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Paint, Pack, Goof Off, Repeat...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Today I started painting the dinette table I picked up at Goodwill. I tried to get it done this morning, but it was windy and the primer wasn't sticking well. I ended up having to go get more paint at Walmart (I decided to forgo more primer and just picked up some white spray paint to use as primer instead). Despite being 10 am on a Thursday, it was packed. I guess people are starting their back to school shopping. I hadn't had breakfast, so I ended up grabbing a doughnut from the bakery.

After I actually got the table primed, it turned out I only had enough paint for one coat on the top of the table...I didn't even get to the legs. I didn't want to go back to Walmart (besides, the Walmart I had gone to earlier was out of that color anyway so I would have had to go to the Walmart in the next town over) so I ended up going to Michaels and paying almost $3 a can more for the same paint. Wish I had remembered to print out a coupon before I had gone, but it was worth it anyway not to have to drive all the way to the next town (and then go into Walmart again!). This time I made sure to eat lunch before I left, so that I didn't end up at McDonalds or something.

It was too hot to finish painting when I got back from Michaels (spray paint typically doesn't do so well after the temperature rises above 90 degrees, so I'm going to have to finish tommorow morning). So instead, I went online and signed up for an electric plan for my appartment. I probably should have done that before now, but I had had a lot of trouble choosing a company and an energy plan. Kind of cool that you get to do that in the city I'm moving to, but it's really pretty confusing trying to go through all the offers and decide which one is really the best one, and whether you should go for a fixed or variable rate plan. I finally decided on a 6 month fixed rate plan from Reliant Energy that's 100% Texas Wind (I know it all comes off the same grid, but I like the idea that I'm supporting the development of cleaner energy by paying a little bit extra for the green plan).

After that I went out in the backyard and started cleaning the white plastic lawn chairs from the backyard that I'm planning on bringing with me to use as dining room chairs (I know, kind of weird, but they weren't being used and I've already spent enough on other things, so at least for right now, neglected lawn chairs = free dining room chairs; besides, reusing old furniture is something else that's good for the environment, right?).

While I was cleaning the chairs, it started raining on me. We've been in a drought, so of course I found a way to make it rain ;) Anyway, it wasn't raining that much, so for a while I just kept working on the chairs. But then, I found the wasps nest that we hadn't been able to the middle of the stack of chairs. That was when I went back inside.

After it stopped raining and my dad had taken care of the wasps nest, I finished cleaning the chairs, and left them to dry. My pants were soaked, so I went inside and took a shower.

After that, I packed a few things in the kitchen...but mostly goofed off. Had some pizza for dinner that I had had stashed in the freezer. And now...goofing off again. But I'm not worried. I probably should be. But I'm not. Hmm...I think I just can't make myself believe that, yes, I'm moving on Monday...but, it will sink in eventually. Probably by Saturday night ^_^;;

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SLIMLILA 8/12/2011 1:01AM

    I still remember finding a mouse in my first apt., and having to call my grandfather to come and catch it for me... Glad you didn't get stung, my dd and I have both been stung this summer... Good luck moving, just did that myself last month too, but not to a new place yet, just have stuff in storage, so that will mean another move..UGH

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MIRDREAMS 8/11/2011 10:21PM

    Glad you didn't get stung!

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Moving in One Week

Monday, August 08, 2011

Busy, still kind of stressed because I'm moving in exactly one week (and I feel completely NOT ready). I only have two more days at my job after today. Haven't felt much like blogging, but since I'm at work and I really don't have anything to do I might as well...

I've been packing, and shopping for a few things I'm going to need in my new appartment. Things like kitchen goods and this vintage poster print showercurtain:
(I had a lot of Amazon gift credit from selling some books and I've always wanted a really cool shower curtain for some reason, so I splurged a little). I also bought an old dinete table at Goodwill for $15. It's not in the best shape, but I think it will be great in my appartment after I paint it...of course, I don't have a lot of time left to do that! I also got a busted up dresser that had been a department store display which was about to be thrown out (okay, that one was more like dumpster diving than shopping!) That needs to be fixed and painted too. And I still need to finish packing. Did I mention I'm moving next Monday?

Of course, here I am, sitting at work screwing around on the internet, because I still need to get in all my hours for this pay period, even though they're just hours of getting paid for doing nothing because no one has anything for me to do when I'm only going to be here until Wednesday! (Guess I shouldn't really complain about getting paid for nothing, though...)

