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Monday Sept 15th.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Yes I'm still alive and well. School has started and is keeping me real busy. Appart from the fact that I am going to school Monday to Thursday, that I work Monday to Friday, I have homeworks. So far the chemestry and calculus are not too hard, but there is quite a bit of homework. Plus I have this other class online that I have to make sure I respect the schedule.

I love school. The energy there is fantastic! I wish I could be there full time already! There are a bunch of clubs I'd love to be part of : The human machine club, the submarine, the race car... all of them competing in international events. Quite a few of those teams/club are looking for GTI(Génie des technologies de l'information) students. It would be so interesting to work with students in other fields of engineering! I just have to be a bit more patient!

Weeks are a bit longer than they used to! lol. Monday to Thursday I get out of the house at 6am and come back home around 10:30pm. I usually go to bed almost as soon as I get home. Friday I am back for 5h30 wich is great!

Surgery is set for tomorrow so I'll be home for 2 weeks. I have made arrangements with my teachers to work from home. I'll be happy it is finaly done.

Last week was sad because we had to bring our dog to the vet to end her miseries. She was loved and will be remembered.

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4RASCALS 9/15/2014 8:35PM

    Sounds like school is going great. You have a really busy schedule. Good luck with the homework, and also with your surgery. Keep us updated on your surgery. Sorry to hear about your dog. Cherish your memories with him. emoticon

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DOVESEYES 9/15/2014 8:13PM

    So sad about your dog, hugs.

Hope you get some much needed rest after the surgery.
You are going to need it for all the exciting days when you start back!!!

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VIVICHAMPERS 9/15/2014 1:57PM

    I'm sorry about your dog.

School sounds like it's going well, even if the days are long! Good luck with the homework!

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follow up from yesterday's blog

Sunday, September 07, 2014

This is the container we filled with concrete :

This is what it looks like this morning. Some of the grass hasn't taken so I just re-seeded some areas.

Next summer will probably be the time for the bench I want to build on the side of the fence and the outside kitchen. we'll see.

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DOVESEYES 9/7/2014 7:32PM

    How lovely the grass looks so soft...!!!

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4RASCALS 9/7/2014 2:42PM

    emoticon emoticon

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NUTRON3 9/7/2014 8:47AM


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Sept 6th 2014

Saturday, September 06, 2014

it sure has been a busy week.

I started classes on Tuesday. Calculus. It was fun to be there. The energy is sooo good there. The other students could be my children but I'm having a ball rubbing elbows with them.

So, Tuesday and wednesday I took the car in the morning. I went directly to the U in the hope of getting a parking space there. Both morning none was free so I parked close to work. After work I went to class and then walked back the 1.9km to the car.

ON Thursday, I took a vacation day to go to the U initiation. It was a day at the Jean-Drapeau park.
I was a kid again... it was fun! we were painted, got wet and dirty and participated to quite a few activities. We got to meet some other student studying in the same dept. After a day of that we went to the pub.
It was nice to see how the kids reacted to me participating in the event. Some were very surprised and happy to see one could still have fun in an event like that.

On another note, I was called to be given my surgery date. September 16th is the date. I will be off work and school for 2 weeks. I have already made arrangments with my teatchers. I am happy it is happening so soon. I will finally be getting the surgery I asked for almost 3 years ago. The one that was postponed after I had my mammogram. Can't believe It has been 2 years since my lumpectomy. as of Aug. 31st I have been 2 years without cancer. That is great! 3 more and I'll be cured!

Here are pics of my summer project outside the house

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VALIENDRA 9/6/2014 11:20PM

    I'm glad you had a blast at your initiation. And your summer project looks.. unfinished? =)
Have a good weekend!

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DOVESEYES 9/6/2014 10:28PM

    Wonderful to be with young people and having a great time. Thinking of you when you go in for the op.

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August 26

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I haven't posted since Aug. 1st. I have been busy finishing the work outside. It looks great!

I am still losing weight slowly and I am proud of it. Seems I have really found my balance this time. I do not exercise, I do not follow a diet. I am just mindfull of not eatin too much and it is working so I'll keep doing just that.

