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Race Report!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sometimes when you're running you get music stuck in your head... this time it was "Still Alive" from Portal stuck in my head for the whole race... so I suppose the first few lines are even appropriate to post here.

This was a triumph.
I'm making a note here:
It's hard to overstate
my satisfaction.

My chip time was 33:09! I RAN 3.1 miles in 33:09! WOOOO!

(I ran this race, by the way: )

It was a great race. Day started off shakily, was nervous, missed the first train out of MGH station, second train almost everyone in my car was running the race. Really was cool to see people wearing green and running shoes! Got to Davis Square, tried to find my Matt and could not. Did have to pee, so I spent 12 of the 15 minutes before the race started waiting on line for a toilet. Still couldn't find Matt and was kinda worried about what to do with my coat... so I deposited it in a Starbucks and hoped it would still be there when I was done. (it was)

Lined up with the crowd behind the start line, near the 12 minute mile folks, I think. We started before I could get my iPod on, so the first 1/2 mile of the race I was fiddling with the iPod trying to get it on and collecting data with my nike+. Didn't end up plugging the headphones in, because right about when I got the thing on and started, we passed a band, complete with bagpipes and drums. Awesome! Best part... near the end of the race there was a guy banging a pot with a ladle. It totally made my day. So did all the dogs who were either running or watching the race.

It was cold, but really didn't feel it after I got started. 36 degreesish, and somewhere along the way I took off my hat, gloves, and opened my running jacket. Nifty. Good to know for future runs.

There were hills. I ran up them, I ran down them. There was a water stop, but drinking out of a cup when running doesn't work so well. I think the hardest part of the race was the beginning up the first hill and then the last bit with the finish line in sight. I know I pushed the limits of my abilities, and my time and HR monitor readings will agree with it. I did not walk one step of the race!

After the race, I turned in my chip (next time, don't lace it at the front of the shoe) and got my finisher's medal (ooh! pretty!). Found the Matt, waited on line at the Burren to get some food and a sip of beer. I couldn't bring myself to order a burger (but I convinced Matt to so I could have a bite of his)... ended up with a cup of butternut squash soup and a Caesar salad with dressing on the side. But I did eat a few fries, and they were good. Then we decided to go home, for Matt had math to do and I had jacuzzis bouncing in my head.

Gun time: 35:24
Chip time: 33:09
Nike+ data here:
Nike+ pace: 11:45/mile
Calories burned from HR monitor: 536, 25% fat
HR max: 188 (97%)
HR average: 171 (87%)

I can officially say that I am looking forward to my next race, and that I am no longer afraid of running outside in cold weather. Couch to 5K is just the beginning! Who knows where I might go in the future! My current plans are to work on my 5K times, hopefully getting under 30 minutes, and to be able to run the 5 4.2-mile races that I signed up for this summer! I'd also like to train for a 10K later in the season. I think I would enjoy doing sprint triathlons (run 3.1, bike 10, swim some distance).

I remember when I was totally winded after running for a minute in the first week of Couch to 5K. It was just last year!

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NEE_NEE 4/20/2008 10:05AM

    Thank you so much for the detailed, honest, and AMAZING report. I'm dreaming of a 5K too and your report read like a great novel! Keep it up!

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MIRBAH 4/6/2008 9:33AM

    I am late posting my congratulations to you. You make me proud and motivated. Way to go.

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MERLINANDME 3/26/2008 6:26PM

    WOW! This is an amazing report. Congratulations to you! I am about to burst my buttons with pride.



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My first 5K!

Monday, March 03, 2008

I'm running my first 5K in two weeks! I signed up for the race on Saturday, and had a moment of panic ... what if I can't run it! To prove to myself that I could, I ran 5K on the treadmill yesterday, and I'm fine today. The plan is to run long runs all this week and the beginning of next... hopefully going for longer than 5K so I can think to myself that I've run further.

Race is the day before St. Patrick's day... and my long sleeve athletic shirt is green! I think it will be a fun, festive race and then we adjourn to local bars for Irish food and beverages. =) I might order my first beer...

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LINDOKAS 4/22/2008 9:29PM

    You can do it! You're an inspiration!

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MIRBAH 3/9/2008 11:03AM

    I am so proud of you. You are one of those people who gives me the incentive to not just loose weight but to be healthier. I loved my bootcamp experience.

I just know you will love your 5 K experience.

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SUEALOHA 3/7/2008 10:52PM

    Wow, you are a rock star. Seriously. One of my biggest goals in life is to run a 5K. Heaing that you are going to do it makes it seem possible for me.

I enjoyed reading your SparkPage. I am *so* in agreement -- I'm not on a diet anymore. This is it -- for the rest of my life.

I stll have a long way to go -- but I'm taking it one day at a time.

Thanks for the inspiration...


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TONKASMOM 3/4/2008 3:48PM

    YAHHHHHOOOOOOO Jane! You are a superstar and I'm so excited that you're doing a 5K! You will rock and I can't wait to hear how you do. Good luck my dear... hope things are just awesome with you!

