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Try, Try and Try Again!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

It seems that every time I start to get on track something interferes. The latest struggles include an exacerbation of my multiple sclerosis. The pain is not controlled. The fatigue is huge. And I am dizzy, weak, uncoordinated and struggling with double vision. On top of this, my thyroid is acting up. My internist decreased my medication for this and I'll have it checked again in a few weeks. Meanwhile, I can really feel the difference as far as increased appetite and a real challenge to not pack on the pounds. I suspect the spike in blood level had more to do with the fact that I had only take the drug about an hour before the blood draw. I will bring this up again with my doc. However, it was the neurologist who ordered the test because of the double vision. So, I'm very discouraged.
On the exreme up side, my daughter and her husband and children are coming for a long weekend visit. I'm ready for the Easter egg hunt. I put together about 160 plastic eggs and some baskets. Since there are only two children coming, I think I overdid things once again. Ha, ha. That is a grandma in action.
My husband's company had more layoffs the end of March. His fuding was actually cut so we expected he would be without a job. But, he was asked to move to another position temporarily and is having to work a lot of extra hours to get on board there. Since this position won't last, we wonder if he should continue there or seek something else. He's weathered so many layoffs in the 30 years there. It is only by God's grace that a position was always there for him. He is an aerospace engineer so a most uncertain career field in the best of circumstances.
With so many ups and downs it is probably a good thing I haven't completely fallen away from the diet and exercise. But, I'm not able to be as vigilant right now. I pray I can truly get back on track and stay there. Meanwhile, I will continue to try, try and try again.


Getting back on track

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's not easy. It seems every time I start to eat right and exercise something or someone happens that distracts me from the prize. For example, during the past few weeks we've had four sets of house guests for long weekends. I also hosted 30 women for a coffee and refreshments meeting at my house. I also prepared breakfast for 28 at another meeting. And, we are having our daughter's family here for several days during our oldest grandson's spring break. So, I've been doing lots of extra cooking and lots of extra eating. Some days and some events I do better, but in general it has not been a good month and I expect the next few weeks to continue along a similar path. So, this is my feeble attempt to encourage myself to get back on the wagon and do the work required to get me back to a healthier size and shape. Life is much too short to spend every waking hour worrying about how I look, how I eat or how I exercise. So, I pray it will just become second nature to me to do the right things day by day. Filling out the info for Spark takes a lot of time that I probably should be spending on other obligations. But, I do enjoy reading the encouraging words I find here. I must just be prepared to schedule the hour or so it takes me to do what I want to do here each day. I wish it could be simpler, easier. I appreciate the shortcuts that have been added to note fruit and veggie consumption and exercise minutes. That has been a helpful addition for me. Perhaps more shortcuts will follow. Meanwhile, I will do my best to follow the plan that will get me to a healthier me.


No More Family Photos & What About That Blood Pressure?

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I got slammed by my daughter-in-law a few days ago as she told me not to post any photos of my new granddaughter on any site that isn't restricted to family. So, off came the photos. I will take a photo of myself one of these days so I can magically reappear. I would like to say it will be a revised, thinner, healthier model of me, but unfortunately that won't be true. I've not lost much weight. I've also been hit with some infections that have knocked me for a loop. One of them has evidently caused a very big spike in my blood pressure. I've always had very low readings, so when the numbers hit 161/? two days ago I about jumped out of my skin. Yesterday I had it checked again and once again it was quite high. I'll see my internist later today to see if he can shed some light on this development. Just last week my blood pressure was right about where it usually is - 107/56. I'm hoping for a good explanation from the doctor and that the answer won't involve more tests or other more drastic measures. I'm so confused.

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BBWBUTTERFLY 3/5/2009 9:55PM

    Thank you so much for the up beat comment. I am glad to hear that you blood pressure went back down. Hope it stays that way for. Its hard to keep going strong when ur body works against you.. KEEP STRONG YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!

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Harsh or Honest?

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I feel like I'm going so slowly on this plan that it is barely progress at all. Yet, I have lost some body fat even though the pounds haven't budged much to date. I know I must miss logging some of the foods I eat and I also know that my exercise is often padded on paper. But there are times I exercise more and fail to include the additional work. I don't really know why I feel so stuck, but I do know that each day offers a new opportunity to challenge myself in new ways. Some days I am really harsh in how I judge myself, but mostly I'm just trying to be honest. The point system encourages my competitive spirit to flourish, but there are times that I do exagerate the numbers. Now that I've confessed, I hope it will make me be more honest in future reporting. The only person I hurt when I'm not honest about all of this is myself. How can I hope to succeed if I can't even do the program as it is written? There is hope. This is another new day with more opportunities for success. Let's all get in there and succeed together.


Lent Begins

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Lent, another opportunity to focus on the Lord by remembering the steps to and throug His sacrifice. My small sacrifice of replacing unhealthy life choices for healthy ones should not be viewed as sacrifice at all. Yet, I can use this period of time to renew my focus and make the changes I need to make so I can be the healthiest me I can be. I do wonder what might change in me during these days and weeks, these days and nights. Will exercise increase, or sleep, or peace, oroverall good things in my life. I pray others will join me in this physical and spiritual journey - a time of fasting, prayer, hope, and love.


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