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Saturday, January 26, 2013

I am hooked! Absolutely. Positively. Hooked. By accident I came across a crossfit workout while perusing pinterest earlier this week. My interest was peeked since it incorporated running, thus I "pinned" the workout and tonight I completed it. Loved. It. I mean I absolutely positively freaking loved it! Nothing complicated, nothing where I wanted to die, just intense fitness that was FUN!

Here is what I did (I'll post the link when I get to my computer, I'm on my kindle right now)

6 rounds
Run 1/2 mile - I ran this at a 5.0 mph pace.
10 pushups
20 squats - I alternated sumo squats with regular squats
30 situps - I alternated half situps, reverse sit ups, full sit ups

I completed this in roughly 40 minutes which included a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down. When it was all said and done I was a complete, sweaty mess! And insanely happy! It was absolutely perfect for making a boring ole' treadmill run more interesting! I blared my music ($25 dollars later in mp3's I have a new running list) and before I knew it, I was done! I've already made up my mind that I'll be incorporating more cross fit at home workouts into my routine. About half ways through I realized I had forgotten my HRM though (good one) so I really have no idea how many calories I burned, but I know that I was way more sweaty after running 3 miles this way then when I just run the three miles.

Perfect ending to a perfect day!

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OFGREENGABLES 5/25/2013 5:55AM


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SOKKERNUT 2/1/2013 9:48AM

    Sounds AWESOME! emoticon

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GNISULA 1/28/2013 10:34AM

    What a blast! Great job!

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    this sounds like a good idea for travel- I mean it might be a bit weird to see someone run the 1/2 mile say around a hotel or whatever -but whatever- hey when you are on the road this could be the answer.

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ROBYNROSE26 1/27/2013 8:48AM


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PSFITMOMMY413 1/27/2013 7:02AM

    love it!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

For about a week I was really slacking on running. I was still finding time to workout, but it was easier with the recent cold front to work out to a DVD in my living room rather than getting all dressed, warming the car and driving to my parents (a whopping two miles) to run on their treadmill. I even attempted to get dressed up and run outside, but with -30 degree windchill (colder than Alaska has been the last few weeks) and the snow packed and icy driveway, I just couldn't do it.

Around the same time as my running was side tracked, I was noticing I was more fact I was downright mean to my husband sometimes. I couldn't figure out why, I was just in such a bad mood. In fact my mood was so horrible that on our trip to a Fargo (a 6 hour drive), the only time we spoke was to talk about our kids.

As soon as we arrived and checked into our hotel I couldn't even stand myself, I had on a whim packed my running shoes thinking I'd workout after my son went to sleep to a DVD, but instead I looked at my shoes, looked at my husband who was barely speaking to me, and announced I was going running. B didn't even respond. Not a shocker considering if he did I would have probably ripped his head off.

I headed straight down to the hotel gym and found my favorite treadmill, the room was empty, and it was as if I was being called to home. I didn't hesitate to jump on the treadmill, minus any distractions - music, TV, nothing. After a brief warm up I cranked up the treadmill and just pounded out all my frustrations. Before I knew it I had ran over 2 miles going at a solid 10 mph pace. At that point I quit knowing I had a Dr. appointment for a blood pregnancy test (it was negative as I knew - no we are not trying) so that I was free and clear for my surgery the following day. I ran back up to the hotel room, quickly rinsed off and headed to my appointment (B and Cale had taken off to the pool already).

While running I could literally feel my mood improving, it was as if I suddenly knew I had been irritable and quite the challenge to live with because I was missing running. It was at this moment that I realized running is a part of me. It's not just something I do to lose weight (although that's one heck of a bonus). It's's a part of who I am. I am a runner.

I leave you with this quote...

"I am not a good runner because I am me; I am a good me because I am a runner." - Kristin Armstrong

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SOKKERNUT 1/26/2013 11:50AM

    Great quote! Happy you got your running in. Pray everything went well with your surgery.

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I can't describe the feeling

Saturday, January 12, 2013

For the most part PCOS has been this incredibly overbearing obstacle to overcome. The constant struggle with weight gain, the carbohydrate cravings, lack of a regular period....and those are just the few that i struggle with. There are so many other symptoms and complications that others struggle with every single day. But Thursday, this changed.

