49PM

    Half a pound per day is about average for women. I get used to the bigger losses and hate seeing that .5 on the scale but in the end, a loss is a loss. You are the only person that sees the scale but everyone sees the inches. I just started measuring myself and watching those numbers change is so satisfying. Stick with it! Phase 3 is awesome!

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HCG VLCD Day 7 & 8

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Days 7 & 8 are going just okayÖ Iím going to blog a bit less because there really isnít much going on and I have more work this week. Yesterday, I was starved. I ate a portion of Tysonís grilled chicken (100 cal) and then strawberries in the morning. That helped steady me until lunch. Lunch was just steamed chicken and veggies with some seasoning. It really could have used some hot sauce, so I will be bringing one into work from home. After I got home, again I was hungry! WTH?! I downed another serving of chicken (100 cal) and hoped that didnít bomb out my progress.

Today has been a lot better, especially if I stay off of Pinterest because there are a lot of food pictures that I wish I could eat, but canít. This triggers lots of hunger and cravings. So, Iím staying off of it for as much as possible. Iíve been dehydrated more and more at night, so I need to increase my water. Ugh, that should be a bad word: w-a-t-e-r.
My friend and I were chatting about that evil word, which makes me pee all the time and all night long. I did notice more weight loss with my increased water intake. We also noted that body builders increase their water to a gallon per day or more! I would be drowning if that were the case.

Iím gonna try a VLCD spaghetti using those low-cal Shirataki noodle, low fat portioned out ground beef, and a can of no salt diced tomatoes. Iíll probably take half the can and emulsify it, then take the other part and leave the pieces whole. Iíll add in 1 tablespoon of onion, 20 grams diced red pepper, and lots of garlic and Italian seasoning. Iíll report back on tastes. 245 cal for the dinner, so no melba toast for me.

Max weight at program start: 222lbs
Current: 207.4lbs
Goal: 150lbs
Difference: 57.4lbs

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JIBBIE49 2/6/2012 11:04PM


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KK1967 2/2/2012 5:05PM

  hi there -
I think it is better to cheat with approved items then starve and cave into all of the past cravings. I did and still do beef broth even hot for breakfast - kinda weird, but it worked to keep me going - cannot stomach chicken broth for some reason the spell gags me out! There are several on the sight who can go hard core and stick 100% to the program but I have blips.

If you have not tried the radish heaven - it is amazing - and i hate radishes! I did not use coconut oil the first round and did well, but notice since adding it as many in the suport group do, I feel a lot better. I do chicken sauteed in hot sauce (or picante - shhhh I am mixing veggies) on lettuce leaves. I am doing a bit of extra protein too - I do one or two servings of eggbeaters occasionally in the morning. I may not lose the full amount this way, but I will be happy with another 15!

Good luck!

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HCG VLCD Day 5 & 6

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 5 & 6 went fairly well. I ainít gonna lie, it is hard to only eat 500 calories per day! For one, I would love to just go out somewhere and enjoy some family time at a restaurant, while pigging out on whatever I choose. Two, is my husband loves to watch the food channels, which Iím glad he enjoys, but when he says ďLook at thatĒ or ďdoesnít that sound greatĒ Ė it makes me cringe. I know he doesnít do it on purpose; he does it out of his love for food and habit since he has always done this since day one of our marriage. Three, I keep snacks in the house for the kids, both healthy and not-so-healthy. The healthy ones I couldnít eat right now if I wanted to. Another piece of truth: I took a bite of a Chick-fil-a nuggetÖ and savoredÖ every single chew. It was that dramatic.

Day 5 is when I wore myself out. I ran around getting our daughterís birthday party together. It turned out great, but it strained me. I need to take things a bit slower because I donít have the calories needed to run around like I would normally. Of course it doesnít help when I do most things last minute. I crashed around 830p. Though I thoroughly enjoyed my VLCD chili! Oh man, that was a diet saver Ė filled me right up and I was happy. The hubby was so kind into making that for me.

Day 6 was a good day. My muscles hurt a little, but went away after some water and morning organic strawberries chopped up with stevia. Coffee of course was on my agenda. I had more energy that day and felt positive. We went to a birthday party at a roller rink and I actually got out there on the rink. It was so funny because I used muscles I havenít used in years! Guess what that means? Iím gonna go back out there!

Dinner was again the VLCD chili, but I needed to add two pieces of melba toast. I was running low on calories that day Ė around 420. I wanted to make sure I was hitting the 500 mark. I even had two pieces of turkey pepperoni added to my foods, but that didnít even help hit the 500.

Itís going fairly good so far. Itís hard because I still get hungry and I still have this temptation all over. My willpower can only do so much.

Woot woot! Iím passed the 210 goal! Next goal is the 199Ö

Max weight at program start: 222lbs
Current: 208.8lbs
Goal: 150lbs
Difference: 58.8lbs



Friday, January 27, 2012

Iím on Day 4! I am feeling pretty good. I was a little sluggish this morning, but after I had some water, I felt better. I noticed that water is really important to feeling good during this. The PA did warn me to keep up on my water because the HCG can dehydrate.

Last night there was no headache, just a little hungry and some cravings. Iíve been really good into not giving into my cravings and that has been helpful. I do keep daydreaming about going to the Thai buffetÖ mmmmÖ pad thai and some cream cheese wontons. Okay, Iíll stop there.

