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How I Let Myself Go: Part 1

Monday, October 10, 2011

Since I hit puberty, I had always been kind of chubby. It was at it's worst during my junior year of high school. I only exercised during softball season. I worked in fast food and ate it during my breaks. Looking back, I think I was also a little depressed. A good friend of mine had died the previous summer and I still struggle with it sometimes, even after almost 8 years have passed. In short, my body was on the back burner.

When I started losing weight, it wasn't out of any conscious decision I'd made. Towards the end of high school I was already beginning to slim down, thanks to joining the track team. For shotput, of course. I've never been much of a runner. The coach was great, and was the one who really taught me to love the gym and the strength-training equipment. I learned to use exercise when I was upset to expel unwanted energy, how to build my muscles, and how to be confident in my own strength.

When I went to college, the first thing I looked for was a gym. I was so lucky to live in the dormitory that was within walking distance of the college gym, which was free to students. I started a regular routine where I worked out an hour a day 3-5 days a week. I made some friends who wanted to go to the gym with me, one of whom was a runner and persuaded me to start doing some cardio. I used the bike and climbed stairs to get my heart rate up. I loved it!

I always neglected cardio training because of my rather large... um... blessings. You know. The Girls. My breasts had been a source of embarrassment and discomfort due to their size, especially when trying to run or jump rope or do jumping jacks. I think you can see why I was SO EXCITED to finally be able to do cardio without the pain and embarrassment of my extra jigglage.

Anyway, I was eating better because I was choosing from the dining hall fare. I didn't eat out much because I was on a student's budget. I didn't snack because of my limited meal plan. The dining hall had bowls of apples sitting out and I took one every day for an after-lunch treat. My body was loving me for my new healthy habits. The extra pounds melted away and I was too busy to even notice.


The Big Deal Motivator

Friday, October 07, 2011

I've been chubby, thin, and everywhere in between.

Right now I'm approaching a weight that's the highest I've ever been--including my chunky period in high school. I'm not fat (by my standards), but I don't want to get there. And if I do, it's nobody's fault but mine.

I could say this is me nobly losing weight so that I'll have a healthy body when my husband and I decide to have children. I could also say that I'll lower my risk of heart disease and possibly live longer. I could say that I'm doing it for my husband, because he deserves a wife that's as hot as she can be, dang it!

While all of those reasons contribute to why I want to lose weight, none of them are the BIG MOTIVATOR. My altruistic, totally selfless (really, I mean it) reason for wanting to lose weight is to fit into my favorite pair of jeans that make my butt look REALLY good.

I mean it. When I'm at my ideal weight, my butt can stop traffic. It's not doing that right now and, frankly, I miss it.

And I live in fear of what is commonly referred to as "lunch-lady arm fat." Having known several rather fine-looking lunch ladies, I don't think the name makes a whole lot of sense. But still. My arms jiggle and it makes me uncomfortable.

So, there it is. My BIG MOTIVATOR. My super-altruistic, selfless reason for wanting to lose weight. Because there's nothing quite so motivating as good old-fashioned vanity.

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SPEEDY143 10/7/2011 3:48PM

    emoticon"When I'm at my ideal weight, my butt can stop traffic." Love it!!!!! What ever works for YOU is what's important so go for it sweetie and get your wiggle on emoticon


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