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Goodbye 2010 AND 160s!!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Since the beginning of December- when I weighed in at 169...I was hoping to break the 160 mark and weigh in at 159.5 by today...

a few days ago, I was lamenting that I didn't think it was possible...I was still at 161...but I wasn't beating myself up about it...

so imagine my complete surprise when I weighed in today and was 159.5!! I got off the scale and back on at least three times! LOL

I have had a great week with my kiddo...despite some laundry issues (I have a stacking washer/dryer unit- dryer broke right before Xmas- repair guy was out on Mon- landlord ordered new set- too big, had to take it back and didn't give back old set- haven't been able to reach landlord yet- had to go to laundromat and spend $35 today)

Monday we took it easy and just relaxed in out jammies all day :)

Tuesday we went to lunch with my mom and then a run (me)/bike ride (him) around Creve Coeur Park with Jamiehorn20

Wednesday...can't remember LOL

Thursday- we went to Creve Coeur Park again and did a total of 6.5miles, swimming at the Y, dinner at Macaroni Grill and movies to see Tangles

Friday(today)- tried to go to the Y..but the tornados made that not possible so we came home and I worked out on the Wii, then went to Gamestop (last day of the buy 2 preowned, get 1 free sale lol) and then a couples hours at the shortly we are gonna go to my aunt's house to ring in the new year with her and have a quiet family night...and gonna order some pizza :D

we have Saturday and Sunday of our vacation left to enjoy...not sure what we will do...but I'm sure it will enjoy more activity time...hopefully another trek around CC Park and time at the Y...and maybe another trip to Borders (we've been there several times this week)

all in all (despite the laundry issues) it's been a great week of quality time with the kiddo :) definitely need have more of this...I hope everybody else has had as great a least week of 2010...

Looking forward to an awesome 2011 :D

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STRIVE4BALANCE1 1/1/2011 2:47PM

    What a great week! Way to go...It's awesome when we can include our kids in on our healthy habits, huh? Mine are almost to the age where that is possible.

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JAMIEHORN20 1/1/2011 12:11PM

    Congrats on the awesome scale success!!

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FUNNINFIT 1/1/2011 12:12AM

    What a great way to end 2010! You're going great!!!

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an emotional rollercoaster of a week...

Monday, December 20, 2010

This last week was my busiest week of the year at work- my last full week of work before taking vaca for Christmas break- the week I have almost all of my monthly home visits crammed into and getting & delivering Christmas presents, the week I tie up lose ends for my clients for the year...etc...

so on top of it being an already stressful started last weekend with my car breaking down on Saturday and costing me an unexpected $150 to repair- right before Christmas.

The Sunday we had the *wonderful*(note: sarcasm) winter storm with all the lovely ice and crap...but I got in 12 hours of shopping with my sis in not bad.

Then this past Wednesday I learn that my younger sister is pregnant. Let me paint you a picture of her- 24, married for 18 months to a real jerk of a guy who is very antisocial and not involved in our family at all- who did not want the pregnancy yet but she did it anyways. Her husband had recently gotten fired from his oh so great job at Walmart- they were *so* stressed about finances that she could afford three tattoos...but b*tching about being able to afford Christmas...he was able to get another job- she works at a Sears portrait studio and has been complaining about having to work a 40 hour week lately. Neither has anything more than a high school education, no benefits at goals or ambitions to do anything in life other to collect every gaming system and game that exists (I am being literal here) And they are so broke- but she can afford $300 a month on her chain smoking habit. They also have at least 3 cats and a new puppy...and the house is pretty gross and smells like nobody takes care of the cats (and now that shes pregnant she wont be able to) She got pregnant on purpose- PLANNING to use state aid. with no goal to ever not use state aid.

And I am being told by my family to be happy & excited about this.

Now- let me explain what I do for a living...I am the supervisor of a pregnancy service program...i work EVERY day with young, low income, poorly educated woman experiencing unplanned pregnancies. So I see this EVERY day, day in and day out. Now, dont get my wrong- I love my job. But if any of my clients came to me and told me this was their plan or I saw them affording the things my sister does while being "broke" and asking my agency for money- I would not pay it and I would educate my client on I have done when they have confided in me about possibly planning another child.

And of course my sister knows I want another child and worry about it sometimes (I am 31 yrs old now and not getting any younger- and single with no prospects) so of course she is rubbing it all in my face.