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FERRET-EYES 3/4/2008 11:03AM

    I am sssooooo fricking proud of you! Way to go, on deciding to JUST DO IT!
I am jumping up and down, and this gives me something to really look forward to on St. Patty's day. The Posse will be rooting for you, every single step of the way! Love, Ferret

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State of the Jane!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I guess this is a sort of ad-hoc experiment to see whether eating randomly (ie not as planned out as usual) will lead to weight loss. We're working on a grant in the lab, things are kinda stressful and sometimes I feel like eating sweeter things. I also haven't been having as much time to cook (although I did make a lot of tomato sauce and soup last week). I've been playing around with what I've been eating to indulge my tastes in hopefully a productive way. I've been eating when hungry. I've been eating what I feel like eating and not eating what I have and then having dessert because that's what I really want.

As it's been going, some days I've had a balance bar and a bowl of instant oatmeal for lunch (310 calories). For some reason, I crave Balance bars (mm, sweet, chocolate, and has enough protein so I won't feel sick from eating so many sugary calories). And I've taken a liking to oatmeal packets with a LOT of water. If you let it sit for a while, the water gets kinda gluey and tastes oatmealy and is so warn and filling. I guess it came out of necessity because it is very cold in my work building, and I have been wanting warm liquids to keep me going. Normally I love cold water, but when I'm cold, cold water gives me a chill that I just can't seem to shake.

For dinners, I eat the usual, but often skipping the carb entirely so that I can have ice cream. I'm getting increasingly fond of the Edys Double Churned stuff, it really tastes good. I can't imagine why people would want to eat full fat ice cream when the low fat stuff is honestly just as good.

I guess it's about eating more of the things I feel like and less of other things to compensate. I am surely feeling a lot fewer cravings at the moment because I've been eating a bit more chocolate and that makes me happy. I've kinda made a rule for myself that I'm not going to buy any more chocolate until I finish or give away what I've currently got. It's making me go through and finish off the half-eaten bars of dark chocolate that I have around, which is good. Don't like throwing away chocolate because it has bugs in it. I've also not bought any halloween candy. Why bother, it's not as good as the stuff I have in my house, and if I wanted some, I could get it whenever I wanted. Not that I would eat more than a piece of it anyway, so really, wasting money. We have candy at work, I can go have what I want there, and I know that if I feel like buying something, I can take one and then give the rest to the Keeper of the Candybowl.

My energy levels are good, and I've been biking all over town running errands, getting my costume together, and going to work. I avoid the T now, the bike is so much nicer. No squashing, no waiting for trains, no boredom, no unpredictability. With my bike, the limit to when I get there is how fast I pedal. I've gotten a back rack and rear baskets for my bike... now I can carry so much! I've also mounted a milk crate back there, which is capable of holding my whole haymarket load! (Went there this morning, got 4 pounds of carrots, 2 heads of green cauliflower, 4 red peppers, 5 green peppers, 4 yellow peppers, 2 pounds brussels sprouts, 2 pounds green beans, 2 bunches of leeks and a bunch of asparagus. For $10.) I think I might need help eating some of this. =) I owe Matt some deliciousness, so we'll see what I can make.

I've also been getting to the gym to run. Ran for 35 minutes on Thursday which was good. I'm conflicted about speed and time. (So is my nike+, it doesn't like me running at two different paces with different stride, doesn't say that I'm running as fast as I actually am... need to recalibrate!) I like running a mile as fast as I can. Currently up to 5.7 MPH for a mile. I also like running as far as I can at 4.8 MPH. The far-speed increases very slowly. Started at 4.6, now up to 4.8. I also have found that doing the earlier weeks of couch to 5K using no walking, instead fast running and slower running (say 6.0/4.6) is a great workout that goes by quickly. My training really seems to be a mixed bag at the moment. I'm not training for anything in particular, and doing what I feel like every day. I bike at least half an hour every day, mostly because I like it. And then in the evenings I'll go to the gym and run. I find that elliptical isn't the best crosstraining to throw into the running/biking mix because it does overlap with some biking muscles. Usually it shouldn't be an issue, but elliptical after a 25 mile ride day... not good idea. First time I ever have gotten off an elliptical machine before my workout was over. (But then, I went to the treadmills, got on and had a good run instead.)

I can't get enough of my hip bones. Still am amazed by how bony they are. I can tuck my elbows into them. I can't remember ever being able to do that!

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KALISAB 4/16/2008 4:33PM

    I enjoyed your commentary about trying out different foods, etc. I've just finished my first month with SP, and I try pushing the limits to see how much I can eat and still loose weight!

It is SO challenging to go to school, be under pressure, and still lose weight. You are an inspiration.

Oh, I found your profile on Alcarinhwesta's page, she's my classmate.

