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Did good today --- well most of the day anyway

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I was on a roll today. Had a healthy breakfast and lunch. Then came dinner. I had forgotten to get something out of the freezer so I called my 20 year old daughter and asked her to get some chicken breast out of the freezer and if she was going to eat at home to get some out for herself also. She said she would but, of course, she did not. At 4:15 she called me and said I can't find the chicken all I can see is pork chops. Now I am very worried about the girl. When I got home I went to the freezer and the whole front is nothing but chicken breast. That is all besides the point to a certain extend. I decided that since everything else was frozen I would just have oatmeal but, no oatmeal. So I decided on turkey sausage and pancakes. I know pancakes are not a good choice. I had planned on just having a couple small pancakes but the recipe made about 15. I ended up eating more than I should have. As it turns out the amount I went over in calories is the same amount of extra pancakes I ate. over in calories 168. Not too bad but anything over is not good.
My calorie counting is running over into my every day life. I am the HR manager at a retail store and I have 2 candy dishes in my office one is for chocolate and one is for mints. People come in to talk to me about varies things and they sit there and eat candy after candy after candy for some reason today I kept adding up calories of the candy they ate. One woman had about 7 pcs. and I said you know you just ate about 200 calories she just laughed. A couple others had 100 and about 300. They could not believe how many calories such a small amount of candy adds up to. I do pretty good about not eating the candy myself. Every now and again I have a mini candy bar depending on the type they tend to range between 40 and 70 calories each. The star mints are 60 calories each. So you see it doesn't take much to rack up the calories. Can't wait for Monday so I can weigh in.
Good Luck on your journey.


3 pounds.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Well in my first week I have lost 3 pounds. That is not too bad. I really need to get on the exercise path. I am making the effort on food. It isn't to bad just have to make the time while I am cooking dinner or washing dinner dishes to make a snack and lunch for the next day at work. My problem is that it is very cold here and I would like hot food for lunch and break. Sometimes I do take soup but usually it is a salad and that doesn't always cut it when it is so cold outside and inside for that matter. It is something I am still working on. Leftovers are great but I have been trying not to cook so much now that I am home alone. lol I will find the answer. I exercise a little each day. It just has been kicking my butt. I have gotten so out of shape since I have a desk job. I have in the past walked in place during commercials. I think I will start that again tonight then back to the elliptical full time. Will still be doing the elliptical part time. Life is a process so is exercise.


Back once again

Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's a new year so I decide to come check out sparkpeople again. I was surprised to see how long it had been since I had last visited - 339 days. Back then I was at 185. I can remember how great that felt. I am back to 200. Not too happy about that. People at work always look very surprised when I say I weigh that much. I am on the tall side 5'10" so I don't look that bad. It is mostly belly fat. My job is Human Resource Manager at a retail store. This last year the stress has been major. I have had a very hard time dealing with it. Being blamed for everything that goes on even when I am not there has put me in a bad place. There is so much negative with a HR job. All the complaining and poor me "ing". I knew it went on but now that I have this job I understand why most people only last 2 years. It will be 3 years for me this April. I have asked to get out but I am always told "NO, you do a good job better than you think you do". It has gotten a little better or maybe I am just dealing better. I think once I get my office fix in a way that it flows better for me it will be better. They moved my office while I was on vacation a few months ago and I feel like I am swimming up stream everyday. We should have some time now that the holidays are over. Hope. Hope. Hope. Anyway this has all lead to a little stress eating. Not something I usually do but seem to be doing now. I have found my will power again and my positive attitude so I am at least on the right path. Will be weighing tomorrow. I have picked Monday for my day to weigh so I don't over do on the weekends. I logged my first meals today. I was over 300 calories. I hope I can keep up with the food logs. I find it very tedious. I don't usually use the meals they print because I just can't afford to. So I have to log everything I eat or substitute. I hate it but, it does help me. Another big thing I have to work on is my thinking when I am thirsty. I just thought I need something to drink - I wonder if there are any cold soda? I need to start think I'm thirst I need a drink of water. When it comes right down to it water is what I really want soda is just easier. So I am going now and I will be drinking water.


2 more pounds

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I have lost 2 more pounds now down 14. It is so much easier to come and change the weight ticker when you are posting a loss. I am so excited with the weight loss. I didn't eat so well over the weekend and was surprised to see the 2 pound loss. Hope I can achieve the same next week.. Only 20 more pounds to go or 24. When I weighed 163 I was very happy with that size. I may go a little lower but not much. I have to check I think I have my end weight set at 155 but I think that may be too much. I guess I will decide when I get closer to the goal. My 14's are too big but my `12s are still too tight can't wait to make the change.

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    I'm hearing you. My 14s are too big but most (not all) of my 12s are too tight. And they don't make 12.5s!!! So we keep on doing what we need to do.

Good weight loss this week.

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HAMMOD 5/5/2010 4:49PM


Keep up the good work!!!

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NYMERI 5/5/2010 4:47PM


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One more Day

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I have decided to weight on Mondays so I don't go hog wild on the weekends thinking I don't have to weigh for a week and can have this one fill in the blank. Which is never just one or if it is it is one of this and one of that and so on. By weighing on Monday I give much more thought into what I eat over the weekend. I so much want to go see what I weigh right now but I am not going to do it. I am going to wait for Monday morning. Can't wait to see. I wanted to walk today but with the rain it just is not possible well it is possible just don't feel like getting wet. Have been on my elliptical a couple of times would prefer to be outside. A little bit bored today. Trying to stay motivated to get things done.


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