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Surgery Day Part One!

Monday, June 11, 2012

It has arrived!

Posting this at 7 AM EDT, and thank you all my Sparkfriends for your support and kind words.

I got up at my usual early hour this morning and as I could not work out, or eat, or drink anything, I went to work and finished up my last few activities.

The porch is swept and the outdoor chairs cleaned; I have set up the computer equipment and it fits, more or less, and now after blogging I will get my guitar playing in for the day.

Have to be at the hospital at 9 AM, it is quite close to where we live, and then surgery around 10:30.

I am going to do my best to blog this evening, please stay tuned!


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PUDLECRAZY 6/11/2012 8:31AM

    Sending you lots of positive and healing thoughts!

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ROCKMAN6797 6/11/2012 7:48AM

    My very best to you Bonita!
Can't wait to read this evening's blog!


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Day 1 Pre Surgery

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The countdown is almost done!

Being a numbers kind of person, I was thinking about my sparkpeople numbers today, and thought I would post them as a legacy of my pre-surgery journey. Watch out for post-surgery--it will knock your socks off!

so, I've been a SP member since August 11 2011.

As of today, right now, I have 19,460 sparkpoints (0n level 12) and 26,157 fitness minutes.

I weighed in at 118 this morning, a weight that I seem to have landed on with a thump! It is higher than my WW goal, but I feel well, my smallest clothes fit fine (the size 4 skirts and the size small blouses) and I think some of it is muscle--I certainly did not have the muscle I have now when I joined SP.

I have achieved 55 minutes each morning five days a week on the treadmill, with warm up and cool down at 3.1 mph and walking speed 3.6 mph. Half of the 3.6 intervals are on the incline. Now this is something, as I used to do 3.1 as my exercise speed, not the warmup speed! I do 6 pound dumbells at 8 reps for my upper body 3 times a week, and hoop for 5 minutes 3 days a week. The hooping is not as much "fun" as I thought it would be, but boy does it do wonders for my waist! So I keep it up.

And, thanks to Chris and the Music Maker challenge, I have played guitar (with warm-up) for at least 15 minutes every single darn day since January 1, 2012. It is true, habits grow on you. I now feel that I can legitimately call myself an amateur musician!

So, today was grocery shopping and housecleaning and paying off my Visa. I did not mention it before, but I have a will and a living will and a power of attorney all completed. I am not being morbid, this is important.

Still have to set up my desk, and I want to sweep my porch!

Have to play guitar today as well.

I think the desk set up and porch sweep may happen tomorrow morning. I do believe I will be up in plenty of time....after all, can't work out, can't eat, can't drink anything, sigh.....

I will blog tomorrow, maybe pre-surgery and post surgery. The post surgery blog will be interesting, I think. Stay tuned!


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ROCKMAN6797 6/10/2012 7:08PM

    Bonita you ought to be proud of what you have accomplished! You will be in my thoughts tomorrow and I look forward to your medicated blog!!


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COBBYCAT 6/10/2012 6:58PM

    Will be thinking of you tomorrow! Take care! And look forward to the post-op blogs!


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PUDLECRAZY 6/10/2012 6:06PM

    emoticonWoohoooo! Great on the guitar goal! emoticon

And of course, the other goals too. emoticon

emoticonIsn't it great to regain that muscle? emoticon

LOL! I look forward to that codeine enhanced post surgery blog. Now the countdown can go the other way. Countdown to when you can be on your feet again.

I see my new podiatrist this Tuesday. I'll report what he has to say about my bunions, Morton's neuroma, and metatarsal capsulitis. I may be doing a similar countdown when I return from China.

Best of luck tomorrow! May your surgery be routine, not too hard, and leave you with more comfort and mobility.



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Day 2 Pre Surgery

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Hello Sparkfriends,

A day of rest and worship today.

Not much surgery preparation, thank goodness, I believe I needed a break!

Life goes on.....

Tomorrow I will be gearing up, with housecleaning, grocery shopping, and setting up my office computer equipment on my already crowded desk!

