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How often I give 100% effort during my workouts

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Spark coach suggested that I blog about this today. I don't really know what it means to give 100% effort during my workout. I'm just happy if I am working out consistently. Consistency is what I struggle with. I would really like to havea workout buddy or two to help keep me accountable. My goal is to start working out with the Red Sea running club in Joplin. I've been having a really hard time talking myself into going because it has been dark and wet and cold.also the Running Club doesn't mean till 6 o'clock on Monday evenings so it's late and I don't feel like going.I would really like to start my morning walks again. I would really like to start walking my dog again. I know that she really enjoy that. My dog, Libby, would totally love being my workout buddy. walking her every morning would be good for both of us. So, my goal is to get up early enough tomorrow morning to go for a walk with Libby in the morning. I will keep you posted. Have a great night.

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SHARJOPAUL 12/19/2014 3:30PM

    Giving 100% is good but , in my opinion it is more important to work out regularly than give 100% to every workout. At least you are doing something rather than just sitting around.

My Dora, dog, has been a wonderful workout buddy. Now at 14 1/2 she can't walk nearly as fast as she once did so I do 100% of what she can do. I still get in walks with her and it is obvious she enjoys it.

I do other things to make up for the time and distance she can no longer do. Those walks we have taken for over 14 years are precious to me.

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ONTHEPATH2 12/19/2014 11:23AM

    Yep, Libby would love being your workout buddy! I know Tucker loves being mine. In fact he nudges me and gives me that look when I really don't want to go out in the dark or rain to walk - and I find myself putting on my weather gear and heading out. I must admit he is a better walking buddy than most of my friends! We have a way of caving in to the weather - but the dog? No way!

Yep, get that leash out and walk on!!!

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CHALLENGER15 12/19/2014 3:54AM

    I look forward to some blogs telling us about your morning walks with Libby! emoticon

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WALLAHALLA 12/18/2014 10:07PM

    I know I give 100% when I'm trying to please a trainer/coach. It is much harder to do when I'm the only one watching.

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DAIZYSTARLITE 12/18/2014 9:38PM


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1CRAZYDOG 12/18/2014 9:38PM

    Yes, it is good for both you and Libby!

Go for it.


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Who benefits from my healthy lifestyle change?

Friday, December 12, 2014

This was the subject that SparkCoach suggested that I blog about today. I have been off track for a while So I really don't feel like anyone's been benefiting from my healthy lifestyle changes. so I guess the question I need to ask myself is who could benefit if I started making healthy lifestyle changes again. as I start get any healthier and have more energy my family can benefit becauseI could spend more time with them and have more energy to get things accomplished that I need to accomplish. My clients will benefit because I'll be in a better mood. That's all I can think of for now.

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SLENDERIZINGSUE 12/14/2014 11:21AM

You're absolutely right! Keep fighting the good fight.

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CHALLENGER15 12/13/2014 5:39AM

    All true, Dawn, as well as what the others have observed! This is a journey of many twists and turns, so enjoy what you learn along the way!

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SHOTOKIDO 12/12/2014 11:49PM

  Just an observation.

The one person you DON'T say will benefit is YOU.

You mention yourself, sort of in passing, on the way to benefiting others.

Don't you think that's interesting?

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WALLAHALLA 12/12/2014 9:46PM

    ...and your future grandchildren and great grandchildren will benefit just from knowing you!

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PATTYKLAVER 12/12/2014 7:25PM

    Don't forget that you would benefit.

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ASOBFALLS 12/12/2014 12:46PM

    And 15years from now....imagine the difference! emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 12/12/2014 11:18AM

    Definitely you'd be #1 in line to benefit, but all other areas of your life definitely do too.

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    AHA! It's the Ronald Reagan Trickle Down theory. Works on a lot of different areas

Make Today the Greatest Day of Your Life

emoticon Until Tomorrow!

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1HOTFUDGEMAMA 12/12/2014 9:25AM

  Dont forget that you will benefit the most! Also, you may meet more people (ie, running group, workout group)...then those people will benefit from knowing you too!

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Eating within my calorie range

Monday, September 29, 2014

The longest I have eaten within my calorie range was for months when I first really started following the SparkPeople program this past February. Things are always very easy for me to follow when I first start. Now I would like to build more consistency with tracking what I eat and how much I exercise. I don't have to be perfect. I just wouldlike to track on a more regular basis. I could start by tracking for at least 3 days a week in October and work up to 5 or more times a week in October .

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SHARJOPAUL 9/30/2014 2:37PM

    Good plan! An end goal would be to track daily. I find that if I don't I tend to let myself not track the days I know I have gone over my calorie range. By tracking those days It gives me feedback on how much I have to cut out for a few days following that to stay with in my weekly calorie goal.

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SLENDERELLA61 9/30/2014 1:50PM

    Excellent plan. You can do it!!

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COOP9002 9/30/2014 10:58AM

    Sounds like you've got a good plan to get more consistent on your tracking. Blessings to you.

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ONTHEPATH2 9/30/2014 10:29AM

    I know what you mean! Make a plan and stick with it!! You can do it!

