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Jogging, Eating, and Living

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sorry i've been gone for so long. Life has been busy shall we say. I quit my day job to work my awesome home job of making pasties in July. It has been a dream come true. I will never go back to working for 'the man'. when i quit i debated working a small parttime job to make sure i had enough money. but my home job keeps me so busy i have no time for a part time job.

exercise, lets see since i work at home now i've started using the high school track for 'jogging'. now mind you i've never ever been a jogger. And a few years ago i stressed my hip out and it would give me issues if i walked longer than 30-40 minutes. So i started out slow with just walking the track as long as my hip could take it. usually about 40 minutes. The first week my hip was so stiff i couldn't bend my leg at all by the time i got home. getting up the stairs to my apartment was fun.
The next week most of the pain was gone. Which means i've been a wussy this whole time. I just needed to work it out.
Now the only part of me that hurts every once in a while is my groin muscle. I have no clue why.
So i went from no jogging to being able to jog for 5 minutes straight. I did it for the first time yesterday. I know it's not a huge deal for most people but it is to me.

since i've started jogging i've gained a few pounds and i doubt it was fun the exercise. So yesterday i decided to start South Beach Diet phase 1 to clear out my system. I've been eating a lot of carbs and sugar recently and that is not something i need or want to continue doing. Hell i had fallen in love with cereal again, which will probably be my downfall. lol So yesterday i did a half day and it was all good no problems at all. I went to Trader Joes and Limbo for a bunch of fresh veggies and some other things like hummus , eggs, and meat. I'm determined to go 'high veggie' this time around so i actually get all i can out of these two weeks and hopefully develop some new good habits.



Tried something new

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ok i did it, I went out on a log and took a jump. In my quest of trying to find new foods to eat for breakfast and snacks. I bought some organic cereal and Soy Milk... So tried Light Vanilla Soy milk today. Not bad at all. It's a good replacement for my skim milk. Not that i drink milk that often (only in coffee) This discovery makes me glad i tried it. The only other time i've had soy milk was from 8 years ago when someone made me a coffee and it had some nasty soy milk in it. needless to say i didn't want to try that again.

Oh and my bike rides are still awesome.

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MSEMBERSTORM 5/21/2008 1:59PM

    Wonderful! I hope to get that brave soon. You go gal!

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Wow a Blog!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Well let's see:
Good News
I just got pre-approved for a Home Loan the other day! yay! Now Jason and I can start looking for a new place to live. We are both really excited for this change and challenge. I can't wait to have my own place for the first time in my life. I don't think Iíve ever lived in a "house" before. I've always been stuck in apartments. My mom never got a house till after I moved out when I was in high school.
Now the hunt begins. I have my eye on a few places to check out and I need to call the realtor later today or tomorrow.

Health News
I've been riding my bike this mad this year and my memory muscles from last year are kicking bootay! I'm so much stronger this year than I was last year.
It's weird feeling strong and Iím not worried about lack of energy anymore. I guess it almost feels like being hyper but it makes me aggressive. Maybe I need to do some other exercise that channels my aggression. Although I need to dump those 5lbs the bike riding has made me gain. I hope its muscle but I need to burn the fat around it.
I've also restarted my weight training again; I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love the results, I hate doing it. I started working in my lunges, squats and push ups after my morning bike ride into work. Since no one is in the office I can do these at my cube for the first 15 minutes Iím at work. Then I can do the rest of my exercises after my ride home.

I've also been using my new awesome skates to get some great exercise. Shin Splints are a beyotch though. I love my skates I just wish there was some where closer to skate where I live. I don't like having to go downtown to the waterfront to skate. I heard there is a great park to roller skate but it costs money. WTH? Why does a park cost money to skate at. I'm outraged at the notion. $6-$7 to skate for a few hours. Bah! Thank goodness I bought outdoor skates.
Carlee and I went skating the other weekend she was up visiting, it was a lot of fun, and we left right before it started raining. It was my first real chance to get use to my skates so it was do or die.

The Bad
My Tennis Elbow has been killing me the past week or so. Usually bike riding aggravates it and makes it flair up. But last night Jason gave me an arm rub and made the pain go away. It was wonderful I'm gonna talk him into another arm rub tonight as well. I wouldn't have been able to sew my orders last night if he hadn't rubbed my arm. I love my man.

Well that is about all I have time to update on.


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MSEMBERSTORM 5/14/2008 12:09AM

    Congrats! That is wonderful!

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MIYOKO79 5/13/2008 6:35PM

    Congratulations! I'm so excited for you guys!!!

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bikes, skates, skirts...

Friday, April 18, 2008

It feels like it's been forever since i updated here.
Over all:
I keep sliding off track, this weekend was an eye opener, i felt heavy. my ass felt like it was weighing down my entire body. I was dehydrated and bloated. I was also traveling so there wasn't much i could do about it. i probably got about 4 glasses of water in each day but it wasn't enough.
Monday i started with 8 glasses of water a day and have lost 6lbs of water weight since then (it's friday). I've been able to ride my bike every day to work this week. which is awesome. But i have not been able to find the time to lift weights. my 2 jobs are keeping me way to busy. I wish i didn't have my day job. Then i could find time for all the things i need to do in my life. That is 9 hours a day wasted at a desk. *sigh* oh well we all need money.
The weather has been crap the past month and i've only been able to get on my roller skates a few times since i got them. I really want the weather to heat up so i can go to the water front and skate there during the weekend.
This weekend i'm going to be swamped with work i have a ton of pasties to finish up. but since i don't have my day job to deal with i should be able to get lots done and go out dancing on Saturday night.
I think i also want to go shopping for a new skirt to go dancing in. i'm tired of all the ones i have. They are super old and not fitting me right anymore. I wish i had a car for stuff like this.
anyways i've not had a single coffee this week. i'm trying to cut down caffine wise and cost wise. Coffee is expensive and i want to save some money. Hell i could buy that skrit with all the money i saved from coffee this week.
I hope everyone else is doing well!

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MSEMBERSTORM 4/19/2008 12:57AM

    Enjoy getting a new skirt. Way to go on the biking. Keep up the great work. Woo hoo

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New pics and Biking

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Well it's finally not dark out anymore while riding to work. Granted I didn't get to ride more than 2 weeks out of last month due to the craptacular weather. So far april has been good, a bit cold (33 this morning) but it's warming up for my ride home.

I loaded up 2 new pics from a masquerade ball last weekend. Feel free to take a peek!

Not much more to update on. Still busy, my day job is killing me. my night job is fabulous.


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MSEMBERSTORM 4/4/2008 9:54PM

    Check you out. Those are awesome pics. Love it. You rock.

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