My new bathing suits should be here tommorow...if they work out (and if I'm feeling brave) I will consider posting a picture ^_^;;

Oh yeah...I'm officially down ten pounds since I started a month and a half ago! My clothes are already fitting pretty well, so I really shouldn't have to buy anything to wear to class for the moment (except for maybe a couple pairs of new shoes!), which was pretty much my purpose for losing weight this time around. By the time school starts, I should be pretty close to my goal :)

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SLIMLILA 8/9/2011 12:19AM

    emoticon I just went through the moving thing last month, and despite dh saying we were 98% packed, when it came down to the actual time to move, it felt more like we had 98% to pack. I hate moving...

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GUINEAPIGMOM 8/8/2011 7:16PM

    Way to go! Sounds like you are doing great. Keep up the good work.

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Why Does it Always Seem Like I'm Looking for a Swimsuit Out of Season?

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Long title, but it pretty much sums it up. For some reason, every time I need a new swimsuit it's July or August and there's nothing left! Which makes no sense, in a way. This is Texas! Sometimes swimsuit season lasts until October here, but still, by mid-July, the stores are starting to put the swimsuits on clearance as they break out the back to school supplies.

I need a new swimsuit because I'd like to continue to swim once I move (which is less than a couple of weeks away now). There's a big pool at my apartment building and one in the activity center at my school, and I'm planning on making extensive use of both. I might even take swimming lessons, so I can start swimming in the lap pool without looking like an idiot who doesn't know what she's doing (I can swim in my own "freestyle" way, but as far as form goes, I never really learned it - I even had someone ask me if I was okay once!).

I actually have five swimsuits right now, but I only have one that I would even consider wearing in public - the rest are the wrong size or don't have enough support in the chest area (I think one of them I've had since middle school - still fits well enough to wear in my backyard, but not in public!).

I went out earlier today to try to find one, but no luck. I tried Belks and J.C. Penny. Both had swimsuits on clearance, but very little was left and even the sale price seemed expensive to me. I admit, I'm cheap - usually I shop at discount stores like Ross. I only tried the department stores because they're closer to my house.

I'm thinking of trying to order one online, but that seems a bit risky as I'm guessing that that's one of those things you can't return. Maybe the sport supply stores still have them right now? Competitive swimmers must need suits year round, so someone must sell them.

Since I decided to go shopping before work, I ended up going through the drive-through at McDonalds to get lunch (a hamburger and a side salad with ranch dressing - I only used half the dressing packet) and a snack for the afternoon (fruit and yogurt parfait! Yum!). It's been a while now since I've had any white bread, and I could definitely taste the added sugar in the hamburger bun...I know that some people say they don't like that after switching to whole grains, but I have to admit I liked having it as a treat ^_^;; The salad was kind of icky, unfortunately. The lettuce looked old and the tomatoes had a flavor that rendered them inedible...but the fruit and yogurt parfait, which I hadn't tried before, was awesome. The yogurt was super creamy, and it actually reminded me of the soft serve parfaits I used to get at the snackbar at Costco!

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    After I wrote this blog, an ad appeared on this page for a website called I ended up checking it out and I just bought two competition style bathing suits on clearance ^_^ And it looks like at this site I CAN return them if they don't fit, as long as they haven't been in the water!

Okay, before I thought that particular bit of technology (the one responsible for ad placement based on things you've typed into the browser/content of pages you've visited/your email) was annoying, but occasionally it does prove useful and right now I'm liking it...

The swimsuits were so inexpensive too that if they do work, I'll know just where to go to get more when I need a smaller size. The only problem is that after exploring Swim Outlet, I now want a waterproof MP3 player. Before, I was blissfully unaware that such a thing existed...

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EELS4PEELS 8/2/2011 10:16PM

    I feel your pain when it cones to the stores not having bathing suits when I need to buy them! I live in GA and we swim until like October! So you'd figure they would keep them in the stores longer! I actually both a freaking $79 bathing suit earlier this year and it's too big in the chest now that I've lost this weight! Freaking A. I was so upset. You better believe the next suit i buy will be from Ross where I can save a few pennies and still look awesome. Good choice with the parfait! I love those things! They can be better than ice cream sometimes!

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$@%!# anxiety!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm possibly on the verge of having a full on anxiety attack today. Yay! (Sorry, that's just me becoming slightly hysteric...)

It started while I was getting ready to go to work (I work in the afternoon, so it was about 12:30). I think it suddenly hit me that I only have about 2 weeks before I move I leave my job here and move to Richardson to go to school (Richardson is just North of Dallas, and where the University of Texas at Dallas is technically located, for those who don't know North Texas).

I just have to tell myself that this is really nothing I haven't done before. I have lived in an apartment by myself before, I have attended classes at a large university before (at the University of North Texas in Denton), and I have had to look for a new job before. Besides, it's just a workstudy job I'm going for, and with my work experience, I shouldn't have any problem getting one (although it will involve going on interviews, which I dread, but who doesn't dread them?).

