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Too Low to Go

Monday, August 09, 2010

I made a long list of things I must do today and so far I've accomplished almost none of them. I woke up later than usual and began the day with overwhelming fatigue and nerve pain thanks to MS and fibromyalgia. I even fell asleep just sitting in my chair after eating some cantaloupe and triscuits for breakfast. Something startled me awake and I actually got myself going for the second time in one day. I started making my way through the to do list. It feels like I'm slogging through deep mud and taking clothes from the dryer feels like I'm lifting a ton of bricks. But, again, the good news is that I am accomplishing some things and with each task behind me I get a bit more lift to my psyche. Slowly, step by step, task by task the overwhelming discouragement gives way to encouragement. Next I will actually leave the house to run a few errands. I still dread going out there and definitely am dragging, but I will go. I will get through some more of that list. It may feel like I'm walking through mud and it may feel like I'm carrying a ton of bricks. But, I know I'm just walking through sunshine and carrying myself along. I can do it. I will do it. I am more powerful than the sum of my aches and pains. I have confidence that this low, low day cannot keep me from soaring where I determine I must go. I also have confidence that this won't last. I know there is a good chance that tomorrow will me a much better day. Hooray!

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SARAHTAIT 8/9/2010 8:30PM

    I can totally relate to you....I have these grand ideas that I am going to get all these things done and then my body totally lets me down. Some days I will push myself to get it done and then end up paying for it the next day. This fibro is nothing to play with-it is totally awful isn't it. If it isn't the debilitating pain then the meds conk you out and you are a zombie. It is hard to find a happy middle. I am so glad that you were able to get some things done-it gives us such a great sense of accomplishment when we are able to do things. We ARE more powerful than our aches and pains!! We have to stay positive and not let it rule our lives. I love your positve attitude.

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Renewed possibilities?

Friday, August 06, 2010

emoticonI've been discouraged the past several months that I've been so stuck in my weight loss journey. Despite tracking everything, getting in a fair amount of exercise and activity and drinking lots of water, I still am stuck. emoticon I made an appointment with my doctor for a physical. emoticon He rescheduled because of his own schedule changes. So, about four months later I finally got in and hand some blood work done. I don't have the reports in hand yet -- it's been nearly three weeks. emoticon So, I called yesterday to find out what was going on. emoticon The nurse advised me that my thyroid is indeed in need of help again. Eventually my doctor will prescribe a boost to my medication, but until then I've decided to boost it a bit myself. I should have insisted on the blood work months ago, but I kept thinking I could lose weight even if thyroid was not cooperating. Now, I'm very hopeful that energy will increase, I won't be so cold all the time and most of all I expect to see the number on the scale get unstuck. emoticon We'll see. I know I must be my own health care advocate, but sometimes I seem to forget that these docs work for me! emoticon My health matters. So does yours. Have you had to be your own advocate for your health concerns? Have a great weekend everyone! emoticon

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TIME2BLOOM4ME 8/6/2010 11:02PM

    Yes I have to advocate for myself. I went to er totally paralyzed, in pain, nausated, very ill. They sent me home without any treatment for pain and nausea. I haden't eaten or drank for days and was dehydrated. Went to gp for meds to help. He finally gave me some after a week of begging. I couldn't keep anything in. Then he told me never to come back. I don't like doctors. It is hard to find one who will really treat my illness.

Best of luck to you. emoticon

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One Choice at a Time

Thursday, August 05, 2010

So, I ate some baked chips, yum. Not too bad on the evil scale considering I was very sad and a bit depressed at the time. but, that was this morning. Since then I've gotten back on track and made some deliciously spicy chile and reduced fat corn bread with corn and salsa baked in. Add to that an organic mixed greens salad and I think I will feel I've redeemed the chips. I also snacked on a few chocolate covered coffee beans - good pick me up and very few calories for the small amount I downed. The fresh fruit smoothie full of raspberries and blueberries with a touch of banana and sugar free apple juice filled out the day. yum, yum
I've decided that I can make one choice at a time. If it's a good one, I can pat myself on the back. If it is a not so good one or a really bad one I don't let it derail me for the rest of the day. I just pick myself up and figure out what better choice I can make next. This alleviates the habitual condemnation I have flirted with or wallowed in before. Hopefully, this recently acquired outlook will take me where I hope to go. Have a great day everyone. emoticon

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SARAHTAIT 8/6/2010 4:32AM

    Wonderful!!! That is how you will lose your weight and keep it off-one pound at a time and one choice at a time. Great job!! Keep up the good work.

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ETWOLIE 8/5/2010 6:48PM

    Yes, it's all about the good choices we make as often as possible. They add up to a healthier body and a slimmer one too. FYI I once read the ingredients on a bag of baked chips and chicken fat was one of the listed ingredients - ick!

May all your days be wonderful and your journey enjoyable!

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Fresh produce produces big smiles

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

emoticonAt my house I can feel so much better, even on a really bad day, just by buying,, preparing, serving and eating fresh produce. emoticonThere's nothing like it. Today it's a combo of fresh pineapple, emoticonraspberries, grapes, blueberries and kiwi....yum, plus some corn on the cob. The colors and flavors are magical. I'm adding a salmon filet emoticon and some home baked whole wheat, oat and flax rolls. Just planning such a menu keeps me on track for a great day. Plus, I know my DH will enjoy every bite right along with me. It's so much easier to resist the afternoon munchies as I plan for such a meal. Eating such healthy and yummy fresh fare also keeps the munchies at bay all evening. I know I should take the time to do this more often. The rewards are amazing. All the senses are engaged. Hope you are all enjoying wonderful fresh in season delicacies as well. emoticon

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IAFARMERWIFE 8/4/2010 3:42PM

    I'll be there, what time! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LUCKYGRANNY2 8/4/2010 2:24PM

    My only question is...what time are you eating? YUM!! Great choices and it sounds wonderful. Good for you.

Lonna (((hugs)))

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A Brand New Week, Same Old Me!

Monday, August 02, 2010

emoticonI was all ready to be bursting with enthusiasm and energy this morning. I had a good night's sleep. emoticon I woke early and ready to attack the day. Now the day is more than half over and I've accomplished absolutely nothing. emoticon A call from my daughter changed my mood from optimistic to a bit frantic. emoticon After we've all made plans for her family to move into our house in the next few weeks, today she learned that refinancing their giant home may not be a possibility. emoticon They've restored a 13,000' very old mansion that has no comps anywhere around. They want to return to us so our son-in-law can do a critical care fellowship -- emoticonhe's a neurologist. emoticon So, we've been looking for a condo to buy and downsize to. I think we may be close to making an offer on something. So, today has become a day of thoughtfulness and prayer. emoticon Downsizing is the right thing to do. We've talked about it for several years. It would mean we could move into town and my DH could cut some time from his hour long commute. emoticon The clock is ticking. emoticon The wheels are in motion. I think this could still be an awesome week for all of us. emoticon Maybe I just need to get myself moving and clean out another room and spend some time with my treadmill. emoticon I know if I can just look back and see a few accomplishments for the day I will become much more positive about everything once again. emoticon Anyone else operate in such a fashion? emoticon Have a great week! emoticon

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ANNE-ELIZ 8/3/2010 12:15AM

  Yes, it is good for your spirits to be able to look back on the day and see some specific accomplishments, but maybe the you're not counting the swift turn in thinking that you are looking at.

I can see where your daughter's news could take the train off the track, so to speak, or at least have the potential to do so. Certainly does set the mind racing!

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