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I don't eat enough: Big Surprise to me!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I participate in a program at work that accesses you for various health risk i.e. diabetes, High Blood Pressure, etc. After I had my blood drawn and went online to figure out how many calories I need to consume to lose 2 pounds a week: 1471 calories (this for a woman age 45yrs, at 173 currently and is very active). I thought that did not seem like a lot of calories till I entered the foods I consumed yesterday and today. Turns out I am not eating enough! This news flash is huge to me.

I have been driving myself and my doctor crazy because the scale would just not move, Ugggh! I am still in shock. I already feel like I eat too much and now to healthfully reach my weight loss goal, need to incorporate more choices. I am thinking that having six meals a day will do the trick for me.

I am sure I will find some great information here on SparkPeople. What a dilemia, to have to eat more to lose weight. Sounds wrong but its right. Looking forward to some changes next month!

***Thanks to all the comments, they are super helpful!! I felt so foolish not knowing now I don't feel so bad knowing you all know what I am talking about. Thanks!!** 9/1/11

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    Isn't it amazing how that can happen? It sounds like you have a fabulous plan...I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend! Keep us posted! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MAUREENMOZ 9/1/2011 10:56AM

    I hope this does the trick! emoticon

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GUS4ME 9/1/2011 10:19AM

    WOW, it feels great to not be alone in this BIG Thanks to all your suggestions.

My food shopping will take alittle longer. Thats okay, its my favorite chore!

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GATORJOY 9/1/2011 7:53AM

    I have found that when I reach a slow spot, if I change things around it makes a difference. You might change your exercise routine, or fast for a day....something like this helps me. I have even taken a day off and ate anything then returned to my tracking. These are a couple of the things that have worked for me. Good luck with your goals! emoticon

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    This happened to me when I first tried losing weight in college. My friend and I tried a 1200 calorie diet and a ton of exercise. The issue was, that she was at least 40 pounds lighter than me. That means her BMR was a lot smaller. So I was exercising like crazy for a year and lost no weight. I finally, after that year went to a nutritionist and she told me my BMR. 1800 calories. Huge news to me. So when I track my calories, I often do get surprised at how little I eat when I feel like I pigged out!

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JEMPOWER 8/31/2011 4:39PM

    Sounds like you are on the right track.


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FELDTL 8/31/2011 4:33PM

  i know eating more sounds like an oxymoron doest it I have to constantly remind myself of the same thing. because i rarely specially during the week dont get enough calories

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Thinking I need to think some more

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Speaking from experience I can talk myself into and out of just about anything.
"Those shoes are amazing and there on sale, Just one chocolate chunk chip cookie will not spoil your diet, I just can't this, its too hard"! Uggh!!!

All this can be true of anyone. Our minds are a powerful weapons that can work for and against us. And the power to that is all up to us. My strength comes from God. In everyday life and excercise I am most times fully engaged: " I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" Philipians 4:13.

Yet, now is the season of plateau, you know that place. You walk, run, lift, push, pull but never seem to get anywhere. To help me out of that slump I go for expert help. First of course I pray. Next, I look for article on SparkPeople that can lend a hand.

In my search I found the article, "Think Yourself Fit" by Jason Anderson, Certified Personal Trainer (
In it I found serveral helpful and commonsense ways to "see" the healthy direction I want to go in. I immediately related to Jason's bit about when your running and your body starts to say its tired and your only half done but your not in pain nor injured. Your strong and you know you have it in you to finish. Everytime I knew its all in my head, I can or can't finish the run. So, I start saying out loud, and yes this looks funny to other runners;" Yes you can, keep going. Your strong, you can do this" The more I say it and think it the farther I would get and before I knew it my run was done, and I gone farther than I had planned.

Remember, some of what we experienced in our lives before we chose a lifestyle change was all in our in heads, it still is. But this time, we can put a postive mentally healthy spin on it that will help you to next goal and because your feeling great make others feel good as well.