And I'm the bad guy for not being excited and happy about this planned disaster. And I'm the bad guy for pointing out that she may not qualify for medicaid for the baby if her husband has insurance available at work when the baby is born and for pointing out that she will either have to have a natural birth (if the dr allows) or a planned c-section b/c she is morbidly obese and there are too many risk factors for her to have an epidural or ever a natural birth...and Im the bad guy for asking her to not use the baby girl name I have had picked out for over 10 yrs...(yes I know I may not ever have that baby girl...but it is a name very dear to me and even if I never have a little girl i would prefer my sister not use it.)

and this is the sister that threatened to push me down the stairs when I was pregnant- who wished my baby would die. and Im supposed to be happy & excited for her?!?

This is the sister that has given my sister in law & I grief because she is doing it "right" by being married first- my sis in law & I both had unpllanned prengnacies and were unmarried- I was 21 (and have never married and my son's father is not involved) my SIL was 18- married my brother when their son was 2 and have been together since- both college educated, own their own home and have stable careers- and never used state aid. I also put myself through college & grad school- owned my own home (rent a condo now) and have a stable career- I used state aid through college & grad school- mainly for medicaid and child care assistance...and am now off (and have been for about 5yrs)

and this is the sister that has done nothing but criticize my parenting for the last 9.5 years...

And Im supposed to be happy and excited for her.

And am the bad guy b/c I just cannot be.


and then on Sunday I went to lunch with a good friend who is due in February...went to red Lobster (baby was craving seafood she said lol) and had a very yummy lobster first time having lobster. which I am apparently allergic to. yay. so now I am covered in this icky red itchy rash- taking predinisone, zyrtec and hydrocortisone cream and benedryl at night...and still fairly miserable...hoping is goes away soon :(

Friday my son went to spend the weekend with my mom & stepdad- he hadn't in a few weeks and they were missing each other lol so I let him go- figured I could finish up christmas shopping and present I had a race scheduled for Sat morning and a Christmas party this evening...

had a quite night at home Friday and crashed out early b/c of all the allergy meds...and Saturday morning argued with myself about getting out of bed for the run...for about 30 mins...finally decided to get up...showered, got dressed, got all my gear together...get downstairs, get in car, put key in ignition, turn key nothing. *cries*

call friend for a jump but was too late to make it to the run :( so i decided to go to bed bath & beyond- found my mom's christmas present. then went to the consignment shop and took another load of stuff out there...then went to visit a friend who was working around the corner...hung out with him for awhile, had lunch, chatted...then went to leave...and click. nothing. he gave me a jump and I drove to Advanced Auto which was down the street and where I bought the battery...they tested it and it was bad...said for the warranty to cover it I would have to go to the store I bought it from..but they said i was out of my 2yr warranty and in the pro-rated part...great. a friend offered to pay it for me (I have awesome friends) so I get to the other store- where I bought the battery from- they tell me the guys at the first store could have taken care of all of this for me- and turns out I was still within the 2yr free replacement warranty- by 3 days LOL and then there was some kind of snafu with the original sale...not sure what- but long story short, got a new battery, more expensive than i was originally charged for, I didnt have to pay anything and the 2yr free replacement warranty started over.

made it home...wrapped some presents..then went out to my friends club to see a band play...slow night and was home by 11ish. slept in this morning which was pretty awesome :) wrapped more presents...and then went to christmas party and had a great night with more of my awesome friends :)

and now I just have to make it through 3 more days of work, buy just a couple more presents and wrap a few more and then I am ready for christmas :)

we will go see my son's father & his parents on Thursday, my dad & his wife & 2 boys on Christmas eve then drive to my moms to spend the night and have Christmas at her house...and spend the night...then the day after we will go have brunch with my aunt and exchange gifts with her...then go to my nephew's birthday party. and on Sunday we will rest ROFL.

and then enjoy the following week off with my kiddo :)

hopefully i will be able to get in some runs and workouts in the next couple of weeks...kinda feeling bad I didnt do a single thing this past week..but was too much of an emotional rollercoaster. but I am determined to get in at least a little something over the next couple of weeks :)


shopping as exercise?!?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I swear...12 hours of shopping had to have burned 1000 calories at least today! My pants got looser & looser as the day went on LOL

My day started out with waking up to snow!