Question? How do you fit a second laptop computer and a large screen montor and a wireless keyboard on a desk that already has a laptop, a printer, an external hard drive, and stand alone computer speakers? Plus a lamp, a radio, a fan, a few small boxes to hold pens and pencils and paper clips, etc., a box of tissues, a desk calendar, and sometimes an iPad?

Answer? Oh boy, I'll let you know how this shakes down....

Have a good one?


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PUDLECRAZY 6/9/2012 10:41PM

    Oooh oooh, I know! Shrink them down to this size! emoticon

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ROCKMAN6797 6/9/2012 10:06PM

    That desk is sure going to be crowded Bonita!


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Day 3 Pre Surgery

Friday, June 08, 2012

Hello Sparkfriends, I am pumped for this surgery and believe all will go just fine!

I had my last day of work "at work" for a while, although I will certainly be working from home. I told my boss that he will probably be getting e-mails from me on Monday afternoon, but if I were him I would ignore them, drugs.....

Speaking of which, I plan to take nothing stronger than tylenol 3 and that for a short a time as possible. Do you have Tylenol 3 in the States? It is tylenol combined with codeine. Anything stronger will turn me into a gibbering puddle on the floor, way too much.

I have my joke ready for my surgeon. I will ask him if he does tummy tucks on the side. He is pretty serious, hope he at least smiles!

Got my haircut, and moving into the weekend with housecleaning and grocery shopping on the horizon.

Surgery, here I come!


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HAPPYSOUL91 6/9/2012 10:09AM

    you are taking care of the chores very well. Yes we have Tylenol 3 here in the states, that is pretty mild compared to most other pain pills.

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PUDLECRAZY 6/9/2012 8:33AM

    I love the Tylenol 3 post surgery. I find I need it for a few days, then it is too much for me and I change over to a high dose Tylenol instead. Codeine has its purposes and is an excellent addition to the Tylenol when recovering from surgery.

LOL about the tummy tucks! I asked my surgeon about liposuction as long as he was in there taking out my gallbladder. I don't think surgeons are blessed with a sense of humor - at least not the ones I've encountered. Oh well, as long as they know what they are doing in the repair work!

I know you have lots of work to do getting ready for your surgery early next week, but try to have some fun this weekend, too.

Comment edited on: 6/9/2012 8:34:17 AM

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ROCKMAN6797 6/8/2012 7:39PM

    It is your last weekend Bonita, enjoy it and full speed ahead!


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Day 4 Pre Surgery

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Hello sparkers!

Continuing to count down, and feeling very ready to get on with this.

Today I stopped all of the supplements I take except biotin. I take this one for my hair and nails and the idea of stopping it made me too anxious. As well, I take it because my doctor told me to, so I view it as a "pseudo prescription". Everything else is stopped though.

When I got home, I adjusted the cane we got when my DH had knee replacement surgery, I was told to bring it to the hospital for when I go home. It is ready to be used.

I also downloaded an iPad app that assists you in organizing your music. It cost a bit. Like a lot of folks who have been with music for years, I have a number of what are called "fake books" that I have put together. I have two from when I was a teen that have folk song lyrics and chords. This app allows you to enter the lyrics and the chords, among a whole lot of other things. It will even transpose for you. No more counting half steps on my fingers! It should keep me a bit busy anyway.

I did not binge last night. Yesterday and today I have eaten more than usual but still in my calorie range. What it is, it is. No worries about it for now.

Off to practice guitar! Have a good evening everyone.


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ROCKMAN6797 6/8/2012 12:59PM


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GUITARWOMAN 6/8/2012 11:20AM

    Chris, the app is called SongBook, $5.99 Canadian dollars.

I used it to enter a song last night. I had the lyrics in Pages (that is the iPad word processing application) and SongBook allowed me to copy and paste the lyrics and then add the chords manually (from my fake book).

SongBook has its own internet search function for finding and downloading free music lyrics/chords on the internet and probably lots of other cool stuff that I haven't figured out yet.


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MEDDYPEDDY 6/8/2012 12:10AM

    I like this blog - gives me the impression of calm determination! emoticon

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PUDLECRAZY 6/7/2012 11:52PM

    What app was that?

Playing with your iPad sounds like a good way to pass the time, and so does organizing.

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