Life gets busy now. Tomorrow I have an assessment test at school, Thursday is my husband's birthday dinner with the girls. Then Friday I have a chef coming at home to cook a gourmet meal for the both of us. We have a long weekend then school starts Tuesday.

Tuesday and Wednesday I have classes after work. I took a day off on Thursday to attend the "olympiades" with the other students. Then the school year is really starting... I'll be in class 4 nights a week. Sometimes I get scared and think I am crazy but mostly I am happy to do it. It will be great!

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DOVESEYES 8/27/2014 1:17AM

    You are doing great!!!

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VALIENDRA 8/26/2014 9:04AM

    I'm happy to know you're doing great! Keep pushing. You're heading toward a very busy fall, don't forget to take care of yourself so you won't go back to your old habits. Planning is the key, they say, right? =)
Bonne chance et tiens nous au courant une fois de temps en temps
Isa ☼

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HMBROWN1 8/26/2014 8:25AM

    Wow! You sound super busy! Best wishes!

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day 53 of the new me.

Friday, August 01, 2014

This morning I was 234. Compared to the 248 I was weighting on June 16th, that is great! It means I have lost a total of 14 pounds in 53 days (just under 7 weeks) . an average of at least 2 pounds a week.

What have I done? mainly I have not had any mindless eating episode. I am a lot calmer and have changed my attitude towards food.

my weekday meals usually consist of :

Breakfast : Around 5am
1 or 2 yogourt (Activia) I don't like the low fat low whatever.

snack #1 : Around 9am
1 yogourt, and 1 to 2 cups of raw veggies (these days I'm getting my share of a local farmer's production so they really are tasty!)

lunch : Around 1 pm
either I make a salad with lots of various veggies and some protein (can be 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 can of tuna, some left over chicken) Or I bring the protein side of leftovers. this week I had some chili I made.

snack #2 : Around 3pm
same as snack #1

dinner : 1 plate of whatever i make or my husband makes. Yeah I'll have fries if he makes some.

Over the weekend, I tend to not have snacks. I keep my portions in check.

As for exercises... I don't do them, but I am active. I use public transport so I do walk a bit each weekday. And I have been working outside all summer... breaking concrete, carrying it out, shoveling top soil, laying it where the concrete was. Moving some concrete tiles to make a path and to have a place to put the table. Appart from the usual mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, doing laundry etc etc.

I do think I have found some balance. I am not putting pressure on myself to follow a specific restrictive diet, or exercise regiment. My goal was to lose weight no matter what life would bring me. And it is working so far.

I have come to realise that not tracking food and exercise helps me not to binge. I don't feel disapointed at myself. Plus, since I have restarted this, my mindset is simple. Just do it!

I weight myself a few times a week. I have come to realise that my weight will vary during a week. Sometimes because I ate too much sometimes because I have not had enough water. I have also noted that when the problem is the water, by catching up with the water intake, that weight just goes away. no need to panic and binge because I am not losing.

I track my weight everytime I get a value lower than the last one I've tracked. It feels good when I get to a weight I haven't reached yet. It doesn't matter if the next day i weight a bit more. I know I can do what needs to be done to lose weight. And the first thing is to stop telling myself stories.

I am happy about my improvements and thankfull for my life!

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VALIENDRA 8/6/2014 8:54AM

    Congrats Hélène on your attitude and all the efforts you've put in that journey so far. A scale is such a backstabbing friend, don't let it scrap your mood and motivation. You a winner =)
And landwork aren't piece of cake! It's good to pile up fitness minutes though =)
Keep going, we're so worth it ☼

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4RASCALS 8/4/2014 9:01PM


Great job .. Keep up the good work

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FITKAT62 8/1/2014 10:49PM

  emoticon emoticon

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DOVESEYES 8/1/2014 9:45PM

    Congrats on the losses go you- also love your attitude and how you are just working on it and not stressing. Keep it up!!!

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TOONIE 8/1/2014 11:15AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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