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Day 24 Still going and seeing changes

Thursday, July 10, 2014

24 days ago I was back to 248. I was not happy about it but I had accepted it as my starting weight.

what have I been doing since? Simple... eat less. I make sure I get enough veggies in my system. Raw veggies mostly. I bring my lunch at work wich normaly consists of 2 snacks and 1 meal. Snacks are usually yogurt & raw veggies. Lunch is some protein (chicken, ham, eggs, whatever is on hand at home) and raw veggies. Then, for dinner the rule is 1 plate only and desert no more than twice a week.

It seems to be working. in 24 days I went from 248 to 237.6. That feels great!

the other thing that feels great is that I can actually see the changes.not only because my belt got too big and I had to make another hole, but I can actually look in the mirror and see where it has come off.

Funny how I never before noticed this when I was losing weight. Even when I went down to 227, I couldn't actually see the differences. I felt it, got into smaller clothes, but what I was seeing in the mirror was a fat woman. Always a fat woman. I couldn't see the changes.

So I am happy to report that I can see my belly is going down, I have lost quite a bit of my love handles. I am getting closer to getting the body I want to fit the new pair I'll get this fall. My objective is to be 200 by November 26th and here is how it is going :

So many things have changed in my head. I think that is why it is going well. Hopefully I'll keep that frame of mind for a long time!

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DOVESEYES 7/10/2014 10:01PM

    Great job

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TOONIE 7/10/2014 2:51PM

    emoticon emoticon

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LOSE4LIFE47 7/10/2014 12:44PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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day 8 (still going strong)

Monday, June 23, 2014

this weekend was busy...
Saturday, I attended my uncle's funeral in Deschaillons. that is a bit over 2 hours drive. So we left at 7 am. went to the funeral home then the church for the service, then the lunch. At wich I am happy to say I wasn't even tempted to touch the deserts. After the reception, we went with our cousins to the cabin on the side of the St-laurence river. Lots of childhood memories there. Then on the way back we stopped at "la fromagerie Lemaire" for dinner and to buy fresh cheese.

Sunday, I had to cramp my grocery shoping, lawn mowing and laundry since I was going to my father for dinner to celebrate my sister's birthday.

And you know what? I kept my calories in check. So for the first 7 days I managed to get an average of 1500 calories a day.

Something seems to have changed in me. I haven't felt any urge to snack at night. Nor have I felt the need for a second portion. Hopefully my mindset will stay there.

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DOVESEYES 6/23/2014 10:59PM

    Sorry to hear about your uncle.

Great work on the calories.
Sounds like you had no trouble getting your fitness in either, busy days...

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VALIENDRA 6/23/2014 11:12AM

    Mes condoléances pour ton oncle.

J'espère que malgré l'occasion, tu as eu du plaisir à revoir ta famille et le chalet. C'est tellement une belle place Deschaillons. Et puis, félicitations pour avoir résister aux tentations. Je suis contente pour toi que ça s'en vienne facile de refuser.

Lâche pas =)

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day 5 (small victories)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Well so far so good.

Yesterday my daughter was having a party with her friends to celebrate the end of school. I got back from work in a house filled with goodies. I was to cook hambergers and hotdogs for the girls. My other daughter came for a visit. I managed to get some good red wine out for her without taking any, I didn't touch the chips nor any other goodies. I had a hamberger patty and 3 hotdogs. That gave me about 1700 calories wich makes my average calories per day go from 1476 a day to 1547. woohoo! I'm still within range!

this morning, I overslept... I woke up about 15 minutes before my train. Lucky me my husband (who is an angel) had just return from work and was nice enough to drive me to the train station. but it means that I jumped out of bed, brushed my teeths, got dressed and ran out of the house running grabing my shoes and my purse on the way out. I got the shoes on as soon as I got in the car.

So I didn't have breakfast and I didn't make a lunch and it's Friday so there is always Tim Horton's muffins in the kitchen at work. The perfect recipe for disaster.

What to do?