I had plans to meet my sister in law at 930 to go to a big indoor flea market...she called to make sure we were still on- I said of course, I'm not scared of a couple of inches of snow lol. She didn't want to drive in the snow so she had my brother drive her (and later us)

First I had to go get my son from aunt's- he stayed there last night to make an applique sweatshirt for his special school district teacher (he has an IEP for his ADHD- she has been his SSD teacher for 4 yrs and this will be her last as his SSD teacher- a different teacher covers 4th-8th grade at his school)

The road were pretty icky and other drivers were being retarded so I got to Amy & Mikey about 10am- and then we got out to the flea market and it was closed today :( so we went to a farm supply store looking for Carhart stuff for my stepdad and all kinds of other cool stuff (my mom lives on a ranch, the men in my family are hunters- yes we are rednecks and proud of it! LOL)

After that we went to a resale shop- finally found my son some snow boots...camo ones in his size and only for $4! Then we were hungry and had Lion's Choice...not the best but not too bad...Amy & I decided we wanted to do some shopping...Mikey was adamant he was not shopping...and Chase begged his Uncle Mikey to not make him go shopping too ROFL and Uncle Mikey gave in- an absolute first in 9.5 years...which stunned Amy & I- especially since their son was with her mom all day so Mikey was alone with

So Amy & I went to TJ Maxx, Fleet Feet (bought my a hat for Saturday with a ponytail cut out spot! and running gear laundry detergent) Then we went to a children's resale shop and a young mens/women's resale shop...then Marshall's...then the Mall- Macy's, Penney's, Victoria's Secret, Frederick's of Hollywood, Dick's Sporting Goods, and half a dozen other places LOL...lots and lots and lots of walking...lifting (purses, clothes, bags of purchases) and all that work undressing and re-dressing when trying on clothes...

by then we were starving! Amy's stepdad met us at the mall with Austin, her son...we stopped and got pizza from Little Ceasar's and went back to her place...I was good and only had 2pieces of pizza and 2 breadsticks...not the best..but it could have been worse...and with all that "working out" I did today I deserved it LOL

all in all a pretty good day...was able to find a few good things but most of all I had a great time with my sister in law :) who I just don't get to see enough of...

and I hopefully earned some brownie points with my brother by working out a knot he had in his shoulder blade...

and now I need to balanace the checkbook after my day of shopping...yuck.

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CJSARGENT1 12/13/2010 12:04AM

    I'm tired just reading about your day. Have a great Monday

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The Evil Scale of Doom...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

has been up(down?)graded to just Evil Scale :)

I have consistently been at 164 all week and this morning my scale said 163- I had to do a double take!

I skipped my run on Tuesday (right calf/shin still hurting) and then didn't get in a real workout on Wednesday- but I did spend an hour working in the storage room at the church I am working on cleaning out...not easy work!

Thursday I made myself go to the Y and get in a run...had little dude with me and he went in the HUB. I had a pretty good run and have upped my pace a bit- got in 2.5 miles in 35mins (was at 2.25 miles)

Chase was upset about not getting to play the Wii game he wanted in the i told him we could go back on we did. I got in a quick 30min circuit in the personal fitness room- first time I've done any kind of strength training in forever...felt good!

While we were there Friday night we registered for breakfast with Santa this morning...we were a little slow moving this morning and got there about 925ish (started at 9) but- as I was turning into the Y I heard a loud "ka-thunk" come from the right side of my car and Chase said he saw something black & round rolling across the street...*sighs*

got the car parked and got Chase settled in with breakfast then called my little brother's best friend (who is a mechanic- like my brother but nicer to me lol) He said he would come take a look at while I waited for him (knew it would be about a half hour or so) I took Chase to the HUB and I got in my run- another 2.5miles in my pace has definitely gotten faster! J got there just as I was finishing up so I took him my keys so he could check it out then I went to shower...

turns out it the harmonic balancer broke. again. (just had this fixed earlier this year by my step dad with a junk yard part) J said there was one in stock at the parts store for $88 and he could fix it in about an I attempted to drive my car on what was left of the battery almost all the way there when it died on J jumped out of his truck and hooked up the chains and towed me the rest of the way there...

On the way there I called my aunt and asked her if she would take me out to the consignment shop as I had stuff in my trunk to take out there- and they stop taking stuff at 1pm on she came & got me to go out there while J fixed the car...

I took a bunch of my work clothes- size 14/16- that have been falling off of me...they took all but 2 things (one a pair of capris I can bring back in the spring) I also did some shopping while I was there- because I had to replace my work clothes of course LOL There was nothing in the size 14 I liked so I looked in the 12s...not sure they would fit...but I grabbed a few pairs to try on...and they all fit! with room to spare!!