I think I've just gotten way too comfortable with the way things are, but I know that is exactly why I have to make this change. I can't live with my parents and work a part time job forever, even if it does pay fairly well and has a lot of job security, and if I hang around long enough I might even be able to get a full time position, which in this economy...

emoticon No! I am not going to sell myself short, dang it. I'm too smart, I have too much potential to waste away in a place like Weatherford, Texas.

Besides, if I do want to come back, maybe I will be able to come back after I finish school and get a better position. Maybe after I eventually get my masters, I could even score a job as an instructor. I should still have a foot in the door here, and hopefully by the time I'm out of school, the hiring freeze will be off...

It is a bit scary, leaving your job voluntarily when you know there's a hiring freeze on at the place you work and you wouldn't be able to come back if you wanted to, at least not anytime soon ^_^;; Anyway, it doesn't matter. I really can't see myself continuing on this way; I'm much too ambitious for that. I'll just have to take my chances. So $@%!# anxiety!

Easier said than done however. While I may be able to pep talk myself out of having a full blown anxiety attack, right now there's still part of me that's screaming, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? ARE YOU NUTS?"

Maybe I need to eat something. I don't want to start consoling myself with food again (I've actually been over that one for quite a while), but it could be that I could do with a little boost in my blood sugar right now. I've got some Greek yogurt in the fridge...

Okay, I think that's it for my little rant. For now, anyway ^_^;;

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SLIMLILA 7/28/2011 1:42AM

    Any big change in our lives can cause anxiety. I left work on stress leave in on May 20 and they laid me of on June 1, when I returned to the community like 3 weeks later, I called the boss and just talking to him I had a horrible anxiety attack... hadn't had one in years, forgot how bad they were...

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MIRDREAMS 7/27/2011 8:06PM

    I hope the yogurt helped! It's amazing how often I feel totally crappy then realize that I haven't given my body enough fuel. It sounds like you're making big changes but they're all super positive ones. You're not nuts, you're brave.

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The Worst Case Scenario

Monday, July 25, 2011

I actually haven't lost any weight this week, but I'm not too concerned. Or, I'm trying not to be, anyway. It's just one week, after all. If I haven't lost any more weight by next week, then I'll really start worrying. Not that it isn't a little frustrating and disappointing, but I know that there are plenty of possible reasons that the scale isn't moving, and it's not necessisarily that I've done something wrong. But still, I do have to wonder what it is...I can tell you, one thing that's changed is that I've been getting a lot more physical activity this week. I've started swimming 30 minutes a day, and since I started that, I've really felt great and had a lot of energy. Which is perhaps what prompted my little DIY adventure weekend...I'll blog more about that when I've actually finished my little bathroom renovation project. Right now the countertop surface is curing, which means I can't actually put the new sink in until Wednesday at the earliest.

Anyway, that's why I have to wonder...maybe I'm not getting enough calories to fuel my workouts, and I'm going into starvation mode? Or maybe I'm actually gaining muscle at the same rate I'm losing fat? Or maybe it's both, and I'm gaining muscle only to then have my body "eat" that muscle instead of fat...which would really, really suck. That is possibly the worst case scenario...

Again, probably better to reserve judgement for a week or so, but I have decided it would probably be best to eat towards the top of my calorie range for the time being, seeing as I am getting that extra physical activity. Hopefully that isn't a mistake, but I guess this is just going to be trial and error for a while. I definitely don't want to stop swimming, because I enjoy it and it does seem to be giving me that extra energy. So I'll try to adjust my calories up just a tad, and hopefully it won't hurt anything (I'll just try to get those extra calories from things like fruits and least that won't do too much damage if I'm wrong, right?).

I'm wearing my hair curly today...I did it the retro way, which means I actually spent an hour last night twisting up my hair and putting bobby pins in it (I hate using curling irons, as I tend to burn myself and it really isn't that good for your hair, anway). It actually turned out pretty nice...I wanted to take some photos to share, but unfortunately, I seem to have accidently done something to the camera software on my phone when I was trying to clear out pictures this morning (possibly I accidently deleted the software itself...I'm really not sure). Hopefully I can figure it out later tonight and I'll have some pics by tommorow.

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MIRDREAMS 7/25/2011 7:50PM

    Honestly it sounds like a good plan. If you're moving more your body needs more fuel, simple math. And I'd rather feel stronger and have the scale not budge then lose a ton but feel like crap. Try doing your measurements, that'll give you a sense of whether you're upping your muscle mass.

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