I had half a muffin for breakfast/snack (about 200 calories) and for my lunch and afternoon snack I went to a convenience strore and bought some raspberries, an orange and some cottage cheese. So I wont have more than 900 calories in during the day. that leaves me with 700 calories for tonight. wich is very good.

I am proud of the fact that all the temptations and excuses I could have used to not keep up with the program didn't have any effect on me. I am not saying I was not tempted to take a few chips or a glass of wine, but the temptation was very controlable. Also, normally, when I take half of a muffin in the morning, I end up having like 3 full muffins by the end of the day.

small victories... I love that!

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VALIENDRA 6/23/2014 9:13AM

    I love that too. Doesn't it feel great to have those victories all alond our path and be able to rexognize them as such. Wow, congrats!
Keep pushing because.. it works =)
Have a good St-Jean tomorrow ☼

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DOVESEYES 6/20/2014 10:10PM

    Awesome great choices.

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MAYFIELD0801 6/20/2014 8:00PM

    that is just awesome. Keep up the good work. like you said small victories and they will lead us to the big result at the end.

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    Great willpower on day 4 and 5! Temptations and a rather hectic situation did not overcome your resolve and determination to stay the course. That shows strength of mind - a muscle that we all need to work on - and you are definitely giving yours a good workout. Anyway, your compass is holding true and you, my dear, are sure not to get lost betwixt here and THERE...

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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How I am learning to rely on ME for validation and success

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A few more things are coming into place....

Ever since I have started this quest, I have stumbled, found some clues of what made me unable to go back to my former self. And these past few weeks, I have found some again.

I have been very good with my food goal and it hasn't been as tough as it has in the past. Why? What is different?

I got most of my grades from University. A+, A and B+ the one I'm still waiting for looks like an A-. But there are still 2 corrections to come. And you know what? It was easy.

It is the first time in my life that I get that great of an average for a semester. Not because I couldn't, but because I wouldn't. As a child and teen, school was easy for me. I could have had great grades without working too hard at it.

But I didn't.

I should have performed to the best of my capacity, but I didn't want it. And why is that? In my life, a lot of times, I started something good, something great only to not do it as I should have... why is that?

I got here on Spark to lose weight. I started loosing got myself down from 263 pounds to about 227. That was great! I was good at it. And what did I do? I started giving myslelf a lot of excuses and managed to bring my weight to 270 pounds... Way to go Hélène! emoticon

Why is it that I don't want success in anything? Why is it that I self-sabotage when it looks like I will succeed?

I think I found something to explain that.

What did it ever gave me? What did I ever had to gain by succeeding? .... Nothing. I could have worked hard at school and get great grades but wether I did or not, I wouldn't get the attention I was craving for. Nobody was ever happy for me (or so I felt... ) I didn't feel like I was getting a WOW. It was normal because it was easy for me. So why work harder if it won't give you anything more? I was constantly looking for validation from others. I was expecting people to tell me how great I was.

I am now 50 years old and suddently realised that anything I have started was to get approval from others. So when I got close to the goal and wasn't feeling the cheers, I was giving up convinced I couldn't do it. I some distorted way, not getting the WOWs made me think I wasn't good enough. So what was it worth to achieve anything when it's not going to be enough? So the best way to get out was to quit. Better quit than fail.....

Funny how our minds can play tricks on us....

So from now on, I have decided to be my own cheerleader. To be proud of my accomplishments and not worry about others and what I think they expect. I say think, because I have come to realise that what we think the others are expecting and what they are actually expecting can be totally oposites....

So this is for me.... And since it is for me, I don't need anyone to validate it.

I will appreciate the validation from others, (it is always good for the ego) but I will do this for me. The same way I am going back to school to become an IT engineer only because I want to be one. This is my life and I'm taking it back!

Day 4 and I'm still going stronger than ever!

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DOVESEYES 6/19/2014 8:47PM

    Great blog it says so much to us all.

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GRANDEFILLE 6/19/2014 2:43PM

    thanks! I'll toast to that!