Do you have ANY idea the last time I wore a size 12?!?


Me either.

ROFL. I am so flippin excited!

of course it kinda sucks...I have hundreds of dollars worth of clothes that no longer fit that I am slowly getting rid of and replacing...and while it's fun...I am sad to see some of my awesome clothes go (but not the extra weight!)

And now tonight- just staying in (and warm!) with little dude...relaxing & snuggling :) Tomorrow we are doing some shopping with my sister in law and I hope to make it back to the Y to do another circuit- focusing on my arms.

And my next 5K is next Saturday- the Reindeer Run

*note: decided to skip the 5k I had planned for tomorrow due to 1. needing to rest my leg and not push it and 2. the fricken cold weather! snow and all that ickyness. yuck.

So now I just gotta make it through this next week of work...and then the following Monday & Tuesday...then I am off work until Jan 3rd! w00t!

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FUNNINFIT 12/12/2010 9:25AM

    Sounds like you had a full week! We need to start a 'clothing exchange' at STL SP-we could 'swap out' sizes-no $$$ involved-just exchange for another size...wonder if anyone would be interested???!!!

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BOOKWORM27S 12/12/2010 8:53AM

    Congrats on moving down a size!

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TRIGFROST 12/11/2010 9:51PM

    I want to b e there again.... emoticon

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a good weekend- my first trail run

Sunday, December 05, 2010

had a pretty good weekend here at my house :)

I "worked from home" on Friday- which means I got nothing done (at least as far as work is concerned lol) In fact I spent most of last week "working" from home but between school work and cleaning house I really didn't get any work work done..

but on the upside the house is cleaner than it has been in quite some time...even cleaned out the huge front walk in closet..

we slowly worked on getting the Christmas tree and decorations up...didn't put as many of my decorations up this year (mainly due to we are going to be down at my moms most of the holiday break) The tree is up- functioning lights are on it (after a last min trip to the store), garland is on it and all the ornaments are out of the boxes and on the coffee table...probably won't get around to getting them on the tree until tomorrow night...

I had Chase ride the bus home from school Friday and surprised him with pizza...we went to bed early b/c I had to be up early on Saturday for my 5k trail run...

got up early Sat...showered, got dressed warmly and took Chase to my brother's house for the morning to hang out with him, his wife and their son...barely made it to the run in time lol but I got there and got signed in...

I've never done a trail run before and was a bit nervous- especially since the description involved with phrases "get dirty" and "mud pits" but it wasn't too bad...the other runners were very helpful in helping each other to cross the mud pits and was a small race- only about 100 runners. I think their distances were way off- did the "first mile" in 10 mins, the second in another 13 mins and the third mile took me 23 more mins ROFL. It seemed I kept running up hill...but never down! (I wasn't the only one to think so either LOL) but I finally made it back to the finish- wasnt timed but the clock said 46:13 when I crossed the line :)

all in all, I felt pretty good afterwards :)

Phase II will be in April and Phase III in August- it is the True Grit Challenge...raising money for a horse therapy program for veterans :)

Then Saturday, after I showered- Chase & I met up with my mom for some Christmas shopping and then came home and crashed out early LOL

We have spent most of today in jammies hanging around the house- finally got the rest of the housework done that I wanted to (mainly cleaning the dining room and vacuuming)

and now here I sit tonight trying to get caught up on my paperwork for work tomorrow so my boss doesnt realize that I slacked off almost all last week LOL

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JAMIEHORN20 12/6/2010 10:03AM

    Cool--I have been wanting to try trail running. Sounds like fun! Good job!

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MADSCIENTISTMT 12/6/2010 12:44AM

    hey girl,

sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Congrats on the trail run! I checked out the websites you gave me the other day... thanks. Looks like Big River Running is near the hospital so I think I'll stop in one day to get some decent running shoes. I'm interested in the Jingle Bell run @ SIU next weekend, but I'm having some trouble with my lower back due to all the running I've been doing. My chiropractor wants me to chill until the inflammation goes down so I may not make it. I would definitely like to have a running partner, but I'm afraid I would slow you down. I'm game if you are, though.

It feels nice to have a clean house. Glad you were able to get some of that done. Have a good week.



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DECEMBERFIRE 12/6/2010 12:08AM

    emoticon on the trail run sounds like U had fun, even if U ran uphill all the way! lolz. Good to hear someone else has been slow in the tree decorating, ours is bare. The kids were gone this weekend and they decorate it every year. Have a happy holiday and stay warm!! T

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