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i should be happy now!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

ok well i did it!! i got to the weight i wanted to be at before i left to go back home!! so i should be happy right?? well i am not. i tell myself aw you are just having one of those fat days. its just the clothes your a wearing don't show your figure very well, you will be back to feeling great tomorrow. WRONG tomorrow came around and i had different clothes on and i still didnt like what i saw.

I look at my legs like especially today and im scared because they look like they did when I first got here, like ive lost no weight at all. but i check the scales and it hasnt gone up. i get compliments alot about how great I look but I dont see any difference.

i am at what they call a "healthy weight" now but to me i dont feel skinny.

i want to feel good and i want to have the confidence... i guess its something i have to work on.... aw well


ups and downs

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

this is my first blog!
today is just one of those days!! i have had a great couple of days lately. i was feeling good about my self and thinking wow you have done really well and now I'm back again to feeling.... well the word i use to describe it is YUCK!! i don't like they way i look, i feel sick when i think about the foods i ate today and i know if i continue feeling like this i will go back to eating pickles for lunch because they have no calories!!
I'm really not to sure about how many calories I'm aloud to eat a day! but i have already eaten roughly 1130 and its only the afternoon.(which is a bad day for me i normally eat around 400 less by the afternoon) I'm thinking of skipping dinner, probably not a good idea i know but it will make me feel Yuck again if i do. i am about to go for a 40mins run so i will see how i feel after that!!
lets hope that this rolacoaster of ups and downs comes to an end soon. because i seriously want to get off. any one got any advice as to how i do that????????

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KASSIANDORA 11/26/2008 2:01PM

    Pickles may have no calories but they also tons of sodium so drink plenty of water also!

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