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FERRET-EYES 11/5/2007 2:42PM

    I can't wait for TRUE bones. Thank you for the latest 'State of Jane'.
I am awed at your accomplishments, and will propel myself forward so that I can be the first 50 something on our block with a red corset!

hugs. Ferret

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H2O4LIFE 10/27/2007 3:25PM

    OMG! You have lost alot of weight. Great job!
~snugs from the Darkside~

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10 things...

Monday, September 03, 2007

We were discussing this in my LJ weightloss community and I think it's a good list and I want to share it over here too!

Top 10 things that I TOTALLY wasn't expecting weight loss to change about me:

1. Clothing. I never really cared about it before. Now I kinda like it because it accents my smaller body. I might even enjoy shopping, and I actually wore a DRESS of my own volition once. I sometimes even go out of my way to dress up nicely and look good!

2. Being cold. All. The. Time. I'm always cold. I like it insanely warm. I don't understand, I used to like it very cold, and I was always hot. Now I'm wearing a sweater and shivering at normal room temperature.

3. Being able to walk up stairs without getting out of breath. I always thought that you were supposed to be out of breath after going up stairs. My mom always was, and I've never NOT been until now. Still kinda amazes me that now when I get out of the subway I'm barely breathing faster than normal.

4. Energy. I thought I had a lot of energy before, but WOW I have energy now. I can spend hours and hours on my feet and not feel tired. And not have sore feet or knees. It's a great feeling!

5. Looking fit/feeling like I fit in at the gym. It's really nice. I know I'm still heavy, but I look fit. I've got muscles, I can run on the treadmill and use any piece of gym equiptment with good form. I'm a "regular" at the gym... people nod and smile when they see me. It's a good feeling, feeling like I belong.

6. Confidence. I thought I was just a "type B personality"... but I'm not. I've suddenly become really outgoing and friendly and enjoy starting conversations with random people. Maybe part of it is just getting ready for my career which involves a lot of talking to people. But I enjoy interacting with people, and I love talking about health, nutrition, and weight loss.

7. Healthy food. There are so many delicious things that I'd never tried until I started trying to lose weight. I don't know how I was living mostly on pasta before... my skills at cooking have improved so much since starting to lose weight. I loved cooking and food before, and I love it even more now. There is nothing more satisfying than getting some excellent fresh veggies and making them in such a way that their tastiness is highlighted. I am so happy that I'm taking the time and effort to eat the best possible foods.

8. Motivation at work. Now that I learned how to do this difficult thing that takes a lot of commitment and dedication, I'm ready to move on to doing more. I know how to handle a daunting problem and overcome it. One step at a time!

9. Outdoors! I grew up in a not-so-safe neighborhood in Manhattan where it wasn't safe to go outside to walk. Now I live in Boston and I'm getting over that deep rooted worry of being mugged or raped or murdered. I love how I live near parks, and how everything is withing walking distance here. I can point to something and walk there, or run there, or bike there! I can look at a map, pick a route, and bike! I can pick out something fun to do and then do it! Hiking, skiing, anything really. I'm fit and I'm happy and I've got wonderful friends who put up with my desire to do things on mountains. All things I could never do in NYC because nobody had a car, and school trips were few and far between. I love planning adventures!

10. Saying "no, I'm not interested". It's something I've been learning how to do. Whether to food or to men who aren't worth it. It feels good knowing that I can make choices and that it's OK for me to have an opinion. Rawr.

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MILLECHICK 4/8/2008 6:42PM

  I am new to this site and stumbled across your page. What an inspiration. I loved your list. I'm very impressed by your life-changing experience. I've really never had to 'watch my weight' until recently, as I've gotten older. I have lost 18 lbs and want to lose 10 more, but I can relate to your list...even though my accomplishment pales in comparison. Congrats on going for...and getting!...the 'you' you knew you were. :)

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MERLINANDME 9/14/2007 11:45AM

    What a wonderful list! Thank you for generating it. You have given me a lot to think about at a time when I need to re-commit to my program. Ann

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

It's so beautiful at the lab today with the sunlight streaming through the windows and lighting up the leaves of all my plants. I love sunlight through leaves so much, it really makes me happy! (At the lab I have many plants... peppers and tomatoes and squash and snow peas and ivy and jade and a spider plant and another vine...)

The sky is the most perfect color blue and there are no clouds in sight. It's quiet here; I'm the only one here for several bays.

I don't know why I don't come into the lab more on weekends... after the hump of getting there, the lab is a very nice place to be. (Although I think the problem often is that I can't do laundry/dishes/cleaning at the lab, and I get very frustrated that I have to choose between being an excellent and devoted student and having a clean house.)

This morning (well, afternoon) I cleaned my living room. Moved the sofa by the convector, vaccumed under it, around it, in between the cushion... found that the mice had discovered the gerbil food that I had spilled and were all over it. (uh oh) I feel a lot better after having cleaned stuff though, hopefully the mice will stay gone. I also threw some things away and that made me feel really good. And kinda sad, but throwing away old clothing with holes or old bedding with holes is necessary sometimes. I keep reminding myself that if I need something, I can always buy it for myself! I don't have to save old things in case I might need them.


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