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KIMI_SILVA 9/8/2011 9:20AM

    What a great blog! I agree. I just took up running at the beginning of the year, and at first all I could do was walk the sidewalks and run past the driveways. Then before long I was able to go farther and farther. Then one day I kept telling myself just keep going to the next light pole, and then the next one, and then the nex. Before I knew it I had run 2 miles in 18 minutes.

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Need more intense workout - looking for suggestions

Friday, August 26, 2011

August is nearly gone, wow did it zip by!!

I feel like I fell into a rut last night when I actually questioned why I was excercising.
A sign I think I need to make some changes to keep the lifestyle change fun and interesting.

Looking around SparkPeople for some tips which I know are in abundance. Feeling like I am ready to step it up another notch on the intensity meter. I love that feeling when I push myself super hard and at the end of the workout I am totally spent, knowing I put all I had into my workout.

I welcome any suggestions!!

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    Something as simple as jumping rope can give you a nice intense workout in a short blast and be dang fun (once you get back in that kid groove, it is amazing how coordinated I was as a kid w/o thinking about it).

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GATORJOY 8/29/2011 10:30AM

    zumba is good!

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    Or you could try P90X.

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TRICOTINE 8/26/2011 3:45PM

    Have you thought about joining a SP BOOTCAMP? Pretty darn high intensity workouts! I have been doing the 28-day Bootcamp for three weeks and loving it!!! emoticon

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How food Allergies make my lifestyle change easier

Thursday, August 25, 2011

You might think at first glance people with food allergies have it tough: you can't eat this or that. I was diagnosis with Allergic Rhinitis several years ago with the normal sensitivity to pollens, mold and dust mites. Unlike some folks who have this concern seasonally, I suffer from this malady year round. Its an adjustment and I make it work.

At first, it was extremely difficult to accept that I had food allergies. When my ENT/Allergy specialist told me that I was allergic to peanuts, milk and eggs and that it was the sensitivity to these foods that was the cause of my near constant sinus infections for 3 months solid. This made no sense to me because as a child a consume all these products in abundance with no worries at all. Now that has all changed.

There is good news in all this. Now that I know what caused my sinus infections in the past I have avoided having another in as many years since being initially diagnosed. Knowing what I can and should not eat is a blessing in disguise. I have to be a chronic food label reader, so I have to think before I eat. And because I am looking to avoid the offending foods, I have become aware of my food choices on the whole. Its been really good and not consuming those offending foods help me lose 10 pounds straight off! I thought wow, if not eating those foods that made sick is good then paying closer attention to my food choices and consuming foods that are great for me must be even better. And had it not been for these food allergies I would have not become as aware of what's good for me as I am now.

So, while I can no longer consume milk (I miss grilled cheese so much), peanuts (PBJ was a family staple), and eggs (deviled eggs being my favorite) I can say I do feel great without any of those foods. Trade offs being a lower weight and much lower cholesterol. I say that's a Win/Win!


Hurricanes, Earthquakes and fitness oh my

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This is such a big news day:

I live in Florida and Hurricane Irene is making her presence know after being upgraded to a Catagory 4 storm (thats fancy weather talk for really bad). I am fairly inland but keeping an eye on it because storms like this have a mind of there own!

After returning from my lunch break at work, my cubicle neighbor tells me there was an eathquake on the EAST coast. I thought he was pulling my leg. Turns out to be true; 5.9 on the reicher scale. That sure got my attention.

Today is a strength train day for me. Its a bit nerve racking all this scary, gloomy news so to work off my worries I am going to combine my Golds Gym Bootcamp DVD workout with some cardio and finish with yoga cool down. All that breathing in yoga puts me in my happy place; feels like chocolate but no calories. LOVE it!

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GATORJOY 8/27/2011 5:56AM

    Strange things.... but I am glad we missed Irene here! emoticon

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MAUREENMOZ 8/24/2011 3:02PM

    That's great! I love yoga but unfortunately I love chocolate even more!
The earthquake was crazy; we felt it in Ithaca, NY.
Namaste! emoticon

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JOLINEMR 8/23/2011 6:13PM

    You've got the right answer - fight that stress in a way that makes things better even if it doesn't solve the problem. Hooray for you!

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