Never before have I had a normal menstrual cycle without assistance from prescription drugs in the form of fertility meds, birth control, progesterone shot etc. However on Thursday, I woke up and went to the bathroom and when I wiped I found I had started my cycle. On my own. Without medical intervention. And this was exactly 30 days after my last cycle stopped. I don't know if this means I actually ovulated or not, that's a question I want to ask my doctor. But the feeling that overcame me when I entered this date into my period tracker app was incredible. I actually cried. Amongst my weight struggle and the miles of running and hours of cardio I do with barely any budge on the scale, my body responded in a way only someone that struggles with PCOS can understand. It gives me hope, encouragement, something to work towards when I really don't want to get my butt of the couch or I want to throw in the towel and give into that carbohydrate craving. I'll think back to that moment and know that it's worth it, every single struggle, it's worth it. PCOS will not get the best of me. I won't let it.

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SLIMMERJESSE 1/17/2013 10:46AM

    Happy for you. Have a great day.

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SOKKERNUT 1/17/2013 10:43AM

    Good for you! emoticon emoticon

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TOGEMON 1/12/2013 4:36PM

    Congratulations! What I wouldn't give to have a normal, unassisted period...


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CANDOSUE52 1/12/2013 3:16PM


There is little better than regaining hope as you do all of your hard work.
Wishing you the very, very best, on your journey.

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Review of Amy Dixon's Breathless Body 2

Saturday, January 05, 2013

So I sort of went a little workout DVD happy on Amazon last week, and today I broke open Amy Dixon's Breathless Body 2. All I can say is that this DVD is HARD! In fact I was shocked at how difficult it was. I can run 5 miles like a champ, but this literally left me gasping for air multiple times during the DVD. Side note, I do not have her first Breathless Body, and even ignored a review on Amazon stating that it's definitely a step up etc. Anyways, what I really liked about it was she had a beginner level, intermediate, and advanced and she thoroughly explained each move very well. What I did not like was that in between circuits where there was a break, I can see myself getting annoyed at the "cool down" because it is for an extended period of time.

Now, I made it through the entire DVD, and was spent at the end, but within just a few hours after completing it I can feel sore, almost as if I am getting sick (but I know I am not). And perhaps this is just a coincidence, but I had recently read that High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT can help suppress an appetite, and aside from being SUPER hungry about an hour after her DVD, I haven't been hungry at all. In fact I dished up a small bowl of dinner knowing I needed to eat, and barely finished it. I'm not snacking which is a problem for me in the evenings (working on that), drinking lots of water without really "trying" to drink water. So, we'll see if it's just a fluke. Regardless, this DVD is definitely in my regular rotation, and definitely worth the $19 I spent on it, which is A LOT for me to spend on a DVD! :) Curious to see how I feel in the morning for sure as well!

Here is a link to the DVD in case you are interested in learning more...


December 14th

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Yesterday.... It was my 31st birthday and I attended a payroll conference for work. After the conference I headed straight home as it was a 3 hour drive. I listened to my Sirius radio the entire drive. When I got home I picked up my kids from grandma's, and headed home to the husband. As we were as a family doing the usual "get ready for bed" routine that consists of two hungry boys, a dog that is annoyed by all the noise, pots boiling, oven timers probably get the picture now....I paused for some reason and looked at the TV. They were talking about the school shootings in CT and my heart just sank. How horrific. Suddenly I saw where it had taken place and I felt the world drop out from under my feet - my mom grew up in Newtown and still has family there. I immediately dropped what I was doing and called my mom. Within minutes she assured me that everyone was safe and I felt this immense relief just wash over me. And then I started to cry, tears just silently streamed down my cheeks as I looked at my two boys. My heart ached, it is could someone take the lives of innocent children. At that moment Cale looked up and saw that my cheeks were wet and when he asked me why I was crying I told him it was because I loved him so much and that he made me so happy that sometimes mommy's cry. He laughed and said that's silly, and went on chasing his brother and asking if dinner was ready yet. All day today I have kept my boys close, thankful that I have them, that they are healthy, happy, and safe. The little things are mattering as much today, the toys scattered around the house, the noise, the fighting when one of the boys takes a toy from the other...I'm enjoying it. No, I'm loving it. There are families today that would give anything to have this, and I need to remind myself and thank God every single day that I am so thankful that he has blessed me with this life. It's everything and anything I could have wanted.

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RDGISME 12/15/2012 5:16PM

    As a non-parent, I can only imagine that you are feeling doubly blessed today-I feel blessed to be an aunt/friend and can absolutely not even imagine what it would be like...

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