Celebrate what you are! It is important! more important than having others celebrate it. (Althought my Ego is flattered by the fact that you are willing to celebrate me emoticon )

and you know what? No more feeling guilty about having it easy! I am lucky and I shouldn't feel guilty about it!

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    Spellbound! Just sat here reading your words and was spellbound by your insightful look into your past - of how it has affected your present up to this point - and of how your new-found awareness is going to change for the better your mindset for the future.

Bravo! You have set your mind on you - given yourself challenges, goals and accomplishments and expectations to meet - and all of this done for one person only - you. And having removed from your mindset a once self-imposed need for approval from others, you must be feeling somewhat liberated. I feel liberated, myself, just reading your words - Much of which I relate to by simply inserting my own circumstances.

Unlike you, I am not academically minded, however - not so bright, really - yet I am confident in my abilities to do certain things and truly believe that had I had at least a couple extra pats on the back, job well done, you can do it (!) types of encouragement while growing up, I might have had more of the self-confidence needed to live life without a need for validation. Man, the need for validation is like a BIG BREAK PEDDLE pressing down on one’s passion and excitement about life. Yet that is how I have lived over a half century (OUCH!) of my life. If no one said, “Wow, great job!” then it apparently wasn't that great.

Of course, there were times when I still thought that something I’d done or accomplished was great even though no praise was coming my way from others. BUT, sadly, I didn't celebrate the accomplishment – not even in my own mind, but, instead, dismissed it as nothing important. That word – ‘important’ … it is so very relative to me now that I read your words.

What is important to you?

What is important to me?

And does it matter a hill of beans if what I find important, you don’t? And vice-versa?

Dang, GRANDEFILLE, you have opened my eyes today to a profound truth. Everything I do is IMPORTANT – To me!

And now I am laughing out loud. You see, I just finished cleaning the grout lines on all the tile floors on the first floor of my house. Today my hands hurt and my knees hurt, terribly so, and I even have two blisters on my right hand from rubbing a hard bristle scrub brush over every single one of those f**kin’ grout lines, but WOW! It’s like, the floor looked wretched for several many years and I no longer cared. Then, one day, I cared just a wee bit and started this project. And the story could have ended there. Floor is clean – Big deal.

But today, thanks to you, I think,
“GRANDEFILLE is studying to become an IT Engineer and I am shopping for more grout cleaner so I can do the upstairs bathrooms – and, wow, aren't we each amazing human beings – doing what IS important.

I am going to celebrate today. Gonna celebrate me and all the important things I am doing and going to continue to do for me.

Oh, and I’m gonna celebrate you, too. After all, you may not have cleaned a bunch of grout (we each have our own gifts) but getting an IT degree ain't bad either. emoticon

Love Ya!!! emoticon

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Day 3

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

As I was saying, hearing about that lady's story has put my life and little miseries in perspective. So I was motivated to start over and do it right. It all comes down to me and I shouldn't use any excuse to not do it.

I am aiming for between 1200 to 1550 calories a day

Day 1 was Monday.
I was weighting 248 pounds when I woke up. mmmmm......

I had an appointment with the plastic surgeon. To make a story short, 2 years ago I asked my family doctor for a referal to a plastic surgeon for a breast reduction. Before giving me the referal, he sent me for a mammogram just to make sure everything was ok. We found a mass, then it was a massectomy and radiation treatments. Now, it has been over a year since my last radiation treatment so the surgeon told me I was entitled to reconstructive surgery to make my breasts even. (one is 2 cup smaller than the other). I told him I would prefer getting the reduction.
So Monday I was there to find out what medicare would pay and found out I can have it without cost. woohoo! it should happen in October or November.

The surgeon gave me all the information about the procedure, the risks and all... and asked me to lose as much weight as possible before it happens.

I was having a great day with my calories and it motivated me to keep at it.

Day 1 finished with 1381 calories!

Day 2.
On a roll, I modified the way I distributed the calories over the meals, and ended up with not so much calories for dinner and missing a few carbs... I ended up eating 1.25 cup of cooked spagetti without any sauce, butter. I thought I would cave in during the evening but no. I only had to think of how it is all on me. How I only have to be consistent for it to happen and it did the trick.