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1CRAZYDOG 9/30/2014 9:26AM

    Step-by-step you'll get there! HUGS

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CHALLENGER15 9/30/2014 7:16AM

    That's a good plan.

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DJ4HEALTH 9/30/2014 12:03AM

    emoticon emoticon

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    Hope you have a great week , and you stay on track with your goals !! Best wishes to you :)

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Just saw this photo on "Art of Cloth" on Facebook.

My thoughts about the photo were:

"Live. Make mistakes. Enjoy life. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Go on."

I felt that this could apply to any aspect of life, including learning to live a healthy lifestyle so I wanted to share.

For the past few weeks I had allowed myself to get lazy with tracking my food and fitness activity, with exercising and eating healthy. I have been paying for it with depression, abdominal pain (because of Crohn's symptoms kicking up again), and exhaustion.

Soooo.... I have been living. I have been making mistakes. It's time to forgive myself and renew my commitment to a healthy lifestyle. It's time to forgive anyone who has hurt me. I do not need that burden of unforgiveness in my life. It is like living in a prison all the time. It's to to move on and go on.

I guess a commitment to a healthy lifestyle is one that that we all need to make daily.

How is your week going?

What lessons have you been learning?

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    I've learned that walking is no longer any type of challenge for me. I see myself headed toward a plateau. I gotta start incorporating way more jogging into my outdoor routine.

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CHALLENGER15 9/25/2014 5:21AM


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1CRAZYDOG 9/24/2014 8:56PM

    You are so right that we have to forgive ourselves then we can move on! Patience . . . an on-going life lesson.


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Accomplishments - Day 10

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

1) Ate a healthy breakfast
2) Put in a full day at work (saw 3 clients)
3) Walked with Libby, my dog, for 33 minutes
3) Read chapter 2 in "The Action Principles" which suggested that I put together a To-Do list every day and prioritize it
4) Finished SparkCoach for the day, on the consistence and motivation track and the challenge was to do 10 extra minutes of exercise today. Was only going to walk Libby for 10 minutes, but went 33 minutes instead.
5) Recycled 5 boxes of paper

I like celebrating all of my accomplishments because it helps me have better self esteem. In the past I used to beat myself up over everything that I thought that I had done wrong and that didn't help me accomplish anything including my weight loss goals.

Living a healthy lifestyle includes the whole person. If there is an area out of sync, everything is out of balance. That is why I focus on more than just how much I am eating or how much I am exercising. If my life is out of balance or I feel bad about myself, I won't do everything that I need to do to take care of myself.

What I would still like to accomplish today:

1) Study for massage for my national test
2) Finish the next quiz for my health care documentation course.
3) Get some boxes to the curb for trash pick up tomorrow
4) Get boxes out of living room

My plan is to spend 15 minutes on each to prevent overwhelm and procrastination.

A Flylady quote that I like is, "You can do anything for 15 minutes."

I hope that everyone is having a lovely evening.

What did you accomplish today? Please feel free to share.


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STARFLOWER75 9/21/2014 12:02AM

    I love using lists too, they really help me organize my thoughts. There are a couple of good take-a-away tips here for me. The 15 minute one to avoid overwhelm and commentor Bravelute's tip about the 3-3-3 rule. I'm going to try working those into my thought processes when I plan my day. Thanks!

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BRAVELUTE 9/10/2014 9:28PM

    I don't think I'm familiar with Action Principles, but your explanation of how you managed your day reminded me of Chris Bailey, the guy who conducted the year long productivity experiment. He shared the Rule of 3 from the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. I started doing the Rule of 3 daily, but I have gotten away from it. Don't know why. . . I was so much more productive when following the 3-3-3 principle, listing 3 goals for the day, 3 goals for the week, and 3 goals for the year.

I found that it didn't take long for the 9 things on my daily list to start relating to each other. And I knew the main focus of my day would pay off for my week, and my life as a whole.

Thanks for jogging my memory.

BTW, Chris Bailey has done a TED talk, The Path to Meaningful Work which is available on You tube at

If you are interested, the link should copy and paste.

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PATTYKLAVER 9/10/2014 8:11PM

    You have reminded me again that I need to start back with the Flylady and the to-do list. Thanks.

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LJOYCE55 9/10/2014 9:26AM

  Well, so far today I have done my exercise, eaten a low calorie, high fiber breakfast, done some work, and some SP as well. I like the prioritized list for each day - have been using it for years for work.

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CHALLENGER15 9/10/2014 5:21AM


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1CRAZYDOG 9/9/2014 9:44PM

    Yes, I love the FlyLady philosophy. My timer and I are well acquainted!

Great accomplishments.

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    Good for you! You have a great mental approach about this fitness journey actually being a lifestyle journey....

As for me, I walked/jogged for an hour, planked for 90 seconds, and then hula hooped for 25 minutes. I'm getting ready to prepare my meals for work tomorrow. Preparation for my days (with regard to food, exercise, and life responsibilities) is really helping me out A LOT.....

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