My trainer is out of town, but her eldest daughter had to go in for surgery (torn ACL). My trainerís mom has been taking care of her four children while she is out. My trainer asked if I could pick up some snacks for her daughter as a gift Ė of course I couldnít say no! My trainer is like a BFF. She has been through thick and thin with me, listened to all my complaining and whining about running, and pushed me through a 5k! All for free! She could have easily charged me some overly priced payment, but she didnít. Maybe she enjoyed torturing me? I donít know for sure, haha! We ran over to the commissary and grabbed the goodies and brought them over. Her daughter is doing great so far!

Today I am thinking clearer. I feel less stressed and with more energy. Iím hoping this will last today. My shoulders hurt a little, but that could be from our bed. I just want to report that in case it happens longer than today or something.

Today I will be eating a Clementine, roasted turkey breast, defrosted berry mix with truvia. I forgot my mixed veggies, so I will have to do without. Tonight will be strip steak (yum!) and either organic beet greens or boiled organic beet. I just donít know how I should do up the beet greens. Maybe throw them in a crock pot?

Speaking of crock pot, I got my lunch crock pot in and love it. I havenít used it yet, but like I posted before, I will be using it with the VLCD chili. Yum! I canít wait to report on that one.

I feel my gut has shrunk some, you know, my fat roll over my pants feels smaller. Clothes donít necessarily feel smaller, but my gut feels lighter. I do not notice any physical changes at this time even though I have lost a tad over 10lbs. I'll be more excited once I hit the 210 goal and the 199 goal (the psychological aspect of being below 200).

Max weight at program start: 222lbs
Current: 211.8lbs
Goal: 150lbs
Difference: 61.8lbs

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JIBBIE49 1/31/2012 1:02PM

    Don't quit.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Note: Still catching up! I am really on day 3 today. I just finished this entry, so I'm ready to post. Also would like to add, if you post anything negative on my blogs, I'll either ignore you or delete the posts. I may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but I have done my research and feel this is the path I should take. Like my boss says "You are either with me or against me, but you can't be both."

Day 3 is looking a little better. Last night while on day 2, I had a horrible headache. It was just awful. My friend said that is normal because the body is so used to getting carbs constantly. It makes sense because I would literally ďcarb outĒ when I got home from work, right before dinner. Pretzel bits, chips, crackers, whatever I could stick in my mouth. Doesnít that sound awful? Well, it was.

Last night I had to take our youngest to GS Daisy meeting and while she was there, I just felt horrible. I was getting that bad headache and was confused if I was hungry or not. After the meeting, I ran back home to cook my steak and veggies. I downed 400mg motrin and that broke the pain. I sipped on my herbal tea and that seemed to doubly help.

I came into work and felt a little light-headed. I had a cup of coffee and an apple, and then felt better. That staved me over until lunch. Iím sure the natural sugars/carbs helped whatever was going on. Usually apples make me hungry, but this time it didnít. It took maybe Ĺ hour to kick in. I am thinking a little bit better todayÖ way better than day 1 & 2!

I ordered this cute little crock pot off of Amazon and hope to make a VLCD chili in it to bring to work. It is super cute and has a warming plate to cook it at work. I also found a tip on Sparkpeople to roast apples with stevia and cinnamon for a VLCD food. Genius!

I keep telling the hubby that if it didnít get better, I will probably quit. I hope it does by Saturday because we have our daughterís birthday party and Iím making the double vanilla bean cupcakes with whipped buttercream frosting! Talk about the evils of temptation!

I grabbed some herbal tea from the house and brought it to work: Celestial Seasonings Nutcracker Sweet. What a great pick-me-up! My zukes for lunch sucked. I seasoned them, but left them fresh. Horrible. Next time it will be sautťed with a little coconut oil.

Yes, Iíve lost more weight, but I wonít get excited until I get to the 210 mark and the 200 mark. Maybe a pedicure will be a gift to myself once I get there? Just realized the other day that I wonít be able to go to dinner on Valentineís day, but thatís okay with me. Iíll get over it once I see some progress.

Max weight at program start: 222lbs
Current: 214.4lbs
Goal: 150lbs
Difference: 64.4lbs

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JIBBIE49 1/31/2012 1:04PM


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HAIRYBEETLE 1/27/2012 12:29PM

    @LDOBYNS - Yeah, the headaches seem to have stopped. I am keeping on my water, but these headaches seemed different than the ones I normally would get. The PA has me on several vitamins and such already, but I think it is just the reduction in calories (I was eating up to 2800 - 3000 per day) and the carbs. I read your blogs on how you survived HCG, so I'm glad it's worked for you! It's nice to read real success stories.

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HAIRYBEETLE 1/27/2012 9:19AM

    @Dazey_P - your comments on my blog are now on the verge of harrasment! I'm extremely offended that you would bring my children into this and make it sound like I'm on the border of child abuse. I have already deleted several posts that you have written, but yet when I try to go to your Sparkpage, you don't exist. How is that so? Leave me alone or I will contact Sparkpeople and see if I am able to block you. You are harrasing me about an program that I am participating in under the watchful eye of my doctor. If you disagree with it, then fine, we shall agree to disagree. But when you feel to make accusations and involve comments about my children, that's when I get pissed! Keep your nasty comments to yourself!

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MT_GIRL 1/26/2012 10:00PM

    I usually get headaches the first couple days too. If you don't feel better though, talk to your doctor. You might need to increase your dose, eat in the morning or add a good multivitamin. It shouldn't be a punishment!

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MRSGOAD 1/26/2012 12:28PM

  wow you already lost 7.6 lbs in 3 days?! that's crazy!
Good luck on your diet. I have no idea what vlcd stands for but it seems like you're on a roll!

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