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Tuesday Slip Up Day

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chocolate cake happens. Ugh. Slipped up today :-( Then went all snacky before dinner. And didn't get up early today, although I did yesterday. I didn't have a good work out plan for this a.m. so I need to have that in place.

Tomorrow's work out plan is running! :-) Love the new treadmill.

Will do better tomorrow.

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JAMBABY0 8/19/2014 9:13PM

    better luck for tomorrow

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Sunday round up

Sunday, August 17, 2014

OK, trying to keep the momentum going.

Was not the best eating day--did okay but then went to a fish fry at a friend's. Granted, the fish was well fried, not all gross and greasy, but still not the best. I snacked way too much making lunches for tomorrow, so I need to be careful with strategies for that (the gum! I forgot about the gum!). Did not get a work out in :-( However, we did get the treadill moved downstairs (holy hell was that heavy!) and have alarm set and work out clothes in place. Now I have to get my butt up to bed--15 minutes later than planned--and get a good night's sleep to get up earlier.


Need to focus on the eating....

Saturday, August 16, 2014

I've heard that you get fit in the gym ad get thin in the kitchen. That is so true! And I need to focus on the latter.

Fitness wise, while I haven't met all my goals in terms of consistency, I have been doing pretty well. Including completing a sprint length triathlon a couple weeks ago. I'm pretty much a badass! Although the run part was really a walk. It was so much fun and I'm feeling motivated to really work on my running and do some more.

Unfortunately I've been a bit lazy since then. I'm also having a lot of time trying to figure out how to fit in training, especially with the school year looming and all the kids' activities and everything. Hubby and I discussed it, I cashed out some vacation time at work, and today we purchased a used treadmill--but a super nice one that usually retails for $3k and is a commercial grade so it'll take a pounding. We just have to get it moved into the basement so we're trying to round up some help for that.

So, I'm hoping then I can do that several mornings a week before we get started for the day. That way I can do my work outs in the a.m., Hubby can still do his workouts at the gyms in the a.m. so we're not goofing his schedule, and then I'm not pushing off my workouts until the evening which often conflicts with other things or ends up so late that then I stay up late and can't get my body to go to sleep at a decent hour and I can hopefully also use that time to stay on top of things.

We're also looking at a couple second hand bike trainers so we can both stay in shape cor cycling. Have to do more research on those but the used sports store had a couple very affordable options to at least get us through the winter. Woo hoo!! And we still have about $200 left over from the treadmill funds to fund that.

So, now that my major race is over I need to focus on the eating. I didn't want to cut calories too much before the race, although maybe just a convienent excuse? The couple 5ks I have this fall don't require as much glycogen stores. I'd been struggling with how to handle this. I HATE journaling calories. hate hate hate. When I lost weight succesfully before I used ediets and was able to do a good meal plan and then check off what I ate in the appropriate amounts in a notebook. Ediets sucks now so can't do that again. Turns out cooking light has something similiar. It's not quite as flexible with the choices, and my life is much more crazy now than it was ten years ago! But I want to lose the 20# of baby weight and another #10 so I'm hoping that if I can just follow the plan for about 15 weeks--so basically through the end of the year--then I should be good. I hope I hope I hope. I really need to get snacking under control. Snacking is a huge downfall. And impulse control--while I can control what is in (or not in) the house my work is full of treats and junk and so that is a HUGE temptation which I am not good at resisting. I'm hoping that if I can just do really good for a relatively short period of time then it'll be ok. I'm relatively good at maintaining weight--most of my weight is directly attributable to my first pregnant--I'm just really bad at losing.

So that's the plan. I have a new notebook and the first week's meals all planned. I know what needs to be done. The goal is attainable. I can do this. I need to remain focused on the goal.


Uh oh

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I seriously hope my scale is broken.....that was an unhappy number this a.m.! Time to get back on track!

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EMMACORY 4/22/2014 9:50AM

    I'll hope with you! emoticon "be kind please!"

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spinning class yesterday (strep throat knocked me out more than I realized!) and then an hour or two doing yardwork, mostly raking, and yesterday was a good workout even if I didn't track food and know I blew calories at dinner. Today I went for a run but really walked the whole time. Really need to get a routine so I can bust through and really make progress there. Now, need to be strong for dinner at the in laws. I was excluded from planning so no idea what they're having or what my plan will be. I did insist upon bringing something and decided to bring fruit salad so at least there's that! I didn't give the kids much candy and what there is is easily countable so at least I can't get into Easter baskets and blow it that way.

Need to stay on track!


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