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today is yet another beginning

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I get so frustrated with myself. I intend to work out harder, eat healthier, do all I know I should do and yet I find that I just keep messing up. I look at the beginning of each day as a new opportunity to get it right. I will be optimistic. I will laugh more. I will move more. I will eat healthier. Today is the day. Today is yet another beginning.


I know I can be healthier!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

As I begin yet another entry, I wonder if I have made any progress these past three weeks. I know I've done better at recording what I've eaten each day. Perhaps by doing that I will be better about making choices in general. Am I any healthier? I don't know. I do think I'm sleeping a bit better. It's so cold in this house that I might as well curl up in bed and shiver there until I can warm the sheets and fall asleep. I miss my warm house and electric blanket. Yet, I also wonder if this is a better way to live. We had friend in college who was known for his open window at night for cold air and chocolate cake diet. I don't know that he was very successful, but something about being in a colder environment seemed to make sense. I tend to just get very cold hands, feet and face. I put up my hood, wear extra socks and put on gloves in an attempt to get and stay warm. Is being cold actually a help to losing weight? Is it a help to getting healthy? Will I ever be tougher than a marshmallow? Hmmm....we'll see what develops.


Just 6 more days until I go home!

Monday, February 09, 2009

This has continued to be a most interesting time away from home. It's been three weeks and I've been pretty good about eating well and exercising regularly. Still, I don't have a good feeling about weight loss. My clothes are no tighter, seem a little less tight. So, perhaps I've lost some weight or perhaps just some girth. Either way, I think it has been a successful journey so far. I pray I can continue this journey when I am again at home in familiar surroundings.


spa vacation nearing its end

Sunday, February 08, 2009

I've had a very interesting three weeks as I'm away from home and spending my days helping with a new grand child. I have one more week here with my son and family. I had hoped this could be a sort of spa vacation with lots of exercise and lots of healthy foods and good choices in other areas as well. Well, a week before leaving home I was hit with double vision from my multiple sclerosis. that development has kept me from doing some of the projects I'd hoped to work on here. However, I've been able to spend time in this website and that has been an encouragement. I've heaten pretty healthy and tried to record all I've eaten. I've not always done the amount of exercise I've hoped to do or at the intensity I would have liked, but still I've done more here than I was doing at home. Sleep was another issue. I'm still not getting as much sleep as I would like, but some nights are pretty good now. So, the spa vacation has had its ups and downs. One of the big downs is that there isn't a scale here so I'm not able to check to see if I'm losing weight. Next week I'll be able to check that out when I get home. I pray I will have lost a few pounds, but perhaps just not gaining would be a small victory. Meanwhile, I have this one last week to make a difference. My biggest fear is that if've Ive not lost, I might give up the fight once again. That would be the least healthy thing I could do.

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IH8W82 8/17/2012 5:01PM

    Things to think about:
If you haven't done as well as you like during this time, will giving up help you to lose?

I can't do it, I won't do it. I didn't do it.

I think I can, I know I can. I DID!

Quitting means failure. Not succeeding but continuing to try, brings success. If you keep trying, you will succeed. emoticon

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