Day 2 finished with 1542 calories

Day 3.
Today I have to go back to the hospital for pictures. and I am looking forward to it as it means things are in motion.

So far, with my breakfast and the lunch and snacks I brought to work, by the time I get back home, I should have consumed about 800 calories. that will leave me with 400 to 750 calories for dinner so I should do fine.


I think part of me realised while talking to the plastic surgeon that I may feel like I'm 30, but my body is not reflecting that. Even if I am energetic, if nothing is stopping me, I don't think I have realised before that talk how fat I am. I am a fat 50yrs old woman and because of that, I am putting myself at risk of quite a list of problems : heart, high blood pressure, diabetese to name a few. He was asking me twice all the health questions as if it was not quite normal that I didn't have any of those... That got me to finally see where I am.

So I am really decided to lose weight. I have decided to stick to the program for 2 weeks, see how much I will lose. After that, I will have, once a week, a 1700 calorie day and stick to that new program for at least a month before making changes.

I have decided to not track exercises. For now my focus will be on food. Food has always been my problem and I know if I exercise, I am at risk of using this excuse to eat more. So no training. It doesn't mean I will sit on my butt in the living room, it just means I will not have targets... I do things anyway. I swim in the pool, I mow the lawn, I walk to and from the train each day. I have worn the bodymedia long enough to know I take at least 6000 steps in a normal day so it's not like I am inactive.

well that's it for now....

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DOVESEYES 6/18/2014 9:42PM

    How wonderful to get the news of no payment needed. You have got this.

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    emoticon Congrats on the news that your surgery will happen .... and without cost! AWESOME NEWS!!! I am very happy for you!

It is a big boost to our level of determination to reach a goal, I think, when the goal being reached has some very definitive reward that comes with it. Of course getting healthier and feeling better and looking better are rewards too - but - they usually don't come with a specific time table. I mean, 'someday' isn't a very pressing schedule to adhere to and easily postponed and even canceled altogether for a time,

So, not only am I happy for you that you will have the surgery, I am very happy that it is happening in October or November instead of tomorrow. Today you have a "scheduled goal" to reach - a specific time table to adhere to regarding that goal - and that wondrous incentive to do your very best every day leading up to that date in order to claim your reward. I love it! It is the stirring of passion and anything we become passionate about we succeed at.

I understand about not focusing your tracking on exercise but on food tracking instead. That has been the case with me since I joined SP. I know I exercise. Goodness, it makes my head spin and my joints ache just how much exercise/work I am involved in day-in and day-out. Yesterday I dug up a new area of ground for planting and in the process dug up rocks that wudda taken 10 men and 5 boys to remove - But I removed them - on my own. Landscaping - YIKES! Tis my love/hate relationship that never ever ends. Anyway, I used to work outside all day long, then go to the gym at night for a tough strength training workout followed by an hour of more of intense cardio. Yet, over all of these years I never tracked any of it. Still, at the end of one of those physically grueling days, I'd log on to SP and read that one of my buddies tracked 20 minutes of exercise cuz they had painted their toenails ... LOL .... and that was A-OK with me. emoticon
The thing is, we all know when and if we have exercised ..... and who knows, maybe one day I will actually track my own - IF I ever get time to paint these toenails, that is. emoticon

Well, day 1, 2 and day 3 have gone great and all due to your determination and effort and I am eager to stay up with ya. We gravitate towards those who truly inspire us and those who lift our spirits and make us feel we can accomplish all that we want to accomplish - So, in other words, YOU are my Magnetic North. I appreciate you very much!

emoticon JOB! emoticon BLOG!!! emoticon EXAMPLE!


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FITKAT62 6/18/2014 11:41AM


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AUNTRENEE 6/18/2014 10:19AM

    Good luck with everything that you are doing. It'll take time in losing weight. I didn't do a whole lot of exercising at first but not I do it a lot. I didn't have the energy at the time.

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